Intellectual Pursuits Ch. 03

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One of the benefits of being a grad student in my department is that, if we applied for it, we were assigned a shared office in an musty building next to the parking lot. I didn’t care that it was musty since it meant that I’d have a spot to park my books and anything else I wanted and that I would have a space to study and write papers away from the distractions of my cottage in Santa Monica. The graduate advisor informed me of my office number, gave me a key and explained that I would be sharing with Francisca. I didn’t flinch but inwardly let out a whoop of joy because this meant that I’d be spending time with the loveliest woman in my cohort. Francisca was a petite, coffee-hued, Latina who was pretty, articulate and totally fascinating. I had often appreciated the contours of her slim physique and thought about licking my way down her neck, over her collar bones and down to the A cup breasts that were perfect for her tiny frame. Sandals showed off her elegant feet and her graceful brown hands were framed by multicolored bangles and manicured nails. I thought about those fingers caressing my face and body, in my mouth and gripping my cock. But so far, those were just fantasies.

At first, our shared office situation was not particularly exciting. Francisca was friendly but we used the space with a fair degree of concentration on the considerable amount of reading we had to get through. In the interest of academic mastery we discussed Karl Marx, Max Weber, Emile Durkheim, Michel Foucault, Pierre Bourdieu, and Giles Deleuze, theorists common to many graduate student’s curricula. One Wednesday afternoon we tried to come to grips with what Deleuze and Guattari mean by deterrorialization without particular clarity. At about five o’clock Francisca exclaimed “Fuck it, I need a drink.”

“Do you want to go down to Whiskey Blue for happy hour?” I asked.

“That sounds great,” Francisca responded, “I can’t stand another minute of this.”

We closed up shop and walked down to Westwood. Over drinks, I learned a lot more about Francisca. Her parents had moved from Mexico to California before she was born and had prioritized the education of their three children of whom Francisca was the oldest. I told her about my upbringing too and we ordered a second round of Dry Manhattans. Francisca had done very well in high school and got a scholarship to New York University. Now she was back in Southern California where she’d grown up but had doubts about her academic career. I told her that my impression was that she was extremely on top of things and that she seemed like the brightest one in our cohort.

“Really?” Francisca asked, “but there’s people from Harvard and Yale, and also the international students who are doing this work in a second language.”

“It doesn’t matter,” I replied, “all of us are insecure. We’re all secretly afraid that we’ll be found out, that we really don’t know what we’re doing and don’t deserve to be in graduate school.”

Francisca’s face fell and she placed her slender hand on mine. “So I’m not the only fraud?” she asked sadly.

“I didn’t say anyone was a fraud,” I responded, turning my palm up to meet hers and savoring the sensation of her touch. “We all lack confidence but none of us would have been accepted into the program if we hadn’t appeared promising to the admissions committee. So maybe we should assume that we’re capable of rising to the occasion.”

Francisca’s expression brightened and I felt her hand close around mine. She leaned forward and kissed my cheek. “Thanks, Liam,” she said, squeezing my hand.

We looked into each other’s eyes for a moment. I was struck by the beauty of Francisca’s face: limpid eyes, well-defined cheekbones, gorgeous brown skin, and bee-stung lips, slightly open, slightly moist. I leaned in and kissed Francisca softly on the lips, then pulled back to gauge her response.

Francisca continued to look at me and involuntarily licked her lips. Her fingers gripped my hand and she leaned forward to kiss my lips, a little more forcefully than I had kissed her, then she pulled back and withdrew her hand from mine.

“Are we being stupid? Is this a bad idea?” she blurted out.

“What do you mean? What’s the matter?” I countered.

Francisca responded with an anxious barrage: “It’s complicated right, I mean, we share an office, we’ll be in the same program for years, I’ve got a boyfriend back in New York, but we agreed to see other people, but still I don’t know, and you, well, I don’t know, but don’t you have a thing, you know, with Pauline? And she and I will be in the same program for years too.”

I didn’t know how she knew about me and Pauline since we had been very discreet but as Francisca continued, I found out more.

“Oh, God, you must think I’m a spazz,” Francisca said, calming down a little. “Jane told me about your hot tub adventure and something about your arrangement with Pauline, so I’m not accusing you of anything. It’s all just that, well, I’m nervous, I’m lonely, Samsun Escort I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have anything to apologize for,” I said, “I admire you and want to be your friend, now, and hopefully for a long time. I’m also really attracted to you and have been since I met you. Pauline doesn’t want to keep me for herself and even suggested the idea of me being intimate with you. I’d love that but if you don’t feel comfortable going there, I still want to be there for you as a friend.”

Francisca took both of my hands in hers. “Sometimes I feel boxed into choices I don’t want to make, and you just took all the pressure off. Thank you for being you. You’re fantastic, Can I make you dinner?”

Dinner at Francisca’s was simple but satisfying: pasta with puttanesca sauce, a Caesar salad, and red wine. She padded around her carpeted studio apartment in bare feet as graceful and beautiful as her hands, her toe nails painted a deep red. She took the dishes away and then sat next to me on the couch after pouring the last of the wine into our glasses. We drank the wine and Francisca put the empty glasses on the side table. Francisca lay her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her, feeling the delicacy of her bird-like physique and taking in the enticing scent of her warm body.

Francisca let out a deep sigh.

“What’s that sigh about?” I asked her.

“Two things, I guess,” she replied. “Impatience with myself for freaking out on you. but the other part is contentment, surrendering to how good I feel. How good I feel with you.”

“I feel good to be with you,” I said. “But maybe I should get going?”

Francisca grabbed my leg as she raised her head to look at me with anxiety in her eyes. “Unless you want me to stay…” I continued.

“Oh Liam, I’m a piece of work, aren’t I?” Francisca said, relaxing her expression. “I want you to stay, I want you to hold me in your arms all night.”

These words sent a jolt of pleasure through my body as I anticipated a night with Francisca. At this point she leaned in, placed her hands on my shoulders and kissed me. We melted into one another as I ran my hands up her slender back. There was no urgency as we continued to kiss and touch each other in a dreamlike state.

Francisca said, “I want to take a shower before we go to bed if you don’t mind waiting for me. You can shower too, if you like, and that will give me a little time to straighten up.”

Francisca retrieved a red négligée from her closet and went into the bathroom. I sprawled out on the couch, anticipating a night of pleasure with Francisca. After about ten minutes, she emerged from the bathroom and handed me a towel. She looked exquisite, her tight body packaged in red silk that hung from her shoulders on spaghetti straps, showing her narrow waist, small shapely breasts and revealing her slim brown legs and thighs. I felt my cock stir in my pants but excused myself to shower, and since I didn’t have a toothbrush, found some mouthwash to rinse with. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I re-entered the studio, now illuminated with candlelight. Francisca lay propped up on pillows in her bed which was freshly made up with orange satin sheets that reflected the candles’ gleam. Hanging the towel on the back of a chair, I slipped naked between the sheets next to Francisca and looked into her eyes.

“You’re so handsome,” Francisca complimented me, reaching to caress my cheek with her hand.

“Francisca, you’re beautiful,” I told her, and leaned in to kiss her lips. We kissed and ran our hands over each others’ bodies, with more hunger than before but still slowly, each of us savoring the unfolding of our desire. I kissed my way down Francisca’s neck and shoulders and down one slender arm to her graceful fingers. I licked and sucked her slender fingers as she moaned under her breath. Pushing the sheets down, I raised one of Francisca’s feet to my mouth and kissed first the arch, then the ankle, and then sucked each toe between my lips, laving them with my tongue. Francisca was sighing deeply as she watched me make love to each of her sexy feet.

I began to kiss and caress my way up Francisca’s legs, exhilarated by the fact that I was making love to such a beautiful woman. I reached her thighs and it seemed that her skin became even softer and smoother as I moved upward, pushing her négligée before me until my hand passed over her completely smooth mons. I figured that she had just shaved it in the shower. This thought turned me on even more as I brought my mouth to the top of the inside of her thighs.

The sight of Francisca’s bald pussy entranced me and I soon moved in to taste it. I kissed and licked her pink lips from top to bottom before pushing my tongue between them and then up to flick her clit. Francisca ran her hands down her torso to run her fingers through my hair as she quietly whimpered. I flicked my tongue alternatively gently and firmly over her lips and across her clit as Francisca raised her lithe Samsun Escort Bayan legs over my shoulders and slid them down my back. I began to flick my tongue steadily on the little nub of her clit until she shuddered with an orgasm and pushed my head away.

“Oh Liam,” Francisca sighed.

I pulled myself up next to her and we looked into each others’ eyes.

“It was like the first time,” Francisca said in a dreamy voice. “Not like my real first time, but how it should have been. You treated me like a virgin, like I was the most special person in the world. As if this were the most special time in the world.”

“Francisca,” I said, “right now is the only time in the world, everything else is far away. All I see right now is you. And you are beautiful.”

Tears fell down Francisca’s face. “I’m so happy. I don’t know what this means and I don’t care. I don’t want to take you from Pauline, but I want you in my bed again and again.”

I was feeling the intensity of the connection too, “I’m smitten,” I told Francisca, “I love what we’re doing together.”

Francisca climbed on top of me and began to kiss me while rubbing her body against mine. My cock was sticking up between her thighs, occasionally rubbing against the outside of her pussy. Francisca slid down and kissed a trail down my chest to my stomach and then down to my cock. Grabbing it with both hands, she began to lick and suck the head while using her little hands to pump up and down. Francisca closed her eyes and sucked my cock with abandon, bringing me close to the brink of filling her mouth with my cum. She seemed to sense my immanent eruption and pulled her mouth up, sliding forward again to work my cock into her pussy. It was tight and I marveled at the smallness of her hips as she pulsed up and down on my cock. I began to lift her négligée up and Francisca stopped moving for a moment.

“I’m afraid you won’t like my breasts. They’re so small,” she said.

“I already know I’m going to love them. I think you’re perfectly proportioned” I said.

“Okay,” Francisca meekly assented, and pulled the garment over her head.

I gasped to see Francisca finally naked, mounted on my cock, and resuming her movements. Her breasts were probably A cups but on her petite frame they were just right, with nickel-sized dark red areolas and nipples that stuck out like pencil erasers. Her toned body was small all over and her narrow waist helped draw attention to her hips and firm, round ass which I grasped with my hands as Francisca intensified her pistoning up and down. My cock was really hard and I could feel Francisca squeezing it with her inner muscles.

“Cum in me, it’s okay, I’m on the pill, cum in me, Liam,” Francisca urged me. I was thrusting upward as Francisca pushed down, her hands on my chest as I tightly gripped her perfect little ass. Francisca began to cry out as we fucked each other with intensity. I could feel myself at the edge as Francisca screamed out her orgasm. This sent me over and I felt my cock judder and pump out streams of cum into Francisca’s clenching cunt. She collapsed onto me, laying her head on my shoulder as we each caught out breath.

After a while Francisca spoke: “Liam, is this uncomfortable?”

In fact her little body wasn’t crushing me at all and felt wonderful, my no longer hard cock was still inside Francisca’s wet pussy.

“It feels great,” I replied.

“I don’t know if it will work but I want to try to sleep like this,” Francisca said. “If it gets uncomfortable, just push me off you. But if you get hard again, you can fuck me, even if I’m asleep, okay?”

We actually did fall asleep with Francisca draped over my body but at some point I awoke feeling some discomfort from Francisca’s chin digging into my collar bone. The other sensation I noticed was an erection, no longer inside Francisca’s pussy but pressing against it. I reached down and pushed my cock between her still-wet lips and began to gently fuck her. I caressed Francisca’s body as I thrust my cock inside her.

“Um” Francisca vocalized, coming to life again, “that feels good.”

After a few minutes of this, Francisca asked if I would do her doggy-style and of course I agreed. With her ass up and her face down on the bed, Francisca presented her bald pussy to me. I knelt behind her and pushed my cock back inside, eliciting a pleasurable groan from my new lover. Stripes of moonlight came through the Venetian blinds, illuminating lines across Francisca’s tight little body as I held her hips and fucked her with increasing force. Reaching down, I held Francisca’s breasts and squeezed her hard nipples between my thumbs and forefingers causing her to groan and push back against my thrusting cock.

“Cum in me,” she urged. “I want you to fill me with your cum.”

This was all the extra encouragement I needed and I spurted deep into her pussy again.

“Don’t pull out, okay?” Francisca requested. “Lie down behind me, spoon me and Escort Samsun keep your cock inside me. I want you inside me all night. And you can fuck me whenever you want, okay?”

Wrapping my arms around my sexy pixie, my left hand cupping her breast and my half-hard cock firmly inside her pussy, I settled down and slept the rest of the night. I woke up to find Francisca’s apartment illuminated by daylight and the sensation of a warm washcloth on my stirring cock. Kneeling nude between my legs, Francisca lowered her mouth to my cock and began to lick it all over. She licked my balls and ran her dainty hands all over me, then slurped the head of my cock into her mouth. I reached down to run my fingers through her short but silky black hair as Francisca took me deeper into her mouth, plunging up and down my cock. I could feel her tongue working over my cock as she sucked me with intensity. I was rock hard and already pulsing, then shot my cum into Francisca’s mouth. She made a humming sound and she slowed her movements but continued to suck my cock until I was completely spent. Removing her mouth from my cock, Francisca looked at me with a smile, then slid up to lay her body over mine.

“That’s the best wake up call I can remember,” I said.

“I’ll have to make sure I don’t let you forget,” Francisca replied playfully.

“I hope that doesn’t mean more post-its on the office door,” I teased her.

“No, it just means I intend to give you more blow jobs.”

Francisca made breakfast for us and we skimmed the LA Times together before I left to shower and change at my own apartment, agreeing to meet later in our shared office.

“Thanks for everything,” I told her. “I had a wonderful night.”

Francisca kissed me. “I don’t want to move in on Pauline but I hope we’ll have more nights together. You made me feel special.”

“You are special, Francisca,” I said, kissing her back.


After a productive but otherwise uneventful day at the office during which Francisca and I exchanged smiles but otherwise acted like professionals, I sent a text message to Pauline, inviting her for dinner. She arrived wearing jeans and a thin, clingy t-shirt without a bra, showing off her pert nipples. I looked at her approvingly and poured her a glass of wine as I prepared dinner.

“You’ll never guess who I hooked up with,” I told her.

“Was it Keira Knightley?” she asked. I shook my head.

“Was it Jennifer Lopez?” she asked, with an impish grin. Again I shook my head.

“Then it must have been, let’s see…Francisca?” she hazarded.

“Good guess,” I replied. “Are you sure you’re alright with it?”

Pauline’s eyes smoldered, “it kind of excites me to think about it. Was it hot?” she asked.

“It was beautiful. We really connected,” I told her. “She’s got an open, long-distance thing with a guy in New York and wants to spend more time with me.”

Pauline looked pensive then said, “did she tell you she’s curious about women?”

“No. How do you know that?” I asked with surprise.

“Jane found out when they went out for drinks,” Pauline replied.

“Then that explains how she knew about our arrangement. I’m not embarrassed or anything but I hope Jane will be more discrete with other people in the department,” I said.

“I’ll talk to Jane,” Pauline said, “but I think Francisca is beautiful.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I told her.

“Hey Liam,” Pauline said. “Did you fuck her ass?”

“No, at least not yet,” I replied,

Pauline unzipped her pants and took them off, then got on her hands and knees on my couch, pointing her firm behind at me. “Can you get some lube?” she asked. I felt my cock surge in my pants. “I’ll do anything you want after dinner, but could you please fuck my ass right now? I’m kind of excited that you had sex with Francisca but I also want to feel that I belong to you. Am I still special to you?”

I turned off the burner in the kitchen, grabbed some lube and took off my pants. “Pauline, I think about you all the time and feel so lucky to have you as my lover,” I told her.

“Your submissive lover, who will do whatever you say, right?” she asked.

“Hold your ass open for me,” I told her.

Pauline reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I took a dollop of lube and put it in her little pucker, then slathered lube over my rampant cock.

“I want to feel your dick in my ass, violating my innocence,” she said softly.

Pauline looked so sexy, opening her ass to me on my couch. I pushed my cock head down into her opening until it popped through.

“I’m your sex toy, use me for your pleasure,” Pauline murmured.

I held her hips and ran my hands over her slender waist as I pumped my cock into her tight asshole.

“What if you had me and Francisca side by side with our asses up, just like this, for you to fuck?” Pauline asked me. “You could pull your cock out of my ass and plunge it into hers and make her scream. Then you could fuck me more and cum in whatever ass felt best to you.”

The sensation of Pauline’s tight ass was fantastic but her dirty talk was driving me to the edge in no time. I fucked her ass hard as I breathed deeply. “I would love to fuck both of you, side by side,” I said.

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