Housesitting Weekend

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There was a balmy breeze as they pulled into the driveway that afternoon. House sitting wasn’t a new affair for them, but this was the first time there had been a pool. Opening the door they took their bags upstairs and into the spare bedroom; her bedroom as it were. After unpacking and adjusting the climate controls they made their way downstairs and into the kitchen. Nicholas opened the grocery bags and removed the steaks and fresh vegetables.

“Hey hun, where do they keep a plate big enough for my meat?” he asked with a wry grin.

“I’m sure they have a Barbie coaster around here somewhere…” was her quick comeback.

“Hey! Why…” but he was cut off by a kiss on his cheek and the platter being placed in his hand.

“Go ahead and start the grill, I’ll get the rest of dinner started” she added as she walked away without any further consolement.

Sara looked out the window above the sink and watched as Nick lit the grill and waited for it to heat up. After preheating the oven she began rinsing the squash and slicing them. Then she arranged them onto the baking sheet before coating them with olive oil and freshly cracked salt and pepper. That task at a stopping point she removed the fresh loaf of seven grain bread from its wrapper and placed it on a dinner plate. As she turned around she heard the door and watched as Nick’s reflection took an end piece and placed it into his mouth.

“Save it for dinner!” she exclaimed, admonishing him for his pilfering attempt.

“There’s another end piece that’s all yours baby. I know how to share.” he offered as a rebuttal.

Walking around the counter he wrapped his arms around her waist and gently kissed her neck, drinking in the sweet fruit scent of her shampoo and Clinque perfume. Releasing his grip Nick slapped Sara’s ass gently before stealing another piece of bread and heading back outside to attend to the steaks. Sara laughed at his smug sense of satisfaction as she watched him leave. The flirty nature of both was in full swing and the first night had not yet begun.

Refocusing her attention to the oven she placed the tray inside and set the timer. As the squash would finish so should the steaks; a perfectly planned dinner. The vegetables roasting in their savory baste she was free to return her attention to gazing out of the window toward the man at the grill. She blushed slightly as Nick looked back and winked, catching her voyeuristic stares and lustful thoughts. Winking she turned away and removed plates and silverware with which to set the table.

The door opened and the succulent smell of charred beef wafted through the air causing Sara’s mouth to water. Nick placed the plate on the table and walked to the sink and began running cold water over his left index finger.

“What’s the matter, burn yourself?” Sara asked.

“Yeah. Was looking back at you and didn’t pay attention. My own damn fault for being clumsy.” he answered.

“Want me to kiss it and make it better?” she asked. Her question was intoned as both concerned partner and coy minx.

“Sure, but I think I might be hurt somewhere else too…” he said with a wink.

“Well, you can just take yoga to get flexible enough to kiss yourself better then.” And with that she took his hand and gently kissed the extended fingers. Slowly she slid the tips into her mouth, drinking the water from them and running her tongue across. Sara then removed them, sucking the moisture off as they exited her soft puckered lips. “All better?” she inquired.

“Absolutely perfect” he said looking into her eyes. Soft brown orbs radiating warmth and passion.

Sitting down they each served the other. After dinner they loaded the dishwasher and then settled down on the sofa to watch PCU. Not five minutes into the opening, with the credits barely cleared, Sara stood up and started walking towards the stairs.

“Where ya off to babe?” Nick asked.

“To change into my suit, I’m going swimming. It’s too hot in here and the water will feel great” she said as she climbed the staircase. Mardin Escort “Shall you join me or am I to float alone?”

There was no verbal response necessary as Nick was taking the steps two at a time in hopes of watching Sara change out of her skirt and into the flower print bikini. His effort was rewarded as she was just starting to remove her panties as he cleared the bedroom’s threshold. Staring longingly at her curves she tossed her underwear at him and proceeded to don her bottoms. As she bent over and placed on leg into them Nick walked over and again wrapped his arms around her, this time placing each breast into the palms of his hands.

“Enough fooling around. It’ll get colder outside soon and I’d rather not freeze” she quipped.

With that Nick lowered his head in a faux pout and walked over to his bag and took out his swim trunks. After removing his shirt he unhooked his belt and slid off his pants. Now it was his turn to have an audience. Knowing this he took his time taking off his boxers and stepping into the trunks. As he pulled them above his knees he began to turn around and face her, revealing the recently trimmed hair leading to the head of his erect member. Her eyes lowered and remained for a moment before smiling and walking down the stairs. She loved turning him on, although according to him she could do it wrapped in a circus tent.

The humid air made the initial dip into the water a shocking experience. Both dove under as they raced to the other side to where the Funoodles had been drawn to the filter. Retrieving one each they then floated about aimlessly while enjoying both the refreshing water and each other. Playful chatter of current events and popular culture abounds as they circle each other, two predators intent on satisfying their satiety. A half hour into the playful game they have found their way beside each other.

Nick’s eyes stare at Sara’s form through the rippling water as he remembers the past and begins to fantasize. Her body brushing against his rocked him from his reverie causing a smile. Taking her into his arms Nick covers Sara’s mouth with his. Her lips tingled; it was a kiss exactly like their first. His mouth pressed more firmly against hers as he pulled her body fully against his. Sara moved her legs to that she stood with them on the outside of Nick’s and pushed herself even closer. As their bodies connected Nick began to open his mouth and extend his tongue, probing for hers in return. Sara’s lips parted and her tongue darted towards Nick’s. Sara pushed Nick to the side of the pool, her lips sucking greedily at his tongue. Nick pulled her with him, his hands sliding down her sides and resting on her hips. Resuming their previous stance Nick pulled again on her hips while grinding himself into her.

Sara’s right hand slid from around his neck and beneath the water until it was pulling at the drawstring of his trunks. Successfully loosened her fingers glided inside as she took a hold of his shaft. Nick moaned into her mouth as she squeezed and stroked. He could barely contain himself and reached down and removed the trunks, swimming naked in the cooling night air. Sara stepped back for a brief second taking in the sight of her lover’s form before taking him into her hand yet again. Sensing his ever increasing arousal Sara’s hand lowered further and began to cup his balls. Nick’s head tilted backwards and he stared into the sky.

Sara’s grip increased and Nick returned his full attention to her, covering her mouth with his as he pulled her against his erection. Nick reached out and took the sides of her bikini bottoms and began to pull them off of her. With a flick of the wrist he draped the bottoms over the side of the pool.

“Now we’re even” he said as his hands reached out of draw her closer. “Well, almost.”

With that he reached behind Sara and untied her top, watching it fall into the water and her beautiful breasts come free. The air had developed more of a chill and her nipples became even harder almost immediately. Seeing Mardin Escort Bayan this Nick drew her once again against him and smiled as he felt them pushing into his chest as his cock was pressing into her public hair. Even if the pool hadn’t been filled Sara would have still been soaked in anticipation of Nick sliding into her.

Reaching behind her Nick’s hands grabbed her ass and lifted. Sara wrapped her legs around him as he lowered her onto his throbbing member. Sliding inside of her Nick paused, wanting to prolong the sensation. Sara, however, used her heels to spur him deeper until the entire shaft was within her. Both moaned quietly as Nick began to thrust slowly into Sara’s warm pussy. Their tongues rolled over each other in rhythm to Nick’s thrusts. Sara’s head tipped back, her shoulder length hair just missing the water’s edge, as Nick pushed his dick deeper inside.

Without warning Sara jumped backwards while grabbing her bikini pieces which were now floating nearby. A mischievous grin on her face she donned her clothing and swam for the opposite side of the pool and the wooden deck.

“Are you coming?” she asked coyly.

“Not now… oh. I’ll be right there” he said as he put his trunks back on and swam after her.

Just outside the door to the house they toweled off. Sara wrapped her towel around her waist and went inside while Nick finished drying himself and then followed. Nick walked behind her to the kitchen and bumped against her. Pinning her against the bar he wrenched the towel from her waist and flung it into the dining room, far away and offering no sanctuary. From behind Nick drew her closer as he pushed the bottoms down and out of his way.

“I want you now” he demanded.

She made no sound, offered no defense. Nick’s right hand reached around her waist and between her legs following the thin strip of wet hair above her pussy. Probing her lips his middle finger brushed against her clit and Sara let out a gasp. Pleased with himself Nick proceeded to trace circles around her clit, listening to her breath grow shallow as he does.

“Put your hand over mine” he commanded.

Nervously she lowered her right hand until it covered his. Nick lifted his touch and took her hand in his, placing it against her warm wet pussy.

“Take over while I remove my trunks.”

No affirmation was needed; he was able to see her fingertips as they rubbed against her clit from between her spread legs. Satisfied that she was obeying he removed his trunks and walked up behind her once again. Sara lifted her hand and placed it on the countertop of the bar. Nick reached out and took it in his, returning it to where he had left it.

“I didn’t say you could stop. I want you to tease your clit as I press my cock against your cute ass.”

Sara began to bite her lower lip as she masturbated for Nick, his cock grinding into her ass. Sara followed the steady rhythm he had and was soon beginning to pant. She couldn’t believe he was making her do this; and she had no intention of stopping. Being forced to perform had a sense of exhilaration that they had never experienced before.

“Bend over and arch your back”, came the next command.

She obliged and leaned almost flush with the counter. Its smooth tile was cold to her breasts but her fingertips were providing a welcome distraction. As was Nick’s cock which was now closer to the opening of her pussy. He teased her opening with the head as she had in the pool but with a much more sinister manner. Sara’s fingers were a flurry, her hips grinding into his cock.

“I want you now. Please!” she exclaimed. It was all she could take.

Hearing that, Nick too was ready and thrust deep and hard into Sara, filling her completely with his throbbing member. Pulling her hips toward him he pushed as he went even deeper. His thrusts were long and deep, pushing her across the bar and then pulling her away as she continued to massage her clit. Nick could feel her beginning to clench against his dick. Soon the waves of Escort Mardin ecstasy that her orgasm would bring would begin, but not so soon. Nick grabs her arm and pulls it away despite her protests.

“Not yet. I owe you a teaser.”

“Oh god, fuck me harder!” she answered.

Gripping her hips Nick began to buck against Sara wildly. Sara leaned backwards and Nick took her breasts into his hands. Enveloping the beautiful orbs he placed the nipple between his thumbs and index fingers and started to twist. Sara let out a cry that almost made Nick stop until he saw the wild look in her eyes, knowing she wanted more. She was enjoying being taken, being had completely.

Nick pushed Sara back towards the counter as he began thrusting even harder into her wet pussy. Nick’s hands reached out and grabbed her ass, spreading the cheeks. He watched as his cock pushed in and out of Sara.

“Play with your clit again.”

His thumbs slid inward toward her crack as she slid her fingers over her clit once more. As his right thumb glides downward along her crack his left hand pulls at her waist. Glancing against her hole he hears a muffled moan, causing him to stop. Nick leaned over her and listened as he again rubbed his thumb into her ass. Sara’s moan was less subdued this time.

“Tell me” he said. The simple command both permission and inquisition.

Through gasping breaths and with her body gyrating violently she managed to mutter, “Yessss baby. Yessss”

Nick lifted his hand to his mouth and placed his thumb inside sliding his tongue over it as he covered it in saliva. Lowering his hand the dripping thumb pressed more firmly against her tight little hole. Sara shuddered and then relaxed. Nick’s cock pumped continuously into Sara’s pussy aching to release. Firmly he pressed until just the slightest give was detected and then he paused again.

“Push back against me slowly.”

Sara pushed back against his hand and cock, both now probing her. It took minutes but she received the entire digit causing her to instantaneously convulse. The orgasm was like nothing she had felt before. Her clit, her pussy and now her ass were all being stimulated and she could do nothing to control herself.

“Oh Christ! I’m cumming baby! Yessss!”

The convulsions continued for at least two minutes. Meanwhile Nick slowly probed her ass as he thrust wildly into her pussy.

“Oh god. Take it out while I’m still cumming. Now baby, now!”

As he removed his thumb her orgasm slowed until she was leaning over the counter with both hands grabbing the far side. She slowly stood up after a minute and separated them. She turned and looked into his eyes, her own having a lone tear. Nick reached up with his left hand to wipe it away with a concerned look on his face but was soon assuaged by her smile and loving look in her eyes. She kissed him deeply and then got down on her knees with a wink.

“Seems you should get a turn too I suppose.”

Before the words could fully resonate she took him into her hand and began to stroke up and down, her own orgasm providing plenty of lubrication. She leaned forward and placed the head of his cock into her mouth, his deep moan confirmation that he was close. Her tongue flickered across the head and down the underside of the shaft before returning once again to the tip. It was all he could take and she knew it. Her free hand rose and took a hold of his balls, tugging them downward in hopes of forestalling his eruption somewhat. He was right, she thought as his cock pushed against her tongue and deeper into her mouth, she did taste good.

Watching her from above Nick’s eyes began to roll back into his skull. His breaths were becoming erratic with each movement of her hand and mouth. He knew it would be soon…

“Oooooh. I’m going to cum!”

Sara said nothing and sealed her lips around the shaft of Nick’s cock. His body began to shake as the orgasm swept over him, her tongue dancing playfully against the underside of the tip as her lips sucked even harder. She didn’t stop until he reached down and forced her to move. The overstimulation was too much and he had to calm down. Sara said nothing as she stood, merely sticking her tongue out at him and walking towards the stairs. It was time for a shower before bed and the night was still young.

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