Hookup at the Family Reunion: Pt. 03

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Trying not to do a flip, I positioned myself behind her and slid my erection into her with excruciating care. I was young, but not green–I wanted to torture her like she tried to torture me.

“Sssssssssshhiiiiiiiiitttttt,” Joy breathed.

The pussy was just as good from the back, and I couldn’t help myself: I began to go a little hard. Stroked her deep, slapped her ass and enjoyed the jiggle. Gave her long, hard, thick strokes that hit from her pussy all the way to her throat and from the way she was screwing her eyes shut and how her tongue was hanging out of her mouth, I knew she liked it too. Deep moans started in her belly and spilled from her lips. She was making so many sounds that after a moment, I realized she was saying something. She seemed almost in a frenzy, or a trance. Her legs twitched.

“Play with my ass, baby,” she begged. “Put your finger in.”

I had to blink twice, to make sure that my ears were actually hearing her request.

“Goddamn, Joy,” I said mid-stroke. “I ain’t know you was so fuckin’ nasty.”

“Watch your mouth,” she panted, “And put your finger in my ass.”

I licked my thumb until it was nice and wet, and gently circled it against her hot asshole while I continued rhythmically driving my thick dick into her from behind, enjoying Didim Escort the her hot flesh on my hot flesh. I leaned over her, licked her spine. Her asshole puckered, opened itself to me, and I slid my thumb in gently, slowly.

“Oh my fucking god,” she let loose a long, low moan.”Oh god. Oh, fuck my ass. Fuck my ass.”

She pulled away from me, flipped over on her back, and raised her legs in the air. “Like this. Oh, god.”

I put a pillow under her hips to raise them. While I was working, she licked her hand until it was wet and began jacking my dick. She made it good and juicy, then leaned back, giving me her ass.

“Fuck it,” she moaned. She was frowning, very serious, and her breath was coming hot and fast. “I need it.”

“How bad?” I teased. She wiggled her hips in response. I said it again: “How bad do you need me to fuck that ass?”

“Bad.” She wrapped her legs around me, pulled me forward. “Please.”

That one word drove me crazy. To have Joy, mean ass Joy begging me to take my dick and stick it up her ass, watching her nipples poking out into the air, feeling her hot, wet asshole giving way to the head of my dick as I pressed it in, teasing her, was a dream that I didn’t even knew I had coming true right before my eyes.

I Didim Escort Bayan leaned down, stuck my face in her hot ass and began licking her. She smelled amazing, like fucking and perfume. I lapped at her tight asshole, tongue fucked it until it was nice and sloppy. Then I pushed the fat head of my long black dick inside of her.

“Slowly, slowly,” she guided me in while she rubbing gentle circles on her clit. Her face was so hot to me, her eyes screwed shit and her eyebrows furrowed like she was in deep pain, but when I asked her if she wanted me to stop, she said: “Not on your fucking life.”

I fucked her ass an inch at a time. A little. Then a little more. My strokes were slow, shallow at first. And as I eased her open, her mouth hung open just a little more. Her eyes rolled back just a little harder. I took my time stroking her ass, enjoying it’s heat and tightness in a different, more primal way. I leaned over her as I stroked, working my hips to the rhythm of her working her clit.

Seeing her rubbing herself, the sway of her breasts, hungry unbridled pleasure in her face made the need to cum in me rise hot and hard. And as Joy came once more, I watched her rub herself through the entire orgasm. Her trembling, quivering pleasure was Escort Didim so sexy to me that it made me boil over. I pulled out of her ass, slipped my condom off, and shot a big load of hot, thick, sticky nut on her stomach, her titties, her neck, her chin, pumping it all over her. She took my erupting penis in her hands and stroked me through, then past my orgasm, squelching my slick dick in her hand until I couldn’t take it any more.

“You made a mess all over me,” she said, but not like she minded it. She got up and took a shower, where she did openly disapprove of my body wash. Before she left, she gave me another kiss, slurping her tongue up in mine and leaving me a sweaty mess.

A couple hours after Joy left, Stef came back. I’d spent the whole couple hours since them smoking and reliving my luck.

“You had a girl in here,” Stef said. “The air all wet and it smell like pussy in here.”

“How you know what pussy smell like?”

“I know what pussy smells like, asshole.”

“Aight, aight. Yeah, I had shorty from downstairs up here. But aint shit happen. She was scared she was gonna get in trouble for her job, so we just kissed a little bit, I fingered her, and she got on down.”

“Aw,” he said. His frown was genuinely sad. “Hate you struck out, dude.”

“Yeah,” I said. “That’s the game, though.”

I stopped going to family functions shortly after that. Joy and Stef stayed in Indiana, and I haven’t seen them since except on Facebook. Joy send me a heart to my inbox one time. I thought about responding, but never did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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