Honey Ch. 4

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Anal Fucking

I dressed in a short, tight red dress that hugged all my curves. Without a bra my nipples strained against the fabric, and I almost decided to put one on when I looked in the mirror and saw my two little pebbles poking out from the front of my breasts. But they were very perky, and I had decided to be naughty, and they looked very, very naughty. And, I thought, as long as I’m not wearing a bra, I won’t wear undies either. I finished the outfit with red pumps sporting 4 inch heels, a short strand of pearls with matching earrings, then went into the bathroom and brushed out my hair and put on light makeup with bright red lipstick.

I walked back into the living room, where Honey was scrubbing away at the wet spot on the couch. “You’d better hope that doesn’t leave a stain, Honey.” I checked my makeup in the hall mirror. “If it does, you’ll be buying me a new couch, and you WON’T be having any more fun like that.”

“I think it’ll come out just fine, Cyn.” She stood back and looked at the huge wet spot on the center cushion. “It’ll look fine when it dries.” She still wore her red teddy, but she had pulled her panties back up and her bra down. “I shouldn’t have come on the couch, I’m sorry.”

“Well, I hope you had your fun. Now its my turn to get fucked,” I told her. Somewhere deep inside me there was still a person who couldn’t believe I had said what I just said. “I’m going out to find a real man who can fuck me the way I want it. When I get back, I’ll introduce you as my maid, so you might want to dress the part. I don’t think what you’re wearing now will be appropriate.” I put on a shawl, wrapping my bare shoulders and the top of my skimpy dress. “In the meantime, I want you to wash all my laundry, and dust the entire apartment. If you run out of things to do, you might make a snack for later on. Good fucking always makes me hungry.” I grabbed my keys.

“Thank you, Cyndy.” Honey walked over and gave me a little peck of a kiss goodbye. “Thank you so much for making me so happy.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” I replied. “I hope you enjoyed it, because I know I’m going to enjoy mine when I find it.”

And out the door I walked.

************** ************** **************

I chose the bar at the Brighton Hotel as the most likely spot for finding the kind of man I wanted. Being Saturday night, there might not be many business travelers there, but it was a popular hotel for tourists as well, was very upscale, and it was only a few short blocks from the apartment.

As I entered the lobby through the huge revolving door I could feel the stares of the few men milling about. I must have made my mark, because it was obvious that I had their full attention. I made sure to put one foot in front of the other as I sashayed through the lobby, giving the swaying motion of my derriere the maximum effect. I entered the huge bar, paneled in deep, dark mahogany and found an open bar stool at the high, turn-of-the-century, dark wooden bar. Sitting down, I wished I had a cigarette. Not because I wanted to smoke one, but for the dramatic effect of holding it until some gallant gentleman offered to light it for me.

I ordered a gimlet, straight up from the elderly bartender. When he delivered it, I put a twenty dollar bill on the bar and he brought me back my change. I picked up my drink for the first sip and began to look around. Lots of single men. This is good. As I was surreptitiously checking out the men in the bar, I heard a voice right next to me.

“What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” the voice said.

I turned to my left, and sitting next to me was a very nice looking man, probably in his late thirties. He wore a dress shirt and tie, which was loosened at his collar. He was tanned, with sun-bleached hair, and looked very outdoorsy. But his best and most impressive feature was his smile, which not only turned up the corners of his mouth, but reflected in his eyes as well. His eyes were smiling at me. Even more remarkable were his teeth; white, straight, and almost gleaming.

“That’s a pretty corny line,” was my witty reply.

“Well, I desperately wanted to start a conversation with you, and it was all I could think of. Guess I’m not very slick, am I.” Again the killer smile.

“Not yet, anyway,” was my come-on line. He smiled again. I think we had an understanding.

The conversation just kind of took off from there. His name was Collin; he had broken up with his girl friend a few weeks before, and had finally decided to get out and enjoy an evening on his own. He said he didn’t want to hit the singles scene, and thought the Brighton would be a nice safe place to enjoy a couple of drinks and relax.

“I certainly didn’t expect to meet anyone like you here,” he said, and then caught himself and blushed. “I mean a woman out on her own, who you wouldn’t expect to be out on her own, er, I mean a woman that…well, you know what I mean!” He looked at the mahogany bar top.

“No, what do you mean?” I took a sip of my drink, and smiled bornova escort at him.

“Well, I guess I mean I’m sitting here minding my own business, and this incredibly well-dressed, beautiful, classy woman sits down next to me and, excuse me, but starts flirting heavily with me.”

“Yes, I am.” I started lightly rubbing up and down his calf with my foot. “I’d like another drink.”

“Sure,” he said and called the bartender over and ordered a bourbon seven for himself and another gimlet for me. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence as the bartender mixed our drinks. When he returned with them, Collin paid for them both.

“Thank you,” I said and held up my glass for a toast.

“To us,” he said and we drank.

When we had finished our toast, I took the plunge. “Collin, I live only a few blocks from here, walking distance really. My husband is, uh, away and I have a very understanding maid who is also like a personal assistant to me. She’s the only one home right now, how would you like to come over for some fun and games?”

He picked up his drink and gulped the last of it. “Let’s go,” he said when he had finished.

“Whoa, boy! Let me finish mine!” I laughed, and I finished my drink on the way to the revolving doors.

********* ********* *********

When we arrived back at the apartment, my hair was already a mess, and my dress was askew. Honey was folding laundry at the dining room table when we entered. She got up and rushed over, taking my shawl and Collin’s jacket, hanging them both in the hall closet.

Honey, will you make us a couple of drinks? I’ll have a vodka gimlet, and Collin will have a bourbon and seven. She nodded her assent, and I could see Collin sizing her up. She was dressed in one of my navy blue skirts and a white lacy blouse, with a white apron over the top of both. She wore my pair of navy blue clogs, which I personally didn’t think fit the outfit, but the effect was of a well dressed housekeeper.

I pulled Collin over to the couch, and we sat down. Honey must have dried the spot with a my hairdryer, because the wet spot was completely gone, with not a stain to be seen. “Now where were we in the elevator?” I asked coyly.

“I think we were kissing passionately and I had just taken your left breast out of your dress,” he answered correctly as he moved towards me.

“Like this?” I asked and pulled my left breast from my plunging neckline as I shrugged my dress off my shoulder. It felt heavy in my hand, and the nipple was distended.

“Yeah, just like that. And by the way, that’s a very beautiful breast. I’d like to kiss it, may I?” Again that smile.

Just then Honey arrived with our drinks and began placing them in front of us on the coffee table. If Collin wanted to play Mother-May-I?, I could certainly play along with the game.

“I don’t know, let me ask Honey.” To Honey, I said, “Honey do you think I should let Collin kiss my left breast?”

“If it pleases you, yes, ma’am,” came Honey’s reply.

I pulled Collin’s head towards me and he dove for my breast. He kissed it lightly all around the nipple, then lightly sucked on my nipple while he flicked his tongue back and forth across it. It was driving me mad it felt so good, but I didn’t let on.

“Will there be anything else, ma’am?” Honey was still standing on the other side of the coffee table with the tray in her hand.

“Yes Honey,” I said as Collin sucked at my nipple. “Why don’t you take our shoes off for us and make us more comfortable.”

“Certainly, ma’am,” was Honey’s reply and she pulled the coffee table away from the couch, came around it, got down on her knees, and began to untie Collin’s shoes. Just then, Collin began to pull the fabric away from my right breast in order to turn his attention to it.

“Just a minute there, Collin. You forgot to ask Honey if you could do that. You have to say ‘Honey, may I?’ first.” Again the killer smile as he realized this might be more fun than he originally thought.

Honey was pulling his shoes off his feet after loosening the laces, and he asked her, “Honey, may I kiss Cynthia’s right breast?”

“Honey says no.” came her reply.

“Why not, Honey?” I asked.

“Honey says he hasn’t spent enough time pleasing your left breast.” She knew that my left breast was the one that drove me wild, much more sensitive than my right. I was going to like this game, too, I thought to myself.

With that, Collin went back to kissing and licking my left breast, and it sent electric shock waves down to my pussy, directly to my clit. I was beginning to have little tiny orgasms as I looked down at Honey pulling off my red pumps. When I’m really turned on, I can have little tiny, throbby orgasms from having my breasts licked and sucked. Honey began to massage my feet. This is heavenly, I thought to myself and sighed. My right breast began craving some attention.

“Honey, may I kiss Cynthia’s right breast now?” Collin asked bostanlı escort as he licked and slurped my left one, which was beginning to get a little sore from so much attention.

“Honey says yes!” came Honey’s reply, and Collin pulled my dress off my right shoulder and popped my breast from beneath the fabric. I felt another shock wave to my clitty as he began licking and sucking at my right nipple. It may not be quite as sensitive as the left one, but damn, it felt great.

Honey was massaging my feet, taking long strokes up my instep, then using her thumbs across where my toes met the top of my foot. Between the nipple-licking and the foot-rubbing, I was in seventh heaven. After a couple more little throbby orgasms, I pushed Collin away.

“That felt great, Collin, but my nipples are getting a little sore,” I told him. “Honey, why don’t you unbutton Collin’s shirt so I can see his chest.” Honey came over and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it open. I saw his tanned, muscular chest heaving with his excitement. I reached in under my dress and felt my pussy, which was flowing with my juices. Pulling my hand from underneath my dress I held it up.

“Honey, clean my fingers,” I told her, and she began to lick my fingers clean of my slick cunt-juice. I looked down and saw the huge bulge in Collin’s pants, and thought it looked like a big bundle of fun. He sat back on the couch and watched, fascinated, as Honey licked each of my fingers.

“Like I said, Honey’s kind of my personal assistant.” I lay my head back against the armrest and put my feet in Collin’s lap, rubbing his big bulge with my foot. Honey began massaging his stocking clad feet.

“Honey, may I lick Cynthia’s pussy?” Collin asked as he looked hungrily at the hem of my dress, which was riding high up my thighs.

“Honey says no,” came Honey’s reply.

“Why not?” he asked.

“Because Honey says no,” I answered. “If you want to play the game, you have to play by the rules.”

“Well can I at least touch it? he asked me.

“You have to ask Honey,” I answered.

“Honey, can I touch Cynthia’s pussy?” He looked at Honey beseechingly as she rubbed his feet.

“Honey says no.” I was wondering if I had finally gone too far and Hans was chickening out on the whole thing.

“Well what can I do, Honey?” he asked, the frustration becoming obvious in his voice. No reply from Honey.

“I think you can only ask yes or no questions,” I told him.

“Okay,” he said. “I get it.” He paused, then asked, “Honey, can I see it?”

“Honey says yes,” came her instant reply, and I knew that she was going to give me what I often fantasized about: she was going to make him beg for me. Honey reached up and pulled the front of my dress up, exposing my neatly trimmed bush. I lifted my butt off the cushion and she pulled up the back as well. I felt awfully exposed, and a bit embarrassed, but we were playing a game, and if he asked, and Honey agreed, I guess I had to go along with it.

Collin was almost salivating at the sight, and when I realized that he was so entranced with my pussy it made me feel less embarrassed. I reached down and rubbed my pussy lips and up to my clit, feeling my gooey fluid leaking from my cunt. I coated my fingers with it, and held them out towards Collin. He began to bring his mouth towards them, but I snatched them away.

“You forgot to ask Honey.”

“Honey, may I lick Cynthia’s pussy-lube from her fingers?” He never took his eyes off the prize.

“Honey says yes,” she responded and Collin began running his pearly white teeth over my fingers as he licked each one of them, seeming to relish the taste of my cunny juice.

“Honey, may I touch Cynthia’s pussy?” Collin was sounding a bit exasperated.

“Honey says no!” Honey said, and reached down and began seriously doodling with my clit and my dripping pussy. I was so turned on, I started gasping as she rolled my hard bud in between her fingers. She thrust two fingers in me and I couldn’t help but start thrusting my pelvis to meet her fingers each time she buried them in me. I looked at Collin, and his eyes weren’t smiling anymore. He was obviously entranced with watching what Honey was doing to my cunt, but he looked distracted as well.

“Stop, Honey.” I commanded her. I looked at Collin. “Is this too much for you?” I asked him, raising my eyebrows.

He could barely speak, but he managed to get something out. “No, it’s just…different. I mean, this is all just…I don’t know…different.”

“Does it turn you on?” I asked.

“Hell yes!” he answered. I’m hornier than a seven-peckered goat right now, but I can’t seem to get anywhere with you, because this weird-looking chick here, Honey, won’t let me!”

“Well, Collin, if you want to play, you have to play our way. You can go ahead and leave now if you’d like.” I knew he wouldn’t. I was savoring the effect of my sweet indifference.

“I can’t leave,” Collin responded, and I knew I buca escort had him.

“Why not?” I queried, already knowing the answer, but relishing the thought of hearing it.

“Because you’re driving me crazy. You are the most appealing woman I have ever met, and I’ll stick around, and play the game, do anything, in the hopes that it might end up with me making love to you.” He almost flinched at saying it, knowing he had given up his will to me.

“Ok, Collin, sweetie, honey. If you play your cards right, you’ll get everything you want, and maybe more.” I smiled at Honey. “But there’s one thing you should know before you give it up to me. Honey isn’t just my maid and my personal assistant, she is my husband, and she is my slave.”

Collin smiled that killer smile when he heard that. All the pieces must have fit together in his brain. “I thought she looked awfully weird…but hey, he does make a pretty good looking woman for a man!” He laughed, and his teeth sparkled. “Now I get it. Okay. Now I can play the game…now that I know what the rules are.”

“And it doesn’t frighten you?” I asked, surprised that Honey being a man wouldn’t send him running.”

“No,” he said. “I’ve swung that way a couple of times. I can handle it.”

“Okay then,” I told him. “But the rules are that I make the rules, and you follow them. The first rule is that I want you to lick my pussy right now.” I was still laying there spread eagled in front of him, my wet cunt exposed and throbbing.

“Honey, may I…” he began.

“Fuck Honey,” I said. “I want you to eat me now!” As he moved towards me, I said to Honey. “Go in the kitchen and make some more drinks.”

Collin licked up my thigh and began tonguing my outer lips. He’d lick up one side, brush his tongue lightly across my clit, then lick down the other. Then he’d repeat it, teasing me. It felt great, but I was already in a state.

“Don’t tease me, Slaveboy.” I tapped his forehead. “Get busy and fuck me with your tongue.”

Obviously the Slaveboy reference didn’t bother him either, as he moaned and began sticking his hard, long tongue in me, pushing it in as far as it would go, pumping it in and out of me. I was drenching his face as Honey came back in and set fresh the drinks on the table.

“Sit down in your chair, Honey.” She sat in the same chair she had sat in as she watched Jimmy fuck me from behind the night before. Collin was getting me seriously worked up, and I grabbed both of his ears.

“Suck on my clit now, and put a finger in me.” God it felt so good, I knew I was headed towards a serious orgasm. Collin was licking and sucking my clit for all he was worth, running one finger in and out of me.

“Put two fingers in me,” I commanded as I bucked my hips in time to his thrusting fingers.

“Put three in now.” He did as I told him, and the feeling of his fingers filling up my throbbing, pulsing cunt pushed me over the edge. The orgasm grabbed me, and I shuddered and shook as I clasped his head between my legs, swaying my knees side to side as wave after wave washed over me. Just as I was coming down, he started pumping his fingers again slowly, and I after about a minute, I came again, this time being able to feel my juices release in rush and drench his face.

“Oh, god, that was glorious.” I patted him on the head. “You’re a good little Slaveboy. I think I’m going to like you serving me.”

Somehow, we had made the complete transition inside an hour from meeting in a bar to him doing my beck and call. What had I been missing all these years??

Honey, meanwhile, got up and went into the bathroom, returning in a moment with a warm, wet washcloth. She wiped my cum from around my pussy, cleaning me off, then with the other side of the cloth cleaned up Slaveboy’s face. I guess we had established a pecking order.

I felt sexy. I felt powerful. I had a man, and a maid, and I had my man when I needed him. What more could a girl ask for?

“Honey, go get changed into your red teddy. Then get my dick, the harness, and the KY, turn down the bed, and wait for us in the bedroom.” She finished with her cleaning duties and vanished into the back of the apartment.

“Slaveboy…come over here and kiss me.” Collin lay down next to me on the sofa, and we began necking. Just like in high school, except it wasn’t my parents in the other room, it was my husband. I was enjoying the sensation of just making out. Collin was a good kisser, as I had discovered in the elevator. I could feel his hard-on against my leg, and he began rubbing it against me.

“Don’t do that, ” I whispered to him.

“Why not?” he whispered back.

“Because I told you not to,” I whispered back and blew in his ear. His body went limp, and he stopped giving me his attention.

“Trust me,” I whispered. “Trust me, and you’ll get everything you want. Everything.” I paused for a moment, and he didn’t respond. “You can still back out,” I whispered as I pushed my leg against his hard cock.

“No I can’t,” he whispered back. I raised his head with my hands, and kissed him deeply. Kissed him seriously. I had a momentary, fleeting thought of Jimmy for some strange reason. I broke the kiss, licking his eyelids.

“Let’s go join Honey in the bedroom,” I whispered softly. “I have an idea I want to try out.”

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