He’s Gonna Let Me

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Isabela was scrolling her phone when she received a message from an unknown number.

Tyrone: Yo, baby. How you doing? It’s Tyrone.

Tyrone: I got your number from Jaime’s phone.

Isabela: Hey

Tyrone: We were talking and said we should all go out again.

Tyrone: We had a lot of fun.

Tyrone: You up for tonight?

Isabela: It was! I can’t though. I’m hanging out with my boyfriend.

Tyrone: It’s cool. He can come out with us.

Isabela: That sounds fun but he doesn’t like to dance.

Tyrone: I know you like to dance and you are super hot doing it.

Tyrone: You know how you got me going.

Tyrone: And then a little kiss with me and Jaime.

Tyrone: It was the highlight of my week.

Tyrone: I wish you could have stayed.

Isabela: That was too much.

Isabela: I only meant to make out with Jaime.

Isabela: My boyfriend is cool with me playing with other girls but guys aren’t okay.

Tyrone: So if your boyfriend said it was cool…

Isabela: He wouldn’t do that.

Tyrone: But if he did… right?

Isabella: (blush) yeah, But he ain’t gonna say it. lol

Tyrone: I am going do one better.

Isabella: What? (giggle)

Tyron: He’s gonna let me. You’ll see.

Tyron: Now it is time for me to see.

Isabela: What?

Tyron: Send me a pic, girl. I wanna see what you are wearing.

Isabela: uh…

Tyron: Shit, do it, baby.

Tyron: You know you want to.

Ten minutes passed and then a picture of Isabela came through. Her hair had been straightened but was pulled up in a high pony tail. She was wearing a tight pink top that stretched over her large tits. There was small gap exposing just a sliver of her belly before her short black shorts started.

Tyrone: Damn, baby! Just as sexy as I remember:

Isabela: (blush) (smile)

Tyrone: C’mon baby. Show me more.

Isabela: I can’t he is right outside.

Tyrone: We both know he ain’t gonna stop you.

Tyrone: You want to…

Tyrone: Now show me.

A few minutes later, a picture of Isabella arrived. Her hair was hanging over one shoulder and her glasses had been taken off her cute little face. But Tyrone was primarily interested in looking at her large light brown breasts. Her tan line was visible showing she wore a bikini, or at least most recently, that ties around the back of her neck.

Tyrone: Tell him you are going to the club with Jaime again.

Tyrone: Tell him you are getting picked up at 9.


When there was a knock at the door at 9:30, Isabela called out asking Raul to get the door. Raul got off the couch and walked over the short distance to open it. Before him was a large black man dressed in an immaculate suit. He was holding a six pack and stuck out his large hand.

“You must be Raul,” he said in his deep voice.

“Uh yeah,” the slovenly looking Raul said as he shook Tyrone’s hand. “Isabela isn’t ready yet. Uh… Where is Jaime?”

“She got stuck working late and didn’t want to keep Isabela waiting so we are going to swing back by her place and pick her up.” Tyrone said as Raul let him into the apartment.

“Beer?” Raul and Tyrone asked at the same time.

They laugh put Raul at ease as they headed to the living room. Tyrone sat in the middle of the couch where Raul had been. Not wanting to make an issue of it, Raul sat on the recliner.

“Nice place,” Tyrone said as he looked around at the small apartment. He took a swig of his beer before pulling out a blunt he had rolled earlier.

He didn’t ask Raul before he lit it and began to smoke it in front of him. After taking two large hits, he handed it to Raul. Tyrone knew from Jaime that Raul doesn’t really drink or smoke and thus gets very high, very quick. Tyrone had rolled some of his special stash to make sure the effect was very strong on the light weight.

“Puff, puff, Keçiören Escort pass,” Tyrone said.

“O… Okay,” Raul said before inhaling. He immediately started coughing. “Oh shit.”

“It’s cool,” Tyrone said handing Raul a beer.

Raul drank the fancy beer and looked at the label before Tyrone passed him the joint again. The next hit did the same to Raul as the last leaving him coughing and chugging his beer.

“Damn! You are hot!” Tyrone exclaims. “You got a fine bitch!”

Raul, already feeling the effects of the weed and the alcohol, looked around and then turned in his seat to see his beautiful Isabela. Isabela was dressed in a super short, super tight, white dress.

“Come sit down,” Tyrone said and he gave her a huge hug and then kissed her on the cheek as she sat down next to him on the couch.

Isabela said how they meet yesterday after college. She hadn’t told Raul and didn’t tell him now that she had gone back to Jaime’s and ended up making out with her in front of him and let him cope a couple of feels and French kiss her a couple of times.

“Raul,” Tyrone said, interrupting his train of thought, “I heard you don’t like to dance. Is that true?”

Tyrone had the remote in his hand and was navigating to some club music.

“Girls love to dance. All that rocking their body. I know I love when women dance and I just gotta dance with them.”

Tyrone pushed the coffee table out of the way, leaving Raul’s beer in his hand and passed the blunt to Isabela. She took a couple of hits before Tyrone took it from her, hitting it, then handing it to Raul.

“Come on, baby,” Tyrone said, pulling Isabela up and having her start to dance with him.

Isabela started swaying to the music and began to dance energetically. Tyrone held her hand and then her hip, but did not pull her close. They danced for a song or so as Raul slack jawed watched, overcome by the weed and the suddenness of all this. Some guy he never meet before 20 minutes ago was now dancing with his girl while he is higher than he had ever been before.

“Go dance on him,” Tyrone said loudly to Isabela, who sexily sashayed over to him where she begin to dance in front of him and then gave him what could practically be a lap dance.

She took the blunt from him taking a drag as she rubbed her barely covered ass on his sweat pants. Tyrone motioned for her to pass the blunt and she danced over to him handing it to him. He takes a hit as he wrapped an arm around Isabela pulling her ass up against him where she continued to gyrate just as she was on her boyfriend.

“Jaime does the same shit at the club. It’s just dancing right?”

Isabela nodded in agreement as she continued to gyrate against Tyrone’s stiffening cock.

“I’m not concerned. I know who she is coming home too,” Tyrone said, implying he and Jaime lived together or were at least in a relationship, instead of her being just another number in his phone.

“Can I have another beer?” Tyrone loudly asked Raul. He repeated himself, and then again.

“Oh yeah,” Raul said and then went to the kitchen to get a beer.

The music is still club music but when he got back Tyrone was sitting in the middle of the couch again and Isabela, her dress riding up her ass, was grinding against him.

“You are a lucky man having Isabela here to do this every night. Some guys gotta pay good money for this at strip club. You know what I am saying?” Tyrone said showing no shame as Raul’s girl gave him a lap dance in the living room.


Raul handed him the beer but Tyrone’s foot knocked him off balance and he spilled it on Tyrone and Isabela.

“What the fuck, man!?” Tyrone jumped up, towering over Raul.

“Sorry,” Raul said, cowering.

“It’s cool, man. But I need you to wash these. I can’t go out smelling like this,” he Etimesgut Escort said stripping his jacket, shirt, and undoing his pants. They fell to the ground showing his stiff cock covered only by his boxers.

“I need to go change,” Isabela said.

“You should wear that,” he told Isabela, as he grabbed her by the wrist. “She looks amazing in it, right?” he said looking to Raul.

Raul nodded in agreement. Isabela did look amazing.

“Throw her dress in too,” Tyrone said.

She pulled it off right there in the living room. Her sexiness increasing as she stood there in her lacy bra and matching thong.

“Now it looks like we are ready for the beach,” Tyrone laughed as he began to dance with Isabela.

Raul nodded and shuffled off to put the clothes in the washer in the basement of the building.

When Raul returns, Isabela is moaning loudly, clearly orgasming. Raul looked at her unbelieving but was relieved that she at least still had on her underwear. She was riding Tyrone on the couch, although when she got up he could see how wet the ride got. Her panties were soaked as was the front of his underwear.

“Can you believe she bet me she could make me cum first from a lap dance,” Tyrone laughed. “These need to be washed too,” he said as he pulled off his boxers and threw them to Raul, who caught them.

His stiff cock stood straight up.

“Double or nothing,” he said sitting back with his arms on the back of the couch.

Isabela was on the floor, close to his legs catching her breath. Her eyes were stuck to his dick. It had to be at least 3 inches longer and twice the girth of Raul’s.

“It’s just a bet, man,” he said to Raul as he reached for Isabela’s hand. He put it on his cock and she began to stroke. She was biting her lip so hard Raul thought she might cut it. She continued to stroke and then sheepishly looked at Raul. When he did nothing she turned back and began to stroke Tyrone faster, moving closer to him.

“A bet is a bet, right, man?” Tyrone said. As Raul began to falter, Tyrone repeated himself more pointedly.

“Yeah, yeah…” Raul said in his stupor as he held Tyrone’s boxers.

Isabela’s face got closer and closer until she began to rub her face on his dick. And then she began to plant soft, little kisses. Moments later she was kissing the tip and sucking on the smallest part of the head.

Tyrone reached out with his hands and pulled her mouth down, his dick stuffing it to the back of her throat. She makes a momentary choking noise and then Tyrone released her. She gasped for air and then began to bob on his dick again.

“Oh, shit yeah,” Tyrone said as he allowed her to bob on his dick. “This bitch knows how to suck dick.”

Raul didn’t even look at Tyrone as he stood there watching Isabela suck his dick more vigorously than she ever had for him. He always had to practically force her to and now here she was, willingly, enthusiastically sucking this strangers dick in their living room.

Tyrone pulls her head off his cock and says, “Its not gonna happen that way. Let’s see what happens if I stretch you out.”

“Where is a bed?” he asked as he pulled her up and headed past Raul to the bedroom.

Tyrone pulled off her bra and tossed it aside as he mauled her tits on their bed. Isabela was moaning loudly at his ministrations. He pulled off her lacey underwear and climbed on top of her.

“Damn! You are tight!” he bellowed as he pushed his dick into her.

She rocked her hips against him with each thrust. She started to come again as Tyrone begins to slam his full length into her.

Raul walked to the doorway and watched as his girlfriend moaned loudly.

After what seemed like forever Tyrone pulled out, to which Isabela whimpered.

“Get your ass in the air,” Tyrone said as he held Isabela’s hips.

Her Demetevler Escort orgasm had drained her but she did as she was told rolling over and getting on her knees. Her face was pushed into the blanket and she felt Tyrone get on his knees behind her. She looked over and saw Raul standing by the door, stoned and drunk, unsure what to do. She thought about how she had fucked him like mad as soon as she had got in the night before from being with Tyrone and Jaime. She was so horny after having made out with Jaime and letting Tyrone get a few gropes in. Jaime had pulled his dick out and was sucking it as she headed out. She had thought about that dick the entire time Raul was in her and now she knew Tyrone was better than her imagination.

Her reverie was shattered as she had felt Tyrone push into her. Even after he had stretched her our apparently the change in position was finding places she hadn’t known she had.

Isabela orgasmed again while he fucked her from behind.

“In her or on her face?” Tyrone called to the stunned Raul.

“Huh?” he asked confused.

“In her or on her face?” he repeated. “She is finally getting me there.”

“Uh… Face?” Raul said haltingly, unsure about everything.

“Turn around, bitch!” Tyrone commanded pulling his cock out of her.

Isabela quickly turned around to find Tyrone shoving his cock back into her mouth. She chocked as he proceeded to fuck her mouth with gusto.

“Ah shit!” he said as the first shot filled her mouth. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and spray after spray shot across her face. Caught off guard Isabela got cum in the eye causing her to open her mouth in surprise. The cum fell out and rolled down her chin and on to her tits. The spurts slowed and shot with less force covering her large, perky breasts with more cum.

Tyrone pushed forward and his dick slid back into her mouth. Another strong blast sprayed and since Tyrone’s dick was in her mouth, she quickly swallowed. He continued to let the last of his cum fill her mouth. She continued to swallow, while every time Raul finally gets to cum in her mouth, she immediately runs to spit it out.

“Damn, your girl is amazing!” Tyrone said reaching for Raul’s hand.

Raul was confused as this naked man walked toward him, his hand outstretched. Had he just watched his girlfriend get fucked on his bed?

Raul lifted his hand to try to telling him to stop but instead Tyrone gripped it and twisted it around to pull him in close. Tyrone’s shoulder roughly bumped into Raul’s chest.

“I gotta go for that ride again, you know what I am saying?” Tyrone smiled and looked Raul in the eyes.

Isabela looked him in the eye and then looked away. She was covered in cum. It was across her face, in her hair, on her large tits, and was beginning to drip onto her legs. Biting her lip and looking down she headed past him toward the single bathroom. He heard the door look and the shower start.

Tyrone, still naked, was looking at this phone.

Laughing aloud, he said, “Jaime said she is running late and we should meet her there.”

He looked to the bathroom door and licked his lips. Turing his attention to Raul, he said, “Can you go check the clothes?”

When Raul opened the door to the apartment he could hear Isabela’s loud moans. They escaped into the hallway as his neighbor, who was also doing laundry, turned to look for the source of the sound.

Raul quickly came in and saw Isabela bent over the bathroom counter as Raul pounded her from behind.

Raul sits down in the recliner and shook his head and then began to nod off.

He came too and Tyrone and Isabela were all dressed up and ready to go.

“Hey there, sleepy head,” Tyrone said. “We are going. You are should get some more sleep. I’ll take good care of her.”

With that Tyrone moved Isabela with him to the door. She looked back at him and mouthed, ‘I love you.’

Raul sat there, nearly asleep again, imaging, accurately as it would soon turn out, Isabela sucking Tyrone’s dick as soon as they got in the car. The parking lot was well lit enough that he knew anyone could see them.

As Isabela’s head bobbed on his dick, Tyrone drove her back to his place where Jaime was waiting for them.

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