Her Worst Nightmare Ch. 02

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Roxanne and Dan were your average, every day, middle class couple. She, the go getter real estate agent. Him, the business tycoon. They were both stars in their respective fields, and all around, very happy. They were the Cleavers minus the kids, and had an amazing, exciting, sex life. To the outside world, they were perfect… At first.

Roxanne cried standing in the shower as Dan was in their bedroom getting dressed. She looked down at the small pile of hair bunching up around the drain. ‘This can’t be happening!’ She thought. ‘It has to be the pills.’

Dan convinced Roxanne to start taking sleeping pills after a few years of insomnia and paranoid night activities. They were a blessing for them both really. Together they slept well throughout the night and all seemed to be evening out. Sure, the pills had rocked her hormones a bit, and made her gain a few LBs, but Dan wasn’t complaining. The worst he did was joke that maybe she’d get a bigger rack out of the deal. Of course that wasn’t the case, as her pudgy midsection and A cup breasts could attribute. Dan assured her though, that he was in love with her as much as they day they had wed. He was always giving her compliments, and knew just the right things to say.

‘What would he say about this though?’ Roxanne wondered. ‘Would he still love me if these pills made me go bald?’

“Roxie! You better hurry up! You’re going to be late Tutz!” Dan hollered as he made his was out the door of their single story ranch house. Funny way to describe the place since it was smack dab in the middle of a Chicago suburb. “Times a tickin’!” Roxanne hurried through her shower and tried to put her fears aside.

When she entered the bedroom she got a strange feeling similar to Deja Vu. For a split second she thought she saw Dan sitting at his chair by the window naked, but it passed just as quickly. Shaking her head, Roxanne rushed through her morning ritual to get to her first showing of the day.

That night as the couple laid down, Roxanne broached the subject of coming off the pills with Dan. He was supportive of her concerns but not on board. “Baby, I know how you think. You’re in your head going ‘I’m better now. I don’t need them anymore.’ Right? But we know better Rox. The pills are WORKING. That’s why you feel that way. If you come off of them we’ll just be back at square one after a couple days. Don’t you remember waking up every night? Getting less than two hours of sleep? Remember what your therapist said? She told us that people with insomnia like you have rarely get better without medication. I just don’t see it working love.” Dan passed her a bottle of water and a pill. Roxanne took it and fell into a deep sleep.

“Oh Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me while your wife sleeps. Fuck me on your marital bed. I’m a good girl for you Daddy. Make me cum. Please?”

Roxanne awoke before her alarm in a cold sweat. Dan lied next to her oblivious. Her dream was fading fast, but she tried to hold on to it. Something about it just seemed… off.

A few weeks later, after a few more dreams, and sensing Deja Vu more than once, Roxanne found herself sitting in her therapists office. The blonde woman in front of her seemed displeased to find that Roxanne wanted to try different forms of care. “Mrs. Cole, please. You’ve said yourself just how much better you’ve been sleeping. What makes you think alternative Şirinevler Escort methods would be a success?” Her Doctor asked.

“I don’t know Doctor. It’s just that, well they aren’t doing me any good aside from helping with the insomnia. I still have bad dreams, and although I can’t remember much, they still seem to be stressing me out. Isn’t there anything you could do?” Roxanne asked hopefully.

The lithe blonde stood up, her 5’8″ frame towering over the 5’4″ Roxanne. “You remind me of my daughter. Always looking forward. Trying to find something better. My advice Roxanne, learn to live with what you’ve got. This is the best medication for you. For gods sake, your husband has nothing but great things to say about your new sleeping habits. Think of him. He’s a strong, capable man. Don’t you want to keep him happy? I’m sure that you remember how much hurt he was in when your condition had him wrapped up in a ball of stress.” Roxanne nodded glumly. “I’ll expect you to adhere to the prescribed regimen then. I’ll increase the dosage for you, maybe that will help with the dreams.”

Roxanne left the office feeling worse than ever. It pained her to think of the problems her marriage had faced when she was at her worst. Also painful was the fact that she hadn’t gotten around to telling her doctor about he weight gain or her hair falling out. She pulled the hat off of her head and examined the balding patches in the mirror as she sat in her car. ‘What am I going to do?’ She cried internally.

Dan was especially amorous with her that night. He held her hips as he plunged himself into her. “God Baby! You’re so wet tonight. Fuck. It’s like a slip and slide. You like me fucking you like this baby? Huh? You like my cock?” Dan groaned out.

Roxanne was always thrilled to see this side of her husband. Especially as it seemed to be tapering off recently. She nodded wordlessly as he slammed into her, trying to ignore her pudgy stomach as it slopped back and forth. “Oh Dan!” She moaned.

“That’s right baby. Say my name. Say my… what the fuck is that about?” Dan complained as the doorbell chimed.

Roxanne pulled him in tight with her flabby legs. “Don’t you dare! Ignore it! I’m gonna…” she groaned as he pulled out of her.

“Just a sec babe.” He whispered as he kissed her forehead. “I’ll be right back.”

Roxanne held his arm as he slipped from her grasp, ruining her orgasm and the moment entirely. As the minutes ticked by, Roxanne’s anger increased. Feeling spiteful, she reached for her pills and swigged them down with water before pulling up the covers and shutting her eyes.

Dan returned a few minutes later to see his wife snoring heavily. ‘Well I guess I deserved that’ he thought, as he climbed into bed with his wife.

Roxanne didn’t bother showering the next morning and was out the door with a slam before Dan was even dressed.

He ignored her antics and rushed into work. Excited for another productive day.

Roxanne was in agony as she hopped off the stair master. ‘Looking good girlfriend!’ She complimented herself as she posed in the mirror. She knew it was false motivation, but tried to keep positive as the pounds seemed to keep adding up no matter what she did. She had an appointment with her doctor today and Şişli Escort had to rush to make it on time.

As she neared the lot, she waved at her husband pulling out following his appointment. He blew her a kiss and stepped on the gas.

Doctor Mitchell was ecstatic to hear that Roxanne had been working out and dieting to try and stave off the side effects of the sleeping pills. “You look good Roxie.” She stated with a smirk. “Dan must be treating you right.”

Roxanne smiled warmly. “He is. Of course. How did his session go?” She asked.

Doctor Mitchell waved her hand. “Oh you know, same old Dan. I can’t go into the details, but you know you’re all he ever talks about. That handsome devil has you on the brain doll face.”

Roxanne beamed. “I’m glad to hear that. Things seem to have gone a little stale though, I guess that’s why I’m hitting the gym so hard.”

The doctor nodded. “I’m sure it’ll pass dear.” She said, adjusting her blouse and drawing Roxanne’s eyes to her lacy bra clad tits. Roxanne blushed and looked away just as the door opened up and a young blonde walked into the room. “Oh! Hi sweetie! Have you met Mrs. Cole? Roxanne this is my wonderful stepdaughter Ashley.” Doctor Mitchell explained as the beautiful young blonde sat in her stepmothers lap.

“Hi Mrs. Cole. I’m Ashley.” The girl giggled as she rubbed noses with the doctor.

“Ashley here works part time as my assistant. I hope you don’t mind her stopping in. She’s heard a lot about you from Dan. I’m sure.”

Roxanne had trouble breathing for a moment as she tried to fight off the feeling of Deja Vu. “H-hi. Um. Ashley. You know Dan then?” She stammered.

Ashley didn’t even turn to face her, she just pulled her stepmother into a seated hug as she replied. “Oh yeah. I’ve been with your husband loads of times here in the office.” Roxanne blushed as her mind wandered towards unhealthy images.

“During his sessions of course.” Doctor Mitchell elaborated.

Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief as the girl hopped up and strolled out the door. “Pleasure meeting you MRS. Cole.” Ashley called over her shoulder on the way out, emphasizing the Mrs. part of her name.

Doctor Mitchell pulled her out of her trance as Roxanne watched the door close behind the knockout teenager’s swaying hips. “So, Roxie. I’ve got you for the next forty minutes or so. Why don’t you fill me in on these side effects and we’ll see what we can do.”

Roxanne nodded and started her counseling session with her doctor.

Ashley Mitchell was besides herself at meeting Roxanne. It really got her going, knowing what she knew about the woman’s husband.

Roxanne arrived home later that night to find her husband fast asleep on the couch. Remembering what Doctor Mitchell had told her about her husband talking about her during his sessions, she felt like she needed to repay him in some way. As a dutiful wife should, she knelt down in front of her husband and got to work unbuttoning his jeans. When his cock popped into view Roxanne was not as happy as she thought she’d be. She noticed dried spit and cum on his cock. ‘He must’ve masturbated’ she thought idly as she took him into her mouth.

His groans told her she was doing a good job. She could tell he was still asleep and so continued to work Taksim Escort him slowly, hoping to wake him when he was passed the point of no return. His hands and legs twitched a bit and Roxanne watched his eyes moving back and forth behind his eyelids. He was dreaming.

Roxanne slowly worked him into a frenzy while he dreamed away. She watched his face intently as she took him about as deep as she could go, which was about halfway. He groaned in his sleep before the murmuring began. “Oh baby.” She massaged him with her tongue. “Yes. Babygirl.” She licked his shaft from root to stem. Roxanne was loving making her handsome husband happy. “Mmmm. Ah. Ashley.” He murmured.

Roxanne froze in panic. She hesitated. Her heart raced as her mind whirled. In the dark recesses of her brain, she recognized the girl from her doctors office, bobbing her head in her husbands lap. In their bedroom. On his throne.

She had tears streaking down her cheeks as her husband blinked awake. Not wanting to believe what she heard, she dove back down onto his cock and watched his expression as he awoke. He was clearly confused at what was happening but grinned down at her. “Ah. Roxie. Yes baby.” Roxanne ignored him as she plunged up and down on his cock. “Ah. Fuck. Sweetie. You’re fucking wild tonight.”

Roxanne pulled him out of her mouth with a pop. She stoked his shaft as she looked into his eyes. He assumed her tears were from her gagging efforts. “Danny. Baby. I want your cum. Please cum for me.”

Dan didn’t take much notice her tears. He pulled her face down onto his cock and humped his hips up into her mouth. “You’ll get it Bitch. Don’t fucking stop.”

Roxanne immediately tried to pull off of his lap. He’d never spoken to her like that, but his grip on her head was strong. He plunged on ahead without caring as she was forced to take him deeper than she was comfortable with. She choked as he spewed his load deep into her mouth.

When he finally released her she was appalled at his behavior. “What the Fuck Daniel?!” She yelled at him.

Dan had the courtesy of looking ashamed. “Shit. I’m sorry baby. You were just so into it. I thought. Well. I don’t know. I guess.”

Roxanne stood up and stormed out of the room. “Damn right you didn’t think.” She called out over her shoulder. ‘What the hell was that about?’ She wondered as she climbed into the shower. ‘Where did that aggression come from? That’s not like him. Not my Dan.’

Dan was waiting for her when she came into the bedroom. “Baby I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. I guess I just got lost in the moment.”

Roxanne rolled her eyes as she swallowed her pills. “Yeah. Fine. It’s whatever. Just warn me next time you want to pretend I’m some other slut.”

Dan looked annoyed, “Whoa?! Who said I was pretending anything? It was just an accident.”

Roxanne sighed as she cuddled up to her husband. She kissed his cheek. “It’s fine Dan. Really. I know you were dreaming about Doctor Mitchell’s daughter. It’s okay. You know I don’t mind a little fantasy. Just. You know. Warn me next time. And please, no more Bitch talk. That wasn’t exactly a turn on.”

Roxanne felt Dan’s head nodding. “Okay baby. No more Bitch talk. Although if you want to play into the role play thing, that Ashley sure is a looker.” She slapped his chest lightly.

“Sleep Dan. I’m not getting into that subject right now.” Roxanne mumbled as her eyelids drooped.

“Oh Daddy. Yes. Fuck your slut. Fuck her hard. I can’t believe you fucked mommy at her office today. Aren’t I your special girl anymore? Yes Daddy. Show me what a man you are. You’re making me cum again Daddy.”

“Shut up! You’ll wake the Bitch if you keep that up.” Slap.

“Mmmmm. Yes Daddy. Spank your little cheerleader slut.”

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