Hotel Sex

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“Dave?” I could have sworn I heard my name being called, as I came to.

“Dave? Are you awake?” this time, more insistent and definite. A husky female voice from the darkness.

In the darkness, I rubbed my eyes – attempting to rub the image of sinking into the ample cleavage of the blonde from my dreams. Someone had better have a good reason for this rude awakening.

My surroundings were odd, something I could not put my finger on quite yet, but I sat up and answered.

“I’m here, wassup?” my tongue was clearly still half asleep (obviously it was offended at being woken from the dream about the top-heavy blonde).

“Sorry to wake you Dave, but I need your help with something.” the owner of the female voice was now outside my door. “Do you mind if I came in?”

“Come in.”, and a second later, my eyes were screwed up in pain, as the room light came on.

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to wake you.” My bleary eyes were now accustoming themselves to the invading light, but it would still take time to get fully used to it.

“Come on, sit down.” I gestured, patting the bed next to me.

The voice’s owner padded over and sat next to me on the covers. I could smell perfume, and feel the warmth from the body. However, my eyes had come back to me, and I could behold the owner of the voice. Tracy, my University crush from 20 years ago. Tracy had continued to blossom in the intervening years, and had looked after herself. An all natural, stunner – blonde (my weakness), high cheekbones, full chest, thin waist, full hips and long legs (as long as mine – she’d bet me when we first met, and I lost). Wrap that up in a practically indecently sheer babydoll nightdress and you’ve got the picture.

My eyes could hardly keep off her body as I asked, “What’s up? It has to be something important…” I was in a hotel room, Tracy had come through the adjoining door which lay open to her lit bedroom.

“It’s something Fred said tonight.” Fred was how we had met. He’d been on a year’s study at my University all that time ago, and had been the lucky sod to have Tracy on his arm all through that year and beyond.

“Well, after a few drinks it does seem to free his inhibitions.”

“I know, but he said a few things to me that I have to admit, I’ve been thinking about, and can’t seem to sleep.”

“Right,” I rolled my eyes – this was going to take a while. “I’ll get the coffee on.”

“No, I think a something a little more stronger.” said Tracy. She suddenly got up, and sashayed back to her room, before calling back “How’s bourbon? I’ve got some here.”

“Good with me.” bourbon had always been Tracy’s go-to drink for toasting success, handing out sympathy, or anything else for that matter.

She returned with the bottle, and two of the hotel glasses.

“Try the bucket, Tracy, I think I may still have ice left from earlier.”

Tracy detoured to the ice bucket on the crappy unit, bending over and giving me more than an eyeful than she probably realised. She dropped ice into each glass, wandered back over to the bed before pouring a healthy measure for each of us. Offering me a glass, we clinked and each took a sip.

“Well…” I said.

“Fred gets nasty after a few drinks, one of the reasons we split up.” Tracy’s voice and the bourbon were hypnotic, and my eyes struggled to look into her eyes for any length of time. It doesn’t help when she was just right there. On my bed, within touching distance.

“I knew we shouldn’t have invited you over for the reunion.”

“Hey, not your problem. No skin off my nose. Tonight aside, I’m having a great time over here. The weather is better than back home, the company is wonderful and…”, I leant over and whispered in Tracy’s ear (sneaking a peek down that glorious valley of tit-flesh) “the chicks over here are going mad over Maraş Escort my ‘cute British accent'”. We both laughed, and my stomach dipped when I saw the womanly wobble of her chest as she laughed. She thumped me playfully on the shoulder.

“You don’t have to enjoy it so much.”

“Look Donna is a grown girl, who clearly has taste when it comes to men.” Donna had virtually fallen over herself during our meal earlier, our table’s ‘waitress for the evening’ could not have done more for me.

“‘Oh Dave'” Tracy mimicking Donna from earlier, “‘I just LOVE your cute British accent. Anything you want, please just ask'” again giving rise to more laughter, and a chest movement that caught more than my eye’s attention.

Fred, had not taken it quite as well as Tracy had. We’d gone to his favourite restaurant, and I’d been fawned over by his favourite waitress, to the point that he’d just blown a gasket.

“You sure you are alright about how things went?” Tracy asked.

Towards the end of the reunion meal, and in front of the rest of the table, I’d been told to ‘Fuck off back home’ by Fred. As I said no skin off my nose, I’d not come to see Fred, it was the others…well Tracy really.

“What are you going to do? You’re here for another week, and he doesn’t want to see you.”

“Fred needs to grow a pair.” I downed the rest of my bourbon, before offering my glass to Tracy for a refill.

Tracy, looked at her glass, downed the contents, and poured us another.

“Indeed.” She fell silent, contemplative.

The wait I endured was worth it. I managed to take in the wonderful Tracy with my eyes again.

“Well, after you left the restaurant. Fred got nasty, and as we left he said some unkind words about you to me.”

“Well, if he can’t say it to my face, it probably isn’t worth worrying about.”

“He said, you’ve a massive cock, and shagged your way through University” she blurted out, and took a big gulp of bourbon before looking at me. Bursting into laughter, I just could not help it. Poor Tracy looked mortified.

“Well, some of that is true, some of it isn’t.”

Tracy just looked at me, silently.

“Ok, you’ve got to believe me when I say I didn’t just shag my way through University.” Partially true, having discovered girls at University, studying paled into insignificance, and I’d only just scraped a degree in my final year. “However, for me, I’m just normal.”

Tracy looked straight into my eyes and said “Fred said that Mary says it is huge, and she couldn’t pee properly for a week after a one night stand with you.” Mary’s 5′ 1″ body had struggled to accommodate me, but my recollection is that she left my room with a smile on her face the next morning.

“Mary is exaggerating, and it was her choice not to use the KY.” Again, I was thumped on the shoulder.

“So it is true?”

“Tracy, to me, I’m just normal.”

We both took a long sip of our drinks, before Tracy looked me back in the eyes and said something that no doubt was what she’d needed the dutch courage for, “Fred said that I should probably go and fuck you since I’m such a size-queen.”

I must have gawped at that comment, as she reached over and closed my open mouth with her red nailed forefinger.

“I had to go look up what size-queen meant, but it does kind of make sense. I’ve always felt the urge to have my pussy properly filled. For our married years, my vibrators were always bigger than Fred’s dick; and since leaving him, I’ve developed a taste for big cock.” She placed her hand on my lap, and took a sip from her glass. “Who would have known it would be right here.”

My mind was screaming ‘Play it cool’, but the stirrings from my groin were definitely preparing for action.

“…(cough)…Well, I don’t know what to say.”, this was unexpected. Having been given Maraş Escort Bayan Donna’s number at the restaurant, I had planned to get my action with the waitress, but this opened other options.

“Look,” she held my gaze, “You can either go fuck Donna. Who’s old enough to be your daughter. Or you can fuck someone who can fuck your brains out, and could suck a baseball up a hosepipe.”

Again, she leant over and closed my mouth with her finger. Then she rose from the bed, picked up the bottle of bourbon, and sashayed back to her room.

“Bring the ice bucket when you come.” she said through the open door way.

It took me a moment to get out of bed, and take myself and the icebucket. This was all it took for Tracy to toss her indecent babydoll through the door. I almost tripped over my tongue in anticipation.

“Anyone order ice?” I said in the doorway. I’d wondered why she’d booked rooms with an interconnecting door, but it now made sense.

“Me.” Tracy was lying on her side on the bed. Clothed she looked beautiful, naked she was a knockout. I admired her body from the doorway. Her full breasts pooled on the bed, her flat stomach, a cheeky tattoo (south of the belt-line), shaved pussy, protruding lips and with her long legs crowned by her tanned thighs, I’d died and gone to heaven.

She beckoned me over, I thought she was going to go straight for me (I’d always slept in the nude), instead she went for the ice bucket, pulled out a cube and put it in her mouth. She withdrew the cube, rubbed it over her lips, down her neck to one, then the other breasts before circling the nipples twice, and diving down to her other lips. Spreading her legs slightly, she rubbed the cube along the slit, paying attention to the clit, before easing the cube into her hole. She then removed the cube, and dropped it in my drink.

Speechless, my body did the talking, twitching, filling, rising to the occasion. I took a swig from my drink before putting it down and diving onto the bed.

We kissed furiously, tongues lashing, hands roaming over each others body, each of us moaning when the other found some new sweet spot.

“Holy fuck Tracy.” I gasped, breaking lip contact. “You still have a hot body. Donna has nothing on you.”

“Thanks mmmffm, mmfffm, I’m glad you approve, OH FUCK yeah, right there.” I’d finally found her hard clit, and it was sensitive. If nothing else, being well endowed had taught me that girls need to be really wet before they try and take me, and that was where I was heading right now (via those fucking boobs).

It seems that her clit was not the only thing sensitive. Tracy’s nipples, erect from the ice cube sent shivers through her body when I lavished attention on them, and they’d have got more attention were it not for the two hands on my head, pushing me, insistently, southwards to her cunt. I traced circles with my tongue around her belly button, before resisting the pressure on my head no more, and descending to her slit.

Her protruding lips were devoured by my mouth, my tongue probing, flicking her clit and running up and down her hole.

“God, I am so fucking wet.” she whispered to me.

That gave me sufficient encouragement to bring first one then two fingers to her hot, wet hole, running them up and down, before making her moan as they were slipped into her cunt, as my tongue darted back and forth across her clit. This resulted in moans and Tracy grabbing my hair as she bucked and moaned through her first orgasm.

“My turn.” she said, sitting upright and pushing me gently back. She kissed me, tongue licking her taste off my lips before she too descended southwards. No roundabout journey this time, both hands latched onto my manhood with room to spare. This spare space was quickly taken up by her tongue, lips and mouth as she started on my Escort Maraş cock. I sat back and watch, what I can only call expertise in sucking cock. She slurped, sucked licked, swallowed every inch of my cock, and balls.

“God, I love the taste of big cock.” she said eyes locked onto mine, a rope of saliva momentarily joining us both, before she plunged her lips and mouth down, resulting in a religious moment from me also.

“God, you can blow cock like a pro.” Again she looked me in the eye and smiled as she licked, and caressed my rock hard cock.

“However, I need this cock in my cunt.” she said after releasing my cock with an audible pop from her mouth. She sat up and rolled onto her back, before lifting her heels behind her head. I needed no second invitation, and I swear she lifted her head up to watch me enter her.

Kneeling in front of this cougar, I experimentally felt her cunt with my fingers, but she was more than ready for me. Shuffling forward, I guided my cock to her slit and rubbed it along the slick lips a couple of times, before pulling back and aiming for glory.

Her eyes were rooted on our union, until the tip slipped in, and they shut with a loud moan. Damn, the girl’s pussy was hot, thank fuck she was as wet as she was, as over the next couple of minutes, I squeezed, persuaded and swore my way into her love tunnel inch by inch.

Fully in, I bent down and kissed her, before looking into her eyes, eased nearly all the way out and back in. This caused her to become wide eyed and express.


I continued at this pace for a few strokes.



Stopping with my balls against her arse, I took her ankles, placing them on my shoulders and started to ease in and out.”FUCK, GOD, THAT FEELS…””FUCKING AMAZING.”

After a few minutes of this, I could feel tension building deep in her pussy. I could also feel tension in my balls too, this fucking woman’s pussy was milking my cock like no-one else I’ve ever fucked.

Letting go of her ankles, one of my hands found nipple, and the other her clit. This seemed to have the desired effect, I could feel her cunt gripping, squeezing my cock, as she started to squirm. Just as well, as all this pressure was doing nothing for my staying power – it had been months since being with a woman, and my cock was enjoying the ride of a lifetime here.

I picked up my pace and started to long stroke fuck her. Her unintelligible moans of pleasure signalling that we were giving each other what we were after. Unbelievably, I was able to keep this up long enogh for Tracy to start to wail, then suddenly go tense, with her legs twitching on my shoulders. Meanwhile, her pussy had clamped onto my cock and I could neither move in or out until the orgasm washed over her.

She opened her eyes, said “I want your come. In my mouth, jizz on my face. I don’t care, I want it now.”

Not wanting to keep a lady waiting I withdrew from her slick hole, shuffled up the bed on my knees and started to masturbate.

“Oh no, you’re not allowed to do that, only me.” and with that she leant forward and sunk her lips onto my cock, and sucked. Up and down, as deep as she could manage, for as long as I could manage.

“Tracy, I’m going to blow”, a muffled “Aha” with her lips wrapped around my cock. All the time I could feel from my balls the rising come, Tracy was indeed correct when she said she could suck a baseball through a hose, her suction action was literally dragging my come up from my balls.

Tracy seemed to know when I was firing, as she pulled off me, jerking me off into her mouth, all the time looking up at me, whispering for my big cock to give her the come. She missed with my first shoot, it firing up her face to land on her cheek, but the rest she greedily caught in her hungry mouth. It wasn’t too long before a red nailed finger scooped up the wad on her face and it was transferred to her open mouth full of come. Squeezing every last drop from my cock, she lapped her tongue in it a couple of times, before swallowing in one gulp and showing me her empty mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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