If It Feels Good Ch. 01

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“Oh yes, fuck his cock,” I talked to myself as I watched the porn movie. Looking down I watched as the tight pink masturbation sleeve moved up and down along my lubed hard cock. “He’s going to blow his load all over your naked cunt. That’s it rub your pussy while he cums all over your fingers and pussy.” I felt my load building and my fist moved faster.

The slick sounds of pumping my cock and seeing his hot cum blow all over her fingers brought me off. “Yes-s-s-s-s…oh fuck yes-s-s-s-s! Ugghhggg…” Cum shot out of my cock, the sleeve gripping it tightly, I played with my balls and let a finger push slightly into my ass. “Ohhh…ahhh…” I watched the cum leak out over my fist and as my cock softened I pulled the sleeve off. Taking a towel I cleaned myself up. “That felt good. Time to get a shower, and go out for some dinner.” Flipping off the movie I headed to the shower.

I had been in this little apartment for a few months now, following my separation and ultimate divorce. Now I was living in a basement apartment, nothing fancy but functional. I had a nice size livingroom, kitchen, small bathroom and a bedroom; I had to admit it was kind of cozy. It took me some time to get back into the ‘dating thing’ and I’d brought back a few women. But found that my fist did the job pretty good and since buying this sleeve had come to enjoy it even more.

The owners live upstairs, and are probably ten years older than me. They don’t have any kids, and are nice people. Jim has his own computer business downtown and does a lot of traveling and works all odd hours. Jan, his wife, doesn’t work but does a lot of volunteer stuff. Their laundry room is at the foot of the stairs of the basement so I see her quite often and we usually stand and chat when I happen to run into her. I’ve had dinner with them a few times, and Jim has taken me to the club and we’ve played a few rounds of golf.

I’m Tim, early forties, about six foot and around one-eighty. I’m not what you would call a ‘hunk’, but I take care of myself and work out a couple times a week. My hair is getting a little thin on top and some gray is beginning to mix in with my beard that I keep nicely trimmed. I just an average guy, people say I have a great personality and my brown eyes dance when I laugh.

One night after I had had a few beers and sitting naked I got the idea to measure my cock. I’m circumcised and the tape showed a little over seven inches in length and better than six inches around. From what I’ve read that’s pretty normal, I guess. I keep the shaft shaved down to the base and also my ball sac, with the dark brown hair trimmed. From the ladies I’d been with, since the divorce, almost always commented on how they found it erotic.

I had gone to Applebee’s for dinner and had a few beers and watched some baseball before calling it an evening. It was close to 11 as I came down the stairs, Jan was putting a load in the washing machine.

“Hey Tim. I’ve got to do some laundry and thought you were out for the night. If it makes to much noise just shut if off and I’ll finish it in the morning.”

“Hi Jan. That’s no problem, I can’t really hear it in the apartment. I’m going to be up for a while anyway.” I smiled and the thought that flashed through my mind made my cock stir. I have to admit over the past few months that more than once had I thought of Jan in fantasy as I masturbated.

Now standing here in front of me I could tell she had very little on underneath her robe, for sure she had no bra. Her nipples were hard and I could see gaziosmanpaşa escort them poking against the cotton material. “I’m going to get on and surf the Net, maybe have another beer. So no problem.” I forced myself not to stare at them and looked up into her blue eyes.

“OK good.” She must have noticed as she pulled her robe closed hiding her ample cleavage but did nothing to cover her breasts. “Jim flew out a couple hours ago and will be in St. Louis for a few days. Thought I’d get some of the curtains down and washed. If you’re still up maybe I’ll have a beer with you.”

I smiled as lewd thoughts crossed my mind. “That sounds like a plan. I have some cold ones in the fridge. Get your washerwoman stuff done. I’ll leave the door open so just come on in.” I waved and headed in before she could notice the lump in my Dockers.

Changing clothes I pulled on a pair of cutoff sweats and an old t-shirt. I didn’t really expect her to come down as that was a common conversation between us and she had never stopped in. Grabbing a beer and settling in front of the computer I reflected. This was one of the few times I had seen her with so little on, although I had seen her in a bathing suit a few times.

Jan was a good looking lady, and was always nicely dressed. She was six inches shorter than me and small framed. Shoulder length brunette hair with sparkling blue eyes. I was sure she had a fine body when younger, but time had put a few pounds on her, not fat by any means, just matured. Her breasts were probably a C cup, nicely flared hips and from what I could tell by the way her suit protruded at her thighs a full mat of hair. Pussy hair, I imagined, that was as dark brown as the hair on her head.

I was reading some stories in Literotica as I emptied my beer. Glancing at the clock I could see it was after midnight. I got another beer and figured Jan wouldn’t be coming down so decided I’d read a couple more stories, finish my beer and if I found one that caught my interest I would jack off again before bed. Hell, my cock was already half hard from some that I had read!

I came across a good story of a husband that loved having his wife bring him her cum filled pussy for him to lick out. The writing was really good and again glancing at the clock I saw another half hour had passed. She won’t be coming now, I thought to myself, and reaching along the baggy leg of my sweats pulled my erection out the side. Slowly I began stroking the length, reading intently. Have you ever had the ‘feeling’ that someone is standing behind you?

“I guess I should have knocked.” Jan touched my shoulder.

I jumped a foot! Trying to get my cock back in my sweats and gather my wits! “I.. uh.. oh shit!”

Jan laughed and walked past towards the fridge. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I’m sorry.” She sat down on the couch. “Jim spends a lot of time in front of the computer too, and I’ve seen worse.” She took a long pull on her beer. “Besides you’re a big boy, quite a big boy too by the looks, and I know it must be difficult being single again.”

Finally my cock had shrunk back to normal proportions and even though still blushing I turned in my chair. “I just didn’t expect you after it got so late.” I was getting my thoughts together and chuckled. “Yeh, it does get hard sometimes being single.” I noticed that she was still wearing her robe from earlier except another button at the top was undone and I had a nice view of the tops of her breasts. gölbaşı escort

Jan took another long pull on her beer. “Do you jack off often?”

She didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed or upset. Wondering what this would lead to I decided to just follow along. “Probably more than usual anymore, but I find it satisfying.”

“Did you ever do it in front of your ex?” She smiled and I her eyes smiled with her.

I still wasn’t positive but thoughts were forming. “No, not very often, she was kind of prissy about some things.”

“That’s too bad. Once in a while Jim will do it for me. I really find it intoxicating.” Her eyes went from mine and focused between my thighs. “Take it out and finish it for me.” She glanced back up. “Please…” She slowly undid another button on her robe and opening it exposed her breasts to me.

I smiled and setting my beer down I stood and let my sweats drop to the floor. Stepping out of them I took my cock in my hand and sat back down, turning my chair so I was facing her. “Is this what you want me to do?” Closing my fist around my cock I slowly stroked the length of it.

“Yes. Oh yes, what a beautiful cock..” Jan stared directly at my prick as I stroked it. Sliding down on the couch she opened her robe and slowly spread her legs.

“OH FUCK!” I squeezed my cock to keeping from blowing my load right there! Her cunt hair was as dark as the hair on her head! Just as I had imagined, although very nicely trimmed. What got my attention was on spreading her legs there between her thighs holding her slit open was a solid lifelike dildo! “Oh sweet Jesus!” As I squeezed my cock precum leaked from the tip and down over the head.

Shrugging her robe off she sat with her legs spread completely naked before me. “I guess you like what you see.” I could only nod my assent. With one hand she took the dildo and began fucking herself. With her other she used her fingers to slowly caress her hard clit. “Jim has told me that all men love to see a woman masturbate…or should I use the word jack off.”

“Yes…it’s beautiful…” I managed.

“Would you like to see me…jack off…and cum?” Slowly she opened her outer lips exposing me her clit. It wasn’t overly large, but was extremely erect and with the hood pulled back it looked like a small penis. “Tell me Tim, would you like to taste me and make me cum?” She smiled as our eyes met.

“Yes I would.” Jan smiled and motioned me towards her. I slipped off the chair and moved towards her on my knees, my cock leading the way. My hands found her inner thighs and I gently caressed them as I looked from the pumping dildo up into her eyes.

“Do you like seeing me fuck myself?” I could only nod. “Do you want to taste me?” Again I nodded. “I can tell, your cock is leaking all over the floor.”

“I have to admit that you are driving me crazy.” I reached between my legs to grip my cock. Jan shook her head no and lifting her leg used her foot to push my hand away.

“You want to taste me, then open your mouth.” I did as she instructed and there was a resounding ‘plop’ as she pulled the dildo from her pussy. “Do I taste as good as you thought?” Taking the dildo she moved it towards my lips, the fingers of her other hand continued to circle her clit. “Go ahead Tim, I’ve been fucking myself for the past hour. You should be able to taste my cum real good.”

She moved the juice covered fake cock along my lips. I licked my lips and tasted the sweetness of her keçiören escort juices. Slowly she turned it and pressed the head against my lips. I opened my mouth and as she pushed it in I savored the full taste of her cum. Staring at her moving fingers and swollen cunt lips surrounded by her dark hair I began to greedily clean the latex prick.

“Oh you’re acting out my favorite fantasy!” Jan fingers began moving faster over her clit. “Have you even sucked a cock?” I nodded that I had. Pulling the dildo from my mouth she stuffed it back into her wetness and began fucking herself. “Tell me…tell me about it, please…please…”

I sat back on my haunches and smiled. Jan was becoming extremely excited and I saw her eyes glaze over as she looked down at my hard cock. I was slowly stroking the length of it and had regained control of the load that was waiting to explode. “The first time was years ago with my college roommate and his girlfriend.”

“Your..your..first time! Oh my gawd!” Her eyes never left my cock as she spoke.

“My roommate had filled her pussy and stayed half hard as he watched me lift her thighs onto my shoulders and push my cock up into that full cunt.” Jan moaned as her fingers rubbed and pulled on her clit. The dildo made wet sounds as she fucked herself. “He moved up by our heads and turned her head then pushed his cock down her throat. It was only a few inches from my face as I watched her suck him off.” Her hands were now a blur between her thighs. “Do you want me to go on?”

“Yes…fuck yes!” Her breasts bounced on her chest, the nipples hard as little pebbles. “Did you suck his cock? Did you?” She was so close!

“Yes, I did. I was real close to blowing my load when his girlfriend pulled his cock out of her mouth.” A low growl began deep in Jan’s throat. “She pushed it in my mouth, like you just did with that dildo, then began telling me to suck his prick. Saying she wanted to see him cum down my throat….”

“OHHH FUCK-K-K-K-K YES-S-S-S-S-S-s-s-s-s-s…” Jan had buried the dildo deep up her cunt and her fingers were a blur rubbing over her clit.

“I couldn’t hold back and added my cum into her full cunt! Between her fist jacking his cock and my mouth sucking him!” I couldn’t hold back much longer! Reaching down I pulled the fake cock out of her wet cunt and rolled her over onto her knees. Her face was pushed against the back cushions of the couch.

“Ohh-h-h-h…mmfffgggfffff…” Her cum was leaking out of her and dripping onto the floor. Her arm was pinned under her belly and her fingers still worked her erect clit. Holding the base of my cock I aimed the head at her open slit and pushed! “OHHHH MY FUCKING GAWD-D-D-D!!!!” Her head reared back as she screamed.

Pumping my cock into her I could see it was coated with her cum. “He stared fucking my mouth and I felt his cum begin to fill my mouth.” Jan’s body was shaking as I felt her muscles begin to tighten in another orgasm. I stared down at the tight puckered back hole that stared up at me. I had to!! Her climax hit and her muscles gripped my cockshaft, and didn’t want to release me!

“NO-O-O-O-O!!! Please don’t stop-p-p-p…OHNO-O-O-O!! ahhhhHHHIIIEEEE… YES YES YES-S-S-S!!”

Grabbing her asscheek with one hand I held her tight as I pushed my well lubed cock against her tight hole. As the head passed the tight outer ass muscle I pushed deep into her and erupted. “AHHHHHFUCKKKKKKKK!!!” I thought my balls would explode right out of my body! “I swallowed ALL HIS CUM AND SUCKED HIM DRY-Y-Y ahh ahhhh ohhh fuck-k-k-k-k…” My empty spent cock began to soften and I slowly pulled out of her and exhausted fell back on the floor.

Jan lay silently face down on the couch her body heaving as she tried to catch her breath. My cum leaked from her violated hole and mixed with her juices that dipped from her cunt. I sat not believing what had happened.

To be continued…

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