In Deep

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I knew the day I hired her I was in deep shit. She was 19, short about 5’3″ and thick in all the right places. Big juicy tits were barely contained under her blouse and her thick thighs made her jeans strain in a way that said “she’s too hot to hold back”. She wasn’t blonde but her dyed hair worked well with her fair skin, big pretty brown eyes under well sculpted brows. She got the job on merit of course. I don’t hire for looks and never have, but she was special, eager to learn and within a week she could hold her own on the sales floor. She didn’t complain about the schedule, and then she came in on her day off.

It was a Saturday and I had given her the day off so could go to a family party. I was finishing helping out a customer when she walked in, she was wearing short cut off jean shorts, her thick legs flowed downward into sexy sculpted calves and these awesome leather sandals held her feet like a pedestal. Her toenails were a bright red, she wore no lipstick or blush but I swear she looked amazing in her sun kissed skin.

And it went on as such, she wore her work uniform very fashionably, black pants, black long sleeve button shirt, very form fitting, I saw boobs and bra more than I wanted and ofise gelen escort when she walked away I couldn’t help myself but to watch her walk away. The form of her panties forming a barely noticeable outline, and outline that said she wore really sexy panties. Even thongs.

It wasn’t long until we were talking and while mentioning that if I ever got the chance I would buy a farm and raise horses she said something that I’ll never forget. “Take me with you”.

Holy shit! She was into me. I’m 12 years her senior, Holy fuck! I started to have fantasies about her, what she looked like in her bra and panties? how did she take her clothes off? Slowly one garment at a time? All at once? What color were her pubes, God with her fair skin I bet her pussy was pink, her nipples!!

One night, it was slow. 10 minutes before closing time and it had been slow for the last hour and I decided to close a little early. Having locked the doors I counted the till, she vacuumed, and once I had finished I prepped the deposit. I stepped into the back office and put away all that I had to put away. Once I was sure I was done I stepped into the hallway and ran into otele gelen escort her full on.

She was okay but her tits were all up against my chest, in the collision I had grabbed her by the wais and she grabbed onto my arms.

I was in a serious dilemma, I’m a married man, she has a boyfriend, we work together, what if someone finds out? Before I could answer any of these her lips were on mine and it was on.

We went into the bathroom, her lips were all over me. My lips, my cheeks, my neck, it was like a drink of water to a thirsty soul, I couldn’t help but drink. In seconds her blouse was open and her tits were out, pink nipples like little buttons ready to pushed, pulled and twisted. My pants were down in a flash, I’m not a big man but that night I felt like I could chop wood with my dick. She leaned back as I sucked on her tits, first the right one then the left one, she gasped holding on to me. We kissed and in between sucking her tits and kissing she unbuckled her pants pulling them down along with her panties in one motion and the aroma…absolutely intoxicating, she was not trimmed, brown almost blonde pubes greeted me, her sincan escort wetness shining through the thick mass. I leaned in close and slid my dick into her hot wet labia past the pubes rubbing her clit. We kissed while my dick soaked up her moisture. She was so fucking beautiful, I forgot about my wedding ring in the background on the hand that supported us against the wall.

“Do you want to stop?”


She turned around and put her hands up on the wall. Good God, her ass was there for the taking, she was mine. I would never have this chance again.

I took my dick and felt for her pussy, I found it and took hold of her as I pushed in. She gasped and took a deep breath, little moans escaped her mouth as I pushed in again. After a minute or two I found my stride and was really laying down pipe, she was breathing like a runner on morning run, deep breaths that made me want to fuck her even harder. I grabbed her waist and really put the old back into it. I could feel her pussy creaming on my dick, I leaned in and put my face next to hers, we were grunting and breathing hard together she then grabbed my head with her arm holding me to her as I felt that I was about to come. I pulled out just in time as I came on her butt cheek, a hot almost endless stream poured onto her lovely skin.

“Oh God I’m sorry”

She grabbed me and kissed me full on with tongue, and it was then that I realized something. She didn’t care that I came on her, she didn’t care that we fucked in the bathroom, it was about us, she and I finally coming together as one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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