Incest Hotel Ch. 03

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As always, anyone involved in any sexual activity is at least eighteen years old. I would like to remind any casual reader that the Incest Hotel series is a collection of self-contained stories. You don’t need to have read any of the previous chapters to enjoy this one.


To everything there is a season, and that was certainly true for the Copeland Grand Hotel.

It was a popular, high-class, quality establishment and had regular custom all year round, but the Summer months were always the busiest. There was a regular turnover of guests: businessmen, businesswomen, holiday-makers, those wanting a weekend getaway. People came and went, day after day, week after week, month after month.

But as the days shortened and the leaves started to turn, the pace of life at the hotel slowed down a little. There were still plenty of people who would come and visit, but more than a few rooms would now remain empty. Turnover would decline, profits would dip.

Management recognised the problem, it cropped up every year, and they would try to do things to address it. The hotel laid on special events, banquets and parties, to try and drum up some new custom. Special deals could be found on hotel booking websites. It’s not as if the place was in any existential peril, it always survived to welcome the new season, it’s just things got a little tight at this time of year.

But, if Autumn and Winter was a downtime for the hotel industry, it was prime-time for college football. Gridiron was as popular here as it was anywhere else in America, and catering to intercollegiate sports was a lifesaver for any needy hostelry or guesthouse at this time of year. The Copeland Grand had a thriving relationship with several academic institutions nearby, and was always happy to play host to any visiting team that had a vital fixture on their calendar.

But of course this wasn’t just any old hotel, this was a very special hotel, one that had a unique ambience and often a unique clientele. A certain kind of person sometimes found themselves drawn to this place. It had a way of attracting and inspiring a very specific kind of guest, one that possessed a very particular taste for the forbidden and the taboo.

To everything there is a season but at the Copeland Grand Hotel, incest was always an all-year-round kind of thing.


Chloe and Zoe Parton were indulging in what they laughingly called one of their party pieces.

As identical twins, it was hard enough to tell them apart at the best of times, but it was an even more challenging task to do so while they were eating each other out. Both girls had excelled at gymnastics before joining the cheerleading team, so they could contort themselves into the most extraordinary shapes and positions.

If anything, their current situation was really rather straightforward, gymnastically speaking. Both of them were butt naked, and they were happily 69-ing at the foot of one of the beds in the main hotel suite the college had booked out for the football and cheerleading squads respective use. The main use right now was a ginormous orgy.

Each sister had their face buried between the ass cheeks of the other, both of them feasting away quite merrily on tight, wet, teenage cunt. Their tongues lapping at each other’s clit, their fingers stabbing away inside the silky vice of their vaginal channels. If you listened carefully, above the hip-hop and R’n’B playing out across the room, you might hear the slurping sounds the two girls were producing, or even the occasional moans and groans that emanated from their sticky, cum-covered mouths.

They had been fooling around with each other for quite a while. That night, and in recent months. What had begun as an almost innocent and private experimentation within the confines of their shared bedroom, had now progressed into a full sexual relationship, albeit not one that was remotely exclusive.

When they had first been asked to ‘put on a show’ for everyone, their initial performances had mostly consisted of some hot and heavy tongue-kissing. But over time the stakes had been raised and making out moved on to mutual masturbation, which then moved on to oral sex, which then moved on to the girls fucking each other with a strap-on.

Nothing they did fazed either sister. They were both insane exhibitionists and loved being the centre of attention, and the fact they were massively kinky didn’t hurt much either. So performing cunnilingus on one another was just part and parcel of their daily existence. Chloe was gripping tightly to Zoe’s ass cheeks, as her mouth slobbered away on her twat. And her sister returned the favour with equal enthusiasm.

They had quite a big audience of boys and girls, many of whom were all keeping themselves amused as the night’s entertainment wore on. A couple of guys were sat on chairs, silently jerking themselves off. A few fellow cheerleaders were crawling Magosa Escort around, moving from one cock to the other, proceeding to blow as many men as possible. They would chug away at one dick, then proceed to the next, occasionally pausing for some ostentatious kissing and tit-fondling, all designed to lift the spirits of the team.

Over at the back of the room, one of the girls was bent over a cabinet, while one of the team’s coaches was fucking her in the ass. This particular fellow had something of a kink for doing chicks in the butt. Not a unique predilection for the coaching team, it had to be said. He’d sometimes come knocking at the front door but if he had his druthers, he’d almost always go round the back. All the girls would roll their eyes at the mention of his name, but they knew what their job involved. It was understood that all the coaching staff had full access to their bodies, in the same way the players did.

Girls were being fucked up against the wall, others were riding cock down on the carpeted floor. There were numerous sounds of panting and groaning, squealing and screaming, as handsome young men enjoyed recreational sex with beautiful young women. Cocks were sucked. Cunts were licked. Asses were eaten.

Sat to one side was Cleavon and Mouse. Cleavon was a truly ginormous Black dude. He was part of the defensive line and he was like a man-mountain, measuring up at a lofty six-foot-four, and weighing nearly three-hundred pounds. He was one of the most shy and inhibited people you could ever imagine meeting, but he was like an animal once he was on the field of play.

Mouse’s real name was Anita. Everyone called her Mouse due to her diminutive stature. She was a tiny little blonde girl, but despite her size and slender frame, she still had the sweetest pair of titties you could ever hope to see. She too was a quiet, self-effacing character. Perhaps for that reason, Cleavon and Mouse had become completely infatuated with each other.

They made for a curious, but oddly sweet, couple. He towered over her, since she wasn’t even five foot tall. No one knew what they said to each other, since neither one was exactly what you would call loquacious. But they stuck together like glue. Cleavon had fucked some of the other girls and Mouse had been nailed by a few of the guys; yet at the end of every party they were always together.

Now, Cleavon was sat on a seat and Mouse was kneeling on the floor, between his outstretched legs. He was big in every way and his dick was massive. It must have been at least ten inches long, perhaps more, and it was as thick as a beer can. Try as she might, Mouse couldn’t really get much of it in her mouth. Only a couple of the girls could. So she just kissed it and licked it like a popsicle, while cupping his balls in her hand.

Despite his size, she was able to take all of him in her cunt and even her ass. It was quite a sight, watching these two fuck. Cleavon would usually lie down and Mouse would clamber up on top of him, looking like a timorous mountaineer embarking on a particularly challenging expedition. She’d straddle his waste, lining up his monster cock with her tiny little snatch. Then, with a little sigh, she’d drop down and impale herself on his member.

It looked like some sort of visual trick, a physical impossibility; that her tiny body could swallow up this ginormous invader, yet she did it without complaint or seemingly any discomfort. Sometimes, as they fucked, another girl would sit on Cleavon’s face and make out with Mouse, as she rode her boyfriend’s dick. But usually they just quietly paired up together. By the end of that academic year, Mouse would be pregnant and, much to her parents’ horror and dismay, the young couple would be engaged.

There were various other people in the large room; some individuals occupied with masturbation, others paired up with a sexual partner, be it male of female. The room was full of grunting and groaning, the slapping of skin against skin, the heavy breathing of teenage sex. The room smelled of sweat and lust and illicit intrigue.

Set slightly apart from it all was one girl, stood alone in the corner. She was, even by the standards of the other cheerleaders, a real beauty. She was fairly short – not as tiny as Mouse, but still only five foot three – yet she had a lovely slender shape. She was wearing cowboy boots, a very daring denim mini-skirt and a skin-tight crop top that accentuated her impressive breasts. Her long red hair was tied up in a ponytail.

The young woman was quietly sipping away at a bottle of beer, surveying the decadent events taking place before her, seemingly with a dispassionate equanimity. Although she had, at one point or another, sucked pretty much every cock and eaten every cunt in this room, tonight she was refraining from any sexual activity. At least for the moment. She was saving herself for someone else, someone very special.

Her name was Kıbrıs Escort Rachel and she was the captain of the cheerleading squad. Their leader. Their sergeant major. Their boss, at least on the field. It had been a remarkably rapid ascent. She had only joined the team the previous year, but in that time she had been a revelation. Quickly becoming an indispensable part of the proceedings.

She had helped recruit pretty much every girl who’d joined up after her. A delicate task bearing in mind the job description was a little out of the ordinary for this particular squad. She had shown them the ropes, on the field and off. She was a sounding board, an agony aunt, a shoulder to cry on. She had become the heart and soul of the whole enterprise.

The door to the hotel suite opened and a tall, muscular man walked in, his head shaved completely bald. Clearly too old to be a player, he was another member of the coaching team. He paused, briefly scanning the room. He saw Rachel, stood in the corner, and immediately made his way towards her.

“Hey, Rach,” he said.

“Vance,” she replied, in a non-committal fashion.

Vance and Rachel had what you might call an ambivalent relationship. He was mostly an arrogant, humourless prick, but he fucked like a God. There was almost no one who could make her cum as hard or as quickly as he could. She hated him and she hated the fact she loved fucking him so much. She could feel her nipples harden in his presence. And he would know it too, the conceited douche-bag.

He didn’t just like fucking her, he wanted to possess her. Own her. Defile her. He wanted her to degrade herself, submit to him. And by Christ, was she willing to oblige. There was a cruelty to him, a nastiness that almost none of the other guys possessed. Some of the jocks could be a little forceful at times, a little clumsy. But they were basically good kids. Vance on the other hand; he was bad news.

He liked to hurt her, and, if she was going to be honest with herself, sometimes she wanted to be hurt. He would slap her face on occasion, hitting her hard. Sometimes when they fucked, he would choke her, wrapping his hand round her throat and squeezing tight. She could feel herself struggling to breathe, feel herself becoming lightheaded, slowly fading into a woozy unconsciousness. And all the time his dick would be sliding in and out of her cunt. Or her ass.

And just as she was about to black out, he’d loosen his grip and she would gasp for air; oxygen rushing back into the synapses and relays of her brain with a sudden shocking, vivid clarity. At that precise moment she would cum so hard, her whole body would shake and rattle like it had been plugged into a mains circuit and thousands of volts of electricity was coursing through her naked frame.

But now, in this hotel suite, he simply reached out and grabbed hold of her beer bottle, taking it from her hand. He took a deep swig and grimaced.

“Ugh!” He exclaimed, then looked at the label on the side of the bottle, “non-alcoholic? Are you nuts?”

“Someone has to keep a clear head round here,” she replied.

“I suppose so.”

He took another swig, then he leant over and kissed her, his lips opening along with hers, beer trickling down into her mouth, as their tongues stabbed and prodded at each other. His hand reached under her skirt and between her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties and she quickly felt his fingers rub up against the lips of her smooth, hairless cunt.

She gasped as he started fingering her, his thumb pressing against her clit. Like always, there was an insistent, unrelenting brutality to his behaviour. She squirmed and shuddered, as he plundered her honeyed box, causing her to emit little sighs and groans. He took another swig of beer, swallowing it down, as he continued to finger-bang her.

But then he stopped. His hand pulled free, making a popping sound as his fingers disengaged from her twat. He brought them up to her lips and she opened wide. He pushed them inside her mouth and she started to suck and lick them clean, tasting herself on his skin. He pushed them in further, until she gagged a little, but then his hand fell to his side.

“Plum wants to see you,” he said.

“Really? Right now?” She answered.

“Yeah. I think he’s looking for some stress relief.”


She brushed herself down and started to walk away, but Vance grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her back towards him.

“Once he’s done with you, assuming he doesn’t want you to stay all night, why don’t you come back to my room,” he said to her, “we can finish what we just started.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“You do that. And if you think about it, make sure to bring some lube. I’ll probably want to fuck you in the ass. That seems to be the only thing you like doing, these days.”

She nodded, her anus twitching slightly at the prospect of what might happen later on. As always, Vance Lefkoşa Escort left her a little flustered and discombobulated. That peculiar mix of contempt and attraction, disdain and desire, swept over her. One thing she was certain of though. She would have sex with this man. She would cum for this man. She would even let him stick his cock up her butt, but she wouldn’t sleep in his bed. There would be no tenderness or intimacy with him.

Not ever.

He could have her body as often as he liked, but he wouldn’t have her heart or her soul.

Rachel quietly left the room, the orgy continuing in her absence. She walked out into the corridor, and took a moment to collect herself. The college had booked out the entire floor of this wing of the hotel. As had already been established, it was on-season for football, but off-season for the tourist crowd, so they had received a good deal. The team always stayed at the Copeland Grand, they considered it their lucky hotel, and they always ended up in the South Wing. A fact that had more relevance to what some of the team got up to after hours than anyone could ever imagine.

After standing there for a few seconds, Rachel moved down the corridor and approached the room where Plum was staying. She knocked gently and waited for a moment. Then the door opened and he was stood before her. A tall, broad-shouldered man, still ruggedly handsome, despite his age, he towered over her. She shivered a little at the sight of him.

Vance made her cum hard, but Plum made her cum the hardest. He fucked her in a way no one else could compare with. She reckoned she had slept with every player on the football team, on numerous occasions, and had enjoyed the experience immensely. But they were only boys. Plum was a man. The man. The most important man in her life.

Her cunt clenched and her stomach fluttered. She knew the next couple of hours were going to be quite a ride. It always was with him. Sometimes he was brutal, every bit as brutal as Vance could be, maybe even more so; but then sometimes he would be tender. He would make love to her with a sensitivity and concern that almost made her want to cry.

With everyone else, it was sex. It was just fucking. With him, it was different. She loved him. She liked all the others, to varying degrees, but she worshipped Plum. She adored him in a way she couldn’t possibly hope to express. Although there was one very obvious reason why that might be true.

“Hey, Dad,” she said, smiling up at him, “I hear you may be looking for some stress relief?”

“Is that right?” He replied, “I suppose that’s one way of looking at it.”

He opened his arms and pulled her towards him. They embraced and kissed. A deep, open-mouthed kiss, full of plenty of spit and tongue.

“Do you want any of the other girls to join us?” She asked, already knowing what his answer was likely to be, “I can go get someone.”

“No, you’re all I need, baby girl. Just you and me. It’s always better that way.”

“Ok, Daddy,” she said, smiling sweetly.

Plum had fucked Rachel with others on occasion. Usually other girls, and occasionally other men. There was one particularly raucous occasion when his entire coaching staff had gang-banged her on his office desk. The memory of which filled him with mixed emotions, a combination of searing guilt and fierce arousal.

But usually, he much preferred it when they made love alone. There was an intimacy, an immediacy about their coupling, when it was just the two of them together. If he was being honest, he always felt a little self-conscious fucking when other people were around. Plum had a big cock and he knew how to bone, as some of the girls in the cheerleading squad could personally attest, but he still felt screwing should be a private matter.

Then there was the whole incest thing. Everyone knew Rachel was his daughter, and there was never any comment about that fact, but he admitted it was a little weird. It’s not like they were the only close family members who were partaking in sexual acts together. There were the Parton twins of course, and then there was Harry McKinley, one of his running backs, who had been happily sleeping with his younger sister, Hedda, ever since she arrived at the same college and joined in all the fun.

But still, he felt a certain unease about it all. He knew what he was doing was wrong, knew it was immoral, illegal and sinful, but he just couldn’t help himself. He loved her so much. He wanted her so much. And here she was, stood in front of him. Nineteen years old and the very epitome of physical perfection.

“So, are we gonna fuck? Or are we gonna fuck?” She asked.

“Come here,” he growled.

With that, he literally swept her off her feet, carried her inside his room, and closed the door behind them.


When he was five years old, Irving Parker’s mother left him alone, for what was supposed to be just a few minutes, so she could go next door and have a quick conversation with one of her neighbours. Irving would never discover what the topic of that conversation was – gossiping probably – but it was clearly of such importance that she felt the need to leave her young son alone for the best part of half an hour.

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