Imagining You

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I woke up and stretched lazily under the fluffy down comforter as my alarm softly buzzed next to my head. My dark brown eyes peek out from behind shuttered eyelids and gaze out the window. The day was just starting, and the suns first rays cascaded into my room warmly. I reluctantly slide out of bed and pad down the hall to the bathroom. I stand in front of the full-body mirror and remove my night clothes. My eyes travel up and down my curvy body. I’m of average height, but my body is chubby and endowed nicely. My hands rise to cup my 48ddd tits lightly and thumb the hardening nipples quickly. Breathing heavily as I move one of my hands down to cradle my plump pussy in its palm. Using the heel of my hand, I rub against my throbbing clit. My smooth pussy becomes wet quickly, so I slip two fingers deep into my pussy. Because of what my hands were doing to my body, my release rapidly approached.

I picture you in my mind, your fat cock dripping precum. I imagine me on my knees in front of you as you take my hair and wrap it around your hands. I feel your wet cock slide against my mouth, and across my cheeks as you tease me relentlessly. My fingers begin to push into me harder and faster, my other hand squeezing my tit almost painfully. Mercifully, you finally shove your cock into my wanton mouth. Your hips pumping strongly as your hands guide my mouth on your cock. I can only grunt and groan around your fat dick as you fuck my mouth and throat. I feel your cock swell and begin to quiver as you shove it deep and keep my head still. As your first jet of hot cum sprays on my throat, I open my eyes and stare at my reflection in the mirror as my body convulses in orgasm. My creamy cum gushes out from around my pounding fingers to drip and run down my thick, trembling thighs. Gasping and nearly collapsing, I quickly jump into an invigorating shower and clean up. Refreshed and pleasantly throbbing, I walk back Büyükçekmece escort bayan to my room, droplets of water running down my pale skin slowly. As I passed the linen closet, I get a large, fluffy towel and begin to dry my long, burgundy hair. I can not help but fantasize about the way your deep, sexy voice sends chills down my spine; the way your cock makes my pussy quiver in delight.

I head towards my closet, smiling. I had a lot of chores that had to be done today so getting an early start had seemed the sensible thing to do. I pulled a pale purple cotton tank top and white shorts out and placed them on the bed, and after toweling off the remaining water, I dressed. I forgo my panties and bra for now because I know I am nowhere near finished cumming for you. I grab the clothes strewn along the floor and put them in the basket. Turning back to double-check, I see my secret toy collection. I smile wickedly and grab the box and head to the bed. Opening it, I pull out the toys.

I had a vibrating bullet, a standard sized dildo, anal beads, sex lotions, and a huge dildo that I rarely was turned on enough to use, the big boy. It was 9 inches and exceptionally thick. It was firm and rubbery, including a set of impressive balls. Just seeing it made my pussy clench and moisten.

I placed the big dildo and my bullet on the table next to my bed and put the rest of the toys back into the box. I slip off my shorts and lie back on my bed. Utilizing the bullet, I turn the vibration on medium. I use one hand to spread open my shaved pussy lips and set the bullet directly on my clit. My back arches up off the bed, and I moan loudly as the vibrations move through my body swiftly. I bend my legs and spread them wide, circling my clit slowly with the toy. My pussy gets so hot and wet when I think of you. Wishing you were here to eat my sweet, wet pussy Escort Çatalca until I came all over your face. The idea of your lips on my cunt drives me to move the bullet faster. I dip a finger into my leaking pussy and bring it to my mouth. I gently suck on my finger, the taste of my sweet juice making me moan with delight.

My hips begin to buck up to push the toy into my clit harder, my hand moves to my clothed tit and begins to pull on my nipple hard. My orgasm rushes through me quickly; I imagine your mouth clasped around my cunt hole, sucking all of my juice out hungrily. Not giving my body time to come down, I jump up and get the dildo. My dripping wet cunt incredibly ready for the toy to stretch and plunge into its depths. To lube it up, I suck and lick it all over, even the balls. Thinking I was sucking your cock, I thrust as much of the 9 inches down my throat as I can. When I can’t take it anymore, I place the dripping wet rubber cock on the bed and hold it upright. I straddle the huge toy and rub my soaked pussy with the rubbery head. Placing my cunt hole right over it I begin to drop down. I feel the thick head push against my slick pussy and push down harder. I use one hand to stretch my lips and the other to reach around to slide a finger inside my pussy to help it fit. I groan loudly as the fat toy pops into my tight cunt almost reluctantly.

I hold just the head inside me and remove my top roughly. I tease my nipples hard and slide down on the toy further. Soon, my velvety insides were convulsing around the fat toy. As my pussy adjusts to the massive size, I imagine your body beneath me. Your hands gripping my fleshy hips roughly and urging me to bounce. I begin to slide up and down feeling my pussy stretch wide. Reaching down, I use my bullet on my clit again and begin to bounce harder. My pussy leaks juice with each bounce and I grunt as it hits Esenler escort the bottom of my hole. I spread open my ass and use two fingers on my asshole. Gathering juice from the toy, I slip them deep into my ass as I fuck the toy. The feeling of pleasure in both holes drives me over the edge. I scream and slam down on the toy and bury my fingers knuckle deep in my ass. Hot, sticky cum squirting out forcefully around the toy to soak the bed and my thighs. Gasping hard, out of breath, I collapse on the bed and remove my fingers from my ass. The toy stays buried inside me as I lie on my back, gasping, and beaming. I glance over at my desk and see my cell phone is blinking. I get it quickly and check my texts.

It is a message from you. My pussy tightens around the toy hard as I read your words. It seems you had stroked your cock for me in the shower this morning and had come hard thinking of me sucking your cock. Had imagined me drinking all of your cum hungrily, like a dirtly little cum slut. You had decided to take a few pictures the last time you had jacked off and had sent them to me this morning. I opened them up and licked my lips as your cock appeared on my screen, a thick rope of cum dripping down your fat cock head. As I stare at your picture, I reach down and grab the toy by the balls. I begin to pump it in and out slowly as I switch to the next picture. Your beautiful cock was glistening with precum that you had used to lube your cock for pumping. I moan passionately and begin to drive the toy harder into me. The picture of your wet cock mesmerizes me as I think of you fucking me hard and fast. My legs hooked over your broad shoulders, your cock jack hammering into me. I dig the toy into me at the same speed as my vision is showing me. Screaming and grunting like an animal, I cum again. This time I pull the toy out and rub my clit hard and fast. I squirt cum hard and fast all over the bed. My back arches off the bed, my toes curl, and my eyes squeeze shut tight as the orgasm shuts down all thinking.

With the last squirt, I slowly open my eyes and struggle to breath right. After a few moments to calm my self, I grab the phone and smile. You were calling. It seemed my pleasure was not over yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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