Heading to the Bush

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Some may call it picking the low-hanging fruit, but for me, I prefer to think of it as exploring the bush growing down below…

As a man in my early 30s it’s been a trend for my whole sex life so far that all the girls I’ve been with have been shaved downstairs, and the curiosity was starting to build. I’d seen the memes, I’d even seen the occasional porn movie from the 70s, and I know that the women in the generations before me always had the big muff style going on.

I’d never had trouble getting together with the opposite sex – I’ve had a few relationships over the years and my fair share of Tinder hookups too, but, as it’s the second decade of the 2000s, it seems everyone is sticking with the bald playing field. It was time to explore something a bit different. And my way of getting there was a change from normal too!

Even though I’d had the hunt for hair-pie in mind for a while, I wasn’t exactly on the mission to meet someone when I met the woman who would change my pubic preferences. It was firmly on my mind though, on a quiet night at home, as I casually browsed my way onto the Wikipedia “Pubic Hair” page.

Eagerly, I clicked my way onto an image which showed an adult woman’s muff close-up.

I liked what I saw. At first glance, it was just a dark brown mass; roughly in the shape of a triangle. The closer I looked and zoomed in on the photo with my phone, I paid attention to the edges. I could see some individual hairs wildly poking out in all directions.

The mound was so thick and dense that there was no sign of a slit; it was almost hard to believe an actual pussy opening was hiding somewhere beneath all of this hair!

Pale white skin surrounding this intimate body part, the photo showed just a small amount of belly above her wonderful lady-garden. I started to wonder who volunteered this photo to the world. Who does this bush belong to?

Uploaded and visible on this all-ages encyclopedia site, the picture was definitely not intended to be sexual, but I surprised myself when I felt my manhood starting to grow hard inside my pants! With a username below the image, I decided I would make a half-hearted attempt at getting to know the person behind it. If that was even possible.

I mean, the Wiki username “S@sha1974” could just belong to some random person who collects hairy vagina pictures and uploads them to educational information websites – the picture may not actually be her own, I thought. But what if it is? Who is S@sha1974? Assuming it’s a “she” and her name is Sasha…

My question was quickly answered when I followed the link to this Wiki user’s brief profile. Not a lot of information there, but I did see that her name is Sasha – Sasha Levi, and the image was labelled as her “own work”.

I quickly realised I had spent nearly half an hour on this unusually bizarre exercise – it was now quite late at night and I had work the next morning. While it was not something I ever thought I would find myself doing – researching pubes on Wikipedia, and then finding out more about a single image I found on there, I decided to proceed for a bit longer to see what I could discover – and I’m glad I did.

I Googled Sasha’s full name and found that she is a professional photographer. Her website showed a vast range of images – some of scenery, some of models, even a few wedding shots. But it was a couple of images towards the back of her catalogue that caught my attention in more ways than one.

Two nude photos – and they were no ordinary nudes. This woman, standing alone in a scenic environment beside a waterfall, was naturally stunning! The first showed her with her back to the camera, looking at the gushing water as if she was about to dive in. A nice figure – not too thin, but certainly not overweight, and straight dark brown hair that reached about halfway down to her perfectly rounded butt.

“Girl, you need more confidence! Get out there again!”

“Sash, I wish you would appear in more photos yourself! Gorgeous!”

Several comments like this were posted underneath the picture, and I suddenly realised THIS was Sasha! I was even more impressed when I saw the next picture…

In the same setting, this time Sasha was facing the camera. She wasn’t smiling, but instead held an intense stare with some piercing blue eyes that invited me to join her in this serene environment. At a guess, she looked like she would be in her late 30s, and after recalling her Wiki username, I realised 1974 must be her birth year. Barely a wrinkle on her face, this was a woman who took care of her complexion.

Medium breasts with nipples that pointed directly towards the camera, a belly with some subtle rounded curves either side, and a sight that had caught my curiosity earlier in the night – a full bush. THE bush! The photo I had seen on Wikipedia was a close-up of what I was now looking at!

If female pubic hair is against current fashion trends, it sure wasn’t out of place in this picture – alaçatı escort on this beautiful naked woman appearing on my phone right now.

The exact same shade of dark brown hair as on her head, Sasha’s muff was full yet feminine. No hair on her legs or under her arms from what I could see, but the hair around her private bits was plentiful. It was also trimmed to stay tidy if she was to wear a bathing suit. But there was no shred of clothing here – and barely anything left to my imagination! Still, my mind wandered anyway…

Before I knew it, I had my pants down and my hard cock in hand. It was like Sasha was staring into my eyes, daring me to take her. Beckoning me to lay her down beside this waterfall, open her legs and immerse myself in this bush. Fingers and maybe tongue, I imagined myself parting her natural hair and seeing where it leads to. An opening made for my now almost-exploding cock. The purple head at the top of my stiff shaft was still hardening in my fist as I pumped myself, gradually faster and faster, until I let go and groaned – pleasure raced through my body in waves. My right hand was now covered in my warm seed.

Spent, I drifted off to sleep with Sasha and her bush on my mind.

My alarm woke me up and I was suddenly wide awake. Surprisingly, after a later night than usual, I wasn’t too tired and felt somewhat ready to face another day in the office. My first thought was Sasha. Where was she from? Does she still have that glorious mound between her legs? I wonder if she is single?

I couldn’t wait to finish work and explore Sasha’s website some more. I was pleased when I stumbled onto an “About Me” page. The first thing that caught my eye was that she was from the same country and state as me. In fact, Sasha was based just two hours away!

At the bottom of the page, Sasha had written that she is always on the lookout for any new subjects/models to photograph, so she could expand and freshen her portfolio.

Any thoughts of me possibly appearing creepy or desperate went out the window as I clicked on a link to email her, and found myself starting to type a message. I introduced myself and complimented her on the photos I had seen. I also told her about the photography course I had done (neglecting to mention it was way back in high school), and offered to appear as a subject for her photos if she was interested. There was a hint of regret when I pressed “Send”. Honestly, what did I expect to happen if I ever met her?!?

I definitely wasn’t expecting to see a reply from her later in the night. Sasha greeted me by warmly receiving my compliment, and was happy to accept my offer of a photoshoot if I could spare the time. Apparently a shoot scheduled for tomorrow had cancelled on her, and she asked if there was any slim chance I would be available tomorrow. Really?!?! Of course I’d be available!

I took a sick day off work and started my drive up the mountain towards the address Sasha had provided on her website. We agreed to meet sometime before lunch, so I left home quite early in the morning. Sasha lived on a property in some quiet bushland, which backed onto the waterfall I had seen in the photos. I smiled to myself in amusement when I realised I was interested in a woman with a bush, who lived IN the bush! It wasn’t long before I drove in through an open gate, parked the car and stepped out.

“Nice place!” I exclaimed as I walked up the gravel driveway towards a woman wearing a brown vest with a pale green shirt underneath, sleeves rolled up, and faded blue jeans. She was accompanied by a medium-sized dog that trotted beside her as she approached me with a handshake.

“You must be Alvin!” she said.

“I’m Sasha. Great to meet you. Come on in!”

Sasha didn’t look unattractive in her outdoor/farming clothes, but she was nowhere near as feminine as she appeared in those nude photos I had stumbled across two nights ago. It was a surreal feeling, walking behind her as she led me into her kitchen, knowing I had seen her naked ass before.

Sasha and I chatted over coffee and I learned that she mostly maintained the farm on her own since her husband had left 5 years earlier; and it was just herself and her school-aged daughter living there. Sasha mostly worked from home as a photographer – taking professional photos for weddings etc around the outside of the house and inside her home studio.

I admit that I didn’t fully take in all of what Sasha was saying to me. My brain had stopped at the part where she revealed she was single, and I again found myself thinking about what I saw under her clothes in those amazing nude photos.

“So, I… errr… saw that you sometimes appear in your own photos, Sasha…” I felt my face grow hot as I blurted out this awkward line.

“Yeah…” Sasha replied slowly, briefly glancing down into her coffee and seeming somewhat uncomfortable. “I don’t really do that anymore. It was just a thing I was experimenting alaybey escort with. Just a phase…” Sasha almost sounded nervous as she answered me, possibly just realising that I had seen her naked.

Neither of us spoke for what seemed like a minute, but was probably more like 5-10 seconds. “Please tell me you haven’t seen THOSE photos, Alvin!” Sasha finally broke the silence, with a face that was quickly turning into the shade of embarrassment.

Unsure of how to respond, I just stared back with what I hoped was no expression on my face. It seems I had said enough though.

“So you’ve seen me naked!?!?” Sasha was obviously uncomfortable with this revelation and covered her face with her hands as she let out a nervous laugh.

“It’s ok, I liked what I saw…” I responded, trying to bring some positive assurance to an otherwise awkward moment. “And if you really wanted to, we can even the score…” I continued. At this point, I started to wonder if Sasha would tell me to leave her house, but I couldn’t stop my mouth from saying what was coming. “I’m happy to lose the clothes for our photoshoot today, if you want me to?”

Sasha paused for a brief moment, looked at me up and down, and spoke with a playful smile. “I can’t believe I’m asking this, but have you ever been skinny-dipping?”

“N-n-nn no… don’t think so… why?” I asked, shocked at such a random question.

“Tell you what, my daughter is at school, the original photoshoot for today was cancelled anyway, let’s just both take a day off!” Sasha suggested. “No one will be here for hours. Are you in?”

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse, but wasn’t expecting to be asked.

“Us… both… skinny dipping… naked… here?” I wanted to check I heard Sasha correctly.

“Well, you’ve seen all of this before!” she said, waving her hands across the top half of her body as she remained seated at the table. “And I think you owe it to me to at least make it even!”

I didn’t need to be asked twice.

We finished our coffees and headed for the waterfall I had seen in the photos from her website. It was at the back of her farm property. “I’ve been meaning to do this for ages!” Sasha exclaimed. “Damn life gets in the way. Putting my daughter through school, handling photo shoots, keeping up with the farm…” Sasha was facing away from me, eyes focused on the body of water below her, while I watched her remove the last of her clothes. She stepped out of some pink underwear, revealing the bum I had seen online just days earlier. Was it ok that I could feel my cock starting to twitch and tingle?

“What are you doing?!?!” Sasha exclaimed, snapping me out of my thoughts, and I realised I was just standing there fully clothed.

“You’re overdressed, mister!” Sasha looked over her shoulder at me and I quickly removed my top followed by everything else.

“That’s better!” Sasha nodded in approval and gave me a cheeky smile. Her ass was mesmerising, but I wanted to see the other side. I desperately wanted to see if she still sported the bush that impressed me so much.

“You like what you see then?” She asked, clearly picking up on the fact that I was speechless.

How did things suddenly move so fast?!?!

“Shall we?” Sasha motioned towards the water below.

“Sure!” I said, trying to sound as certain as I could.

Sasha took a dive and landed in the water below. After a moment of slight hesitation, I took the plunge and joined her. The water was freezing!

“Someone’s cold!” Sasha said playfully.

It took me a few seconds to catch my breath, and I quickly realised the cold water wouldn’t be a good situation for my cock if I wanted to make the right first impression!

“Don’t worry, it’s always a bit cold when you first dive in here” she said, swimming closer to me. “But I know exactly what will warm you up!” And with that, Sasha placed her arms around my neck, pulled me in close and started kissing me!

I didn’t hold back. Our tongues began dancing. Passionately clasping one another as our bodies pressed closer together. We were gradually moving our way closer to the rocks on the edge of the water as our lips firmly locked. Barely realising, I had a hand clasped around one of breasts and it was a comfortable handful. Sasha’s nipples were hardening at the touch of my fingers. Sasha let out a moan as her mouth left mine and started kissing the side of my neck. I could feel my cock hardening.

As we kissed and played, I remembered Sasha’s bush. Despite our bodies being naked together for a couple of minutes, I still didn’t know if she had it growing down there now.

I allowed my hand to drift from her boob, across to her backside, and after a firm grab of her ass, I moved my way around across her hip, past the top of her leg, and into her groin area. The smoothness of her skin was replaced by the coarseness of her bush, and I felt Sasha flinch then pull away slightly.

“This… aliağa escort doesn’t bother you, does it?” She asked, motioning towards her nether region. It was clear she had become self-conscious about sporting a hairstyle that was no longer common.

“I want to explore!” I whispered into her ear excitedly, and returned to her mouth where we began kissing again.

After a while, Sasha broke our open-mouth kissing and hoisted herself onto the rocks at the edge of the water.

“Explore!” Sasha whispered, looking me straight in the eyes, and opened her legs.

Still in the water, I moved as close to the edge as I could and admired what I saw.

Looking downwards, the thickness of Sasha’s bush was slightly less around her pink slit, but still mostly buried by the hair. My fingers and mouth were instantly drawn towards the sight in front of me, but I resisted the temptation as I turned my head and began kissing the inside of Sasha’s thigh. “Uugghhh!” she let out a little quiver as I gradually moved closer to her treasure.

My kisses slowly moved in towards where her legs met, and I ran my thumb downwards from the top of her dark brown bush until I reached her lower lips. My thumb and fingers easily slipped into Sasha’s warm wet pussy and were quickly gripped and swallowed. Sasha leaned back and rested her head on the rocky surface below her.

“Don’t stop!” She pleaded. I had my fingers gliding in and out of her pussy as I once again moved my mouth in closer. Hungrily, my tongue wiggled its way past the enticing jungle of hair and onto her soft skin beneath. Sasha was moaning as I licked her slit up and down, then finally settled at the top, quickly finding her clit. Another big shudder from her as I licked and sucked her most sensitive part; and entered my fingers inside her again. In and out, as I feverishly worked my magic with my tongue.

“You’re gonna make me cum!” Sasha said as her legs squeezed around my head. “I’m gonna cum for you!” Her voice went up in pitch and quivered slightly.

“Fuck!!!” Her body started tensing.

“Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!” Sasha let out a low groan as her body tensed even more, and then instantly relaxed. Running my fingers through her pubes, I allowed her to lay there and soak up her pleasure for a moment.

“That was amazing! You’re good!” Sasha said as she began regaining her breath.

I pulled away slightly and, with both thumbs, gently parted her hair-covered lips to expose the glistening and fleshy pink goodness inside Sasha’s vagina. It was still pulsating as she recovered from her orgasm.

“Now it’s your turn!” Sasha declared with confidence. Hands on the rocks, I pulled myself out of the water and began trying to guide her downwards again so I could climb on top and enter her.

“No, not here!” Sasha quickly said. “We’re going inside!” Sasha grabbed my hard cock, stood up, and began leading the way back towards her house as we dried ourselves off with our towels.

It took me all my effort not to touch my extremely hard penis, still standing firmly upwards, as we walked through her house. My eyes were fixed on Sasha’s ass as she walked in front of me. Amazingly shaped. I couldn’t wait to grab it again!

Sasha’s bedroom was at the back of her house and had a large sliding door window that covered the length of the wall. Outside the window, the view was mesmerising in a different way. Mountains and trees for miles. Sasha suddenly pulled the curtains closed and spun around to face me. Her hair was still wet from her dive into the water, and loosely draped across her chest but still gave me a good view of her well-sized breasts. In the photo from her website I hadn’t noticed the few subtle stretch-marks on her belly. But in the heat of this excitement, it only made me even harder and ready for this milf who was now tying her hair back behind her. Sasha’s bush formed a near perfect triangle as she took a step towards me and gently pushed me onto the edge of her bed.

Before I knew it, she knelt down and appeared between my legs, taking my throbbing cock into her hand. Her other hand was massaging my aching balls as she lowered her mouth onto my excited manhood. One hand was now gripping my shaft, pumping gently as she sucked on the sensitive head. I glanced around the room, desperate to fix my eyes on a distraction so I wouldn’t blow too soon. I so badly wanted to be inside her hairy love canal before this encounter ended!

It was like Sasha had read my thoughts. Maybe it was my tensing and trembling crotch, doing all I could to hold myself back from the inevitable. Sasha pulled away from my hardness and lay down on the bed beside me, before reaching over and grabbing each side of my torso with her hands in an effort to pull me on top of her. It was time, and we both knew it.

I accepted her invitation and climbed on top of Sasha’s naked body as she opened her legs for me to fit between. With my erection in hand, I took a moment to adjust to the feeling of rubbing my purple tip against her fuzzy patch of hair above the destination. This was a new experience for me and I wanted to savour it. Sasha didn’t allow me very long though, as she wiggled her hips into position and grabbed my hard cock, taking charge of guiding it into her warm and heavenly pussy.

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