Green Eyes

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The sun was low on the horizon and the day would soon be done. The waves that day had been mostly shoulder high, and as I waited for my last ride the sun began to slide closer to the sea. My board rose and fell as each swell passed; I wanted my last ride of this perfect day to be the best. As I sat on my board looking west I measured the line-up marching towards me, and as each swell peaked one then another wave rider took off; then there was only me, waiting.

The sun began to slide into the ocean and the giant orb began to flatten as I continued to search the horizon. I knew that dusk would soon arrive and then give way to night, my chance could soon be lost. I sat as tall as my six foot frame would allow and on the top of a rejected swell I saw it. A swell forming a hundred or more feet beyond the others, as I slid down the back side of this lesser bump I began to paddle, faster and faster to meet the behemoth as it raced towards me

As it began to crest I turned and began to paddle towards the beach, my ride still thirty feet or so away, I stroked the water with powerful thrusts; the wave grabbed me from below and I began to slide down its face, my speed now fast enough, I stood and shuffled a foot or so towards the nose, racing for the bottom.

The wave, larger than any other that day was over my head and as I reached the bottom I shifted my weight to my back foot. Turning to the right and now at 45 degrees to the beach I looked back. The curl was chasing me – I walked a step or two towards the nose, to stay safely on the shoulder of this monster wave.

Then, without a warning, I was covered! As the wave curled over my head, the board, the wave and I became one. Then an enormous push of air and water forced me out of this temporary grotto and the entire wave collapsed. I turned quickly left and, surrounded in a mass of white water, coasted to the beach. With the sun setting on my back I walked off the board onto the still warm sand.

As I bent to retrieve my board a shapely foot with a silver ankle bracelet stepped on it and a voice, both husky and soft, said, “Hi, I’m Becky and that was the best ride I saw all day”

I turned to look down into pools of the lightest green eyes I’d ever seen, smiled, and said, “Hi Becky green eyes”. Becky took the lead from that moment on, grabbing my hand she asked if she could make me dinner.

We walked up to the sea wall, my right hand in hers, the board tucked under my left arm and up the stairs to the parking lot and my Chevy Van. I reached under the rear bumper for the hide-a-key and opened the rear panel doors, sliding the board over the platform bed until it was fully inside. After I closed the doors I turned and Becky kissed me for the first time. Soft, light and at the end a soft bite on my upper lip. With a smile she commanded me to follow her, and with that she walked over to an old VW bug, red, and climbed in.

I followed Becky and the red bug past the Windmill on the North side of Golden Gate Park, all the through the park to Stanyan St. She turned right on Stanyan and then up the hill to Carl St. where she found a place to park. She waved for me to do the same.

I found a spot further down the street, near where the auto repair classes had been taught at Poly Hi years before. Grabbing my jeans, a “T” shirt, my sandals and sweatshirt, for by now it was after 8:00 and night had replaced dusk. The marine influence had reached the Inner Sunset and fog would soon cast it’s influence on this September eve.

As I started walking towards Stanyan Becky began walking towards me. Now I could appreciate all of her, and while her eyes would always haunt me, her movements evoked deep stirrings under my wetsuit. She had on a beach shift, a type of shapeless dress which gave no hint of the shape beneath. But her walk was one of confidence, standing as tall as a five and one half feet person can, with shoulders back and a contagious smile, she was perfect.

Becky greeted me with her arms around Sakarya Escort my neck and another soft kiss, this time with her mouth open ever so slightly; she teased me with the tip of her tongue, “Hmmm”, she softly murmured, “let’s go see what there is to eat”, and with that lead me by the hand up the stairs to her apartment house.

Becky lived, or so I thought at the time, on the first floor of a large wood sided apartment house, three stories tall, built probably at the time my Dad went to Poly Hi – in the late 1930’s. The unit had wood floors with throw rugs and was sparsely furnished. There was no TV in the small living room, only a couch, two end tables and several bean bag chairs. The walls were decorated with posters, some from The Fillmore, and a God’s Eye, popular at the time as well as plants hanging from the ceiling, some candles hung from the ceiling too and a large stone Buddha sat in one corner, smiling.

Becky pointed out the bathroom and asked if I wanted to change out of my wetsuit and shower. I still had wet sand between my toes and was ready for warm shower and to free myself from the constriction of the wetsuit, particularly as I grew to appreciate Becky’s beauty. Later I would appreciate her talents as much as her physical beauty.

The bathroom was small, painted a light blue, with a small white sink, a white commode and a tile shower. A single bulb behind a glass shade above the mirror lighted the room. I stripped off the wetsuit and rinsed it with fresh cold water and placed it in the sink. Once the shower warmed I let it run over my head, and turned, warming my chest and back. I used the bar soap, scented by sandalwood, and washed the sand and salt from my body, from head to foot. After too long I turned off the shower and realized I had no towel and my jeans and shirt were in the living room where I had laid them.

“Becky, do you have a towel?”, I asked.

No answer. I stepped out of the shower, after wiping my body of excess water with my hands, and opened the bathroom door.

“Becky?” “Do you have a towel?”

“Sure”, she replied, “it’s in the hall closet by the bedroom door”, her voice ‘smiled’.

“Ah, would you get it for me?”

Laughter, “No”, more laughter.

Well, I’m not shy, nor am I ashamed of my body. I’m tall and have an athletic build; but in anticipation of something more than dinner I was aroused, and felt a bit funny about being exposed in such a way.

“Okay, I’m coming out”

No answer, though I’m sure I heard a muffled laugh. I walked into the living room and there sat Becky, looking just as sweet and sexy as I left her, now holding a towel. I walked over to her and reached out my hand, all the while holding eye contact – her eyes are spectacular – then she used my erect penis as a towel rack, and laughed again.

As I stood there with my erect penis draped by the towel while Becky stood and again placed her hands around my neck. She kissed me deeply this time, exploring my mouth with her tongue. As our tongues dancing together I reached down and pulled her shift up, and, disengaging our kiss, lifted the garment over her head. While I showered Becky must have removed whatever had been under her dress before and now only the towel stood between our nakedness. Her breast were perfect, not too large and not in need of any support. I kissed her neck and pulled her close with a hand on each cheek of her lovely ass.

“Unless you’re really very hungry…” she asked as her eyes locked onto mine.

“Hungry?”, I asked, as I removed the towel from its place holder, “I think I can wait a bit, you?”

Instead of answering Becky kissed me again, this time a soft light peck on the lips, then a longer kiss on my neck, and then she kissed and sucked on my left nipple as she reached down and held my balls lightly in her palm. “No”, she said as she removed her mouth from my chest, I believe I can wait…for food”.

Becky turned and walked towards the bedroom, Sakarya Escort Bayan her hips and round bottom no longer hidden caused me to gasp audibly – she was gorgeous – and as she turned and saw me looking with lust in my eyes she smiled, “You’re not so bad yourself, buster”, this time looking south of my eyes.

Becky sat on the edge of the bed, holding my eyes with hers, and slowly laid back, spreading her legs and holding her arms out to me. I wanted her, badly, yet had to control myself, lest I cum too soon. I laid down on top of her, but not yet attempting to enter her. My penis was throbbing and pressed at her vaginal opening. I pushed slightly and felt her heat and moisture, almost causing me to finish before I began – she moaned.

I closed my eyes and forced myself to remember that final wave, seeing it anew as it closed over my head moments before climaxing in a thunderous roar. Now, under control I pushed the head of my cock a bit further and felt the lips guarding her vagina open as her hips come forward to meet me. Quickly I withdrew and she gasped again, slowly I thrust forward and entered her an inch or two -she was hot and wet. Again I withdrew, and again she raised up; her breath coming fast as she wrapped her legs around mine and with her hands on my ass tried to pull me in, deeper. I resisted, for a moment, and then pushed into her, slowly, almost all the way. But again I hesitated, and withdrew slowly leaving only four or five inches still surrounded by her tightness.

She took control and thrust her hips up as she used her hands to pull me into her, all the way, I pushed slow and deep and felt the tip of my penis touch her cervix causing her to gasp. I too shuddered by the electricity of that contact. We began to move together faster and faster, I heard her moan once and then the unmistakable sound of a women in climax, and then I came. I came in one long large spurt, the longest ejaculation I had ever experienced, followed by six, maybe seven short pulses. Becky’s fingernails grazed my back and she let out one more long moan before her whole body relaxed.

As our breath slowed I leaned back and looked into her eyes; I lifted Becky’s left leg in front of my chest and rolled her onto her right hip; I too rolled onto my side, all the while keeping my penis firmly engaged inside of her. As we lay side by side I cupped her breast with my left hand and nuzzled her neck. We lay together for a time and soon Becky’s breathing became regular and I realized she had fallen asleep. I held her, listening to her breath and feeling her heart beat gently beneath her breast, and then I too fell asleep.

I awakened with Becky sleeping with her cheek on my right shoulder, her arm draped over my chest, her hand caressing the muscles of my upper left arm and shoulder. When she knew I too was awake she moved her hand to my stomach and then down to my now flaccid cock. She lightly pinched my foreskin and with the flat of her hand moved down to cup my balls. As I grew to appreciate her touch she looked deeply into my eyes and said softly, “again?”

I smiled and began to sit up, but Becky had another idea. Pushing me down with a small fist on my chest Becky straddled me, holding my penis by the shaft guiding me into her. She moved up and down, slowly at first and then with greater urgency. All the while her beautiful eyes locked on mine. Soon I too began to move and as we climaxed Becky closed her eyes and let out the soft sounds of a women pleased before collapsing on my chest, where we remained kissing and nuzzling and touching for a long time.

I began to doze and Becky slid off of me and covered me with the quilt.

I awakened to the smell of bacon and we soon enjoyed fried egg and bacon sandwiches while sitting naked in bed. Later, we talked for several hours, Becky lying with her head on my stomach as I caressed and massaged her head, shoulder and perfect breasts.

I learned that she was 25 years old, six years Escort Sakarya my senior and a graduate of UCLA, She had moved to San Francisco after school and married her high school boy friend, who she had met when she was a freshman and he a senior at Hollywood High. He had been her only lover until that day.

Becky explained that she had run away after he had cheated on her. She felt betrayed, lonely and needed time to think. The apartment in which we know shared such intimacies was rented by a girl friend from UCLA who was spending September in Hawaii. Becky has been living there for several weeks before we met, and was deciding her future.

As Becky spoke I suppose I fell in love. I couldn’t believe I cared so much for someone I knew for just a few hours. Such intimacy in so short a time seemed impossible, yet my feelings for her were deep and powerful.

Soon we fell silent, our thoughts are own though I wished desperately to know what she was thinking as the silence went on.

Becky rolled onto her side and looking into my eyes smiled and gently touched my penis, her touch gently, loving, tender. I began to caress her shoulder, and the back of her neck and upper back.

Her touch become firmer as my erection grew but then she turned towards me and whispered, “No, I’m a bit sore”.

She turned and pushed her self to her knees, looking at me with those wonderful green eyes she smiled, and for a moment I thought she was going to leave. But then she flicked her tongue across her lips and bent down to kiss my erection.

She moved slowly around until her face was partially hidden by the shaft of my erection and licked that sensitive area below my balls, directly between my legs. Her touch was light and her breath hot as she licked and kissed her way around my balls. Taking the right one into her mouth she continued her gentle sucking and then without warning took me into her mouth and deep down her throat. She held me captured for a time and then began to move her head up and down the shaft with a gentle sucking motion, stopping at the top to run her tongue around the rim before taking all of me in again. I had very little cum left but she sucked until I had no more and swallowed every drop; all the time looking deep into my eyes.

I pulled her to me and kissed her deep, allowing my tongue to mingle with hers. I kissed her eyes, her cheeks and neck and then moved down to the perfect right breast. Her nipples were hard but as I sucked on one and then the other I noticed she seemed to get more pleasure when I circled the area around the nipple. I sucked and teased her breasts with gentle caresses and then, tasted her vulva with the flat side of my tongue. I slowly licked her along its length and teased her clitoris with light pressure for short moments. I took her labium in my mouth and sucked very gently on each lip until she moaned. My tongue found her clit and I slowly circled it with the flat of my tongue, quickly learning that touching the tiny bud directly with my tongues tip was much too intense for her.

As I licked around the bud Becky began to breath heavily and I moved my thumb into her vagina and played with her other hole with my middle finger all the while circling her clit with my tongue. As I gently inserted my finger a bit I felt her come; her orgasm came in waves finally ending when she expelled her breath and grabbed my head and holding it still against her vulva. She lifted her hips slightly so that my thumb and finger could be easily removed and I felt her shudder one more time.

Both fully sated we slept like spoons, her nestled firm and warm against my chest, her head resting on my right arm as my left hand cupped her breast until we both fell deeply into sleep.

In the morning Becky said Goodbye. Hidden behind the smile was a sadness I hadn’t seen the day before, her eyes too belied the smile. Once again she put her arms around my neck, but no longer kissed me with the passion of the day before. She held my eyes for several minutes and then put her head on my chest and thanked me, for what exactly I will never know. Resting her head on my chest, with her arms around my waste, I held her firmly as one might comfort a child, and when she looked up again I saw the tears in those beautiful eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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