Hedonism IV

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By MoonWolf and Thor’s Hammer

* * * * *

Moon has been around the block a few times. So many times that most men bore her. She was interested in finding someone that could add some excitement into her life.

She decides to venture out one night to cure her boredom. Money is no object, as she has all she could desire. What she needed was a man that was confident in his manhood, and would act, not play. She wasn’t a player. When she decided She wanted something, she got it.

Tonight she needed a good fuck. No games, no pretentious bullshit, but a good long hard fuck. Her pussy was wet and ready for action. She needed someone to comply.

She walked into the nightclub with the confidence of a goddess. Her sleek 5’7″ slender frame oozed with grace. A poor young male pup blocked her from her goal of a nice delicious cocktail with some mundane remark she half heard:

“I’ve never seen you here before. What’s your name?”

“None of your business. Excuse me, but I believe you are blocking my path.” Moon replies, cutting him to the quick. The poor male child recoils with her words, and opens the pathway to her destiny.

There, leaning against the bar is a magnificent example of maleness. Early 50’s, a hint of gray at the temples, piercing blue eyes, tall, dark-haired, black leather jacket and jeans with an air of confidence, he sits drinking a Weissbier. The music in the air demands attention with its subtle beat. Moon orders her Guinness. Taking a sip, she hopes he is worthy of her attentions.

“Another dull night; well, maybe not,” he thinks, as he lets his eyes run over the woman who just strolled in. He was amused at the by-play with the young guy. His dick must have shriveled up.

She scans the rest of the place, and decides she has already found the best spot – at the bar, near the gorgeous man she intends to seek, and with a view of the stage, where a regional blues band is chugging out a great shuffle.

Secure in the knowledge that he is attractive to women, he lets his eyes slowly travel over her body, sensuously, knowing that she is feeling the electricity. He turns away and thinks, ‘Lets see what happens.’

Moon felt his eyes slide up and down her figure. Her short black skirt trimmed with red showed off her long tan legs, and her large breasts pressed against the silky red fabric. Was it suddenly warm in here, or was that just her? She decided to take off her short matching jacket just in case. The spaghetti strap top wouldn’t leave much to the imagination.

She leaned against the bar facing the stage in front of her. He wasn’t far away – she caught a whiff of his cologne. Closing her eyes, she let the music and the atmosphere take her away a moment. The front door opened, as new patrons entered, and a nice cool breeze from the night air brushed past her. She could feel her nipples hardening. Her mind began to wander into a fantasy about the handsome man with piercing blue eyes, when an abrupt male voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Hey, baby, you busy tonight?”

Moon glances at the intruder’s hand and notices a marriage band. She rolls her eyes. ‘Jeez,’ she thinks, ‘if it isn’t for young male pups and married men, what would I do? ‘

“I’m sorry, you are too busy for me. And I’m NOT your baby. Do you mind?” She turns her back on the intruder, and moves closer to Thor, away from him. Taking another drink of her beer, she finds herself brushing up against him slightly. Oh, that felt so delightful. She turned her head towards him, and said,

“Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?” She indicates the empty stool beside him.

Taking her hand, smiling, his eyes twinkling, he replies, “These seats are not worthy of you. Lets see, I think I shall call you Moon, you outshine the stars…and I’m Thor.” She smiles at his assertion.

“Very pleased to meet you, Thor.” She purrs sensually. ‘Yes,’ she thinks, ‘this fine specimen of maleness has my motor running.’

Her full breasts straining against the material of her blouse are intriguing indeed. When she Kütahya Escort bent over slightly to put her beer on the bar, his eyes were treated to eye candy – and she knows exactly what she is doing. A wave of excitement coursed through his veins. Tightening his grip on her hand, they walk toward a booth in the corner – a reserved sign barely visible in the soft light of the club. Ushering her to a seat, he picks up the sign and places it on a shelf behind the booth. She is impressed. He is no chance patron. As a waitress scurries toward them, he answers her unspoken question,

“Yes, this is my club. Welcome to Hedonism IV, Moon.” He watches her eyes, scanning the decor, and drifting to the stage where a performance is about to begin.

“Well, Thor.” She says turning back to him. “Looks like you are doing quite well for yourself. I like the name. Hedonism. Precisely what I set out in search for this evening.”

She watches for his reaction in a seductive manner. Not only is this man quite pleasing to the eyes, his rogue demeanor is exciting. She takes a sip from her drink, and slips a bit closer to him. She wants to experience his entire essence of rogue virility.

“Ummmm” she utters under her breath. She feels her nipples harden more in the cool breeze this table is privy to. She suddenly wishes they were totally alone, and closes her eyes to imagine it. Does she really want to be alone, or would a sexual encounter right here and now be even better. Why wait?

Moon wasn’t accustomed to such attentions. She’d never really been into voyeurism, on either side. But the idea of his delicious hard cock sliding into her pussy right now, in the middle of this establishment turned her on more than any thought right now.

She knew if he made the right moves, she would not resist. She settled her head into his strong shoulders to await the rest of her evening.

As one of his wait staff steps to the table, Moon wriggles sexily against his hip and places her head on his shoulder. As Nancy (the waitress) steps to the booth, he drops his right hand to Moon’s thigh and, with one finger, touches her knee. The tablecloth hides his hand from the room. Her short skirt has ridden up her legs; his finger finds bare, warm flesh. Another little wiggle rewards his finger. Inwardly grinning, he says,

” Moon, Nancy is ready for your order. And I, of course, am also at your service.”

His fingertip brushes Moon’s inner thighs; very slowly touching, first one, then the other. With a muted roll of drums, the show is about to begin.

“Hi Nancy. I’ll have another Guinness, please.” Moon says, as she picks up her drink and swallows the last of it. She hands the empty bottle to her, and places her left hand on top of Thor’s right hand and squeezes it slightly. Moon parts her legs a bit, which causes her short skirt to ride up even higher, exposing more of her inner thighs.

His hand moves higher up her thigh, and a slight moan escapes under her breath. She feels wetness between her legs, and knows her panties must be soaked already. She is pleased this booth is secluded and darkened. She moves her hand and places it on his thigh, massaging it.

Responding to her hand on his – the promise exciting – his fingers slide higher, very slowly touching, teasing. As she wiggles, his fingers brush her panty clad slit. They become slick – ‘Damn, she is wet already, and that hand on my thigh is causing other things to come up,’ he thinks. Slipping a finger into her panties, he slides it slowly along her puffy lips – always slow, teasing her a bit.

Nancy returns with the Guinness and asks, “Will there be anything else sir?” He suspects that she knows exactly what is going on. “No, Nancy, but check back later, please.”

He is secretly enjoying Moon’s attempts to present a calm demeanor to Nancy, while his finger teases her pussy lips. She slides her hand higher and begins massaging Thor’s growing hardness through his jeans. The seat must be wet…she is really soaked. Thor thinks, ‘I love a woman who knows what Kütahya Escort Bayan she wants and is comfortable with her own sexuality.’ As Nancy turns her back, his finger slips easily into Moon’s hot center; and he begins to slowly slide it in and out. She squeezes him slightly, as his finger slips into her. She matches his pace, as he slowly moves in and out. She widens her legs further, giving him better access.

“Hmmmmm, my dear Thor, but you do get down to business, don’t you?” She purrs. “I have such an ache, and you have found the way to relieve it.” She lowers her hand to massage his balls. She feels him stiffen more.

“Feels a bit tight there, let me help you.” She reaches up and unbuckles his belt, unzips his jeans, and reaches in to caress him.

The dim light and the secluded location of the booth cloak them. No staff member would ever intrude. Leaning over as they play with each other, his lips touch hers – sparks fly as tongues begin to duel, engaging in the dance of lovers. She is swept up in the wild passionate kiss that ensues. Hooking her panties with his fingers, he slips them off as she lifts her hips to help. Her body feels on fire, as they explore each other’s flesh. The elimination of her panties gives her a freedom to display her sexuality without restraint. Breaking the kiss, he lets his lips feast on the creamy swell of her full breasts – one, the other. She takes a deep breath, and throws back her head, as his delicious lips draw her breasts into his sensuous mouth. Under her skirt his fingers glide over her lips – puffy and engorged. She feels a deep throbbing. The scent of her arousal is an aphrodisiac. Never before has she been lifted to such heights of erotic desire.

Her arousal is obvious. She is ready for him. She wants him deep inside. Sliding down her body, he prolongs the exquisite sexual tension. In the dim booth, his head dips below the table; his knees on the floor. She wraps her arms around his head. Pushing her skirt higher, her creamy legs spread even more as his fingers probe her inner depths. She thrusts her wet slit into his fingers, trying to impale herself. She needs more, her body tells his.

Flattening his tongue, he begins to lick…long, slow licks from her ass – up…up…along her dripping slit, to her hard mound. His tongue dances on her clit as his fingers slip in and out of her pussy. Her juices are smearing his face. She places her hands upon Thor’s head. Opening his mouth wide; her hard little nub sucked deep into his mouth as he fingers fuck her faster and faster.

An orgasm is building from deep within, and she leans back against the seat of the booth relishing the attentions. She begins to rotate her hips, setting a pace for maximum effect.

Suddenly, she can contain it no longer. It is difficult to remain quiet, she wants to scream out as the orgasm washes over her. She manages barely, but it feels stifling. As the first wave of orgasm hits, her entire body stiffens, and her legs grip Thor’s head. A second wave hits, and her hips buck off the seat. She was bucking – peak after peak. Her thighs press his head closer, almost crushing his skull. She continues to thrash around as wave after intense wave hits her body. Thor is just barely able to remain within her writhing flesh.

Finally, the waves begin to subside, and she releases her grip on Thor’s head, her body going limp. She rotated her hips slightly, still feeling Thor’s fingers inside. A slight groan escaped her lips. Her release was beyond wild… he wants her, but the anticipation is so exciting…

Her hands, still on Thor’s head, gently pull him up the length of her body. She wants to taste her juices on his lips and tongue. Sliding his fingers out of her, the tips brush along her slick slit, eliciting yet another muffled moan as they brush her clit. He trails little kisses over her partially clad body. She is overly sensitive to his touch, and shivers with each small kiss, creating goose bumps all over her body. Brushing her lips with his, He whispers,

“Moon, Escort Kütahya you are a dream come true. And the evening has but yet begun.” She smells her sex as his lips brushes hers, savors the muskiness as his tongue probes her mouth. The weight of his body over hers is exciting. She is oblivious to her surroundings. As he slips his tongue between her lips, her musky taste still in his mouth, he cups one full breast; teasing the still erect nipple with his palm. Her nipples are quite erect, hard as marbles, as he takes one breast into his hand.

Their kiss is deep and passionate. She wraps her arms tightly around his neck, pulling him as close to her body as she can. Pressing her hips to him, she wants his hardness buried in her wet oscillating cavity.

Sliding off her body, lips still sinuously caressing each other’s, his arms around her, he urges her onto his lap, facing him. Straddling his lap, her wet juices pressed against his hardness, still partially hidden in his clothing. His throbbing cock is as hard as granite. Their lips remain locked in a most passionate kiss. They are unaware of anything except this moment; their two bodies. Clothes are in disarray. The club does not exist. The whole world has become compressed into this one place.

Breaking the kiss, his voice sounds surreal to him, almost disembodied as he says, “Moon, Moon, Moon,” repeating her name over and over. His hips are grinding against hers in the age-old dance. Rising slightly, she pushes his clothing away to free his throbbing member. Wrapping her hand around the base of his cock, she strokes it a few times, rubbing her wet pussy against it. In one liquid movement, she rises and impales herself. Her wet pussy swallows him in one fluid motion. She takes it to the hilt.

A moan escapes her lips as he enters. She leans into his chest, brushing her sensitive nipples against him. Slowly she begins a sensual motion as she rides up and down – impervious to the club. She finds his mouth again and wraps her lips around his lower lip. Her tongue darts out and follows his lip line all around, before plunging into his waiting mouth. He responds, sucking it greedily. All the while they move in perfect harmony, as if they were old lovers.

Slipping his hands to her curvy ass, he cups, caresses, strokes, and pulls her closer. Arching his back as she slides up, he ram my hips forward, impaling her on his shaft. She rubs her breasts against his chest, mewing like an animal in heat. Their hips circle as they move; grinding their pubic areas together on each stroke.

As he slams into her pussy again, she feels the pulsation of a deep vaginal climax at hand. She can remain quiet no longer, and she flings her head back with her hand over my mouth trying to muffle the sound of her cry. Her vaginal muscles spasm around his cock, as though trying to milk his seed.

Her muscles squeezing his cock pulls his trigger again. ‘This woman is incredible.’ He thinks. His strength seems superhuman. Each thrust slams her into the air, his hands pulling her back onto his cock. He explodes. Sweat pouring off their bodies, his cum unleashed inside her, he moans,

“ohhhh….god, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

She feels his release and collapses on top of him, drenched in sweat, clothes in disarray, breathing heavily. His member is still inside, spasming occasionally as she feels him beginning to soften.

She slides off his lap on the seat next to him, and straightens her clothing. Looking around the club, she wonders if anyone noticed their performance, or whether all eyes were locked on the production onstage. She leans into Thor, still sensitive, sex still pungent in the air.

“Mmmmmmm, that was nice.” she purrs.

Resting his hand on the back of Moon’s neck, he pulls her gently toward him. A soft kiss ensues; another and another as his hand ruffles the hair at the back of her neck.

“That was more than nice,” he responds, “that made the Earth move.” Laughing as he delivers the hackneyed old line he says, “Where have you been all my life?”

Pulling his clothing back in place, relatively speaking, he slides back in the booth – cradling Moon in the crook of his arm – and watches the performers on stage.

She smiles at his words.

“I was thinking the same thing.” She simply states, snuggling into his arm comfortably.

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