Got Milk? Ch. 02

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He quickly stood up, pulling me with him.

With one hand cupping my cheek, he towered over me looking down. His breathing was ragged as he used his other hand to unbutton my shirt quickly. I lifted my hands and unhooked my bra, slipping the straps and my shirt off of my shoulders. They fell to the floor. He kissed me hard, as the palm of his hand explored the bare skin of my back. He traced down my spine, and then pulled me tightly to his chest. My breasts pushed against the thin fabric of his shirt, and the warmth of his body felt SO good against them. I felt the familiar tingling sensation start, and slowly milk started flowing from my nipples.

He groaned as he felt the warmth spread over his chest, soaking his shirt. He pulled back and dropped to his knees in front of me. He licked up my stomach, and underneath my breasts. I leaned my head back, and moaned. Feeling that deep need to have my breasts emptied. His hands slid up my sides, and cupped my full tits. The slightest pressure sent a nice flow aliağa escort of milk dripping down my stomach.

The feeling was intoxicating, his warm strong hands massaging me. Gently releasing the pressure that had been building up all day. It was erotic, and that sensation was intensified when he gently sucked on one of my nipples. His tongue exploring, and tugging. My knees almost buckled.

I knew I couldn’t stand up much longer, my legs were trembling (along with every other part of me). So I gently pushed his face away and lowered myself down onto the couch again. He leaned over me again and began kissing my shoulder. He sucked and licked his way back to my nipples. He flicked his tongue over them, and they became erect. He looked up at me and ran his hand over the skin of my breast. Gently at first he pinched my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. It sent delicious sensations directly between my legs. I felt myself growing wet.

“Harder” I demanded.

Immediately he çiğli escort pinched and tugged on them harder. I moaned and rolled my head back. Milk was dripping onto his fingers and he reached up and put his thumb up to my lips. I opened my mouth and traced my tongue over his skin, tasting my milk. It was sweet. I pulled his finger into my mouth and sucked on it, running my tongue over his skin. He watched and groaned as bit down slightly. He came back up and kissed me harshly, pressing himself between my legs. He quickly unbuttoned and tore my pants off, running his hands over my long legs. Hi kissed my ankle and worked his way up my leg, to the inside of my thigh. He looked up at me and hooked his thumbs into my panties and slowly pulled them down over my hips. After he got them off completely he stood up, and I saw his erection straining against his jeans. I leaned forward and kissed it through his pants, already feeling the heat. His breathing was fast and shallow as I worked his pants down over his alsancak escort hips and pulled his cock out. He was big, filling my small hands. I caressed his balls, and looked up at him while I slowly teased my tongue up and down his thick shaft. A low rumble started in his chest, that turned into a groan as I gently sucked on the head of his cock. I lazily ran my tongue all around it, over and over again as my hands worked him up and down. He started thrusting his hips forward, pushing himself further and further into my mouth.

“Fuck,” he murmured, as he pulled my hair back from my face and then held it there in a fist. I let my hands go, feeling his full length in my throat. He rolled his head back, and then looked back down at me meeting my gaze. Slowly, he bit down on his bottom lip. Dragging his teeth over it. I felt a flutter in my stomach, like butterflies. This man was sexy as hell. He pushed himself further into my mouth. My eyes started to water, and I let my hands roam over my own naked body. Down my neck, my chest, my breasts. I gently squeezed them, and let the warm milk drip down my bare stomach, my hips and thighs. My hands slipped and slid over my wet stomach as they worked their way down between my legs. And there, I gently slid a finger over myself. Feeling the heat, and the pulsing that had already started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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