I’ll Never Regret My First

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The names of this story have been changed to be as generic as possible. This is a story based on actual events that breaks the strong and often ridiculous bonds of classism that can occur in the world we live in. I hope to demonstrate that love can break all rules and that sexual relations can be more than just lust, they can help build that love.

My name is Maria and I was 18 when I finally lost my virginity to the town mayors new city attorney. Despite my typical name this was not a typical story for the town I grew up in. It was a small and very conservative town in rural Mexico. Everyone went to mass and no one ever talked about sex to me. Not at home, and certainly not at the Catholic all-girls school where I completed all my education at. So when I met Juan, the new attorney I had no idea what his intentions were when he started to take me out for walks, help me carry my groceries home to my parents, or bring me flowers he had picked himself. Our town was small enough we did not have a movie theater or much of anything to do really.

Finally came the day that I would have my first sexual experience, although I didn’t know it at first. As part of a co-op farm once a year my parents would leave with the rest of the farmers into the City to take their harvest and sell what the town wouldn’t use. I would stay behind to mind my sisters where were now 12 and 15. Certainly they were old enough to take care of themselves. When I mentioned this to Juan a few days earlier a smile came over his face.

“Why don’t you come over for dinner on Friday night and I’ll cook for you?” He asked.

Now this was very weird for me since men of our town did not cook. But when I thought about it and how Juan was single and new here he was probably used to cooking for himself. I accepted his invitation.

When Friday finally came I decided to show how much I liked Juan by wearing my prettiest bright flower dress. I looked at myself in the mirror and examined myself slowly. I had tone legs from walking to the store every day for eggs and bread. My breasts were a full c-cup and I think my ass looked amazing in my beautiful dress. Finally Şerifali Escort my stomach was nice and flat. Had I grown up in a bigger more modern city I’m sure I would have looked great in those mid cut off shirts I would discover latter on in life.

When I arrived at Juan’s apartment he greeted me with a kiss I will never forget. It was so unexpected and I was so taken aback by it that it set the tone for the rest of the night. After a lovely dinner he put on some music and asked me to dance. I got up and accepted but I was not prepared for what would happen in the next few hours to follow.

Juan began to compliment me on how I looked as we began to kiss again. I began to feel something I had never felt before between my legs and I quickly became a little embarrassed. It came to a point where I stopped kissing him for a moment and told him that I think I should go.

“Not yet baby, you look so amazing tonight,” he said as he pulled me close to him. My breasts were pressed up against him as he slowly pulled away and began to touch one. My first instinct was of pure pleasure, but then my senses returned. “No Juan, I can’t. We… we aren’t married and I can’t,” I muttered. But I couldn’t help it and when he began to touch my other breasts with his other hand I didn’t resist as he kissed me deeply.

I wanted to leave but I couldn’t. My Catholic background was haunting me now as I slowly slipped into ectascy while Juan slowly unstrapped my dress. Underneath I had on a white bra with simple white panties. I was already wet through my panties and Juan surely noticed this.

“God Juan, I can’t. Maybe we should go to your room I replied.” I was fighting a losing battle. A huge range of emotions surged through me now. At one point I was embarrassed to be only in my bra and panties in front of a man I barely knew. On another point I couldn’t help but want Juan to keep massaging my breasts. Finally with one swift motion he unstrapped my bra. I couldn’t believe it as my large breasts fell lose. I was once again embarrassed but powerless against his gentle touch. As he massaged them I looked down to Göztepe Escort see an increasing bulge in his pants.

“Are you ok baby?” He asked. “You look so amazing with just your panties on.”

I gasped for air. I couldn’t think any longer. It got worse as he soon removed his shirt while continuing to caress my breasts. His body was nice for being 7 years older than me. The long evenings he would spend playing soccer with the rest of the farmers surely paid off. I was completely overtaken as he slowly began to rub my pussy from the outside of my panties.

“Should I take them off?” I heard myself whisper.

“No,” he replied. “Just lay back and I’ll take care of them.”

I laid back and he slowly removed my panties. Then he did something unimaginable. He put his lips right on my pussy and began to kiss me. I thought this must be dreadful for him and quickly sat up in embarrassment. “Juan, no, don’t do that.” I protested. But he continued until I could no longer utter a word to him, just moan.

As I laid there staring at his head buried deep into my sex I realized that at some point Juan had taken his pants off and his huge penis was protruding from his tight underwear. I couldn’t help it as the sight of it came over me and I felt something I never thought possible. An immense amount of pleasure so undescribable all I could do was moan and scream. I felt my hand engulf itself in Juan’s hair as I instinctively pushed his head into my pussy. My body began to convulse and shake as I came over what seemed to be an eternity. I felt Juan’s tongue deep inside of me as my juices flowed into his mouth and on his face. When I finally calmed down I looked up to see Juan wiping his face off with a towel. My sexual desires had been awoken and instinct soon came over.

The next hour I was very conscious of what I was doing, as I took Juan’s penis in my hand. I began to stroke it faster while he sat on my stomach and massaged my breasts. Soon I felt my pussy once again become wet.

“Juan?” I asked, “Do you want me to put you in side of me?”

“Please, baby.”

All I remember Ümraniye Escort what his amazing cock felt like when I put it next to my pussy. Juan slowly pushed it into me. I felt a sharp stinging at first but once I looked up and realized Juan’s huge cock was now inside my tight pussy the pain went away completely.

He moved in and out of me for the next few minutes as I felt my body take over and move in rhythm. After a few minutes he rolled me over so I was on top. I wasn’t sure what to do since at this point Juan had taken all the control.

“Just move however it makes your pussy feel good,” he instructed me. So I began to thrust back and forth faster and faster. Juan’s moans and mine became in sync with each other and I felt that I was going to climax even harder this time. He continued to massage my breasts as I moved up and down on his cock.

“Oh my God,” Juan moaned. He sat up and began kissing me and my breasts. As I felt myself nearing the same explosive climax I had achieved earlier I noticed Juan was panting and moaning just as hard as I was. I looked down to see how wet I was as I moved up and down as fast as I could on Juan’s cock. As we climaxed together I remember feeling something warm shoot inside of me against the walls of my pussy as Juan screamed. The feeling only made my orgasm more intense and I screamed as Juan continued to sit up and embrace me tightly. As we slowly calmed down together I slid Juan’s cock out of my pussy. A white thick liquid began to trickle out of my pussy as Juan took his cock out of me.

“Look baby, I came so much inside of you,” he replied. I looked down and it seemed like there was no end to the white liquid running down my leg. I didn’t care as I soon fell into Juan’s arms and we just laid there.

After what seemed like 10 minutes Juan awoke me and told me he would cook me breakfast but then I should get back to my sisters. I couldn’t believe I had spent the whole night with him. At that point the only I wanted was Juan to be inside of me again. It took me 18 years to finally have sex with a man. It ended up being with someone I barely knew and before my conservative upbringing had taught me was right. I soon became addicted to sex with Juan and we were married a few years later. Although our wedding night was not our first time I cannot say that it was not the most special moment in our lives. It was like that first time all over again.

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