Harper Valley: Endgame

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Jenna simply looked at me. Legs either side of me now, she just snuggled up with my cock still in her, quite naked and totally uncaring. Her sister had let go of her right hand now and was holding her rather lovingly around her waist. If Jenna had been a cat, she would have purred.

I looked down at her tight little breasts, damp now from exertion, as they rested against my shirt front. Half lying back in the chair myself, the realisation of what I had just done to my youngest daughter brought with it anything but recrimination and self-loathing. The fact is, I had just been able to express, maybe for the first time, the true depth of my love for her. Clinical (make that ‘criminal’) psychologists would doubtless point to my withered grasp on reality and express the predictable view that I was simply rationalising my warped sexual perspectives…and may they happily do so! I was there, they weren’t!

Many readers might also find it hard to accept the likelihood of “decent young girls from predominantly middle class homes,” with limited or no prior sexual experience, suddenly submitting themselves to group sexual activity without question.

I believe there are two factors here of relevance. Firstly, at eighteen, most girls (if they have not already so indulged) are simply waiting for the starter’s pistol as far as sex is concerned. It is a hot age indeed. The other less discussed and scientifically investigated phenomenon I believe, is that during this period, most girls (and I’m suggesting upwards of 90% here) incur I am sure, ragingly hot fantasies of having sex with their fathers. As a consequence, suddenly finding themselves able to live out those images, perhaps within a perceived “safety of numbers” (other girls, siblings, families etc) the full spectrum of sexual freedom removes all social inhibition. It’s just a theory.

There was Larissa – a point in question, not three feet away from me, with a third fathers’ cock in her now as she lay on her back, legs appealingly wide, being kissed by some cute little blonde girl herself dressed only in tight little yellow panties that another man, her father quite possibly, was in the process of pulling down, as she knelt over Larissa. I watched as he got them past her knees, before slipping one hand up between her slim legs and probing a remarkably attractive pussy with his index finger. His other hand meanwhile was wasting no time in feeling up both her quite small breasts. This scene and others like it, were being played-out the length and breadth of the room. What I can tell you is, my two girls looked even hotter. Neither Kylie or Jenna were co-erced into doing anything that afternoon. What happened, they alone were in total control of.

“That was incredible dad,” Jenna whispered to me, easing herself off my lap and crouching down alongside her sister. Kylie retrieved her bra and knickers laying nearby which Jenna quickly wriggled into. Just the sight of them both dressed now only in their underwear was enough to kick-start the adrenaline flow, if indeed it had ever stopped.

“And as for you, young lady,” I angled a glance at Kylie, “What do you have to say for yourself? Would I be right in assuming you found the recent experience somewhat pleasurable?”

“Dad!!!!!” was all she said, while looking at Jenna and giggling.

Warwick Gardner ambled over, reached down and gave Kylie a pat on the backside.

Inclining his head towards me he said “Very hot little daughter you have there,” he was clearly looking down her bra now – I couldn’t blame him to be honest and Kylie didn’t seem to mind anyway. “Any chance of “borrowing” her younger sister for a short time?”

“Well actually Warwick,” I replied, “We were just about ready to go. I told them just forty-five minutes and we’re long past that.”

“C’mon dad,” said Kylie. “Just a bit longer..please? We’re not even dressed yet.” She had a point!

“Well maybe just another half an hour then girls,” I told them, no doubt wanting subconsciously to see just how far they did want to go with this.

Warwick looked way happier.

“Well then, what about Jenna?” he continued.

“What about her?” I said, “Better ask her what she wants to do,” I replied after giving the matter some further thought, though not that much I suspect. School was definitely in for my youngest that afternoon.

At that moment Michelle came over to me and whispered most discreetly, “Wouldn’t you like to give me a cuddle? You’ve been with all those other girls, even your daughter…and you didn’t even give me one at the last party.”

I wasn’t sure whether she meant a cuddle or a fuck but either way, she had a point and it sure wasn’t out of intent. I Just ran out of time and cum…..in that order!

“OK Shelley,” I said, “I would very much like to correct that little oversight.”

So saying, I took her hand and pulled her down into the chair on top of me. I was surprised that she was still fully clothed….maybe she had gotten dressed again. Even as I put my arm around her, Warwick Van Escort was helping Jenna to her feet and simply the sight of my daughter in just her bra and panties being led off by a man three times her age almost, raised a lot more than my temperature.

Another guy, obviously one of Kylie’s friend’s fathers, and seemingly familiar to her, had knelt down on the floor right where she was crouched. He whispered something to her which made her giggle but I noticed his hand was making short work of the journey from her knee to her crotch. Following his lead, I slipped a hand up beneath Michelle’s skirt which brought a small gasp of pleasure. I felt her part her legs slightly and with that beautiful little face up against my shoulder, I just had to kiss it.

Kylie meanwhile was beginning to moan softly as the man rubbed her panties in exactly the right spot. Understandably, not wanting to waste any opportunities going, with a barely dressed hot little teenie, he slipped his spare hand into Kylie’s bra and began fondling both her breasts.

What could I do except follow suit? Michelle’s eyes began to glaze as the combination of my hand well inside her knickers and the other causing hopefully the most pleasant of friction to her nipples, brought her to new levels of pleasure. She just whispered to me “Don’t stop,” as if that were even a half-likely eventuality.

Sometimes, teasing a girl’s body while dressed, generates as much heat and gratuitous sexual pleasure as getting her off naked. The same might be said for watching a girl being fondled and fingered to the edge of sanity….especially if it happens to be your daughter.

By the time Michelle was clutching at her pussy wantonly as my fingers set off that geo-thermal landslide deep within her hottest zone, Kylie was panting like a feral cat and completely given over to the sensations that were rippling through her. The guy had no problem getting her on to her knees, pulling her panties right down and delivering from behind exactly what she wanted – an all-meat burger with cum dressing. Beautiful Larissa at that minute knelt down in front of Kylie and began kissing her hard as the man really started to fuck her. I have rarely witnessed anything hotter.

Except for the fact I had made a conscious decision to conserve my supplies of ‘pregnancy sauce’ …I think I would have submitted Michelle to the same three-course meal. As it was though she had to be satisfied with a little manual over-ride.

Kylie was simply out of it and crying-out in ecstasy at the point he came in her big-time. For a full thirty seconds afterwards she was still shivering from what must have been one inspirational orgasm.

I knelt down and kissed her, not that she probably recognised me, then headed off to find Jenna.

I walked the length and breadth of the room but couldn’t see her. Mind you, that didn’t infer that she wasn’t there necessarily. Unlike the last “gathering,” the guests this time appeared to have “fragmented” not just in couples, but often in small groups. One such group had Bridget as its centerpiece. Completely naked, and sitting astride one guy. Another young girl was kneeling between her legs licking her stupid. Bridget was wriggling all over the place, one hand on the girl’s head pulling her to her. One of the mothers was sucking her right nipple while a young boy, just eighteen so I learned later, sucked the other. As for Bridget herself, she was definitely not putting herself in line for a Girl Guide’s Nature Award as she was successfully juggling two activities concurrently. Kissing the guy she was seated on and wanking, evidently quite effectively, the cock of a second man standing alongside. I say “effectively,” as I saw him donate to the girl on her knees between Bridget’s legs, a rather hot facial which made her gasp. Made me jealous!

By my third “pass” I was assured that Jenna wasn’t there, but tellingly, neither was Warwick. Not too many possibilities remained and all were bad news. Outside somewhere….in a car or upstairs! Party rules didn’t necessarily cover this aspect, only that no girl was to be forced into anything. But hey, Jenna was only eighteen. A pretty fine line there between “forcing” and “encouraging.” I had to find her….and quickly.

My gut feeling was that Warwick had taken her upstairs to one of the guest bedrooms perhaps. Lacking a room-guide, I had to play it by ear. At the top of the staircase several doors led off a fairly long hallway. I figured Archer must have spent much of his working life in hotels and wanted to replicate the experience at home.

Behind the second door I could definitely hear activity of sorts. A young girl’s voice beyond doubt, but more worryingly – more than one man’s. I opened the door, fearing the worst. The sight that greeted me rendered me years younger.

A young girl – Jenna’s age to judge, certainly no older, was kneeling on a Queen size bed surrounded by four men having undoubtedly, the time of their lives getting her to try on different bras. In just Van Escort Bayan her panties, she was giggling and letting the straps fall down her shoulders while the occasional hand found its way between her legs and rubbed her while she attended to the clasp on the bra. It was this activity that was making her wriggle about and gasp in girlish delight. Each were taking turns to kiss her also, whilst having a surreptitious ‘feel’ of her exquisitely pretty little partially encased breasts.

Seeing me enter, the three men invited me to join them, but regrettably Jenna’s welfare precluded this possibility. I explained that I was looking for my own daughter and had to pass up the offer unfortunately. Mentally substituting this girl’s predicament for Jenna, spurred my exit. The last thing I saw was the four of them pushing the girl on her back. I imagine her underwear show was at an end, it being time for her next lesson in Sex-ed no doubt.

The next room was empty, the one after that – anything but. If only it had been! I suppose in hindsight I should be grateful there were only two men with her but the sight that met my eyes on entry was one of disbelief!

Jenna, my innocent little Jenna was lying across Warwick’s knee, her back to me, as he sat on the edge of the bed. Clad still in her matching light blue bra and knickers, Warwick was spanking her bottom with decided vigor – quite obvious from the way her cute little rear-end was bouncing around beneath his hand. I wondered for an instant why she was making no audible outcry…of either disapproval or pain. Then I clearly saw why.

The second man…older even than me, was kneeling the far side of Jenna and with her head right down near the floor, she was obviously sucking him as hard as she knew how. Warwick looked up as I entered but showed no sign of surprise or any inclination to limit his assault on my daughter’s bottom. I walked across to them and stared down – Jenna had yet not seen me.

With one hand around his shaft, she was sucking on him like a pro and the guy was most certainly responding to her hot little mouth as he took a hold of her head and began, disgusting as it sounds I realise, to really fuck her in the mouth. If it hadn’t been my daughter I would have thought it a girl with years of practice of this kind of behavior. It seemed to me that she was now wriggling her bottom in an attempt to have Warwick spank her harder. He took the hint alright. I heard her gasp, even with her mouth full as it was, as he increased the severity and frequency of manual contact with her hot little tail.

Pausing, Warwick took a hold of the elastic atop her knickers with both hands and looked up at me questioningly? I wanted it as much as he did, and nodded. Even before he got them half way down her bottom, the other man reached the end of his personal highway and lost utterly his cool both physically and verbally, as he divested himself of that which he could no longer hold on to. His commenting “Oh God, she is soo fucking hot,” should have gotten from me a punch in the mouth, but the fact is he was doing no more than echoing what we all knew and were probably thinking at that moment. What she couldn’t swallow, he sprayed on her face and in that white-hot moment I was definitely a lost cause so far as caring and protective fathers are concerned.

Warwick had her panties down around her ankles a second later and Jenna simply kicked them off, still wriggling her bottom which now I think of it, was probably causing her delightful contact between her pussy and Warwick’s knee. As the man manouvered himself more to her side and began to grope her breasts inside her bra, she glanced up and saw me standing there.

“Oh my GOD dad!” she spluttered, obviously embarrassed at being in such a vulnerable position. I quickly knelt down and said “It’s OK Jenna, it’s alright really, just let yourself go honey.”

I motioned to Warwick to continue spanking her. Now she was making a heap of hot little “Ohhhhs” as he paddled her bum. Light-red from the previous half a dozen spanks, he had her scarlet in seconds and quite frankly I was soo damn hard watching, I could have tossed her on the bed and fucked her senseless. The “ohhh’s” turned to “Ohh God,” and thus I called a halt to the punishment. By this juncture the other man had gotten her bra off and she was totally nude. Both Warwick and I could clearly see the dark sexy curls between her legs as she wriggled on his knee, oblivious I think as to the fact that with her legs apart as they were – you could see everything.

Surprising even myself, I knelt on the floor and quite spontaneously kissed her glowing bottom – several times in fact. I have never seen anything so incredibly arousing. Eased her off Warwick’s lap and just for a few moments she stood there between the three of us, rubbing her backside softly which of course rendered the view of her small but firm jiggling breasts, doubly arousing. Her nipples I couldn’t help but notice were incredibly erect too. She knew of course the Escort Van effect her nakedness was having on the three of us. The two of them held her there for a few minutes and kissed her both on the lips and on her breasts. Jenna was panting and breathing so heavily by then it would be line-ball as to who was having the dirtiest thoughts. I include my daughter in that statement.

Warwick was the first to seize the further initiative and kneeling also, he pulled Jenna to him and kissed her pussy front-on. She gasped but thrust her hips forward as he did so. The man beside him pulled her around and repeated the gesture. She ground her hips against his face and I watched stunned, scarcely able to recognise this as my eighteen year old daughter who but a few hours ago had been an innocent little virgin. As she turned now to face me, she put her pretty hands on my shoulders and said “You too dad…kiss me there, I know you want to!”

As my lips met hers, the scent of her youthful pussy was just intoxicating. I was vaguely aware of the other two rubbing both her sore bottom and her breasts as I nuzzled deeper. I heard her moaning. As in a dream, I heard one of them say “She’s your daughter, take her!”

Jenna put up no resistance as the two men replaced her on the quilt, laying her on her back. Warwick in fact was now holding his erection and wanking himself slowly, either in anticipation of coming events or simply on account of the sexually charged situation. Either way, who could blame him? The other guy followed suit as both used their free hands to pull Jenna’s legs apart. Warwick whispered something to her and I was astounded to see her start cupping and then rubbing her own breasts between gasps and pleading looks.

I took my place between her knees and extricating my own cock it was all I could do to not just ram it in her as one would a panting slut. Instead I just looked at her lying there for a moment. Moaning audibly as she pulled on her own nipples, I could see flecks of cum still around the corners of her mouth and her left cheek where the man had left his calling card a short time ago. Her eyes were definitely glazing as she looked up at me.

“Fuck me dad,” she implored softly – if anything, widening her legs even further. With her pussy so vulnerable and agape, I marvelled at the cute little pink folds that I had been unable to see in such detail downstairs when I made love to her. Leaning forward, I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit – just once. The effect on Jenna was electric. She raised her hips automatically and I saw her entire body quiver in readiness for what was imminently to occur. In spite of the position in which she found herself, her expression was one of angelic beauty. “Please dad,” she cried……”Don’t tease me.”

That had certainly never been my intention and so I pushed in to her, carefully, but right to the hilt. Warwick’s grip on his erection tightened and he began to rub himself, watching my progress. I almost lost it when I noticed Jenna’s left hand taking leave of her own breasts to seek out the other man’s cock which she proceeded to wank quite expertly.

No one could watch their own daughter in this predicament and remain sane. I simply grabbed her hips and began to fuck her as hard as I knew how. It was obviously the methodology she had on her mind too, as she began to literally fuck me back, pushing up to meet me and crying out “Don’t stop….keep fucking me dad,” as she lost all control and slid quickly back into the jungle with the same single-minded urge as had we all……to fill that hot little pussy with reproductive cum. She was sweating with the exertional forces in play as was I. Little beads of sweat had broken out on her brow as she shook her head from side to side, her lovely hair damp at the ends now.

Both men were clearly at the edge. Warwick was using both hands on his cock while Jenna had the other guy in Nirvana as her hand slid up and down his shaft as he moved closer in. Neither had reason to hold her legs any longer, as she was spread to the max for me as I pistoned in to here again and again telling her I loved her so much and that she was just so beautiful.

Even as I shot one ungodly amount of cum into her pussy, she wriggled in pleasure and was the almost immediate recipient of two more streams of white delight. Warwick ejaculated right across her tummy as she shook from her own galvanising orgasm. Small droplets spurted on and around her pussy, exactly as she brought the other man off. His contribution was directed over her face and breasts which brought a further gasp from Jenna. Although having made full delivery, I was still fucking her gently as she smiled up at me, one contended expression covering her whole pretty face.

Although wanting instinctively to dress her and take her straight home then, I had of course to allow Jenna the option of allowing Warwick to fuck her next as I had basically let her decide when she had walked off with him downstairs. She made that choice very evident as no sooner had I withdrawn, than Warwick positioned himself between her legs and to my everlasting shock, she took a hold of his still engorged erection and guided it into her very wet pussy. This was no slut I hasten to add, simply a pretty young girl on heat!

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