His Crush’s Best Friend

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It’s a bright, warm Saturday. The sunlight outside gives off warmth that people enjoy basking in, taking in the clean, fresh air. A lot of others are wandering around the streets too, just like a certain black haired boy and his best friend. The two of them are side by side as they walk past all the places they have known since their childhood together and are now hanging out during the holiday.

The eighteen years old boy John Dillon looks over briefly at his gorgeous friend Carla Harding. Being a bookworm, he believes that he really wouldn’t get to hang out with such a beautiful girl if the two of them hadn’t been childhood bestfriends. After all, John is only 5 feet 6, of average build with a plain-looking face. On the other hand, Carla is stunning, with a very pretty face, high cheekbones framed by glossy long hair and a curvy form, with round tits and ass.

Due to her good looks, boys have always lusted after her. John suffers from jealousy at this, having been in love with her for many years. Unfortunately, his shyness prevents him from confessing to her and, unbeknownst to him, she too has feelings for but is too scared to tell him. Their other friend Rosa Harding knows and often teases the two about this, but they are still unable to gather the courage to move from friendship to a relationship.

“Carla, you look, um, amazing today,” John manages to say, stuttering over his words shyly. He has never complimented a girl before, much less flirted with one. Carla is the only exception, as he has never hesitated to praise her and is now trying to do precisely that in an effort to confess his romantic feelings. “I mean, you look great everyday anyways, but, you know…” She giggles at this.

“Thanks, John! I think you look cute too!” she says, grinning widely at him, “Come on, let’s go get some ice cream together.” The girl hurriedly skips ahead, making him have to run to catch up with her. She reaches the store before he does, quickly buying two cups of their favourite, vanilla. “My treat,” Carla extends one of them to him, with him thanking her as he accepts it, the two immediately starting to dig into the yummy snack.

“You know, I still giggle whenever I think about that joke you made in biology last week,” John says, chuckling as he recalls her comment in their last class together. “You really have an excellent sense of humor. That sarcasm cracks me up all the time.” Rosa blushes at this, batting her eyelashes at him coyly, enjoying his kind words. They always find a way to touch her heart.

“John, you’re so sweet! Look! I got you a little something.” She reaches into her pocket, retrieving something long and sparkly. He gasps as he notices what it is. “Isn’t this what you wanted last week? I noticed when you were staring at it, you know?” The boy couldn’t believe she was so observant when he made sure to only glance at it very briefly.

The dolphin necklace costs $400 dollars. Yet she bought it for him, simply because she saw him looking at it longingly. “I, I, wow!” he stammers, making her giggle at his adorable reaction. “I mean, it’s wonderful! You’re wonderful! Really! You, you saw how much I wanted it and, and….”

“John, a simple thank you is enough, you know,” Carla says teasingly, grinning at her secret crush. She then clasps it around his neck gently. “There you go. Consider it an early birthday present for next week. Do you like it?” He eagerly nods in answer, making her beam proudly. “I knew you would. Rosa also chipped in as well, you know?”

“Thank you Carla!” John says. “I’ll thank Rosa later too.” He gives her a massive hug, making warmth fill up her heart. “You’re so kind and generous. That’s one of the reasons I like you so much,” he mutters against her hair, making her heart beat wildly, so loud she is afraid he might hear the sound of it from her chest. Yet she couldn’t muster the courage to tell him she loves him.

They spend the next hour together before separating and heading home. As soon as John arrives, he goes inside, shutting the door behind him. Locking it, he sighs, greeting his parents and heading back to his room. He is glad to get to spend time with her like they always did for years, but also realizes he must make a move soon if he wants to end up with her.

What he doesn’t realize is that she has already been thinking about asking him out too. The girl has decided she would approach this cautiously, not wanting to spook him. However, things don’t go as planned when Carla is approached at her house by Brock, one of the guys at school. When she opens the door to the sound of his knocking, the girl is very curious about what he wants from her.

Brock is a lacrosse player, handsome with a muscular body. He has always been bullying John and has been trying to get into Carla’s pants for a while now but she has always rebuffed him. Right now the boy decides to be brazen, going all out. “What do you want now?” Carla asks him after he gets inside and she closes the door behind him. “I’ve already bursa escort told you countless times that I don’t want to sleep with you.”

“I know that, baby. But you don’t know what you’ll be missing. Let me show you what I’ve got,” Brock lewdly grins at her, before grabbing his own shorts’ waistbands. Dropping the pants and boxers to the floor at his ankle, he reveals his eight inches monster, still flaccid, to the beautiful girl. She gapes at the massive tool, astounded by the huge size of his cock. “Like what you see?”

Carla hates herself for getting turned by another boy other than John but couldn’t resist staring at that wonderful meat slab, hanging out in front of her, and the pair of large, round balls behind it. She finds herself immensely aroused by the sight, her pussy soaked with leaking juices as she looks at the very impressive shaft. Unconsciously, the girl finds herself walking towards instead of away from him, as he smirks.

“I told you. Want to see how big it can really get?” Without waiting for her to answer, he wraps his hand around the rod and begins jerking off in front of her, until his penis becomes fully erect. Now completely hard and swollen, his dick is twelve inches and as thick as his wrist. Carla couldn’t help licking her lips at the perfect penis jutting out in front of her.

“C C Can I touch it?” she finds herself asking. When the grinning jock nods, she places her fingers on it, clenching her fist around the dick. She begins tugging, sliding her hand up and down his tool without knowing what she’s really doing. Carla’s now too distracted and dazed by the gorgeous cock in front of her, jacking the boy off. Before she realizes what she’s doing, the girl has already swallowed the tip of his cock past her lips.

It makes her gag at first, based on how large the tool he is, but she finally manages to slide her lips down enough so that most of his manhood is in her mouth, with the cockhead pressing into her throat. “That’s it, bitch. John’s one is probably four inches. Though you wouldn’t know since he’s never got to fuck you, has he?” Brock sneers. Immediately, Carla feels a pang of guilt. But then she rationalizes that they are not dating, even though she has feelings for him.

She begins to suck, stuffing as much of the spear into her mouth as she could, still gagging as it pressed into her throat. Her jaw struggles as she tries to accommodate the girth, tongue slurping about in a frenzy. His hands grab her hair, pressing her face against his crotch as he face-fucks her, ramming his meat in and out of her mouth, enjoying the feeling of her lips sliding along the length of his large penis.

“I want to feel that in my cunt,” Carla whispers, dazed and drunk on cock. Brock smirks, eager to oblige. The girl then bends over the couch, thrusting her pert ass out, yanking down her booty shorts and thongs. He lines his saliva coated tool up with her entrance from behind. Slowly, the muscular teen inserts the tip in at first, gently probing inside with his huge cock.

Carla moans then screams as he adds more of his length into her walls, stretching out her previously virgin hole. I’m so sorry John, she thinks in her mind, a little sad but too distracted by the schlong taking her pussy. It takes a few minutes before he’s comfortably in her vagina, his cock blissfully buried in the warm, wet confines.

He begins to move, gently at first, stroking his dick in and out of her vagina. Pumping slowly, the boy thrusts with his hip, drawing his cock out and pushing it in, making her moan. It’s painful for Carla at first, but in the most pleasurable way possible. Now she understands the obsession with big cocks. Crying out, she enjoys being filled up with the massive dick railing her, as it goes deep into her drenched snatch.

Brock starts fucking the sexy young woman faster now, drilling into her wrecked cunt as hard as he could. He grunts, stuffing every inch of his meat in her pussy, the friction driving him wild. The boy screws Carla roughly, making her moan louder, grabbing her hips and pumping, thrusting into her vagina. “You like my big, fat cock in your pussy? You think John will ever be able to make you feel like this?”

“N N Never!” Carla gasps out, crying from pleasure overload as he keeps on pounding her from behind. Her legs are now wobbly, struggling to keep her under her feet. Those firm legs threaten to give out as he renders her weak and helpless with his cock pistoning in and out of her pussy rapidly. Her cries only get louder as he fucks her faster. “John means nothing to me! He’s just a pathetic little wimp. He’s nothing compared to you! I only want you!” She begins ramming her ass back to meet his strokes, impaling herself with his dick.

At that moment, John walks through the door, after hearing everything she said. He takes in the scene with tears pooling in his eyes, his face agonized and filled with sorrow as he watches what is going on in front of him Carla bursa escort bayan realizes this, looking at him in shock but never breaking stride, continuing to fuck herself with the massive tool burying itself inside her.

“It’s, ahhh, you’re, argh, fault John! You, urghhh, should have, ahhh, asked me out! I would, ahhh, have let you fuck me!” the girl cries out, ramming her ass back harder to greedily swallow more of the massive cock in her pussy. “But now I only want Brock’s dick! Only Brock’s dick can make me happy!” Hearing this pushes the tall athlete over the edge as he grunts loudly, cumming deep inside her. The boy unloads so much semen into her cunt that a lot of his cum leaks out of her puffy pussy, wrecked and stretched out by his thick anaconda.

At this, John finally runs away from the house, dropping the bouquet of roses he bought for her on the floor behind him as he runs. He has never been so eager to return home before in his life, wanting to put all this behind him and forget about what he just saw there in that house. It hurts him more than anything ever did as he still hears her words replaying in his mind, telling him that it was his fault and that only Brock’s penis could make her happy now.

When the boy arrives home, he is kind of glad his parents aren’t there. That means John wouldn’t have to explain what happened when they see him crying, not wanting to talk about Carla and that bully having sex. He still couldn’t believe she would do that to him. To think that he was about to go tell her how he loves her and ask her to be his girlfriend. Collapsing on the couch, he allows himself to release all the pent-up tears now, sobbing uncontrollably.

He spends the next half an hour miserably wailing, trying to get over the pain. It has a numbing effect on him now, dulling him a little bit so that the suffering is no longer like a searing knife stabbing into him but more like he’s freezing in the middle of a winter storm. Not that this kind of pain is any better. John still couldn’t put it behind him, even though he knows he is being too hard on himself, trying to move on so soon after the wound he is suffering from has been inflicted.

Suddenly, the bell at the front of the house rings. Getting up from his seat, the boy wipes away as much of his tears as he could and walks towards the door. Looking through the peephole, he sees Rosa and quickly opens the door for her. She is another of his closest friends since childhood and is a member of an art club, being a talented painter. John quickly ushers her in.

Rosa immediately notices his tear streaked face, concerned. “Hey, John. You’re crying! Are you alright?” she asks him, closing and locking the door behind her, wrapping her arms around him in a hug, not knowing what else to do. She is actually about as attractive as Carla, with elegantly shaped lips, tanned skin and fit body from playing in the soccer team, being both a great athlete and a good artist The girl keeps him in her strong embrace, trying to console him before even knowing what the problem is, wanting to help make him feel better. It’s clear to her that whatever happened to reduce him to such a state must be very traumatizing. John hasn’t cried in years, despite how other students treat him at school.

She leads him straight to his bedroom, getting him to sit down on the edge of the bed before sitting down there next to him. It takes her a few minutes before she can finally get him to start talking and tell her exactly what happened to him earlier.

“You know you can tell me anything, John,” Rosa whispers, patting his back, making him rest his head on her shoulder. “I mean it. I’m here to listen and help you.”

“It’s just- Never mind. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what to say about it. I don’t even know where to begin,” he sighs, not knowing what else to do but running his hands through his hair, completely lost and unsure of what the future holds for him.

“Then start from the beginning,” the muscular girl encouraged her friend. “That’s the perfect place to begin.”

“Carla had sex with Brock,” he cries out, muffled slightly by her long, silky hair. Rosa gasps, stunned by this revelation. “I walked in on them. She said it’s my fault I didn’t ask her out.” Now the girl holding him is very upset. She doesn’t show this, though, choosing to gently stroke his back and try to sooth him first instead. Inside her brains, the gears are already whirring, shifting as different ideas are generated in a plot by that mind of hers.

“That’s horrible!” Rosa exclaims, stepping backwards to take a look at him. “I mean, it’s not your fault at all! Don’t listen to what she said, honey.” John looks down at the floor, still sobbing but more silently now. It still hurts but not as much as before. Somehow, having Rosa here helps make it better. He no longer has to process this all on his own. Not with her here to help him out.

“But she was right though,”he sighs, running his escort bursa hands through his hair. “I mean, it’s true that I didn’t ask her out. I really should have. And now she’s getting fucked by Broke, that bastard.” John grumbles, sniffling, wiping away new drops of tears that threaten to fall down his face. Rosa gently places her hands on his shoulders, before using one to tilt his chin up, allowing her to gaze straight into his eyes

She shakes her head, slowly but firmly. “No she isn’t,” Rosa says. “Think about it. She knows you love her. She really does. We’ve talked about it. She could have asked you out but she wants you to ask her out instead, and when you didn’t, what did you do? She fucked the asshole who bullies the boy who she claimed to be the love of her life. That’s what she said you are. And then she rubbed it in your face by blaming you and saying only Brock can satisfy her now.”

John is trembling with melancholy, not knowing how to take all of this. “She used to love me then. But all she wants now is Brock. No one will ever want to be with me again. Not like she did. I should have asked her out.” Rosa rapidly shakes her head in disagreement to this, confusing him. “You think I was right not to ask her out? If I did she’d be with me now, not him.”

“John, for crying out loud, she doesn’t deserve you! She fucked the guy who made your life hell, knowing that that guy has been tormenting you for years. And there is another girl who wants to be with you. Someone who will never put you through that sort of shit. Someone who actually deserves you,” Rosa rambles a little bit, looking at him straight in the eyes.

The boy, still not getting it, asks “Who is this girl then? Where is she? Where can I find her?” He waits, looking at her pointedly. There is no way anyone else would want him. That’s what John thinks to himself in despair.

Rosa takes a deep breath, answering “She’s sitting right next to you.” It takes the teenager two seconds to get the meaning behind this, gasping in shock. “That’s right. I love you. I always have. I’ve been in love with you since we were kids and I won’t betray you the way that bitch did, baby.” John stares at her in stunned silence, as she leans in close, planting her lips on the tip of his nose, her powerful arms wrapped around his body.

“Rosa, I-I’m so sorry,” he manages finally, getting over his initial shock. “I mean, I’m sorry I never realized this before. I had no idea that you feel that way about me…” Shaking her head to tell him it’s fine, Rosa kisses the oblivious boy again, this time on his cheek, wiping away the last remaining drops of tear with her thumbs, cooing softly in his ears, breathing against his skin.

“It’s okay, John. It’s not your fault,” Rosa assures him, holding him in place with those mesmerizing eyes of hers that seem to captivate his soul entirely. “Listen, I can help you get revenge on Carla. I can fuck your brains out right now. Would you want that? It would also make you feel much better about yourself as well.” She knows that she has him caught in her trap now and can slowly take time to make him hers. That idiot Carla had the sweetest, most wonderful boy and she threw him away. Well now’s her chance.

“A few weeks of dating first, before I open my legs for you,” John says decisively, making Rosa raise her eyebrows. “I’m really, really sorry I made you wait this long, but please, just a few weeks for us to start our relationship first. I promise I’ll make up for all those years you spent waiting for me.” Now she is grinning widely, nodding enthusiastically. Finally, she can date the boy she has always wanted.

“Great! What about revenge though? Don’t you want to hurt her by doing to her what she did to you?” she asks him curiously. Even though John is the most forgiving person she knows, she still thinks he’d be pretty upset and want to get back at Carla. And she is right. He does want some revenge. He just doesn’t want to use sex as a weapon to accomplish that. Well, not actual sex per se, as she is about to find out now.

The boy thinks over something in his head for a moment before deciding to go for it. “Just wait here for a moment,” he says, getting up and walking towards a table where he left the necklace earlier. He brings it back over to where Rosa is waiting for him. “Look at this necklace. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” the boy asks her, holding it up, showing the dolphin pendant. Rosa nods, still not knowing what he is thinking of doing that has anything to do with this.

“Go on then. Tell me,” she prods, wanting him to just tell her more about what he’s up to. “How is this necklace going to help you get revenge on Carla?” John takes deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. He knows there wouldn’t be any coming back from this once he starts it. Yet that thought only serves to excite him more, making him eager to push ahead and actually do it.

“Well, that’s the thing. Carla gave it to me as an early birthday present. You’ve always wanted to try drawing nude portraits, haven’t you?” John asks her, his voice trembling slightly but still firm with resolve. She nods slowly. “I want to be your model, Rosa. I want you to draw me wearing only this necklace. Then we can show the picture to her.” Now it’s Rosa’s turn to gape at him.

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