Hanging At The Beach Ch. 1

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This was one of the truly great experiences my ex-husband and I had several years ago before our divorce. I have had some similar experiences since then but none yet have lived up to that day. It was a day of firsts for both Jon and I.

I guess I should describe Jon and myself at the time. We were celebrating our 5th anniversary and were taking our first cruise. I was 26 and Jon was 35. I didn’t look much different then I do know except now I have some streaks in my hair and I’ve gained about 10 pounds over the years. I’m 5’6″ and at that time had a perfectly flat stomach to accentuate my 34C breasts and a sexy, heart-shaped ass. My hair at the time was very long (more then halfway down my back) and dark brown as are my eyes. My complexion is naturally olive-skinned as I’m the product of an Italian father and a Brazilian mother. I was working out 5 days a week and considered myself in top form.

Jon was also in great shape (and still is) and he has always looked ten years younger then he is. Jon is 6’1″ and about 180 pounds. He plays tennis, racquetball and golf to stay in shape. He’s very handsome and had always drawn attention from women of all ages. My mom used to tell me he had “Hollywood good looks” and that he should’ve been in the movies. He was an Investment Banker though and we were both doing well financially.

I remember that morning so clearly. It was the 4th day of our cruise and we were docking in St. Maarten. I had been watching the on-cruise T.V. and had heard people speak of a certain beach that besides having a regular section, it had a section for full nudity. I had gone topless at the beach before but it had been a few years since I had exposed myself that way. Jon had spoke of the beach before we left and jokes we should go there when we were in St. Maarten. I laughed it off with him but I had planned our day there since we got on the ship. I wanted this to be a surprise for him. We had a great sex life and we helped fulfill each other’s fantasies on more then one occasion.

That morning I had spent a long time in the shower and for the first time since we met I had completely shaved off my pubic hairs. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you but none-the- less it looked sexy as hell when I eventually deemed myself ready for viewing. Of course, Jon would have to wait to view me like that. I made a point of dressing in the bathroom that morning. I was wearing a new white thong and a tiny top under my shorts and t-shirt when I stepped out. Jon made a remark to the length of my shower time and I just smiled and told him I was certain he would apologize to me later and be glad I spent a few extra minutes in the shower.

Jon had no idea where we were going until we got there. He only knew I had planned a relaxing day at the beach, no off ship excursions. My horny husband couldn’t hide his delight when we pulled up to the crowded beach, exited the cab and headed for the nude section.

The first thing we both noticed was that there weren’t a lot of hard bodies in this section. As we walked and searched for two lounge chairs with an umbrella we let our eyes roam to the naked bodies enjoying the sun. I saw more naked men then women at first but I also noticed several naked women with full breasts and even fuller bushes. We settled on a spot between a group of about ten nudists and another couple that looked to be in their mid to late thirties. At least she did. She was sitting up and reading while he was laying on his stomach snoozing I guessed. Right behind us was a man in great shape. He was completely hairless and was lying on his back, legs spread enough for me to notice his smooth, large balls and a very nice looking cock. Jon nudged me and pointed it out (I had given him several nudges since we got there to point out the sexier naked women on the beach).

We enjoyed the sun and our surroundings for a while before I decided to get bold (for me) and remove my top. It was odd because I expected to feel shy about it but instead I felt liberated. I looked around for a few minutes because I was sure everyone had to be staring but then realized no one really did. Yes, I had several admirers but they passed and looked at me as I had looked at so many already that day. Jon was shocked that I had taken off my top but he was into it. He would smile when he saw a guy or girl pass us and give me the eye. We decided to go in the water.

I’m not sure how long we stayed in the water but it was quite a while. Jon and I were both wearing sunglasses and we were both commented on the many various shapes and sizes of the naked people surrounding us. It was odd etiler escort in that as I mentioned, there weren’t a lot of hard-bodies on the beach and most of the men had average size equipment but it was an odd pleasure when you saw a guy with a nice package or a woman with great breasts or a great ass. I could tell Jon wanted to join everyone on the beach and strip down to his birthday suit but he was hesitant because he was a “grower” rather then a “show-er”. Jon had a lovely 7″ erection, thick and smooth with a great head but when he was flaccid he was about 2 inches or so. I reminded him that there were plenty of guys on the beach that looked like they had egg corns hanging there and that he had a great body and if he felt like getting naked he should. He asked if I would lose my thong bottoms if he got nude and I told him I’d think about it. We walked hand in hand back to our spot and we were having the greatest time.

The group next to us seemed a bit annoying and they were talking amongst themselves about how rude it was for people to come here and stay dressed and ogle them. I felt like telling them that between the lot of them there wasn’t much to look at. Instead we faced the other couple although the man who had been sleeping on his chair tanning his back was missing. The woman gave us a pleasant smile and as Jon and I sat reapplying lotion she asked me if I felt free and at one with nature now that I had taken off my top. I told her I did indeed feel better and she told me I should go at it all the way and she smiled at Jon and told him he should do the same. Jon smiled nervously and told her he was thinking about it. She told him not to waste too much thinking and to just do it (did she work for Nike?). She was pleasant enough and now that we were talking I could hear her accent. I guessed Australian (actually, they were from New Zealand).

Jon stood and dropped his trunks and sat back down. I laughed at loud at how brazen he had become and also at how he blushed. He wasn’t hard but it was easy to tell by his increased size that he was as excited as I was. Kate, our new friend commented on how he should always share such a lovely “thing” with others and then she turned towards me and motioned at my bottoms. I was so into the spirit of things that I sat back and pealed my thing away before I realized the “surprise” I had for Jon. “Oh my” Kate said and seemed to lean closer in her chair for a better look. “Oh fuck, baby! That’s hot” Jon said seeing my shaved pussy for the first time and his cock was rising in front of my eyes, actually in front of many eyes. He quickly covered himself with a towel but his eyes remained fixed on me.

I was wet but I couldn’t help it. My smooth pink labia seemed to be glistening and my clit was poking out from its little hiding place. Kate was really admiring me and that was making me even more aroused and I think if she offered to play with me at that moment I would’ve spread my legs wide for her and allowed her to… in front of everyone. “Derrick likes the bush on top” she said and opened her own legs to show us that she shaved next to her large labia but left a tuft of sandy colored hair above. “I think though that he’d quite enjoy that lovely little kitty” and she sat back and smiled.

Now I was blushing as well. I asked her where Derrick had gone off to and she said he was with several friends and she pointed towards the water. There were too many people to pinpoint him and I still hadn’t seen his face. He was naked and on his belly the whole time when we first got there and he was gone by the time Jon and I returned from the water.

We settled in after some cautions from Kate about nipple burn and worse for Jon if he didn’t put some sun block on his never before exposed area. We took her suggestion and my nipples were hard points when I finished and Jon was beginning to rise again when he finished as well. Kate said she enjoyed that the most about the beach, the way the men and women applied the lotion to their naked bodies. I already could see why she enjoyed that after watching Jon.

The sun was harsh on my naked breasts so I turned on my stomach after a few minutes and I was looking at the man I had noticed earlier with the large, smooth package. He was looking at me too. He smiled and I smiled back. It seemed naughty with my husband right next to me but not noticing. Kate did notice and I saw her mischievous grin. This stranger slowly sat up in his lounge chair and placed both feet on the ground on either side of the chair. He was really in wonderful shape halkalı escort and his bronze tan was perfect everywhere. I was enjoying the view of him spread-eagled on the chair. His cock hung down heavily and now my own moisture was mixing with the lotion I’d spread over my pink slit earlier.

Then still smiling this stranger poured oil in his hand and began fisting his cock slowly and I stared as it began to grow. He massaged himself just short of erection. I was practically squirming. This was the most sexual non-sexual experience of my life and I knew if I were to reach down and touch my clit I would’ve cum on the spot. I guess I was so engrossed I hadn’t realized Jon was calling me. He was now lying next to me on his chair and looking at what I was looking at. This caused the stranger to stop his little game and pretend to look away. “You little tart” Jon joked. “Don’t you know it’s not polite to stare at big cocks?” “So I can only stare at the little ones?” I joked back and we laughed. I guess the stranger knew the game was over for now because he got up and retreated to the water. His ass was as hot as the rest of him and I turned back over to watch until he was in the water.

“That’s Wilhelm” and Kate’s voice took me out of my trance. “Quite the cock but he has self control problems.” She laughed at her own joke. Jon and I must’ve both looked at her with the same expression, that of extreme curiosity of how she knew the strangers intimate habits. Again she laughed that sexy laugh of hers. Yes, sexy. I was attracted to this woman as I was sure Jon was. She looked very sexy with her heavy breasts and her relaxed manner. “Derrick and I invited Wilhelm back to our room the other day. He’s a bit of a hair-trigger but he’s quite good with his mouth. He was able to take more of my husband down his throat then me” (that giggle again) “and I’ve been sucking it for twenty years.”

I’m not really sure if Kate was trying to shock us our arouse us but her openness was certainly achieving both. I knew I was aroused and once again Jon’s soldier was at attention. “So, making new friends sweetheart?” the voice came from behind us as we were looking towards the water and when I turned to look the first thing I saw was cock! To this day I have never seen anything like it and believe me when I tell you I have seen quite a few cocks up close. It took me at least thirty seconds to remove my gaze from Derrick’s crotch. It was hanging there literally ¾ to his knees. I think it was nearly ten inches and it was obvious he was flaccid. He had a tuft of hair just above the shaft but his balls were smooth as was the surrounding area. Everything about him was huge. He was uncircumcised and the head was hidden beneath the foreskin and it truly looked like a snake hanging there framed by a scrotum the size of a large grapefruit.

I regained my composure and sat up and Derrick sat back in his lounge chair and Kate introduced us to her husband. I guess it would be rude for me to leave out the rest of Derrick. He was easily 6’2″ or 6’3″ and thin. His tan was perfect as well (like Wilhelm’s) and his blonde hair was tussled, a bit longer then most men his age would wear. I guessed he was in his late forties and his skin was rugged looking. His voice sounded very much like that Crocodile Dundee guy from the movies. My attraction for this man was so immediate and so strong that I knew I was flirting beyond what would be acceptable in most cases. If Jon noticed or it bothered him I was oblivious. I never wanted a man to fuck me like I wanted this man to. It was pure and animalistic and something I had never experienced before.

We made small talk and the conversation seemed to lean toward normal, like many couples do when they meet on a cruise or in a bar etc. We were getting to know them. That’s when I learned they were from New Zealand and not Australia (apparently a big difference because they jokes how the two didn’t like each other). I also learned that Kate was 47 and Derrick was 45. They had been married 23 years and nudists for the past 10, and swingers for the past 4 or 5 years. They had 3 children, the oldest 23 and the youngest 19. Their 23 year-old Daughter was married and living in Canada and the other two kids (a boy and a girl) were at University.

They were not surprised I was as young as I was and in fat they thought I was a bit younger and they were very surprised that Jon was 37. We talked about the cruises and various vacations we’ve had and they wanted to know how we liked the Nude Beach thing. I was quick to add innovia escort that Jon and I would definitely be looking into things further because I liked it very, very much. Jon joked that he hadn’t ever been around so many naked men and Derrick said in a matter-of-fact way that it brought out the curiosity in you. He said he had never realized his interest in male equipment until he and Kate began going around naked. Jon noted that he was sure Derrick drew a lot of interest because of that (he motioned towards his huge, beautiful cock). Derrick explained that it had been difficult since he was a teenager because it showed in certain clothes and he always had to wear very tight underwear and baggy clothes to conceal it. He laughed that all his business wear was designed to hide “him” otherwise it was like he was hiding a cucumber in his pants. “A large cucumber” I added. I knew everyone knew that my eyes were on that the entire time. I would break contact once in a while not to seem too rude.

They suggested we take a swim and as we left Kate turned and asked Wilhelm to keep an eye on our things and he smiled and in a heavy accent (German perhaps?) said that’s exactly what he’s been doing for a while. Kate pointed towards the rooms they were staying at. They were a group of semi-attached units about 100 yards from the beach. Theirs was a one-bedroom unit with a Jacuzzi inside. It had a kitchenette and a nice size living room as well as a huge bedroom and the large bathroom that contained the Jacuzzi. I said I’d like to see them because maybe Jon and I would be interested in renting one on the future. Kate suggested after we take a dip that we join them for a tour. Derrick looked at his watch and asked us what time we had to be back at the ship and we told him 5:30 PM. It was already noon but he said we had plenty of time for a tour and maybe even a Jacuzzi and that he would drive us back to the ship rather then us having to take a cab or bus.

The four of us were in the water and I knew then that somehow I would enjoy our new friends sexually. I know how much I’ve spoken of Derrick but it should be obvious by now why I was so taken with this man. I should also note that if we swapped Jon would not be short-changed with Kate. She was a very attractive woman and easily looked in her mid 30’s rather then her late forties. My breasts which were barely C’s (B’s in certain bras) seemed small compared to hers which had to at least be full D’s or possibly DD’s. My quarter-sized pink areola seemed ordinary compared to her dark circles which seemed larger then silver dollars and puffed out beautifully. I already mentioned her bush was full on top but she had already given us a peak at the shaved area. Her ass was wide but shapely and her thighs were full as well but she was without any cellulite and her perfect golden skin made her look even sexier. She also had a very pretty face. Her eyes gave her a gentle, warm expression rather then the look of a wanton woman, which I imagined as a swinger she was. What a lucky girl she was. A husband who allowed her to taste the fruits of others and she had that wonder-cock to call her own at night.

I mentioned to Jon that I was willing to try “anything” with these two and he smiled and said I was being quite obvious of my lust for Derrick’s cock. I giggled like a schoolgirl. “I think it would be so sexy for the two of us to play with it together,” I whispered to him. Jon had confessed to me that he and his college roommate had jerked each other off several times on some of those lonely, horny nights. He asked me if I thought he was a “fag” and I simply responded by asking him if he would think less of me when he saw my mouth on Kate’s beautiful pussy. I swear I felt him shudder and he smiled. He told me he would love to see Derrick and I but he wasn’t sure of his involvement. “Of course, I do plan on fucking the hell out of Kate if you get Derrick” and I gave his hardening cock a squeeze under water and told him I wouldn’t have it any other way. All this and our friends had only offered to show us their accommodations, not to fuck and suck us silly. I was determined however. I was already wondering if he would fit in me, or how much of that wonder-cock I could fit in my mouth.

“You folks ready to see our place?” I jumped at Derrick’s voice because I was lost in Jon’s lusty whispers and mine. “Ready as we’ll ever be” I said and I saw what I thought was a gleam in Derrick’s eyes.

So the four of us went back to the beach and grabbed our gear and we followed them to the accommodations behind the beach. I gave Wilhelm a sexy smile and a wave as we passed him. I liked his cock too but thought it would be greedy of me to ask if he could join us. I felt butterflies in my stomach as we made the short walk and I wondered what awaited Jon and I on the other side of that door as Kate reached in her beach bag for the key.

The events would change both our lives.

To be continued…

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