How I Love to Fuck My Wife

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It was a long day and I am tired. I took a shower and put on some shorts and a t-shirt I would wear to bed. I drink down a few shots of whiskey and settled down in the living room. I stretch out on the couch, arms behind my head, feet still resting on the ground. I turn on the TV but I don’t plan to watch it… just something to do while waiting for the whiskey to kick in.

She walks over and sits down on the couch next to me. We channel surf for a bit but soon the whiskey starts to roll over me and I lay back, arms behind my head, eyes closed. I lift a leg up onto the couch.

“Wanna watch a movie?” she asks.

“Sure, whatever you want.” Really, I could care less. I feel that buzzed warm sensation from the whiskey. I stretch my arms over my head, feeling good. I will probably fall asleep if she starts a DVD now. If she wants to watch a movie I will try to stay awake.

I feel the cushions shift and then a familiar touch on the inside of my thigh. Her touch is light and reaches up into the leg of my shorts. My cock responds almost instantly and by the time her hand reaches my balls it is almost fully erect. I groan lightly as she starts stoking my balls with the tips of her fingers. She shifts her weight again and I look down. Her lips are hot and moist on the inside of my leg as she kisses along the same path her hand had just taken. She knows I really, really like that. I feel the leg opening of my shorts being pulled aside.

Suddenly her lips are on my balls, her tongue pushing them around. I groan as she slowly takes one into her mouth, then the other. I open my eyes but all I can see is the top of her head. She works slowly and deliberately. She is always too rough with them and soon they started to ache. It’s a dull ache that extends into my groin. Her hand starts stroking my shaft which is now almost as hard as it gets.

Rolling onto her stomach, legs bent at the knees behind her, she pulls my cock out the leg of my shorts. The air in the room is cold which only increases the sensation as she drowns my shaft in her hot, moist mouth. She starts out playfully at first with slow deep strokes, very gently. My cock pops out of her mouth and she blows air over the head. I look down. The head of my cock is really large, almost angry and purple. She looks up at me, her eyes lusty and hot. Then she dives back down and my cock disappears in her mouth. I moan lightly to indicate my satisfaction.

She starts working my cock faster now, no longer being playful but trying to get me off. I run my fingers through her hair, trying hard not to grab her head… fuck her mouth. It’s what I instinctively want to do but it’s too soon and I don’t think she would like it right now.

“It’s cold down here, let’s go upstairs.” I tell her.

“Mmmm, you sure?” she says.


“OK, time for a little monkey sex, eh?” she giggles.

“I don’t know about that…” I reply chuckling sarcastically.

She gets up and goes into the bathroom. My raging erection leaves me wondering if I made the right decision. I really want to get her off, however, and I know it will be easier in the bedroom. It’s familiar territory.

She is taking a long time in the bathroom. My cock starts to soften. I walk upstairs to the bedroom, strip, and lay down on the bed. I hear the sound of a keyboard clicking. She is on the Internet. I know this will take a while. I get under the covers and close my eyes.

I wake up when the light clicks on from inside the bedroom closet. Looking at the alarm clock I notice two hours have passed. I apparently dozed off while she did whatever she was doing on the computer. She climbs under the covers, bedclothes on.

“Hey.” I softly greet her, smiling sleepily. I am not capable of conversation more complex than this.

“Goodnight. Sweetie.” she replies.

Very fucking funny, I think. Not a chance. No fucking way.

Still groggy I roll over and half lay on her, holding myself up on one arm. I lean to one side and push my arm up her shirt and place my hand flat over her breast. I know to be gentle with it. It is very warm and inviting. Looking her in the eyes I kiss her on the lips, lightly at first. Her mouth opens and so does mine. Our tongues touch and she moans into my mouth.

We kiss for a while, but the kissing becomes more intense and I find myself winded simply from not breathing. Breathing heavily now, she pushes me up. Sitting up she pulls her top up and over her head. It’s an awkward maneuver and her earring gets caught in her nightshirt. I gently untangle her and start to toss the shirt at the foot of the bed.

“No, no.” she says. “Leave it where I can find it, at the foot of the bed.” I toss the shirt where she asks wondering if I should have folded it first.

She lies back down. Then I lean back on top of her but instead of kissing her lips I lean over and kiss her neck. She pulls her hair out of the way, shaking her head from side to side. I run my tongue along her neck and nibble lightly. She sighs and gently strokes the back of my head and neck. She flinches and wiggles. beylikdüzü escort I know it’s not feeling as good as when I started… it’s starting to tickle. She almost giggles, so I stop.

I pick my head up and kiss her again, open mouthed, head cocked to the side. I sit up and turn around so I am sitting on my knees at her head facing her feet. Then I lower myself onto her nipple and draw it into her mouth. She strokes my side and moans as I gently stroke her nipple with my tongue. I lick around the areola. Her nipple is hard now. I keep gently licking it. Then I start to nibble, gently at first. She’s really getting into it.

I gasp and then moan. She has lifted her head and taken my nipple into her mouth. I lower my torso so she won’t strain her neck. I knew what I was doing when I turned around, obviously. She isn’t gentle and starts to bite it almost at once. It hurts but she doesn’t bite too hard and I like it. In fact I like it a lot. We each continue to mutually play with the others nipple. Then she reaches up and starts stoking my cock.

Did I mention my cock is rock hard at this point?

“What do you want?” I ask as I sit up, massaging her breasts.

She pauses for a moment and acts a little coy. “I want you to lick me.”, she whispers, sheepishly.

“That’s not good enough. Tell me what you want.” I immediately reply.

She responds with a longer pause.

“I want you to lick my pussy… make me cum.”, she whispers, almost jokingly. She smiles and giggles, perhaps a bit embarrassed.

“I don’t know what you mean. That’s not good enough.” I reply. I am going to make her be very, very specific. She is going to have to tell me what I want to know. She lays there silently as I lightly knead her breasts.

I pinch her nipples, gently. She moans. Her voice gets very serious. “I want you to lick my cunt… gently around the sides, then down the middle. I want you to suck on my clit. Fuck me with your tongue. Make me cum… hard. Like you do it.”

This is what I want to hear.

I crawl a few steps down to her pussy, kissing my way with each step. I set us up for a 69 with me on top but don’t straddle her face. I keep myself off to the side of her head. I know she likes to take my cock into her mouth when she cums. She didn’t always do this, but I got her to agree to try a 69 once and she came much faster than she thought. After that I told her how I liked it when she came with my cock in her mouth. Later she told me she had developed a craving for it. Ain’t I the devil?

She reaches between my legs, and strokes my balls. My cock is rock hard and drooling precum. She puts some on her fingers and rubs the head of my cock. It is excruciating. She continues her light touch on my balls and then my ass. It feels really good.

Gently I prompt her to lift her ass off the bed by tugging at the elastic of her pajama bottoms. She lifts herself up enough for me to pull them down, then lifts her legs up so I can slide them off of her.

“Put them at the foot of the bed where I can find them.” she commands. I do as I am told.

I lift her knees and pull her legs gently apart. It doesn’t take much. I kiss the inside of her thighs the same way she kissed me on the couch a few hours ago. I press my tongue into the crease where her legs meet her crotch and slowly lick. Then I start to slowly flick my tongue around the outside of her pussy. It’s rough, hairy. She generally keeps it shaved but it has been a while. So she is a little hairy but doesn’t have any stubble. I much prefer to go down on her when it’s shaven, but I really don’t care. I just want to get her off. I lightly lick around the outside of her pussy, flicking with my tongue once in a while. She moans. Then I go back to kissing the inside of her legs, using my tongue as well.

She starts to stroke my cock, then leans over and takes it into her mouth. It’s an awkward position and I know she is just doing it to make me feel good. After playing a bit she lays back and settles in. I know she has placed one arm over her eyes, concentrating. Her other hand is holding onto my cock. She is ready to cum.

I reach my arm around her leg and pull her pussy lips open from behind. I very, very gently lick her clit hood. She moans. Yes, she is very ready. Her pussy is really wet. I slowly run the full width of my tongue from the top of her pussy, right down the center, over her clit, over her tight little fuck-hole, and down to her perineum. She lets out a deep, deep groan as I get to the bottom. The arm that was over her eyes reaches out and grabs my side, her nails digging into me. Then it is gone, probably back over her eyes. She starts to stoke my cock, slowly.

I flick my tongue over her cunt hole. Her hips start to rhythmically move up and down slowly. She is making progress. Then I lean forward and jab my tongue deep into her. I love the taste and she is really wet. I start to fuck her with my tongue, just like she asked… just how I know she wants it done. First I fuck in and out slowly with my tongue. Then beyoğlu escort I make little circles, pressing against the inner wall of her pussy as deeply as my tongue will go. Then I go back to fucking with my tongue.

“Oh, fuck.” she gasps gently, slowly and seriously. Her hips keep moving. My face is really wet now, soaked in fact. I start to run my tongue flat and wide up and down the length of her pussy, clit to perineum. Her perineum is hard and rough. She moans when my tongue touches it, but it’s sensitive and I don’t spend a lot of time there. I flick my tongue on it a few times and then head back to her clit. I do this a few more times and then start to pay attention to her clit since this is what will make her cum.

I pull back the hood with my lower lip and gently knead her now exposed clit with my tongue. It responds just as it should and I push down lightly with my lower lip so it will stay hard. Slowly, gently at first I tongue her clit. Her hips are moving slowly now, not as fast as before. She is probably concentrating very hard. I have wondered for years what she fantasizes about as she tries to cum. I know if I insisted she share her fantasy with me I would leave her feeling self conscious and stop it from working for her. Besides, I may not want to know the answer. Some things are best left unsaid. I keep working on her clit but soon I know it’s time to change to something else.

I let up the pressure of my lower lip and suck her clit into my mouth. I flick my tongue over it lightly and quickly. She sighs and moves back to stroking my cock, balls, and ass. It feels really good. I can feel my precum on her arm when it touches my cock. I stop. You can’t do that for too long or the sensation weakens. I go back to licking her pussy top to bottom, and then start to tongue her hole again. After a few minutes I go back to flicking her clit with my tongue.

Suddenly she tucks her head between my legs. Awkwardly she takes my cock into her mouth. She moans but I don’t hear it, I feel the vibration on my cock. I gently rock my hips up and down, fucking her face very gently and slowly. Her moans on my cock tell me she likes it. Not too hard, I remind myself. Really, she is doing most of the work by rocking her head side to side. I am just encouraging the motion. I think it turns her on to think I am getting myself off.

I lick two fingers and stick them into her pussy. Her g-spot is easy to find. I never have to work hard to locate it. I put pressure on it, gentle pressure, and hold it. I let the motion of her hips do the rest. She responds with a grunt around my cock and more pressure on it with her tongue.

Suddenly she clamps down hard on my cock. Her orgasm is really strong. I feel her tongue pushing the underside of my cock up against the roof of her mouth. It sort of hurts but I keep gently fucking as she cums. Her other arm that was over her face is now on the small of my back, her hand opened up wide, fingers splayed out. She claws into me as she moans and grunts, a really noisy orgasm.

I can feel her cunt spasm around my fingers. I don’t stop the pressure on her g-spot and I sure as hell don’t let up on her clit. This goes on for a little while and then I start to ease up on her clit. I know it will be too sensitive soon and become unbearable for her. I resume licking the outside of her pussy lips, then around my fingers which are still stuck in her tight little hole. I pull my fingers out and replace them with my tongue. My face is buried in her pussy now, really soaked. She starts to twitch a little. It’s way too sensitive for her now. I slowly lower her legs and stretch out on top of her, supporting my weight somewhat with my forearms. I lift my hips up and make more room for her so she doesn’t get claustrophobic. She is really getting into sucking my cock, running her hands up and down my ass and balls. I lay there, a little tired and needing a break. I roll off her and she starts to spin around.

I wipe my face off on the blanket.

“Oh, thank you.” she says, breathing heavily.

“My pleasure, really.” I reply. That’s no lie. I love the way a woman responds when you eat her pussy. I really get into it.

She gives me a wet open kiss and stuffs her tongue into my mouth. I know she can taste herself. At least I am pretty sure she can. My mouth is overwhelmed with the taste and smell of her pussy.

“Your cock was dripping on my arm. I loved it.” she giggles.

That’s a first. “Really?” I reply, intentionally sounding pleased. As long as she loved it it’s all good to me.

I roll over to face her on my side and she flips over and starts to suck my cock again, gently stroking her fingers over my balls. It feels really good and she is clearly trying to get me off now. It’s not going to work. It’s really hard for me to get off like that. Not many women have been able to do it. Her mouth is too rough this time and it actually starts to hurt. Her teeth scrape my too sensitive cock head. She starts sucking too hard. I pull out and slowly sit up. She tries to get my cock bizimkent escort back into her mouth but I gently prompt her to roll over onto her back. I turn around and hover over her. I kiss her and then sit up again.

“Tell me what you want.” I say quietly.

“Ohhh.” she groans. “Fuck me.”

“That’s not good enough.” I put my hand behind the back of her neck. “Tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me, slowly then fast and hard.”

“You need to tell me more.” I grab my cock. “Do you want this cock?” I ask, giving her a hint.

“Yes, fuck me with your cock. Fuck me hard, put it in…ohhhh.”

I interrupt her as I start to rub my cock up and down her cunt massaging her clit. She starts to buck her hips up and down, trying to get my cock into her. I put the cock head in and make circles with it around her fuck-hole. Then I pull it out and slide it the length of her wet slit.

“In where?” I ask.

“Put your cock in my cunt, fast, all at once. Please fuck me.”, she says in a deep voice.

I push. I am in. I immediately bury my cock to the hilt, feeling it bottom out. She lets out a deep groan and her legs splay out wide as she pulls up her knees. Her arms lay at her side, her head tilted back, eyes closed.

I start fucking right away, slowly at first. Sitting up I put a hand on each knee and push her legs back. Her pussy lips are pulled open and I can see my cock rocking in and out of her. She is really, really wet. There is no resistance and I slide effortlessly in and out. I push her legs open wider and lean back, taking in the sight of my cock sliding in and out. I am getting really turned on watching this. I look up and she is gently moaning with her head turned to the side, eyes closed.

I am good and warmed up now. I pull my knees down and let go of her legs. She promptly wraps them around my legs and her arms wrap around my neck. She pulls me down. It’s hard to fuck like this but I manage. I start to kiss her neck but she interrupts me and leans over sticking her tongue in my ear. She is breathing heavily in my ear as her tongue makes circles. I don’t care much for the tongue in the ear but the sound of her breathing, almost a moaning, is a real turn-on. She moves her mouth and starts to chew on my neck.

I pull myself back up and lift her legs, fucking the whole time. I pull her legs together in front of me and fold her legs gently up to her chest. Her pussy is tighter now against my cock. It feels really good. I kiss her legs, licking her ankles. I suddenly run the full length of my tongue along the arch of her foot and then just as suddenly rake the surface gently with my teeth. She goes nuts. It’s a total surprise but I know this will only work once. I repeat the trick on the other foot but the element of surprise is lost. Anything more would tickle.

I fuck some more enjoying the position and then I let her legs back down. She isn’t complaining as I fuck harder and faster but I don’t like to do the same thing for too long. I hook the back of her knees with my arms and spread her legs apart as I lean into her. She is opened up wide now, really loose and wet. I start to fuck her hard, faster and faster. I am really fucking the shit out of her and she is getting really vocal. I can hear my balls slapping against her bottom. She puts one arm above her head and the other over her eyes. It looks like she may be ready to cum again but I know it could take a while.

“Tell me when you want me to cum.” I whisper in her ear. “I won’t go until you tell me to. I just love to fuck you.”

“OK”, she says, almost in a gasp.

I slow down my pace and bend my head down and to the side, taking her nipple into my mouth. I tongue it slowly and gently bite down. Her arm moves to the back of my head, then pushes my head up. I probably bit too hard, or at least it was too distracting.

I go back to fucking her only I slow down somewhat. I sit up, releasing her legs, and use my thumb to massage her clit very lightly. I put my other hand on her breast and gently massage it. She moans and for the first time that evening she starts to fuck me back, rocking her hips. She is very warm inside and it feels really good. I sure hope I can keep from cumming too soon, but I know that won’t be a problem. I begin a slow and rhythmic fucking motion. Her arm is partially covering her face. The look on her lips tells me she is really enjoying herself.

Suddenly, quite unexpectedly, I feel her pussy get very hot. I take my hand off her breast and touch my index finger to her lips. Her mouth opens, perhaps instinctively, and her tongue laps my finger into her mouth. She starts to lick and suck it as if it were my cock. I recognize the motions her tongue is making. She presses my finger against the roof of her mouth then gasps for breath. Then she makes a gasping, humming noise and I pull my finger out of her mouth

Her orgasm comes very quickly and with little warning. She pulls me down and almost screams into my neck, her arms wrapped around me. Her legs also wrap around mine and pull me in tightly. I can’t fuck like this so I stop and let her pull me in as far as she wants. I grind myself into her. She makes a noise somewhere between crying and whimpering as her cunt rhythmically grasps my cock. It clearly was almost as intense an orgasm as her last one. She seldom comes twice in one night. I count myself lucky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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