Happy Anniversary Ch. 02

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* This story has been edited and the earlier reference to watersports has been removed as it appeared to upset some readers who felt it spoiled the story*


Steve cuddled Angie and stroked her hair.

“That was amazing!” she said. “I came so many times. And so hard too!”

“And you liked the strap-on, didn’t you?” Steve goaded.

“It was nice.” Angie admitted. “But I really prefer your cock anytime. This was still a bit too hard and it felt artificial too.”

“But you came so hard!” Steve protested.

“Anyway, how do you know I wouldn’t have come just as hard with your cock?” Angie retorted. She kissed Steve full on the lips before continuing.

“I get off when you have a good time too. You gotta understand that. It’s not just about me or you cumming. Its only really great when both of us cum.” Angie explained.

Steve kissed her back hotly. He loved the smell of her body and he loved it even more when it was covered in the smell of sex.

“Wanna watch a movie?” Steve asked cheekily.

“Am I the main star?” Angie asked sarcastically as she laughed

Steve connected the video recorder to the large plasma screen hanging on the wall in front of the bed. He rewound the tape and settled in bed with Angie to watch.

The screen flickered to life with a shot of Angie’s face, staring up at the camera.

“You look so beautiful babe.” Steve complimented Angie. “And look at those tits hanging out of your pink negligee.”

Angie cuddled close to Steve as her image in the TV Screen said “Yes! Come and fuck me with your big cock!” Then a slight pause before Angie’s face on the screen grew wide and her eyes bulged. Her tongue licked slowly along her lower lip and her mouth fell open. Then the woman on the screen moaned followed by a loud groan. Angie’s face captured on film was a picture of sexual contentment as her whole body was buffeted back and forth.

“You like a big cock baby? Your husbands cock too small for you?” the voice on the screen said.

The real Angie and Steve watched spellbound as the sights and sounds of their fucking excited them again. Steve’s hand lightly stroked Angie’s thighs, casually dipping between her valley to caress her pussy. She was wet.

“Ohhh…. Unnhhh. Aahhh…Unnhhh. Oh yessss.” Came the sounds from the screen

Angie cupped Steve’s balls and massaged them softly as she stroked his hard-on slowly. With her eyes still on the screen, she straddled Steve. She positioned his cock against her wet pussy hole and slowly lowered herself on to it. With her pussy filled, she lay back on Steve, taking his hands silently and placing them on her breasts as they both watched their private porn movie.

Steve raised his legs slightly and began to pump into his wife slowly as they watched their recently concluded fuck. Angie started to moan again as Steve tweaked her nipples. They had come to the part where Steve had asked Angie if she would fuck up the ass.

“Were you serious about fucking in the ass?” Asked Steve as he slowly pumped into her.

“Ohh…so good…. I don’t know…..ohhh…it was the heat of the moment I guess…ummmm” she answered.

“Maybe I should have just fucked you in the ass earlier?” Van Escort grinned Steve.

“Maybe you should have…ohhh…your cock is so nice….awww.” Angie moaned.

“Will you let me fuck you in the ass now?” Steve asked, pushing his luck.

“No! I’m enjoying this slow fuck too much. You gotta get me in the same frame before I do anything so wild. Ohhh fuck it deep….”Angie replied.

She pulled herself up and adjusted her knees, planting her feet firmly on the bed. Still straddling Steve, she started fucking him hard, bouncing up and down on his cock.

“Unnh…yesss…fuck me….fuck me!” Angie mewled as she watched herself on the screen. She squeezed her pussy tight on Steve’s shaft, trying to milk his cock. She started bouncing harder and faster and then her body shook in orgasm.

“Ummpphh….unnnhh…yeessssss….oh yessssssss…ohhhh!” she cried as her orgasm wracked body trembled. She clasped Steve’s hands top her breasts and slowed her bouncing. She rested on Steve’s lap, just enjoying the feeling of his hard cock in her. The screen had gone blank as she lay her head back on Steve.

“You wanna fuck my ass?” She asked seductively. She felt Steve’s cock give a lurch in her pussy.

“You serious?” Steve asked excitedly.

“I’m not gonna offer again. I might change my mind.” She said. “But promise you’ll be gently and you’ll stop if I don’t like it.”

“Of course. Yeah, sure!” Steve said, almost in childlike excitement.

Angie clambered off his cock and got on her fours. She lowered her elbows down and stuck her ass up in the air. “This position okay?” she asked, again almost sarcastically. “You better be quick before I lose it.”

“Just relax and trust me.” Steve said. “I’ll work you up again. Just give me a second”

Steve jumped off the bed and rummaged about in his bag. He pulled out a bottle of oil and poured some on Angie’s back. Steve rubbed the oil in, giving her a light massage before slowly trickling some down her ass crack. He rubbed the oil around the crinkling bud of her anus before his mouth went to work on the pussy again.

Angie sighed softly as his mouth teased and licked her swollen lips. His fingers dipped into her and fiddled around inside of her.

“No fingers. Please, you’ll just spoil it.” Angie cried out.

“Just trust me. I promise I’ll be gentle.” Steve countered. His fingers probed gently inside of her as his tongue worked on her clit and vulva. Angie relaxed and started to thrust her hips back against his mouth.

Steve worked two fingers into her and pressed downward toward her clitoris, seeking out the rough area just behind the clitoral hood. Finding the rough skin patch, Steve pressed on it lightly, teasing it and then released. His tongue danced along her clit, causing moans to slip out her mouth and at the same time distracting her from his fingers.

She was sufficiently worked up now and was mewling almost continuously. Steve pressed harder against her g-spot, almost scratching the area with his fingers. He knew he was getting somewhere as her pussy responded with extra fluid. He applied pressure to the g-spot and started moving his fingers rapidly in and out of her, pressing on Van Escort Bayan her g-spot ever so often.

“Oh God! What are you doing? Ohhh…Shit!!! Ohhhh Aahhhh” Angie moaned. Her pussy felt like it was on fire and that she was on the brink of orgasm. The feelings were so intense but not enough to cum.

“Ohhhh…Ohh…I’m gonna pee!! Oh God…gonna cumm….gonna cummm…oh what are you doing??? Angie screamed out.

Steve slipped a finger into her ass and her body responded with more tingles. His fingers in her pussy toyed against the finger in her ass. Her body was on the edge and yet Steve kept her on the brink. And then she realised it. He had taken her to the height of pleasure and she knew it was now in her hands.

“Oh god! Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Fuck me in the ass now!” She cried.

Steve kept his fingers in her pussy as he withdrew the finger in her ass. She felt his cockhead press against her virgin anus and she breathed in as she felt him slowly pushing in. She relaxed her body and his cock slid into her with a pop. Her ass felt like it was on fire but Steve was gentle and the earlier oil and stimulation from his fingers had opened her up somewhat.

His fingers danced in her pussy again, taking the pain away from her ass and her body throbbed spasmodically to the stimulus. She felt him slide all the way inside of her and he flexed his cock, stretching her insides. She acclimatised to the intrusion in her ass and it didn’t hurt so bad after all.

“Gonna fuck you now babe.” Steve said as he started to move his cock inside her ass.

“Unnhh…aarggh…slow…slow baby” she cried as she felt the friction in her ass. The pain turned to a soft tingling and the feelings in her pussy helped ease whatever discomfort she felt. Soon she was a throbbing mess of flesh and the tingles in her pussy mingled with the tingles in her ass. Again she was a fuck machine.

“Oh yesss..fuck my ass.. fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me!” She cried as she was overcome with sexual exhilaration. Steve pounded hard into her as he rubbed her clit and squeezed her breasts.

“Uh, Uh, unhhh” Angie gasped, the breath being knocked from her lungs with each sharp thrust of Steve’ cock. Angie began writhing on the bed. Each time his cock ploughed into her ass, his fingers pinched on her clit, driving her further into delirium.

“Ohhhh! You’re ass is so tight!” Steve sighed.

“Cum! Cum in me! Fill me me your hot cum! Cum in my ass!” Angie cried out as she felt her own orgasm beginning to shake her.

Steve felt his cock stiffen and then pour its load into her bowels as they both came together.

“Cumm..Cummming…Cumming….aaaahhhh” Steve yelled out.

“eeeyyaggghhhh”! Cried Angie. “Yess…fill my ass.. I can feel it ….so hot…oh god….fuck!”

Her whole body exploded in a massive orgasm and she trembled and shook with the intensity of it. Steve’s cock started to wilt inside her ass and he pulled out slowly. Her ass closed together, keeping the hot cum in her bowels as she continued to tremble and spasm with ecstacy.

“Oh baby…oh yesss… baby that was great!” Angie smiled. “You can fuck my ass anytime. Oh yessss”

She lay with her face buried Escort Van in the bed. Slowly coming down from that mindblowing orgasm.

“I gotta wash up love.” Angie announced, climbing out of bed. “My ass is full of your cum.”

Steve held on to her from behind as he walked her to the bathroom. He watched as she sat on the bowl and her body tensed and clenched as she tried to squeeze out his cum form her bowels.

“Must you watch?” she asked, almost chiding him. She looked at his sheepish grin and then down to his cock. There was still some life to it, and watching her was making him hard again.

Angie beckoned him over. Steve walked toward her, his cock dangling in front of her face. Angie gave it a few licks and tugged on the shaft, feeling it grow hard in her hands.

“How come your don’t stay as hard at home?” She asked softly.

“Too many distractions baby..” Steve hissed.

“Lets take a shower.” Angie smiled as she stood up from the toilet bowl and stepped into the shower. She squatted down and washed her ass, spraying the warm water right into her.

Steve waited till she was done cleaning herself and then he joined her in the shower. She turned away from him and reached behind her to grab his cock. She guided it against her slit and bent her body to give him access. With the water flowing round then, Steve grabbed Angie’s hips and thrust his cock forward.

The water made entry a little difficult but once he slipped into her, he slipped in hard and deep. Angie thrust back against him hard, fucking him like it was the last thing she would do.

“God its so hard! I can feel it right in me!” She cried as the sounds of her ass slapping back against his thighs reverbrated in the shower.

“Oh damn!” Angie mewled. “Your cock feels so good in my cunt”

Her eyes glazed as she sighed with lust. She bend lower, enjoying the feeling of the hard cock in her pussy as the warm water sprayed their bodies. Steve pounded hard into her, his fingers dipping under her to strum against her clitoris.

Angie felt like her clit was burning again. “Awww..Fuuucck…Fffuck me!” She cried as her pussy built up the pleasure. She shook herself against Steve’s cock, feeling the hard rod fuck deeper into her. Steve reached up and pinched her nipples.

“Aaaahhhhhhh!” she cried as her pussy convulsed and tightened around Steve’s cock. Steve squeezed her tits hard as his balls tightened and emptied another load into her steaming pussy.

“yeeeaaahhhhggghhh! Yesssssss” she hissed, continuing to push back against his cock, working the last bits of spunk from his balls. As her climax subsided, Angie turned around and kissed Steve deeply. The water from the shower dripped into their mouths as their tongues lashed together.

Angie held Steve’s face in hers and smiled coyly. “Thanks for everything darling. I never knew I’d be this happy.”

Steve kissed her again and playfully swatted her ass. “I’d marry you all over again!”

Angie hugged him close, feeling a warmth in her heart with Steve’s lovely words. “Maybe I should have married my ex-boyfriend and just kept you as a lover.” Angie laughed teasingly.

“I’d fuck you anyday, anytime – no matter which slime ball you were married to.” Steve laughed, teasing her in return. “I’ve made dinner reservations and then we have the whole night and tomorrow morning too. I hope your prepared!”

Angie felt a tingle go through her as she wondered how much better things could get…

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