Habit of A Lifetime Ch. 02

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The suite was large and spacious with two double beds – ‘groupie built’, as Wylde laughingly put it – and an enormous, azure and gold tiled en-suite facility. Rayne fumbled the lights on and behind him Danny adjusted them so that they did not glare as Whipsnade’s singer lurched unsteadily into the bathroom and stared aghast at the reflection of his pale, exhausted, still impossibly pretty face in the mirror there. He heard the click of the door and leaned out, apparently half expecting Danny to have deserted him here, but the younger man was still standing just inside the bedroom door.

“I put the ‘Do not Disturb’ sign out,” he explained now, half-embarrassed. “I didn’t think you’d want to be… Disturbed, I mean!”

Rayne smiled weakly and unfeelingly. Back in the bathroom he stripped out of his gig clothes and left them lying on the floor. The twist of coke that Daniel had pressed into his palm as they necked in the car was resting invitingly on the glass shelf over the basin where he had left it when he came in. Now he unfastened it lovingly and cut a pair of fat, tempting lines on the shelf before him with the razor blade he kept for that purpose in the square-cut, silver locket around his neck.

Seemingly conscious of Danny’s ice-blue eyes on the back of his head, he turned to acknowledge his companion’s presence. Danny smiled back at him, swallowing his nerves. No matter how many times he played a trick like this, it always set off the butterflies in his stomach. Rayne Wylde was gorgeous, and they were definitely going to have sex. He could feel it in his groin, where he was getting uncomfortably hard again.

“Want some?” Wylde invited guardedly, gesturing towards the Coke.

Danny smiled like a tolerant parent and shook his head once. He had his instructions. Under no circumstances was he to get stoned. That was in the rules and no matter how he itched to break them just this once, he held back.

“You have it. I had some earlier.”

“Cheers!” The singer grinned at him indulgently.

There was a small, paper napkin on the shelf next to the glass with the complimentary toothbrushes and Wylde rolled it deftly into a tubular shape and snorted up both lines quickly before Danny could change his mind. Dropping the napkin, he sniffed appreciatively and licked the tip of his finger, dabbing up the residue and swallowing it.

“D’you fancy a shower?” he asked now, with a lascivious smile.


Danny did not show surprise when Rayne joined him in the vast, aquamarine and gold tiled shower cubicle. He did not resist the older man’s attempts to soap him up and his skin was like wet silk under the singer’s hands – even softer than the steady stream of hot water. The coke had put Whipsnade’s vocalist in an almost jovial mood. He was feeling relaxed and curiously playful now, kissing Dan’s neck and shoulders as they washed one another down vigorously. The blond boy was lean and pretty without his clothes on and Rayne stroked his semi-hard cock and shaved balls steadily for a while as they exchanged tongues beneath the flood of water and billowing steam. Danny did not protest when he finally eased him up against the mosaic tiled wall, sliding soap-slippery fingers between his firm, white buttocks and into the tightness of his rectum. He pulsed slowly until he felt Danny grow accustomed to the sensation of being penetrated. The boy had not said that he was virgin but nor had he claimed otherwise. He looked very young though.

Not that it bothered Rayne too much. If Danny was not protesting then he certainly did not want to argue about it. The combination of physical contact and cocaine, coupled with the sensual buzz of the hot water on his back and shoulders was getting him rock hard. He kissed Daniel’s slender neck hungrily and rubbed his own stiffening sex more urgently between the boy’s naked thighs.

“Ahhh… you are so fuckin’ beautiful,” he panted as his lips left Danny’s throat and he turned the lad around to face the cubicle wall. Almost reluctantly he withdrew his thrusting fingers from the boy’s snug hole and spread Daniel’s cheeks, easing his throbbing cock-head into the well-teased passage they vacated. Dan was still tight, even after the vigorous foreplay. A little moan escaped the boy’s throat as Rayne bucked deeper into his body, but he made no effort to fight the act of penetration. The singer sighed with pleasure at the feel of that firm ring of muscle closing around his pulsing dick and fucked him hard, without another word or any further attempt at seduction.

Danny closed his eyes, one cheek pressed against the tiles, crying out very softly at each urgent thrust. The groping fingers of his left hand found and gripped the pipes for support, although the other slipped lower, seeking Rayne’s own and showing the singer how and where he wanted to be touched. Rayne grinned at his enthusiasm. Danny was fully erect now and Rayne masturbated him willingly as his own cock ploughed the depths konak escort of the kid’s warm, welcoming arsehole. He had been horny for this moment all night and it was ‘so’ worth the wait.

He fucked Danny rapidly against the wall until exhaustion won out. As he released his hold on the boy and withdrew, Daniel whimpered softly. Rayne turned off the shower and they tumbled out of the cubicle and onto the bathroom floor. Dan rolled onto his back and the singer scrambled between his wide-spread thighs sniffing up the last residue of the coke and kissing him lightly on the cheeks and neck. Determined hands pushed the boy’s slim legs further apart and urged his knees back towards his chest. Feeling dizzy with pleasure, Rayne pushed his way quickly back inside the kid, bucking uncontrollably between his thighs. His head was spinning and his nose felt as though it was melting from the inside but all of this was nothing compared to the fire in his rigid cock and throbbing balls.

For nearly an hour they fucked with total abandon, scrambling from the bathroom to the bedroom where Danny kissed and sucked his nipples and cock on the huge bed whilst Rayne’s mouth and fingers took him to new heights of ecstasy. He felt the singer’s skilful tongue in every viable orifice of his body during that period. There was nothing they were afraid to try. After almost ninety minutes of non-stop sex, Danny’s mouth brought Rayne to a coke-delayed climax. It was always harder for him to cum on cocaine, but the satisfying explosion was ultimately worth it.

Dan had already spurted twice, once in his mouth on the bed as Rayne fisted him with spit for lubricant, and once against his belly as they screwed violently on the bathroom floor. His spunk was ever so slightly sweet and milky-tasting. Rayne closed his eyes for a moment to still the spinning in his head that threatened to unbalance him. He sprawled on the rumpled duvet, feeling short of breath and deeply disorientated.


They were sweat-soaked again by the time they sank, utterly enervated, into each-others’ arms on one of the vast beds. Wearily, Danny traced patterns with his fingers down the other man’s naked, slick, wet back as Rayne crawled between his thighs and nuzzled his earlobe wearily. His young lover turned his head, touching his lips to Rayne’s mouth, letting his tongue flicker between Rayne’s parted lips and tasting blood and the sweet and sour flavours of sweat and semen.

He was beginning to feel uneasy. Whatever the Boss had planned for tonight, so far he had seen no sign of it. If this was about blackmail then presumably there were hidden cameras in place. Their frantic lovemaking would be caught on film for whatever nefarious purposes Mister Zelarin had in mind. He supposed that a major rock star caught fucking an underage boy whilst out of his head on cocaine was a decent money-spinner for the press as well but he still felt guilty about it. Wylde was an incredible lover and fucking gorgeous to boot. Danny had not allowed himself to get this horny turning a trick for a very long time.

“Are you okay?” he panted softly at last.

The older man nuzzled his neck quickly and breathed his words so that Daniel felt them along the line of his collar bone. He shuddered pleasurably.

“Just a bit fucked. I think I’ll live.”

“I hope so. I’m not through with you yet,” Danny teased. He kissed a slow route down the singer’s naked belly to his navel and his semi-flaccid prick. It stiffened automatically as his lips brushed it and then his tongue. He had a lovely uncircumcised cock; Danny reckoned it must be about eight inches, hard, which was not bad for a man of Rayne’s less than average height and slight build. His crotch was shaved and the rest of his naked body was lean and hairless; curiously boyish. Danny began to lick his heavy testicles through the gossamer fine skin of his scrotal sac. Ever so softly, Rayne exhaled a little moan. He sniffed again, less forcefully.

“Do you wax?” Danny asked him between swipes of his tongue. “You’re so fucking smooth. It feels so good.”

“‘That’ feels good,” Rayne told him in his lazy Estuarine drawl, without answering the question. “Keep doin’ that, sweetheart.”

He spread his thighs wider and lifted his knees so that Danny could explore him more thoroughly. Willingly, Daniel’s tongue probed him, caressing its way back between his legs and licking the length of his exposed crack slowly and seductively. Wylde uttered another breathless sigh and squirmed on the bed as Danny teased the pucker of his anus with the tip of that skilful tongue, then with a spit-lubed finger. As the singer’s snug orifice yielded, he replaced the finger with his tongue again, reaming Wylde steadily until the older man was panting uncontrollably, reaching down between his legs to snag his fingers in Danny’s fine, damp, blond hair.

He was completely hard again when Daniel finally came up for air. The pupils of his unblinking, ice-green eyes were huge and dark. A tiny trickle manisa escort of blood ran from the corner of one nostril. Danny put it down to the cocaine. He bent his head over the singer’s crotch and wrapped his lips around the head of that magnificent cock swallowing it gradually, without gagging, until all eight inches were deep in his mouth and throat. He began to nod his head with exquisite slowness, running his lips and tongue up and down that fabulous shaft, tasting the mingled flavours of spunk and sweat and the sharp, muskiness of his own anus. Wylde groaned again, urging his slim hips up off the bed and thrusting vigorously into Daniel’s mouth. At the same time, Danny eased a finger back into his lover’s arsehole, frigging the soft wetness within.

“Oh… oh Christ!” Wylde panted eagerly, shaking his head from side to side as the youngster fingered and fellated him.

Before he could become much more aroused, Daniel stopped what he was doing and knelt back. Wide, helpless eyes implored him to go on but Danny just smiled knowingly back down on the singer.

“You and I… we’ve so much in common. More than you could ever know,” he whispered seductively, moving to straddle Wylde on the bed. “I was watching you tonight and I thought; ‘There’s a guy who really knows how to get off. And how to get others off too.’ We could be so good for one another.”

He rubbed his sex against the singer’s flat, smooth belly, loving the feel of warm skin against his balls and his swelling erection.

Sinking down into the pillows again, Rayne laughed huskily. “Ahhh.. don’t spoil it, Danny,” he chuckled weakly. “If you knew how many times I’ve heard that fuckin’ chestnut – ‘I love your songs, Rayne. We’re kindred spirits, Rayne. We’re so alike, Rayne!’ It’s all a load of bullshit. You don’t know me. You don’t know anything about me. That’s the way I like it!”

A small gasp escaped him, like a hiss of pain, as Danny’s fingers closed around his cock, guiding the spunk and saliva-wet head back between his legs. His long-boned hands moved to Daniel’s slender thighs and hips, caressing encouragingly. As he did so, the youngster began to circle his hips, pressing down firmly at the bottom of each rotation until he felt the slick, hot bell-end pop suddenly back into his rectum. Danny caught his breath, then exhaled tremulously. He kept circling, urging himself lower as Wylde’s hard cock slowly filled his arse. Rayne’s wide, stoned gaze remained fixed on his face as the boy took him deeper and deeper, then began to ride him unhurriedly, kneeling astride him on the bed as he rose and sank on his lover’s prick.

“I know one thing,” he said flatly, refusing to let the singer see how that last denial had hurt his feelings. For a moment he was tempted to tell Wylde that he would be in shit city once the pictures of tonight’s little shag-marathon hit the tabloids but he closed his mouth on the words before they came out. He could not say them.

Beneath him, between his naked thighs, Rayne trembled slightly as though he was trying to suppress a cough or a laugh. His acid-green eyes had closed and he made another little spluttering noise as Daniel rode him harder. Losing his temper, Danny sat forward so that Rayne almost slipped out of him completely.

“Don’t laugh! It’s true! You don’t know what…” He broke off abruptly, eyes widening with shock as a large, powerful hand grabbed him by the throat from behind. As he was hauled bodily off the mattress the last thing he saw was Rayne Wylde’s ashen face below him. The singer was not laughing, he was gasping desperately for breath, his pale skin slightly blue-tinged as he started to choke, scrabbling uselessly with trembling hands at the silver chain around his neck and shaking his head weakly. A convulsion shook his body and he uttered an awful, terrified moan, a protest without words. He was choking to death.

They both were. Danny felt his vision start to blur. Rayne’s frightened features were the last thing he saw before the creature that had gripped him by the neck hurled him physically across the room and into the far wall beyond the other bed.


By the time the Everman reached him, the singer’s icy-green eyes were screwed shut and he was making terrible gagging noises, struggling to speak but unable to get the words out. His jaw was locked in a rictus grimace of pain and terror and now the spasms that shook his fragile body were getting worse and worse. Jabez thought fast. He had been watching Rayne and the boy since they came up here together, indulging a perverse, voyeuristic pleasure as they got naked together and began to screw. It was a certainly a most enjoyable sight. For the last hour he had slipped back into a more corporeal form in order to stroke his own sex as he watched their beautiful, sweat-slick, nude bodies writhing and grinding together urgently on the bed.

The two rampantly copulating males on the huge bed were sufficiently wrapped up in their lovemaking to be unaware of him completely. menderes escort He was not so far removed from reality however that he did not sense that Rayne was in trouble long before Danny realised it. His bond to his beloved, though unconsummated in this incarnation, was strong enough to warn him that Rayne’s life force was ebbing at a dangerous speed. Three long strides took him from the shadows of the doorway to the bedside and he wrenched Daniel off the singer with no more concern for the boy’s wellbeing than he might have shown a rat caught on his breakfast table. Dimly he was conscious of the sound of cracking bones as the youngster impacted with the wall, but it failed to divert him from the real emergency developing in front of him.

Rayne was dying. He was choking slowly to death. Jabez forced his jaws wide and probed his airway but could find no obstruction. Grimly he suspected the cocaine, which the singer had ingested before they began to couple. If that was the cause then he did not have much time. He could telephone Reception and get them to call an ambulance, but Rayne could well be dead by the time the paramedics arrived. Instead he rolled the young man onto his back and turned his head to one side, baring his beloved’s soft, white neck. The singer’s lack of resistance left him cold with anxiety, but Rayne was still trembling, still resisting death grimly. Jabez took a long, unnecessary breath. What he was about to do went against all his instincts. For centuries he had lived with the regret of allowing Zelarin to give him the Barbed Kiss, the curse of life eternal, but if he did nothing then he had waited all these years to no avail. His search would begin anew. He would have lost his only love once more. Jabez could not bear the thought of it. He had been lonely for too long. Tonight, he swore to himself, it would end.

Bending his fair head, he pushed back the dark, sweat-damp curls from Rayne’s pale neck inhaling the lingering warmth of his body and allowing his dog teeth to slowly extend until they pricked his lower lip, drawing beads of blood. He touched his mouth to the singer’s flesh, feeling the slowing of his pulse within the carotid artery that carried blood to the brain. Closing his eyes he prayed silently to Maat, though he knew that she would laugh at his folly, then bit down hard and deep.

A tiny, fragile squeak of sound escaped Rayne’s lips as the Vampire’s powerful jaws drove a pair of sharp, ivory points into his bared neck and forced out a flood of his own thin and watery blood, carrying an endless loop of DNA into the singer’s arteries. It was a complex code, a set of signals designed to suspend the mortal permanently in this one fleeting moment of his life. If it worked, if he was not too late, the young man would wake as he was himself; ageless and undying. If he failed, then he was condemned to return to his vigil, awaiting the next incarnation, whenever and wherever that might be.

Jabez sat patiently with Rayne Wylde for what remained of the night. He had wrapped his lover’s cold, still body in the duvets from both beds. Rayne seemed to have stabilised, certainly, for his colour had improved although he was no longer breathing. His skin was cool, but it grew no colder as the night wheeled about towards the dawn. To the Everman’s concern he had remained unconscious since he was bitten and Jabez was unable to wake him. Heaving a long sigh, he rose from the opposite bed where he had been sitting, watching the singer for hours and went to check on the boy.

Danny was less than semi-conscious, but at least he was alive. Jabez picked him up as casually as if he was a rag doll and dumped him on the empty bed where he whimpered pathetically.

“Don’t look to me for salvation,” Jabez told him coolly. “You would have sat by and watched as he died beneath you. I should wring your neck right now, but he will require you when he wakes.”

Danny stared up at the tall, broad-shouldered stranger with wide, uncomprehending eyes. The man looked like some kind of urban angel in a pale, pristine suit and long, ivory coloured overcoat. His long, white hair was drawn back in a braid that fell to his waist and his handsome, sun-tanned face seemed ageless. The gaze that the stranger fixed on him was the colour of sunlit amber or burnished bronze. It was a solemn, pitiless expression. Danny shivered helplessly, unable to move. He could not feel his body at all. It had become an alien, unreachable thing, refusing to respond to the signals his brain sent it, signals telling it to get to its feet and run like hell.

After a little while, Jabez sat down again on the end of the bed observing Rayne Wylde in contemplative silence. Not for the first time, he debated whether this was the right course of action. Yet again, his mind told him that it was the ‘only’ course. Any other would have seen Wylde into his grave tonight. His eyes drank in the pale, heart-shaped face, wrapped in dark, ragged curls and the way his thick, sable lashes fanned across his cheeks. His eyelids were almost translucent. Every flicker of his eyes beneath them made Jabez Everman’s heart thump just once. One hand rested on his breast and the ancient creature let his gaze follow the twists and turns in the silver, celtic-knot ring on his index finger like steps in a meditation.

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