Home sweet Home Pt. 02

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*It was fifty-five miles to Grandma’s cottage which is no problem on a motorbike so at nine a.m. I coated to a stop in the track outside the back of her cottage and then walked around to the front and went in. I had a key, but I knew that I wouldn’t need it today because Grandma was well aware that I was coming. And how often probably.

Grandma was dad’s mum and my dad had been fucking his mum regularly until he went to Sweden and took it up again when he returned, even though he had brought a wife back with him.

Grandad had died in a mining disaster when dad was fourteen and he was sent to stay with Grandma’s parents immediately after it happened. Because he was doing well at the school there, my great-grandparents kept him so that he got a good education.

In 1955 he left school and got a job with a shipping company. He left in 1957 when he got to Sweden and decided that he wanted to stay. His luck was good and he began working at the British embassy after he was security checked.

A year later he met Astrid when he went to a hospital after a car accident which resulted in him being unable to fulfil the requirements of the post he held.

The accident had been caused by an embassy driver therefore dad received a compensation package, and because Astrid wanted to find work in England so in 1960 they came to live with Grandma.

Astrid tends to be noisy when having sex and as that happened every night and cottages are not exactly soundproofed buildings Grandma became aroused and she met that problem head on so dad fucked her and all three of them slept well from that day on.

They lived there for two years and mum said that he fucked both of them every day until they left because dad had developed tuberculosis. Because she had been a nurse in Sweden she managed to secure a post in the hospital where she now worked.

Grandma was sixty-five yrs. old, five feet eight or nine inches, plump with big soft tits but a shaven mound and denuded labia. She was already on her bed, naked, waiting impatiently for me to undress and climb between her already open thighs.

“Come on Frank, never mind looking as though you’ve not seen it before and forget the foreplay, you can have a lot of that later but right now I want to be fucked.”

Laying on Grandma was like laying on a big down-filled duvet, but not nearly as much fun. She has big soft tits with nipples like hat pegs to suck and nibble.

As my manhood speared easily into her warm, wet, and very welcoming vagina and began the process of stoking her firebox she placed her hands on my rump and pulled me hard against her pudenda then her legs wrapped around my thighs and I was fastened to a pulsating body which began to fuck itself on my cock whilst ensuring that I could not move anything below my waist.

I chewed her nipples which I knew she was aching for me to do and I could kiss her which we did a lot. I let her do what she needed to do, knowing that she would orgasm in a few minutes and then her body would be mine for the day and there would be no respite.

As I predicted, she orgasmed and the moment she’d stopped shaking she was on her stomach and I was entering her back passage. I fucked it hard because that was what she wanted but most of all she wanted to feel me ejaculate inside her rectum and I was sorry to do that within a few minutes of entering her.

She was not a beautiful woman but she was hot and had no problem arousing me, Just knowing that I was going to fuck her when I arrived at her place turned me on but getting an erection on a motorbike is uncomfortable.

I went and had a shower and after that, she sucked life back into my weary willy then I made her kneel on the bed so that my newly aroused cock could slide into her vagina which had to take a pounding as I grasped her big hips and rammed myself against her body until she came.

I was now feeling very pleased that I had bought the Viagra and that it was working. There was no pausing, Didim Escort I exited a soaking vagina and entered a still-open back door and grandma lowered her head onto her arms, spread herself as wide as she could and accepted my attempt to tickle her tonsils via her back door.

She did me the honour of having a very noisy climax as her vaginal muscles searched for something to strangle. After a recovery pause, she offered lunch so we had a truce I would leave her tits alone if she left my still proud erection alone.

When we’d finished lunch she told me that she had a surprise for me.

“I wasn’t certain how you would react but I’m hoping that I do know you well enough to think that you would understand and forgive me for not having said anything sooner, but I’m selfish and greedy and wanted what I’ve just been having before springing this surprise on you.

Naturally, I was mystified but said nothing. She phoned someone and said “come on up” then turning to me she asked if I would ever be willing to share a woman. Given recent events, I found that funny and l laughed,

“Gran as long as I get my share that’s not a problem, When you’re single that’s what happens.”

The door opened and a man aged around sixty or a touch more entered.

“Frank, this is my neighbour, His name is Tim and he lives in the next cottage along the track. Sit down Tim, If he was upset he’d have shown it by now. Tim’s lived there for almost as long as I’ve lived here and for the past two years, he’s been entertaining me in the evenings.

I decided that I should tell him about you because I hate having secrets, I am what I am and I refuse to be ashamed of it. Tim said that I should tell you about him so here we are. What do you think?”

“I think You’re bloody brave Tim. Tackling Gran when she’s had her boiler stoked takes some stamina.”

“Told you he’d say something like that, No I’m not cold Tim, if I was I’d have put something on, Will you stand up please Frank?”

I did, knowing full well why she did it.

Tim looked:

“Bloody hell I can’t compete with that.”

“I think the idea is that you don’t have to compete, You are the daily diet food on the table, I am the special treats. Every so often she gets something extra to go with the main meal I like it, Gran; if Tim is agreeable, and I think I wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t, you’ve come up trumps, having Tim and me every two weeks that should keep you happy. Are you happy with what Gran wants us to do Tim?”

“Well, as nothing has changed except that I rather fancy joining for a threesome occasionally because the opportunity is there and I’ve never had anything remotely similar.”

“Gran; have you had two at once or even two alternating and if not, how would you like to try it?”

“I haven’t but I want to try anything you can think of because I trust you two to be careful with me.”

Can you perform right now Tim cos if you can then take her and fuck her, I’ll wash the dishes and then it’s my turn.

Tim brought her to a climax as I arrived in the bedroom, He climbed from between her thighs and I went between them. I wore a condom and it was oily so there was no drag and her vagina had a new occupant.

Her legs were over my shoulders and her breasts were being held still until I was fully inside her and then I fucked my Grandmother with all the force that I could manage. She was urging me on and telling me how much she wanted to have then she came and I retracted my cock and then the fun began.

I lay on my back and asked Tim to help Gran lie on me on her back with her thighs wide apart and then I told her to reach down and put the end of my cock into her anus. I didn’t have to say anything to Tim.

The moment he saw me lifting my groin to force my cock into Gran’s anal passage he got between her thighs and pushed his cock into her vagina.

I had my hands around her tits and he bent his head down to suck a nipple. Gran jerked. Didim Escort Bayan We both entered deeper into her and then we began a tandem fuck. It was incredible.

The feeling of having a solid cock a few millimetres distance from your own as they both fucked a willing woman into a frenzy is something to treasure and she will be getting similar treatment regularly from now on.

Tim pulled out of her and squirted his load over her belly, I kept going until she said that she was getting sore so we separated and I straddled her and teased her clitoris until she blew a fuse and went to sleep.

When I asked Tim if he had any plans regarding Gran he said that neither of them wanted to change anything. They had their likes, dislikes and hang-ups and had no wish to try and get used to someone else’s. They wanted the sex without any strings and if it stopped for whatever reason there would be very little wreckage.

I asked him if he’d had anal sex with Gran but ut he’d never done it with anyone so I asked him if he had realised that Gram had enjoyed having my cock in her anus as he fucked her.

He said that he’d been so aroused that he hadn’t thought of the implication so I told him to watch what I was about to do,

Gran was asleep, naked on the bed laying on her side. I blew gently on the cleft between her buttocks which caused her to roll away from the airstream.

Now the cleft was more accessible so I gently inserted my hand between her cheeks as I blew into the cleft again and she obligingly moved her left leg away from the airstream as I kept pressure on her right thigh,

I parted her buttocks and showed Tim my Gran’s rear door and then I took the spray lube out of her bedside cabinet drawer and sprayed my fingers. I slid my fingers back into the cleft but this time I pressed against her sphincter and she moved completely over onto her stomach as ai kept the pressure on her rear door,

She began to mutter in her sex-driven dream and a hand went down to her sex as I inserted a finger into her anal canal and moved it around to widen the opening.

I got Tim to place his hands on her cheeks and to ease them apart as I pushed two fingers inside Gran’s anus and began to finger fuck her bottom. She responded by opening her thighs and commencing to hump my fingers.

I removed them. took Tim’s hands and sprayed one of the fingers on one which I positioned against her anal opening and pushed his finger in so he could finger fuck her as I caressed her waist until my hand was under her body and I was able to manoeuvre to her pubic bone and down to her clit. She was as ready as she would ever be so I removed my hand.

Tim was steaming, I told him to kneel on the bed behind her and I took his erection and sprayed it before he could react then I parted her cheeks and showed him that his target was wide open for business.

He had the sense to go in slowly but he did go in and very soon he had over half his length inside Gran. I got on the bed and sat at her head with my legs on either side of her and pressed my erection against her lips.

Tim became a little too vigorous and gran awoke with a start it took her a moment to sort out all the sights and sensations that she had.

“If you’re there then I hope that’s Tim in my arse.”

“It is, now please suck this and get your rump higher and then push this pillow under your hips.”

Shortly after that, Tim filled Gran’s rear with semen and I went round and fucked the other aperture. Until Gran had another orgasm and we called it a day.

As we ate a late lunch Gran told Tim that my dad used to not only fuck her which he already knew but also my mum and that she and mum used to enjoy each other occasionally. I told her that I had always admired my dad and that if it was good enough for him then I would follow suit.

Gran said I should not try to fuck my mum and started to laugh when I told her what dad had done about that. When Escort Didim I’d finished she gave me a big kiss and thanked me for being just like dad.

Gran wanted to know why I used a motorbike and not a car so I described the cost difference in obtaining, maintaining, taxing and insuring them.

She told me that she had offered to give mom money several times but she was adamant that we had sufficient for our lifestyle and getting money easily tended to have a bad effect on some people and she didn’t want that to happen to us so I had a motorbike.

“Gran I have a big favour to ask of you. It is a long story, but over the last few days, things have gone just a bit further than me and mum. Liz said that there must have been something in the air down there because several things happened which had lain dormant for years,

I explained what had happened and now that I had fucked Mary I was expected to fuck Janet which I wanted to do anyway because she is very pretty and despite dressing in dowdy and baggy clothes to dissuade anyone from trying to get to know her I think she is extremely sexy and Liz says that she has a very good figure.

I have to find somewhere quiet and safe to take her or she will chicken out She wants to lose her cherry, and both me and Liz want her to lose it. Me because it’s there to be had and Liz because she has turned into a sex fiend and wants to play both sides but only if she has Janet with her.”

“I take it that you want to borrow my cottage so you can screw her in comfort.”

“Yes Gran, I have already asked her mum if I can use their house and she said yes but I would rather fuck her here because I think she needs to break out of the cosy home bubble. I would like you just pretend to return early and find that she still has sapphic sex firmly in place and suddenly she will find that her shyness has gone.”

“Ooh, you are devious. OK, tell me the details when you have ’em.”

“Are you still sore?”

“No. Why?”

“I have a motorbike which is very uncomfortable if you’re a bloke with a stiffy which I am and I fancy you immensely, so I want to fuck you again, but I want to fuck your arse while standing up and if ever there was someone to fuck like that it’s you.”

“Have you any objection if I stay and watch?”

” I don’t and you may fancy having a go at it if this works,”

“He’s right Tim, watch and learn, this may be fun.”

Gran allowed Tim to apply Vaseline to her rear door which it didn’t need but which they enjoyed doing. I spray lube my cock and asked her to bend over the table edge To enable me a clear sight of her anal ring and then I entered her,

Once I was in she tried to stand up but I pressed her back down and taking her hips in a firm grip I fucked her arse until I felt my pressure rising. I could tell that she was also getting ready to blow and I reached for her tits and forced her into an upright position.

“Tim, are you stiff?”

“Yes I bloody well am.”

“Then get in front and fuck her and be fucking quick about it.”

He was and it was fantastic. Both of us impaling her at the same time was incredibly erotic and it turned her onto maximum lust. Tim and I got the pace and timing just right. I had a firm grip on her tits to help stabilise us and all Tim had to do was lean slightly forward to take his pick of which nipple to chew on.

He went into her as I pulled back which pushed her arse towards me and when I thrust into it he had her vagina being pushed with him so that Gran was getting the full benefit of two solid shafts ramming her back and forth continuously with little friction being produced.

All three of us came as one. Gran had semen pumped into her vagina and her rectum at the same time that she had her orgasm and jetted juice over Tim’s balls,

He said that he’d never had a vagina clamp his cock so tight that it hurt and that it was the first time that he’d ever had his name screamed into his ear as he came.

After a rest, I dressed and made ready to leave.

“Gran, give Tim our Phone number and address.”

“Tim if you’re ever in our area come and see us, it just might be fun,”

I shook his hand and kissed Grandma goodbye and left. and I still had a stiffy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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