Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 03

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She was detaching him wearing her bathrobe before her shower. He was numb and started to stretch on the floor to activate his circulation back in his members.

“Here take these vitamins. It will be part of your daily routine.” Tracy ordered giving him two orange pills.

He looked at her and put the pills in his mouth.

“Put your head on the bed.” She ordered him.

She turned her back to him lifted her robe and sat on his face. She had him stuck his tongue out and found it with her ass hole. She sat more heavily on his face. His nose was in her crack and she felt that he could breathe easily.

“When I will need to shit again we will try this position. It is more comfortable for me. For now here is a drink.”

She told him as she back up on his face to pee in his mouth. Her morning pee had a stronger taste that he did not like either.

She was putting her new bathing suit on after her shower when the phone rang.

“Hello.” Tracy said in the receiver.

“Hey. It’s Colette. I am with Nancy and Cindy we are in the lobby can we come up for coffee?” She asked.

“Sure I will wait to order breakfast from room service.” She said before hanging up to call Joan over.

“Your breakfast is on the way slave. You better behave yourself. Wait in the bathroom on your knees.” She warned him laughing at his desperate expression.

After a knock on the door Tracy opened to three nice looking stewardesses. Early thirties brunettes with tremendous smiles and hourglass figures.

Joan arrived and rushed to the bathroom.

“Open up slave I am going to burst.” She ordered him.

Her flow was strong and he struggle to keep up. As he was licking her clean there was a knock on the bathroom door and Colette popped her head in asking;

“Is he the one in training?”

“Yes Colette he is Tracy’s slave.” Joan said.

“Can I sit on his face? I do not like shitting standing up.” Colette asked.

“Of course you can. I do not think he has been use on his knees to eat, yet.” Joan answered.

“Slave on your back. Hurry.” Colette ordered farting loudly.

He was on his back expecting Joan to leave as Colette was lowering her ass to his mouth. As soon that his lips were around her asshole she pushed a long stool in his mouth. He was swallowing as fast as he could. A second then a third followed in succession before she ordered him to lick her clean.

“I feel better now. ” Colette said getting out.

He was burping those foul smelling gas generated by the shit he had just swallowed. His stomach was already filled up with the pee he had drunk before.

Joan was touching up her make up when she asked; “Are you all right slave?”

“I feel nauseous all that pee and her shit are not agreeing with me. I am trying to keep it down but I do not think I can.” As he was saying this he bent over the toilet and threw up.

“I will give you a break. If you do not mention it to Tracy I will not either.”

Joan said as she was walking out knowing that they would get a whip today. She made a mental note to get a ball gag.

“On your knees! I need to pee.” Nancy ordered.

She straddled his mouth and relieved herself. Cindy walked in as he was eating the paper that Nancy had used to wipe.

“On your back slave.” Cindy said with a crooked smile.

She was sitting on his mouth feeding him the first stool when she broke the seal made by his lips around her asshole.

“Slave you have to smell what you are eating to get the full flavor.” Cindy said laughing.

The smell was so strong. He did not really like it but he had expected it to be worse. The interdictions to wash alsancak escort his mouth after they had used him yesterday kind of help him with the awful taste now.

Was it only one day ago that he had started this trip to hell? He wondered.

Cindy fed him three large stools and when he had cleaned her she backed up a little on his face.

“Open up. I will wash it down.” She started peeing in his mouth without touching him. She wiped with a tissue that she put in his mouth.

“You should wash your mouth slave.” Cindy said as she was walking out.

He did not need her advice as he hastily grabbed the mouthwash bottle. The aftertaste of shit in his mouth was still strong even if she had washed it down with her acrid morning piss. She had peed so much that he had been scared to drown.

He still had an upset stomach. After washing his mouth he brushed his teeth and swallowed a little bite of toothpaste hoping the minty tasting paste would change the flavor when he had gas.

He was using the toilet when Tracy called to him.

“Come over here slave.”

He walked out of the bathroom. He had a good look at the ladies. They were very good looking under normal circumstances he would have been attracted to them.

“Put your hands behind your back.” Tracy ordered.

She cuffed him. He felt embarrassed that she would do it in front of the others. His complexion had turned a deep shade of red when his penis had gotten hard.

“Thank you Ladies for your help in training him. As you can see he likes his new position in life.” Tracy said out loud looking at his erected penis.

“On your knees.” Joan ordered pointing at the space between her and Tracy.

“Too bad we are flying out this afternoon. I enjoyed using him. His full lips are so tender.” Colette said with Nancy and Cindy nodding their heads.

“Yeah. Too bad I would have like to watch him chew his meal.” Cindy said looking intently at him.

“I would have fed him when he his kneeling. I tried it once in Berlin. I liked it because once your slave is trained it is faster if you are in a hurry.” Nancy said.

“With a little training he will develop his expertise to accommodate a lady in any position. I will keep you posted.” Joan said as if he belonged to her.

They exchanged their e-mail addresses and Tracy promised to give them heads up. Colette peed in him before leaving with the others.

“Put your head on the bed slave.” Tracy ordered.

She pulled up her dress and sat on his face scratching her asshole on his nose. Then she moved her cunt to his mouth.

“Open up.” She ordered him.

After peeing in him and being cleaned she remained seated moving her asshole back to his mouth feeling a fart coming.

“I enjoy farting in your mouth slave. It feels like my farts do not stink anymore.” She said laughing as she let go of another one.

“Lick my asshole I want to keep my dress clean.” She ordered.

“Permission to use the toilet Mistress?” He said in a hurry when she had stood up.

He had cramps, “it must be all that shit I ate.” He thought.

“Go. When you are done kneel in front of the bowl like yesterday. I am going shopping with Joan. We should return after lunch with surprises for you.” She answered walking toward the bathroom.

“Ouch!” The pain woked him up. He felt the sting on his right ass cheek.

“Told you he would respond to it.” Joan told Tracy.

“I had no doubts that he would but I could not help it. I had to try it.” Tracy answered with a short whip in her hand.

“I will put the ball gag on him.” Joan said as she was pulling ayrancılar escort a ball in his mouth.

Once it was solidly attached behind his head he heard;

“Now you can use more strength. He has to be scared of the whip.” Joan told Tracy.

“You mean like this.” Whack!

He felt the pain go through him and bring a large scream from his throat that was muffled by the gag. He had a welt on his left ass cheek that made Tracy smile.

“Yes. Now he will be scared to disobey you. Like he did this morning when he threw up after being used by Colette.” Joan told Tracy.

The bitch he thought. She had said that she would not mention it to his wife. He dreaded her reaction.

“Slave. I told you to keep down everything you are fed. You earned five big ones.” She said to him delighted to have an excuse to punish him.

He screamed in the gag after each one and it pleased her. He was crying big tears were coming down his cheeks. His ass was crisscrossed with welts left by the whip.

After hitting him five times Tracy reluctantly stopped.

Joan was very excited by the whipping.

“Next time it will be ten lashes.” Tracy told him.

“Can I use him?” Joan asked Tracy.

“Of course the keys to the handcuffs are on the counter.” Tracy answered.

“I mean I would need him to go down on me.” Joan said looking at Tracy.

“He’s good at that too. You can fuck him if you want. Enjoy yourself.”

Tracy said as she turned to go put her whip away before yielding to the temptation of continuing the punition.

He was still sobbing on his knees when Joan straddled his mouth. She nearly jumped off when she felt his lips on hers. He started by sucking in her labia until it was gorge with blood then he repeated the process with the other one before slowly sucking on her clitoris. He would caress her labia with his tongue before licking the entrance of her vagina and go back to her clitoris.

She felt her knees weakening and she gently pushed him down with her soaked cunt never breaking the contact with his mouth. He was bringing her closer and closer to her climax pushing her over the edge when he put his tongue in her vagina. She was pushing herself on his mouth trying to get him deeper in her.

After a few very satisfying orgasms she had him clean her juices and she peed in his mouth.

“Had a nice fuck?” Tracy asked Joan laughing.

“I did not fuck him. I do not really like it. But a talented tongue will do it for me every time. You have a good one in there.” Joan answered tilting her head toward the bathroom.

“Let’s tied him up and have dinner.” Tracy said.

“I will tie him up and gag him.” Joan said.

Joan was freeing his hands when he woke up. They had had a nice dinner with wine and digestive. He smelled that delicious aroma of the left over pasta coming from the bag on the floor.

“On your knees I need to pee.” Joan ordered him.

“Tracy is too good with you. She has brought you some leftovers. The pasta was excellent and so was the wine. I would have kept you from eating for a few more days.” She told him as she was peeing in his mouth.

“Joan you can stay if you want.” Tracy said as she started to floss.

“Thank you but I am good until morning before I need to use him again.” Joan answered.

“As you wish. See you tomorrow.” Tracy said as she was putting some toothpaste on her brush.

“Stay on your knees slave.” She ordered him before starting to brush her teeth while she was straddling his face.

“Lick me clean.” She ordered after peeing in him.

“You can eat the leftovers now and balçova escort clean up the floor after.”

She told him as she was pouring the content of the bag on the floor her toothbrush in her mouth.

He knelt down in front of his meager meal and moved his right hand to pick up some pasta.

“No hands. Use your mouth only like a dog.” She ordered laughing.

He was refraining from wolfing down his food, it tasted so good. His first normal food since arrival. He was half way through it when she said;

“Look at me and open your mouth.”

She spat her toothpaste in it and rinsed her mouth with water.

“Finish your meal. You may use the toilet then sit on the floor beside the bed.” She said walking out of the bathroom.

She had fed him two small stools last night and he had been sick but he had kept down everybody else’s shit except Collette’s. She would make the most of it tonight. It would feel so good to slowly push her shit in his mouth. To force him to swallow it. To force him to taste it. She loved using his mouth as her toilet.

He walked out of the bathroom and saw her seated on the side of the bed. Looking beautiful wearing only her green tank top that enhance her red hair flowing down to her shoulders. Her green eyes sparkling.

“Put your head on the bed.” She said patting the bed beside her.

He slowly sat his sore ass on the floor and reclined his head on the bed. She moved her gorgeous ass on his face.

“Stick your tongue out.” She said.

When she felt his tongue on her asshole she sat more heavily on his mouth preventing him to move his head with her weight.

He had pushed his tongue deep in her only to let it fall out and push it back in, trying to go deeper. Licking the walls of her rectum and lubricating her asshole with his saliva. Hoping to give her enough pleasure so that she would not use him as her toilet tonight.

She was enjoying his tongue back there. He must liked licking my ass she thought as she started pushing. The first stool was touching his tongue and to her pleasure she felt him shiver. He does not like touching my shit with his tongue yet, but I love this. He will have to get use to it this is too good to stop. She pushed again and the stool moved in his mouth.

He was disgusted by the taste and the fact that he was starting to hate it less. The act by itself was the most degrading thing he had ever done but he liked the humiliation especially because it was coming from Tracy.

She had fed him two large stools and as she was pushing a third one;

“I will pinch it off and I want to feel you chewing it.” She said as the stool fell in his waiting mouth.

He tasted her shit for real. Not as an aftertaste but as a full flavored mouthful. He expected it to taste a lot worse. It was awful but manageable and he swallowed it without too much problems. He pushed his tongue back in her asshole to signal her that he was ready for more.

“Keep it up and I will think that you love this. I can tell you that I do.” She said pushing another piece in his mouth.

She had enjoyed feeling her stool going in his mouth. His lips closing and his jaws chewing it. Joan was right it was so sensual.

“You are to chew that too.” She said and he did pleasing her.

When he had licked her clean she cuffed him on the floor and pushed him on his side.

“Open your mouth I want to see if you will have a tasteful night.” She ordered.

He opened his mouth and she could see her shit coating some of his teeth. He would taste her shit all night.

“It will help educate your mouth slave. ” She said smiling at him.

She went to bed contented.

He had almost enjoyed her sitting on his face. It had been fine until he had touched her stool moving toward his mouth. Maybe she was right and he should try to like being used as a toilet.

Tonight he had felt that he was giving her pleasure. He realized that he still loved Tracy despite her cruelty.

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