House Sitting

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My husband’s friend was going to be out of town for a weekend softball tournament and said that we could spend the weekend at his house… My husband jumped on the opportunity… He emailed me all week about things we where going to do… Since we both work together and see each other we like to play games… Like we are other people… His email started out that he had his friends place and wanted to know did I want to come out and play… mine back to him was I would be glad to be alone with him for the weekend.

After all the teasing back and forth, Friday rolls around and he leaves work early and goes to his friends house to get things ready for the loving make ahead… I will tell you this; his cock stayed swollen in his tight jeans and made me real wet… And at work when I get wet my chair gets wet spots… damn that can be embarrassing.

While he is gone I sit and fantasize about what is going to talk place this weekend… Makes it hard to work… I took and changed my cloths before he returned to pick me up… I put on one of his favorite see threw shirts that buttons up the front, So when we are driving around in the MG Convertible, he just loves it when I start flashing people. When he got back to work I was sitting at my desk with my finger rubbing my clit under my desk… umm… I was so hot… I just smiled up at him as he walked by, he turned back as he went threw the door to his office and had the most devious smile on his face… I had a feeling that I was in for a big surprise…

The ride to his friend’s house is only about 15 minutes from where we work… So, even before we walked out the door I had reached up and unbutton two of the buttons on my shirt… Gary loves for me to flash my tits… He was sitting in the car waiting on me to walk out and get in the car… by the time I reach the car I had unbutton the rest of the buttons on my shirt and let it just hang open…

When I leaned over to open the door and get in I flashed him a great big smile and said ” Going My Way Mister?”

“I need a ride to a friends house.”

He smiled back at me and said sure I can give you a ride… (That smile melted me!) So, I opened the door and jump in the car and leaned forward and took my shirt off before we got out of the parking lot…

He turned and said “Want some candy little girl…smiling… Oh yea Mister I sure do…” As we drove down the street I turned on some blues and really got in the mood… the next thing I know we are driving out the freeway out of town… He said it really turned him on watching me flash the other driver. That just turned me on more, so I really got into showing them off… every time a truck drive would start to pass us Gary would make sure that they had to pass on my side of the car… and of course they would slow down and watch me play with my nipples rolling them between my fingers. Licking my fingers acıbadem escort and sliding them inside my shorts playing with my now soaking wet pussy… looking at Gary the whole time, the trucker trying to stay on the road. And seeing Gary’s rock hard cock in his now tight shorts… oh man I want to suck on that… I told him that is time to turn around and get to the base camp for the weekend.

By the time we turned around and headed back I was hot and wet the sun shining down on my bare breast felt so good it made my nipples hard and erect… We pulled off the main road and head to the weekend love nest… I was playing with myself and when we pulled into the driveway the garage door opened and we pulled in… I got out of the car and before I got to the door going into the house I had lost my shorts. And by the time I got the TV turned on and tuned in to the Adult channels Gary was right behind me naked… He comes up to me and looked into my eyes and said “I am going to keep you naked and horny all weekend. You will only get to wear what I want you to wear when we leave the house.”

I looked him right back in the eyes and said, “If I have to be naked all weekend so do you, babe, and if you think your are going to keep me horny all weekend, then my quest is to keep your cock standing straight, hard and steel all weekend.”

He looked at me and said “go for it babe, I love it when you tease me and make me hard…”

It started out really nice because there were no interruptions. I started by calling in a pizza so all we had to do is watch some really hot fuck flicks… The next thing I know Gary is lying in the floor with his cock so hard I could smell it… I love the smell of precum… I couldn’t help but stare… then I came up from behind him sliding my naked hot body up to his, pressing firm against him so he could feel every part of my nakedness. Kissing him softly on his shoulders my hair running across his back then kissing his neck, breathing heavily talking nasty in his ear telling exactly what he wanted to hear… Then I moved my way around so I could turn him over to his back and then I moved myself between his legs and lower my hot wet lips down to kiss his rock hard cock hmmm. I took my tongue and slowly guided it around the head of his throbbing cock… Licking the clear, slick precum and running it up and down the truck of his massive hardon… man it makes it so slick…and it tastes so good. I was so involved with sucking Gary’s cock I didn’t hear the doorbell ring…

Gary said, “Looks like the pizza is here. Are you going to answer the door”? I stood up and reach for my robe, Gary said, “no, no I don’t think so sweetie” “You don’t need that”! So I smiled and reach for a towel to wrap around my hips and went to the door… the look on the pizza guys face was one of disbelief. There I stood holding the akbatı escort door open for him to handing me the pizza with a big smile on my face. I turned around to take the pizza in and bump into Gary’s hard dick; it was like running into a steel pole. I back up and turn around and looked down and the pizza guy was sporting a big old woody too. I didn’t think we would ever get rid of him…

and then Gary said ” the money is on the bar come on in…I didn’t say a word I just followed him and the pizza guy followed me…Gary sat down with a big grin on his face and said “Honey, don’t forget his tip”

The guy smile and said “Her pretty tits are tip enough for me.” So I walked him to the door and smile and as he went out the door he brushed against my now erect nipples… I turn around and said, “Have a nice night”

“bye”. I turned around to see Gary sitting in the big overstuff arm chair holding his hot rod in his hand slowly stroking it and smiling. I smile and said “let’s eat” turned and went to the bar. Secretly smiling…

We sat talking about what had just happen and the possibilities, we both laughed and said “What kind of takeout do we want tomorrow night” After we ate our pizza I decided to go for a swim… all that talk about sex with the pizza guy and seeing how hard Gary’s dick got I need to cool down. Man was the water warm more like a nice bath … you women know all about warm baths …made me want to fuck right there in the pool… I was swimming the length of the pool when Gary came out to join me. I swam over to the edge of the pool and pulled myself up just enough for him to get a real good look at my tits.

He reached down to touch them and I pushed off the side of the pool floating on my back. Teasing him while he sit on the side. Swimming under water, coming up in between his legs and lifting myself up to take and suck just a bit on the head and then disappearing back onto the water and pulling him in with me. I took and move him to the end of the pool where the seat for the jets is. It is perfect for him to sit on the side and me on the seat and lean into him and give him head. Hmmm He leaned back with his arm to his back and had the most pleased look on his face. I raised up and notice that the neighbor was standing at the fence.

At first this kinda bothered me, but the more I thought about it the more excited I got. The more excited I got the more intensely I worked on Gary’s hard cock. I pulled myself up to Gary’s neck and whispered in his ear we have an audience … He laid me face down on a float so that he could see my shaven mound and buried his face in my hot wet pussy. Man I was hot, he pulled me to the end of the float and spread my legs so he could get to my wet hot pussy and started to work his magic on my pussy… man he was driving me crazy… I turn my head and said please I want to feel aksaray escort that hard hot cock in my wet pussy, please! The next thing I felt sent me over the edge… The motion of the water moving over my ass as he was fucking me was unbelievable…!

As we fucked in the pool we were very aware of the neighbor watching through his fence…but he had no clue that we knew he was watching… Now every time we go over to his house I think about fucking in the pool… And that was just the first night…

After fucking on the float in the pool we went in the house and laid down in front of the TV watching skin flicks we drifted off to sleep … I am not sure what time is was when the moaning and groaning from the TV woke me up… I turned and looked over my shoulder at Gary only to see his rock hard cock pumping into his hand while he was laying there watching me sleep and watching the two guys fucking this one girl on the TV…

As I looked at him pumping his dick like that and seeing the precum on the tip and round down the back of the shaft … I couldn’t stand it so I started moving my hands slowly and precisely over my hot steaming body… damm this makes me so hot… watching him and playing with myself… I moved one of my hands down to the inside of my right thigh … then tracing my body with one finger and then two… moving them to my mouth slowly sucking them… like I was sucking his cock head. As I did this he squeezed his cock to keep himself under his control…after sucking on my fingers and getting them good and wet I took my other hand and spread my hot pussy lips so he would have the best possible view as I stuck my dripping fingers just to the opening making sure not to penetrate.

Teasing myself slowly at first and then I arch my back and stuck them about half way in… A small gasp of air departed from my lips and made a slight moan this sent chills all over my body. I could tell he was really close to going right to the edge. I got up on my hands and knees and crawled up in between his legs…as I looked up at him, he held his now red and swollen, vein popping cock up so it was sticking straight up… I raised myself up and lowered myself down oh so slowly, so I could feel it sliding in my pussy. I could feel it bulging against the hot muscles in my pussy. I could feel my pussy suck it all the way grinding my hips so hard I could feel it hit bottom.

Leaning forward, with my hands on his chest I began raising myself so my pussy lips where sucking on the head of his hard rod. I said to him “Man I can feel my pussy smacking at it”


“that is great”

“oh my”. He just laid there and groaned in a low sultry murmur. I could tell he was on the brink of eruption and I slowly started milking him with my pussy. Grabbing his cock at the base and hold on to it while sliding it slowly out and ramming it back. Picking up the pace and reaching around, I started rubbing his balls and my ass at the same time sent both went of us over the edge…cuming together, falling in love all over again… then we snuggled up to each other and drifted off into a deep sleep.

I can’t wait to tell you about the next day…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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