How I Became a Breeding Bull Ch. 04

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Finger Fuck

This is the first part of Becca and Brick’s trip to San Francisco. They meet and have sex with two more women, one of them married. Brick concludes negotiations to buy the company with a celebration to follow. This chapter contains oral, anal, lesbian, group and interracial sex. It includes scenes of public masturbation and orgasm. While one of the women is married, it’s not a cuckold relationship, so this will go in a different category. No COVID exists in this fantasy world. My thanks to JohnnyGalt for his assistance.

How I Became a Breeding Bull, Ch 4 –

San Francisco, Pt 1

“So, what was it liked being strip searched?”

“Embarrassing, because of the anal plug and Lush toy inside of my pussy, and kind of exciting, except I thought I’d get fondled more, or something.”

“Yeah, they can’t really do that, or it would be sexual assault.”

“As a legal assistant, I know that, so perhaps you should be the next one to strip search me.”

“A full cavity search with my cock?”

“Exactly,” Becca laughed. “A slut strip search. When are you going to pick up another woman?”

“We could try on the plane, we know those people are going to San Francisco, but I think you should be the one to pick someone up. At least then, we’d know for sure they were interested in sex with another woman.”

“I don’t know how to pick up a woman.”

“Then you should learn, now that you’re having sex with them.”

“I just walk up to them and ask them, ‘Want to have sex with me?’.”

“Not very subtle and could be embarrassing for both of you, especially, if they’re already with someone else. Ground rules first. No women with a wedding ring on.”

“I thought you gave that rule up.”

“Only for specific people, not generally. We have to know the husband would be okay with it, and they may not be traveling together.”

“What about a single woman with children?”

“What would they do with the child while you’re playing, especially if they’re traveling and don’t have access to their normal babysitters?”

“I see your point. What do I do then?”

“Try this: write down on a piece of paper something like, ‘my male partner and I wish to play an erotic dice game which requires another female. Would you be interested in the possibility of exploring? At the very least, you’ll get a good meal out of it. You may stop at any time if you’re uncomfortable. Nod if yes, shake your head if no.’ Find someone you find attractive and hand them the note. You don’t have to speak, nor do they, in case they’re with someone and you didn’t pick up on it.”

“Do we have an erotic dice game?”

“I have one on my iPad.”

“Of course you do,” Becca laughed.

“The other thing we could do, is turn on your Lush and let you orgasm on the plane with the appropriate moans and whimpers, and see if that arouses anyone’s curiosity. At the very least, you get some orgasms out of it.”

“What if it’s a man whose curiosity is aroused?”

“I don’t want to have sex with a man, but I wouldn’t mind sharing you with one. He’d have to wear a condom. Or just tell them you have enough men in your life, and you’re looking for a woman.”

“I wish Laura or Sharon could have come with us.”

“That’s only convenient. You still need to learn to pick up women if women are someone you truly want to be with at times. There’s always the direct approach. ‘I’d like to have sex with you and my boyfriend. Can you play?’ Something more overt like exposing a breast and see who bites.”

“Or what they bite? Let’s try the note thing. That way I get to pick who I find attractive.”

“If it’s a flight attendant you’re interested in, you need to make sure they’re having a layover in San Francisco and not continuing the flight.”

“Got it.”

Becca composed a note written in her neat script, then folded it in two and put it in her purse. We didn’t have to wait long before we started boarding, Becca’s side trip to be searched having taken up about twenty extra minutes. I had booked seats in first class for both of us, for the extra leg room and comfort. I took the aisle and let Becca have the window.

Shorty after take off, our flight attendant, an attractive brunette with an engaging smile stopped to take our drink orders. Apparently, Becca found her attractive as well. Her name tag said Diana. I ordered a Black Jack rocks, Becca a Diet Coke.

“Are you having a layover in San Francisco, or do you need to leave again?” Becca asked.

“I’ll be on a layover.”

“Could you please read this,” Becca asked, handing her the note.

She read it and her eyes widened. She looked at Becca, and then me. “Is this your male partner?” She asked.

“It is.”

“Let’s say I’m a little bit interested, but would like to know more.”

“Good,” Becca said, smiling. “Do you have time now, or would you like to check back later?”

“I’ll check back later.”

Diana went about the rest of her business, mamak escort occasionally sneaking peeks at us.

After she left, I said to Becca, “She has a tan line on her ring finger. She may be married.”

“Does that automatically throw her out of the running?”

“It hasn’t for me in the past. For one thing, she could be recently divorced, but I suppose we should say something to her. I’m kind of intrigued since meeting Laura. I wonder what her story is.”

At some point, I turned on Becca’s Lush and gave her a couple of orgasms. Dianne apparently noticed those, keeping a close eye on us.

She leaned over and whispered, “Are you cumming?”

“Oh, yes,” Becca said. “Best flight I’ve ever taken.”

Dianne showed some confusion since all of our hands were in sight. “A toy,” I said, “very quiet. Might I ask about the tan line on your ring finger?”

She whispered, “My husband and I practice Ethical Non-Monogamy. I usually take it off when I’m flying.”

That was a new one on me. “That’s intriguing. I’ve never heard of that before. Instead of trying to carry on a conversation on the plane, would you like to have coffee at the terminal and we can verify everyone’s interest?”

“That would be better. I have to wait for everyone to deplane and do some minor housekeeping.”

“We’re in no hurry. Nothing scheduled until tomorrow. My name is Bryce, my associate is Rebecca.”


“We’re not a couple, per se. Call it fuck buddies. We’ll wait for you to get off.”

Becca started cumming again, moaning softly. “Must be a nice toy,” Dianne said.

“Wonderful,” Becca said. “Look Ma, no hands.”

Dianne smiled. “You’ll have to show it to me later.”

“I can show it to you now.” Becca pulled her skirt up her legs until her pussy was visible. The pink tail curled up her slit. “The TSA already saw it. They had to strip search me because of this and the anal plug.” She lowered her skirt.

“I have a feeling this evening will be very interesting,” Diana said.

Diana moved on.

“My, my, Becca, you are becoming quite the slut aren’t you?” I said.

“I hold you responsible. While I’m here I want to earn my 5th degree black belt.”

The flight between Seattle and San Francisco is roughly an hour and forty-five minutes, so it wasn’t bad. It felt like you spent twenty minutes climbing, twenty to thirty descending, depending on the traffic pattern, and fifty minutes flying straight and level. All of our luggage was carry on, so we didn’t have to rush down to baggage claim. We waited until we saw Diana walking out with a couple of the other flight attendants. We waved, and she joined us and we went to the Starbucks.

After having a seat, I said, “My name is Bryce Harmon, though most people call me Brick. I’m here negotiating the purchase of a new internet startup. My friend, Rebecca Holt, goes by Becca. She’s a legal assistant for the attorney who will do the contractual work if I proceed with the purchase. We’ve got meetings scheduled Thursday through Saturday, then a day of rest and we fly back on Monday.

“We’ll be staying at the St. Regis the entire time, in a suite with one King Size bed. Becca has, within the last ten days, experienced her first girl on girl sex, and an FFM threesome. She enjoyed it so much, she wanted to do it again while we were here together, hence the reason for the note. We’re obviously hoping for sex, but it’s not a requirement unless it’s something you want. We can take you out to dinner at the St. Regis while you mull our offer. If you’re not interested, I’ll pay for a taxi ride to wherever you’d normally be staying. I’m sure you might have questions, why don’t you ask a few.”

“What do you do for a living?”

“Not much of anything at the moment. I started and sold three internet companies, and am embarrassingly rich as a result. My main avocation in life is to have sex with as many women as I can. I’m looking at another internet company, which if it works out, will probably make me richer, but I don’t expect to run it, or manage it. There are some things they can do to become more profitable, and once they are, I’ll sell it again.”

“How did you two meet?” She addressed to Becca.

“He was on a date with another woman, Sharon, at a dance club. She asked him to pick up another woman so she could see what it was like to have sex with one. He was looking around and he saw someone spiking my drink. He came over, stopped me from drinking it, flattened the guy who did it and when I asked if he was alone, he pointed out that he was on a date, but she was interested in a threesome. I went to their table, danced with both of them a few times and ended up going back to his hotel room, where I had mind blowing sex.”

“Mind blowing?”

“The best sex I ever had. Since then, I’ve kind of become Brick’s slut, enjoying anything he cares to teach me. He fucked my ass last night for the first time, while another woman nibbled ofise gelen escort on my clit. That was exceedingly good. Of course, you witnessed me cumming on the plane because he’s constantly teasing me. I cum a half dozen times every time he fucks me.”

“I have a question,” I said. “I don’t normally fuck married women, not at all until recently, and that’s an unusual circumstance. I’m helping a couple conceive. I’ve never heard the term ethical non-monogamy before, What is that?”

“My husband and I are both flight attendants, working different routes. We see each other roughly two or three days a month, and sometimes even that isn’t on the same schedule. We love each other a great deal, but realized it was impractical to remain in an exclusive relationship given the circumstances. Ethical non-monogamy is a fairly recent term for allowing ourselves to have sex with others, mostly for sexual pleasure, while remaining emotionally bonded to our spouse. We don’t hide what we’re doing and often tell our partner who and when we’ve had sex with others. That doesn’t mean there can’t be emotional attachments to others; in fact, polyamory is a form of ENM, where three or more people share a loving, sexual relationship. It can also include spouse swapping or open marriages. Essentially, any situation in which the spouses have the knowledge and consent of their partner to have sex with other people. It’s becoming more common then you might think. In our case, we’re not in a polyamorous relationship, but we do allow ourselves sex with others, or we might never HAVE sex.

“It’s usually other people on the crews we fly with, and everyone knows it’s just for the sex, sometimes it’s a passenger. I’ve also had sex with a person I met in a bar, but I prefer not to do so.”

“Ethical non-monogamy might, at least partially, describe Laura and Phillip,” Becca said. “Phillip can’t give Laura a child and they both want to have one. No one is hiding anything or out-and-out cheating on their partner.”

“It could be, the description is broad enough,” I said.

“Have you had sex with women before, Diana?” Becca asked.

“A few times, maybe a dozen. I prefer sex with men, but I do find other women attractive at times.”

“Even though I only started licking cunt about ten days ago,” Becca said, “it’s been about a dozen times for me too, so we’ll have a roughly equal amount of experience, although all of mine is with just two women before now.”

“Have you had a threesome before?” I asked

“Two other guys and me,” Diana replied, “never a girl and a guy. It’s part of what intrigued me about your offer. It would be a first for me. I thought it might be fun.”

“Due to my helping this couple have a child, I’d have to wear a condom if we have sex, although I know I’m clean as I was just tested,” I said. “Becca just had herself tested as well, but she wouldn’t be penetrating you unless it’s with a strap-on. Based upon what little you know now, are you interested in going to dinner. I’m sure the rest can wait until we know each other better.”

“Actually, I think I know enough now, that I’d believe sex is likely, especially if it’s as mind blowing as Becca says it is, so let’s call it a 90% certainty unless one of you behaves like a jackass before the end of dinner. You sound refreshingly honest. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone tell me their goal in life was to fuck as many women as possible.”

“Do you need to contact your husband first?”

“No, it’s not that hard and fast. What I’ll probably do is tell him tomorrow if I had mind blowing sex, or you were a dud.”

“I can’t have word getting round that I’m a dud,” I said. “I guess I have to give you 120% effort, although,” I paused, “I don’t want to shortchange Becca by giving her 80. I suppose you’re stuck at a hundred.”

“Go ahead and give her 120,” Becca said. “If she’s in Seattle often, we can have sex with her anytime she has a layover. She’ll be addicted to your cock the way the rest of us are.”

“Who’s the rest of you?”

“Sharon, myself and Laura, the woman who’s trying to conceive. Probably anyone else he’s ever fucked, but I don’t know who they are. Those are the only three I know about, and we’re all hopelessly addicted to his dick.”

“You have some kind of super schlong then?”

“I don’t think it’s super,” I laughed. “I appreciate her enthusiasm though.”

“Let’s go then. I’m getting hungry,” Diana said, “and I’m not sure it’s all for food.”


I had a limousine waiting for us downstairs, the chauffeur holding up a sign for me near baggage claim. Diana and Becca were chatting amiably about a variety of things as we drove. I checked into the hotel, had a porter take our luggage to our room, including Diana’s. We proceeded to the Grill at St. Regis, the house restaurant. Apparently, neither of us acted like jackasses during dinner, as Diana accepted our offer to spend the night.

We removed otele gelen escort our clothes to shower. When I took mine off, Diana said, “Oh, my! I’m not sure but what you don’t have a super schlong. That’s pretty meaty.”

Becca grabbed hold of it and stroked it a few times, making me grow. “Isn’t it beautiful. I just love it.”

We took a shower together to ensure all the nooks and crannies of the three of us were sparkly clean. I always liked to impress the ladies that I was more than a big dick, I was also a long tongue, so I spent the first half hour dining on Diana’s moist pussy while the two girls kissed and played with the displayed breasts. She had several orgasms.

“Enough,” Diana said, “I need to feel you inside of me, now.”

“Ride my face in a sixty-nine,” Becca said. “We’ll take you places you’ve never been before.”

They moved together and as soon as they were engrossed in each other, I put on a condom and began pushing my way into Diana’s delightfully tight twat. It didn’t take her long.

“Oh, fuck! You’re stretching me out. Oh, FUUUCCCKKKKK MEEEE!” Or words to that effect, and several others as well. I did like to show off for the first timers, so I was still fucking her fifty minutes later before finally letting go.

I pulled out after flushing my balls and Diana rolled off Becca in satisfied bliss still panting hard after the flurry of orgasms.

“Was I a dud, or do I have to fuck you longer?”

“You weren’t a dud. You’re so far from dud, I have no words to describe it.”

“I told you,” Becca said. “It’s my turn now.”

“Has he got anything left?”

“Brick hasn’t cum since this morning. He’s probably got another two like that one before he needs a break.”

“You’re kidding?”

“I kid you not,” Becca said, removing my wrapper and wrapping her lips around it instead. In ten minutes, she had what she needed. She pushed me on my back and mounted me, sliding slowly down my shaft until she was resting on my hips. Then she started to ride.

It was nice not having to wear a condom. Her pussy was so wet and warm, the perfect place for hibernating for awhile.

“My face is free,” I said, pointing to my lips.

Diana swung her leg over me and lowered her loins down on my mouth. She was coated with cum, but it was all hers, mine having been captured in the latex. She tasted delicious. After another half dozen orgasms, she dismounted, although Becca was still going strong. I pulled Becca down to kiss her and she cleaned up some of the mess Diana had made of my face, while I thrust deeply. I felt it was time to stop showing off and let loose with a flood of cum, the mother of all creampies. Diana was nice enough to help me clean it up so we could sleep on dry sheets.

“Diana, they are delivering breakfast to our room at seven,” I said. “Becca and I have meetings scheduled here at the hotel at eight. You’re welcome to stay until you need to leave for the airport. If you want to fuck more, keep those times in mind.”

“Got it. I probably will. Becca was right. The sex was mind blowing. I’m exhausted. I haven’t cum that hard in forever.”

Diana woke me with a blow job around two, and I mounted her missionary and long stroked her for twenty minutes, then went back to sleep. The two women together, woke me up again at six and I fucked first Diana with a condom on, saving my orgasm, then Becca without, unloading in her around ten minutes before breakfast was due to arrive, so there was clean up time. When the waiter knocked, Becca got up nude and answered the door, letting him in and tipping him (with money), while Diana lay under the covers with me.

“I can’t believe you answered the door nude,” Diana said.

“I’m trying to earn my fifth degree black belt in Slut,” Becca said. “Brick said I have to suck the waiter off as a tip to earn it. I’m working my way up to it. If you could hang around with us, you’d be doing it too. You tend to lose your inhibitions around him. Laura never puts her clothes on around the house anymore. She’s getting fucked a lot as a consequence. Sharon was fucking Brick at his hotel mounted on his lap when room service delivered food one day. I answered the door nude that day as well. That poor waiter had such a hard-on when he left.”

I laughed. “I think you’re going to earn it, Becca. You were thinking about it.”

“I didn’t want my food to get cold and we have to leave shortly. Maybe tonight if we’re not rushed.”

We got up and ate at the table. I put Becca in my lap so I could play with her as we ate. We had enough time to shower and dress for work. It was nice having the meetings at the hotel so we didn’t have to go anywhere.


The meetings were pretty grueling. I didn’t want to overpay, so we were hammering out the details, and there were a lot of them. Becca was good at her job, making several suggestions to me over the course of the negotiations and keeping meticulous notes. We broke for lunch at one, and Becca and I ate at the Grill again.

“What do you think about the auburn haired lawyer heading their legal team?” Becca asked.

“Roxanne? She’s hot. Her legs go on for miles,” I said.

“Yeah, I was imagining me kissing my way up those legs wondering how wet she’d be when I reached the top.”

“You are such a slut. Looking for a replacement for Diana already?”

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