Guys , Their Underwear

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While this story is fiction there are small parts it that did happen. Of course all name have been changed.

Part 1

Well, it all started when Chad, a good friend of mine, texted me the other day.

“Hey Chris what are you up to this afternoon?”

“Not much just doing odd jobs around house, why?” I replied.

“Got of work early can I stops buy for a couple pops?”

“Sure NP see you in a bit.”


With that I finished my last small task of the day and hopped in the shower. Once dried off grabbed a fresh pair of D&G trunks in red and got dressed.

Chad and I have been good buddies for a couple years now after my wife and I met him and his fiancee at party. Since then we all became friends and have hung out on several occasions. It is usually at our house since we have a hot tub and enjoy a few drinks while we all relax.

I didn’t have to wait long as Chad was already knocking.

“Come on in.” I said as I opened the door.

“Hey Chris how are ya?” Chad replied

“Good man, not really much going on now that I’m off for the winter.”

“Must be nice.” (laughing) “I’m slaving all day while you sit at home and do nothing.”

“Do you want a beer or what? I didn’t have to let you in!”

” Of course!”

I grabbed a couple as he took a seat on the couch. I handed him a beer and joined him on the couch.

“So obviously your work isn’t busy right now?” I asked

“No not as busy as we would like, with the weather being so cold not much demand for building materials.”

” That sucks.”

“Well it least I get to have a beer with a friend.”

“Cheers to that!”

Hey Chris while I’m here do you think we could look up some parts for my truck?

“Sure man I have a keyboard for my smart TV right here, we don’t even have to move” I said as I got set up to browse the internet.

“Perfect!” Chad said.

We sat on the couch for a half hour looking up parts and placing an order. When I was closing the web app I must have accidentally hit the back button and up come a page with porn on it, I hit the keyboard fast but not fast enough.

“Was that porn just now?” Chad asked

“Yeah I sometimes look at it on the big screen.”

“Let’s see!”

“It’s kind of private.” I said with a little shame.

“Oh come on Chris, everyone looks at porn!”

“Well… I am kind of into different stuff.”

“What, like bondage or teen porn?”

“No, nothing like that!”

“Well lets see.”

“Ok, but I warned you.”

I was very reluctant to put it back on but he was right, everyone watches porn. The video started with a women grinding on a man both fully clothes. I looked over at Chad and he had a WTF look on his face. I told him to wait and it gets better. The women pops her top of and drops her pants leaving her in only panties. The are a full cut style and look like nylon or possibly silk. She continues to grind while slowly pulling down the mans sweatpants. The mans cock is now bulging in his bikini underwear and starting to form a wet spot on them.

Chad finally speaks up

“Wow those underwear he is wearing are quite something.”

“Yeah they are.”

Slowly the man in the video pulls his underwear down revealing his cock. The women is still grinding her pantied ass on his cock and even though I know what is coming I think Chad was surprised. It didn’t take long and the man was cumming all over his chest and her panties. Chad’s mouth was literally open as the video was wrapping up.

“What do you call that?” Chad asked

“A panty job!”


“Yeah you should try it sometime.”

“You and Melissa do that?”

“Oh yeah! We’ve done it!” I exclaimed

“What’s in it for her?”

“After we do that I eat out her until she cums.”

“Oh wow, I don’t think Amanda would be up for that.”

“You don’t know until you try.”

“I think we need another beer.”

With that I got up with an obvious bulge in my jeans and grab more beer. I see Chad adjusting himself as I sit back down on couch.

“A little problem there Chad?” I said smiling

“Yeah, like your not hard!”

“True enough.”

“Do you have another video like that?” Chad asked

“You bet, do you want me to play it?”


The second video starts and we both sit there for a minute as we watch the same thing unfold on the screen. After the women drops her pants, again full back panties come into view.

Chad says “Those are nice panties.”

“Yeah buddy, Melissa has some similar to that!”

“Yeah Amanda doesn’t have any like that she wears more thongs than anything.”

“Melissa has those too, but prefers full style.”

The video is now a the point the man is lowering his pants with underwear coming into view. The man is wearing your typical CK boxer briefs in black

“Is it ok if I do that?” I ask Chad

“Do what?”

“Lower my pants?”

“Really!?” Chad said, looking at me surprised.

“Well, this Is usually when I have my alone time if you know what I mean.”

“I though you and Melissa had a great sex life? You still masturbate?”

“She is on her Kartal Escort period right now and they can last up to ten days!”

“No wonder you need relief!”

Without waiting for an answer I don’t hesitate I lift myself up a bit and pull my pants down revealing my Red trunks. At this point I’m not sure whats going to happen. Chad got up and I though for a second he was going to leave but instead pulled his pants down as well. He was wearing blue plaid loose boxers.

“I didn’t know you were a boxer guy?” I said

“Yeah, I don’t put much though into it, Amanda buys them for me. Your underwear seems nice what are they?”

“These are trunks, a little shorter than boxer briefs, the legs don’t creep up as much” I said

“Those look comfortable!”

“They are have you ever tried them?”

“No, I went from tighy whities to these when I got with Amanda.”

“Do you want to try a pair?”

“What you have new ones sitting around?” Chad asked

“Not new, but I have several pairs in my drawer.”

“Try on your underwear? “

“Sure, why not? They are clean!” I said

I don’t give him a chance to answer, I hit pause on the video and run to the closet. I choose the same pair that I am wearing only in black and return to the living room. I toss them on his lap as he is taking another sip of beer only to have him almost spit it out.

“Your not kidding?” Chad exclaimed

“No, go ahead and try them.”

He reluctantly gets up and heads to the washroom. Within 30 seconds his back in the living room wearing my underwear. I notice the bulge in front as he sits down.

“Well what do you think?” I asked

“Snug, but not tight, these are nice!”

“Yeah, they are good for trunks.”

“What do you mean good for trunks?” Chad asked

“Well, I wear lots of different styles these are just one type.”

“Ahh, ok” Chad said looking confused.

“Enough talk, do you want me to start the video again?”


I start it back up and the man’s bulge is is busting out of his trunks while the women keeps riding his cock, panties on full display. Now the man’s trunks are coming down.

“Do you mind if I do that as well?” I reluctantly asked

“I though it might be heading there.”

“I don’t HAVE to but… I’m a little excited here!” I said looking at the bulge in front of me.

“Well… to be honest. I could use a little relief myself.”

And with that we both raise are butts a bit and scoot down our trunks leaving them just below the balls. I am no John Holmes when it comes to penis size being about 5 and a half inches long and have a decent thickness. Looking over at Chad, he is similar, maybe a little longer bit not quite as thick. Neither hesitates as we start strokin’ as we watch the TV. Of course we glance back and forth to see whats going on with each other. I take off off my shirt soon to be followed by Chad, for obvious reasons.

As I have seen this video a few times I know when the end is near and want to time my orgasm. I pick up the pace as does Chad and the women in the video. It didn’t take long as soon as the man on the TV started to moan loud Chad and I weren’t to far off him. We were watching each other as we both started to cum. Ropes of cum came out of each of us and covered our chests.

After a moment I spoke up.

“Well that was interesting!”

“That’s not the word I was thinking.” Chad said with a smile

Part 2

Well it’s been two weeks since me and Chad watched videos and ended up masturbating and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Watching porn with another dude is strange enough, jerking off is over the top! But ever since it happened I found myself hornier that ever. The wife and I have had sex almost daily since her “monthly visitor” was gone. She has even asked, what’s gotten into you? I just told her it was a long time without sex and we had to catch up.

The inevitable happened, Chad texted again to stop by after work. I told him no problem, I actually had a small task for him to help me with anyway. About 15 minutes later he walked in.

“Hey Chris hows it going today?”

“Same old, doing odd jobs around house.” I said

“Got time for a beer?”

“Always, but I have a small job I need your hand with first.”

“OK, sure.”

“Follow me.”

We went into the master bedroom where I had a T.V. on the floor ready to be lifted on the bracket.

“You grab one side I’ll grab the other” I said as I bent over “It’s much easier to do this with two people.”

“For sure.”

Once the T.V. was mounted and plugged in I turned it on to make sure everything was working

“That’s a nice size T.V. for a bedroom, how big?” Chad asked

“It’s a 55inch, it fits nice in this room.”

“What are you two gonna watch on there, porn?” Chad said smirking

“Sometimes, for sure, but mostly anything that will put us to sleep.”

“Is it smart like the one in the living room?”

“Sure is.”

“Do you think we could watch one of those panty job videos again?” Chad asked cautiously “That was kind of fun last time we were together.”

“Well Tuzla Escort that didn’t take long for this conversation to come up!” I chuckled “It was fun, I’ve been horny all week and Melissa has paid the price.”

“Yeah, Amanda as well, I couldn’t keep my hands off of her!”

“Let me grab a couple beers and I’ll be right back.”

Walking out of the bedroom my head was about to explode.

Were we about to watch porn on my bed and masturbate again?

As I grabbed the beer I could feel my pants getting tighter. I

walked back to the bedroom and handed Chad a beer.

“Well here goes nothing!” I said as we sit on the bed with our backs up against the headboard

These videos all start the same, a man is sitting on a chair or laying down as a women starts to grind on him. The women on the screen is taking her bra off and pants off leaving her only in panties.

“Those are a nice pair, I like how they fit her ass.” I say to Chad

“Yeah, I like the cheeky style ones as well.”

“I wonder what the guy will be wearing?”

“I think we will find out shortly.” Chad says with a smile

After a couple minutes the women pulls the mans pants down

to reveal a pair of blue string bikini underwear

” I didn’t see that coming!” Chad says

“What his underwear?”

“Yeah, I mean, who wears those?”

“Lots of guys!” I said trying to hold a strait face.

“Really, You think so?”

“Funny thing” I say, as I pull my pants down a little to show Chad the string bikinis I’m wearing. Mine are similar to the guy on video only mine are red.

“Are they comfortable?” Chad asked with a puzzled look.

“Yes, I wouldn’t wear them if they weren’t.”

As the video continues, a wet spot if forming on the man’s

underwear as the women keeps grinding away. I feel my own

wet spot as well as the man’s underwear come off completely.

We both know what’s gonna happen shortly as the women

speeds up the man releases about five huge shots of cum on his


We are both sporting big bulges in our pants now and Chad

speaks up

“Great video! I can’t believe you are wearing the same type of underwear as the guy in the video.”

“Dude, I wear almost anything, I mean why not? It not as if anyone sees them.”

“Funny, I’ve seen a couple of your pairs now!” Chad says laughing “So how many kinds of underwear do you have?”

“Oh man, lots of different types!”

“Can I see them all?”

“Ahhh…sure.” I answered cautiously

We both get off the bed and go to walk-in closet. The wife and I

each have two drawers full of underwear, lots to choose from.

I open the top drawer of mine and show Chad what I have.

” Oh wow!” said Chad “That’s a lot of underwear!”

“Yeah, around 50 pairs.”

“Look at all the colours! You have so many choices, black, blue, grey, green even orange! What I see most though is red.”

“I always seem to buy more red, not sure why though.”

“Since I already tried on a pair of your trunks, could I try something different?” Chad asked with enthusiasm

“Sure I guess.”

“What do you suggest?”

“Do you want to match aging and try a pair of string bikinis?”

“Sure, do you have them in blue?”

“Yep right here.”

I gave them to him and he went to leave the closet

“Were are you going?” I asked

“I was going to change” Chad said looking confused

“There is lots of room in here and it’s not like I haven’t seen it all before.”

“Well, it’s kind of weird, I’m going to be without pants and you not so much.”

“If it makes you more comfortable” I said as I unhooked my pants button.

With that I dropped my pants and removed my shirt. Chad

wasted no time stripping as well, out of his loose boxer style

and put my underwear on for the second time in as many


“These are different! said Chad

“You should put your jeans back on, they leave your hips free and feels like your wearing nothing at all.”

” I bet, do you have other styles?”

“Sure, do you want to try bikini style?” I said wondering how far this will go.

“Only if you will with me.”

“Of course, what colour?”

“I’ll try red, I don’t have a single pair of red underwear.”

“Why not?”

“Well Amanda buys them all for me and gets what she likes.”

“You don’t have a say in your underwear?

“I never think of it, but I may have to start getting my own.”

“OK, try these.”

I handed him a red pair of nylon bikinis, and grabbed a green

pair for my self. As we changed I noticed we both had semi

erections going and knew it might be a tight squeeze in this


“Wow!” said Chad “these feel soft, kind of like women’s panties!”

“I know, I wanted something thinner and lighter and I found these on the internet.”

“Man you sure put some time in this!”

“It all started slow, I only use to have ten pairs, then as the internet came about every thing is available at the push of a button.”

“Oh I see. What else do to have?”

“Well I have more trunks, Anadolu Yakası Escort string and bikini styles but I also have these” I said as I held up something different again.

“Are those thongs?” Chad said almost in disbelief.

“Yep, want to try?”

“Why not! What colours do you have?”

“Well I have these in black, blue, red or gray.”

“I’ll try the blue ones.”

“Ok” I said as I handed them to him “I’ll put on the grey ones.”

Once again we strip off one pair of underwear only to put on another. We both looked at each as we changed and this time I noticed there might have been a little shinny spot on the tip of his penis. As we both pulled them up I pulled my cheeks apart to let the material settle in. He saw me and followed suit.

“Well?” I asked.

“I don’t know if I like these, there is a string up my ass.”

” Believe it or not you get used to it.”

“How long have you had thongs?”

“A long time, I used to have them when I still lived at my parents.”

“Really, what did your parents think?”

“Well they didn’t see those. I had whatever briefs Mom bought back then, I washed the thong by hand so no one would see them.”

“Yeah my Mom bought all my underwear as Christmas gifts.” Said Chad.

“That’s funny!” I said. “You just reminded me of how I got my first pair of string bikini’s from my sister in law Dee Ann.”

“What!?” Chad said shocked.

“Ok, when I was 15 or 16 we were all opening gifts Christmas morning and my sister in law hands me a gift. It was a small light box and I never imagined what was inside, a pair of blue string bikini briefs! I turned red as I opened it in front of everyone and quickly put them down. Dee Ann made a joke like -Aren’t you gonna try them on for us?- and I turned even redder. -Yeah Ha Ha- I replied and that was the end of that. But when I tried them on later that night they were awesome!”

“That’s crazy!” Chad said laughing

“I wore them every now and then but was reluctant to put them in the laundry, it was weird to have Mom fold them on the kitchen table with everyone to see. But after a while It was normal. I guess that’s how it started because when I got my licence I started to buy my own clothes, including underwear. I would buy a t-shirt or pants and get two or three pairs of underwear as well. I remember the first time I came home with a bikini style I told my Mom I bought some underwear like the ones Dee Ann gave me, she just said -ok- and there was never another word spoke of it.”

“Man you’ve been at this underwear thing for a longtime. How did you end up with a thong when you still lived at your parents? Did this Dee Ann give you those too?”

“No No” I said with a chuckle. “I had a doctor appointment out of town once and had time to kill, so I went in a sporting goods store in a mall and seen they sold men’s thongs. I had to try them! I grabbed a pair and bought them. They weren’t comfortable at all, I though they were gonna split me in two, but I liked the way they felt under jeans. Now thongs are way more comfortable with all the different fabrics and cuts.”

“If you say so, I don’t love them.” Chad said as he shook his head.

“Like I say, you get use to them.”

” I like those nylon ones, can I try another pair?”


As I handed him a black pair I noticed we both softer then before and wasn’t sure were this was going. He put on the nylon bikini’s as I stayed in a thong. Chad pulled them up and said.

“God these feel nice, like wearing nothing at all!”

“Yeah, they are very light.”

“What’s in the bottom drawer?” Chad asked as he pointed to the drawer.

“Just socks in that one” I replied. If he only knew!

“What about those?” Pointing to Melissa’s drawers now.

“Those are Melissa’s.”

“Can I see?”

“I guess.”

As I open the first drawer all the way I seen Chad face light up.

“Holy! I can’t believe how many panties she has!”

“The drawer underneath is the same, Melissa has over 100 pairs! What style would you like to see?”

“Is there any like in the videos, you know full back?”

“Like these?” I said pulling out a pair of red nylon hip briefs with a little lace on the sides. I handed them to Chad

“These are nice! Amanda wears a bunch of thongs and only has boring cotton bikini’s for period underwear.”

“I like that style as well, well, I like them all really.”

I noticed while he was handling my wife’s panties, his cock was almost full mast.

“Hey Chris, this is going to sound crazy but can we do what we did a couple weeks ago but a little different?”

“How so?”

“Well could I keep these undies and kind of pretend it Amanda rubbing on me?”

“Yeah I’ve done that, not thinking of Amanda, but Melissa”

“Ha! Yeah I get it.”

I grabbed a pair of cotton thongs cause I felt I should match what I was wearing. We both jumped on bed as I found another video. Chad and I are sitting up on the bed only in undies with each a pair of my wife’s panties! Who knew the day would be like this. We were both rubbing on the outside of our undies (well mine technically), as we watched the man and women on the screen. The women was in full satin panties and the man was down to his boxer briefs. As soon as the man’s dick was out of his underwear we wasted no time in pulling out our cocks and rubbing the panties just the the video was doing.

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