Her Biggest Fan

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The club was packed, and the crowd was completely into the music as it swayed with the beat seemingly in unison. Hot and pressed against the stage staring up at my favorite artist of all times, I was in heaven. However, I finally couldn’t take it anymore; the crowd and heat were getting to me. Leaning into Jackie’s ear, I told her I had to head back toward the bar at the rear of the crowd for some air and a drink. She followed behind as we pushed through the throbbing crowd.

“This is fucking amazing,” I panted as I caught the bartender’s attention to order us a drink.

“I still don’t see what you see in her Travis. I mean she’s okay, but her music is really not my thing.”

My best friend had been telling me that for two years and we both knew the answer of what I saw in Rainn Williams, and it wasn’t just her music or the fact that she was a rising star. Turning back to the stage, I watched Rainn perform as she shook her large round ass for the crowd and interacted with them masterfully.

“Oh, come on,” I griped to Jackie before reeling off several of my favorite songs to her before ending with, “and just look at her butt.”

“Mmmhhmm, it’s the size of a dump truck,” my best friend told me with a grin knowing that was exactly my type. I love thick women.

“Exactly.” On stage, Rainn was moving seductively, and her ass stood out atop her thick thighs like a pumpkin you could set your beer on. Just watching her live as she shook her ass, my cock unsprang.

“I prefer my little peach butt if you ask me,” Jackie grinned at me before taking a sip of her drink.

“And that’s why me and you never hooked up. I like thick girls.”

“And there’s that other thing,” Jackie reminded me before turning back to the bar.

Spying a woman working through the crowd towards us, she’d stop ever few feet at a good-looking guy before handing him a backstage pass.

“Holy shit. She’s giving out passes,” I told Jackie trying not to seem like a total fanboy.

She shook her head sadly at me as I took a step toward the other woman. She stopped and eyed me up and down for a second before handing me a pass.

“Really?” I asked her incredulously.

“You’re just Rainn’s type,” the woman smirked at me before starting to move on.

“Her type?”

She turned back to me. “Yep. Tall, handsome and willing. We’ll see if she picks you.”

“Picks me?”

The woman sighed. “Usually, she likes them smarter but yes, picks you.”

I didn’t dare ask why. Instead, I asked her, “What’s the “P” stand for?”

On the top of the pass was a large “P” emboldened in red.

“Well, if Rainn was a guy then it would be a “Pussy Pass” but seeing how she’s a chick, it’s a “Penis Pass”. Got it Sweetie?”

“Holy shit, I’m going to fuck her?”

“If she chooses you. Be up at that door by the stage in five minutes. Her sets almost done. Rainn like’s a good fucking and a few orgasms at the end of a show to calm her down. She usually takes two or three guys—“

“At a time?” I asked her in shock.

“No, she’s not a total slut,” the woman thought for a moment then added, “well only a little. One at a time. Just be up there at that door and maybe you’ll get your chance with her.”

The woman melted into the crowd before I could ask her anything more. I turned back to Jackie who was talking to a guy next to her at the bar.

“Look I got a pass.”

“What’s the “P” stand for?”

“Penis. I might get to fuck Rainn.”

Jackie laughed and tried not to scoff at my excitement. “They should have put an “X” in front of that “P” for you. And that’s why we’ve never hooked up.”

“You okay here if I go backstage?” I asked.

“I’m good. I’m with what’s his name here. Don’t wait up.”

“You should really learn his Edirne Escort name,” I told her.

“I will before the nights out. And you should wrap that cock of yours before you get into that skank.”

“She’s not a skank. That’s my girl up there,” I retorted before leaning in to kiss Jackie on the cheek. “Good luck with what’s his name.”

“Give it to her good Travis. Go get some of that big ass.”

Jackie turned back to her new friend as I pushed through the crowd toward the door by the stage. Several minutes after I took my place in a line of twelve other guys, we were ushered backstage by the woman with the passes just as Rainn was finishing her set.

In the small backstage area, it was less crowded than out front but only slightly. The woman led us guys down a hallway and instructed us to line up to wait for Rainn. The men around me were all well-built studs and I was starting to doubt my chances of being picked. Several minutes later, my crush made her way toward her dressing room and the line of guys eager to fuck her.

Rainn was even more beautiful up close. Long dirty blonde hair hung to her waist. She had a beautiful smile that accented her full lips and the flush of her face from performing. Her soft wide hips swayed seductively with each step making her full breasts, that were encased in a tight white t-shirt, bounce hypnotically.

She was gorgeous. Rainn slowed as she neared the end of the line and checked each guy out in turn as she made her way toward her dressing room. She stopped in front of me.

“You. You’re first,” she bit her bottom lip sexily as she placed a hand on my hard chest. My heart skipped a beat. She moved passed me down the line. “Then him and then him.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me toward her dressing room as the rest of the guys were dispersed by the woman that had handed out the passes.

Inside, I shut the door and the din from backstage lessened.

“Rainn. I’m your biggest fan,” I gushed, and she turned back to me with a sly smile.

“I get that. They all are when they come in here. Let’s just move past that.” She was taking off her earrings then reached for her shirt and tugged it up over her head. I couldn’t believe my luck.

“Uhhh—right. Sorry.”

“Just get undressed—”she paused a for a moment. “What’s your name by the way?”


“Okay Travis. Nice to meet you. Listen—life on the road is tough and hectic and there’s no time for romance or dating although I wish there was. So, I need to get my orgasm fix as often as quick as possible then head to the next show. Most of the guys in your position are enamored with fucking a star so it’s over quick. That’s why I pick two or three to get the job done.”

I was mesmerized by her bra clad breasts and the long line of her cleavage. “I get it.”

“You will. Just undress. Grab a condom out of the box over there and get behind me. I get so wet performing that I need a release afterward. Nothing personal. I just need to come. Plus, most guys love my big ass and want me from behind. Problem is they blow they’re load like a thirteen-year-old boy when they do. Got it?”

Rain turned away, unclasped her bra then started unfastening her tight jeans. My eyes drifted down the smooth skin of her back to her round hips as she shimmied her jeans down over them. My cock was starting to reach its full potential as I forced myself to turn away and undress. It wasn’t romantic but at least I was going to get to fuck my idol. In my bulging shorts, I turned to the wooden case filled with condoms and looked them over as I filled with dread.

“You ready?’ Rainn asked me.

“I have a problem.”

She turned toward me completely naked, and I glanced over my shoulder to see her bull breasts and Edirne Escort Bayan her pink nipples staring back at me. “What now?”

“There isn’t one in here that will fit.”

Rainn rolled her eyes at me. “You guys all think you’re a porn star but you’re not. Just grab one and roll it on. I gotta get to my next gig.”

“No. I’m serious.” Turning toward her, I worked my shorts down over my pulsing erection and watched her jaw drop.

“Holy shit,” she muttered as she eyed my huge cock.

“I’m serious. There’s no extra-large,” I whined then chastised myself for sounding stupid.

“I—uh—-” Rainn’s previous bravado had faded. “Man, how big is that?”

“Ten inches. Well—on a good day.”

She gulped as a steady stream of precum began to leak from my tip toward the floor. Rainn licked her lips nervously and it was doing nothing to quell my throbbing cock. The woman was beyond sexy as she planted her small hands on her plump hips.

“I’ve never had—-that’s gonna hurt—–forget the condom. I’ve never been a size queen but I gotta try that.” She pointed at my cock. “Just pull out and come on my ass.”

“I can do that,” I gushed with relief as I stepped toward her, and my cock swayed like a pendulum in front of me causing a line of precum to trail across my thigh.

Rainn moved to the couch, knelt on it with her hands gripping the back of it and presented her wide round backside to me. It was a position I’d never thought I’d find myself in with her. The long deep groove of her ass was more than inviting than I imagined, and I detected the shaved slit of her plump cunt peaking at me from under her monster ass. Taking my position, I worked my slicked tip into her struggling to find her opening and get inside her. Rainn reached a hand behind her to pull her ass apart for me to get better access.

Finding her tight hole, I pushed slowly into her as she hissed, “Holy fuck.”

Inch by long inch, I slowly pressed into Rainn until I was balls deep in her tight cunt and she was moaning. Taking her ass in my hands, I started thrusting still not believing my GOOD fortune of being able to fuck Rainn Williams. Her moans turned to cries as I picked up the pace and started battering her insides with long rough strokes. Beneath her, Rainn’s full breasts flailed with each rough stroke. Her first orgasm hit her almost instantly as I pounded into her.

“Fuck! Fuck yes! Don’t stop fucking me! You’re cock’s so fat! It’s fucking huge!” Her orgasm shattered her as her screams echoed off the dressing room walls.

It was followed by a second then a third orgasm as I slid deliciously in and out of her hot pink tunnel and my cock was coated in her slick cum. When her body tensed, and she screamed through her fourth orgasm, I was feeling like a king and completely impressed with myself that I had lasted as long as I did.

“Hold on—hold on,” Rainn panted as the last of her orgasm melted from her. Her cunt was pulsing uncontrollably around my cock.

“Are you okay? Am I too rough?”

Rainn whipped her hair back from her face with one hand and let out a long sigh. “No. It’s perfect. Too perfect. I’m exhausted.”

“I can finish if you want,” I told her and meant it. Even though I didn’t want the experience to an end, I was more than willing to finish if she needed me too. Besides, the chance to come on my idol was a fitting end to our first meeting or so it seemed.

“Let me move. Pull out a second. I’m exhausted. My legs are trembling.”

Doing as Rainn asked, I stepped back freeing my cock from her. She moved stiffly off the couch and I took her hand to help her. She was unsteady on her feet as I guided her to the end of the couch before bending her over the arm. Her plump ass opened up Escort Edirne for me even more in that position as I kicked her legs apart then pressed my bulbous cockhead back into her drenched slit.

“Come for me Travis,” Rainn ordered as I again sank balls deep into her.

Leaning on her big ass with both hands, I dug in my fingers and began driving back into her. Bent over the arm of the couch, every savage stroke rocked her body as she again elicited moans and cries of adoration for my cock that was turning her insides to mush. Her cries rose in volume until Rainn was screaming. Behind us, the door flew open and I glanced up from the task at hand to see the woman that had given me the pass standing in the doorway.

“Rainn? Are you okay? What the fuck—-oh shit that’s fucking huge!” She blustered.

“Give me that huge cock! Don’t stop fucking me!” Rainn cried as I pounded into her, and her body tensed as another orgasm built. The woman made a hasty exit shutting the door behind her as I kept up my onslaught on Rainn’s battered cunt. “Fuck yes!” Rainn screamed as she again peaked.

Reaching between us, my hand was pounding against her fleshy backside as my own orgasm began to build. At the last possible second, I pulled from her and lay my heavy cock on her beautiful ass as I jerked off onto her. A stream of hot cum laced up Rainn’s spine as I groaned. It was followed by a second then a third until I finally oozed the last of my load onto her plump ass globe and I rested over top of her panting and struggling to catch my breath.

Finally, I stepped back admiring my handy work and the abstract painting of semen I had left on Rainn’s ass and back. She struggled to get up and I quickly offered her some assistance to help her stand. Grabbing a towel, I was gentlemanly as I cleaned up the mess I had left on her.

“Thanks,” Rainn smiled lazily at me before collapsing onto the couch.

“You’re welcome.” She was eying my softening cock that was eye level and now hanging lifeless and heavy between my thighs. I sat next to her.

The confident, brazen performer I had met when she had first chosen me to have sex with was gone. She had been replaced by a young woman that had just been made vulnerable as she sat freshly fucked next to me. Rainn could have been any college girl ready to take the walk of shame back to her dorm room after a night of groping sex.

“Look,” she began then paused. “I just—“

“I get it,” I told her. “You have a lot of pressure on you. You have a super busy schedule. It’s just—-“

“I do,” Rainn interrupted giving me a shy half smile then sighed. “I just get caught up with everything.”

“I get that.”

“You’ve got a lot,” she smiled gesturing down at my cock. “A—lot.” She bit off the tee.


“Listen.” Rainn looked up into my eyes and I noted the softness in them. “My next shows in Cleveland. Can you meet me there? Caroline will get you tickets and a backstage pass.”

“With a “P” on it?” I grinned at her.

“No, a regular one Maybe we can go out on a proper date then we’ll see about that “P” thing later again back in my hotel room. Will that work?”

“I’d like that,” I told her and meant it. She was proving to be as nice as I’d always hoped she’d be.

“It’s just that I—-I’ve never—-I’ve never been a size queen before. And you—“

“But you are now?” I winked at her.

“For yours. I’d like to see where things go,” Rainn told me with a tired smile. “Maybe it’s time to stop living the country-rock star life?”

“So let Caroline know you’re done for the night?” I asked her as she took my hand.

“Tell her I’m done for the night and possibly many nights. Cleveland?”

“I’ll see you in Cleveland.” I leaned in to kiss her.

It was our first kiss but not the last. Even better, a year later I kissed Rainn in front of another audience when we were married, with Jackie standing up with me. After that first night, Penis passes were gone from backstage. A year later, I went on tour with my new wife.

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