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Sweetie, remember when we had the cute blonde as our sex toy? I surprised you with her. When you came home from your Saturday morning bike ride, I made you go shower and when you were done I made you sit in the chair. I then blindfolded you and restrained you with the soft restraints. I made sure the ones on your wrists were long enough so that you could stroke your cock and remove the blindfold when it was time.

I quietly brought her in and placed her a few feet from you. I started playing with her nipples. I sucked on them to get the nice and hard. At the same time, I started playing with her pussy. I told you that I had a surprise for you and it as ready for viewing and so you could remove your blindfold. Judging by the way your cock jumped and started to stiffen, I guessed I had made a good choice for our toy. I continued to rub her pussy and suck on her nipples. Your hands moved to your cock and balls and you started stroking. I asked her if she liked what she saw and she nodded and licked her lips.

Her pussy was what I call a pretty pussy. She is obviously very smooth. This is due in part because she is sparsely covered when she does have hair and also due to a Brazilian wax to remove what little she does have. Although she had a small pussy, her clit is not hidden when aroused. It protruded a bit through her labia. Between her outer lips was a lovely labia minor (you know I don’t like pussies where the labia minor hangs down through the labia major). When she is aroused, her pussy becomes a dark pink, not red, as she is a very pale girl, which you could tell by her nipples. Unlike the vids we watch, her pussy was glistening with it’s wetness. It made sliding a finger or two into her nice and easy. When I licked her clit, she quivered. She was very fresh and clean and tastes like it. She was also a fairly tall girl at 5’11” and when she had on the very high porn star heels on, she was over 6’ tall.

I moved my hand around to come at her wet pussy from behind. This allowed me to better expose her pussy to you. I moved her closer and had her spread her legs a little. With my first finger and my ring finger I spread her labia so you could have a good look at her pussy. With my middle finger, I rubbed her clit and then slid it deep inside her cunt. All you could see were my fingers rubbing her slit and occasionally disappearing inside her cunt, then coming out again, nice at wet and rubbing her clit.

I had you look at her very suckable tits. She had puffy areola and her nipples were hard (I did suck on them prior to you removing your blindfold). I bet you wanted to help. However, you are restrained in the chair and all you were allowed to is to stroke your cock. I had her move a little closer so that if you had more freedom you could reach out and touch her.

I moved her to stand with her legs apart and one your legs in between. I squatted down and, because I liked it that one time I did it, I settled my pussy on your toes. I knew you wouldn’t mind toe fucking me again. I then had her bend over slightly and I put my face between her legs and stuck my tongue out and flicked it over her clit. I felt you wiggling your toes in my pussy. You discovered that if you leaned forward you were able to suck on her tits.

She also leaned over a little further, just far enough to give me easier access to her sweet pussy as I rode your toes. I caught a glimpse of you stroking your cock. It’s was so hard and I saw some pre-cum emerging. You knew I wouldn’t be able to leave it alone especially when I see pre-cum starting. I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue and captured that pre-cum on it. Without swallowing it, I went back to licking her pussy.

About this time, I decided to release your hands. After doing that, ankara rus escort I straddled you and slid my pussy down on your cock. I had the blonde girl come even closer and lean over, legs spread, she balanced her hands on the chair arms. I leaned back and resumed licking her pussy and you resumed sucking on her tits. I eventually stopped eating her pussy and sat up again, still impaled on your cock. I had her go lie down on the bed and then, with a lot of reluctance, I stood up, leaving your cock. My pussy felt so empty. I released your legs from their restraints and we go over to the bed taking the restraints with us. I suggested that I be the one to tie her down and while I was doing that you entered me from behind. It took some doing and moving slowly, but while I moved around the bed restraining our pretty little toy, you remained inside my cunt and fucked me.

When I am done, I reluctantly had you pull out. I know that once she has left, we will have plenty of time to fuck each other. However, I got her for you to play with and it was time for that to happen. You needed to enjoy what I enjoyed when I was testing a couple of girls to find the best one. Before you started, we blindfolded her to heighten the sensation of what you are about to do.

You started slowly. You gently used your fingers and tongue along her arms, across her perfectly muscled and smooth underarms, and then across her breasts. You flicked her nipples with you tongue, then moved down her belly to her loins, which is all perfectly hairless. You then licked down to her pussy and teased it to submit and open spontaneously with a fullness and surge.

While you were doing this, I sat at the head of the bed and a bit off to the side. I had my legs up and spread and I was playing with my pussy. I was so turned on as I watched you lick her. I could tell you also thought her pussy tasted good. Then you did what I hoped you would do, you tongued her deeply and the came up to where I was and kissed me, sharing her juices with me. I volunteered to stroke your cock, but then I realized that were you ready to slide your cock into that beautiful sexual flower.

I helped guide your cock into her pussy. What a turn on for me to look into your eyes as I guided your cock into somebody else’s pussy. Once you are in, I slid my hand away and up across her clit. She shivered. I slowly and very lightly moved my hand across her belly and up to her tits. I started to massage them and play with her nipples. You were slowly moving your cock in and out of her pussy. I knew she felt good on your cock.

I sucked on her tits for a while and then moved up and kissed her on the lips before I raised up and lowered my pussy on her mouth. I faced you while she ate my pussy. We made eye contact and held that, watching each other. I couldn’t believe how very turned on this made me. I started to cum as she ate my pussy. You started to cum as well. We leaned toward each and embraced as we came. When we finished, we kissed, deeply and tenderly.

When we finished cumming, we moved off her and removed the blindfold and the restraints. We had her remain on the bed with her legs spread. Both of us then went between her legs and started to lick her pussy, savoring the taste of your cum and her juices together and sharing kisses with the combination in our mouths. We ate her until she came. Because she was experiencing two tongues in her pussy, she came very hard. When she was finished, we kissed our way up her body, lingered on her nipples and then up to her lips. On the way up, I caught your eye and winked. We shared a three-way kiss and asked her if she enjoyed herself and would she be willing to come back if we asked her? She told us that she would ankara türbanlı escort love to come back and maybe bring a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Would we like that?

You bet we would!!! We then let her get up and go shower. It was time for her to leave.

Our sexy little blonde left and we were on our own. There are many things we like to do together and one of those is to take a shower. In the shower we cleansed each other very thoroughly. In fact, for reasons known only to you at that moment, you had us emerge from the shower and do a little mutual ass cleaning using enemas.

Once we had thoroughly cleaned our asses, we stepped back into the shower and finished cleaning each other. There was something very arousing about giving each other an enema. During the rinse off, I slid one finger and then two into your ass. I judged by your moans and the stiffening of your cock, that you were enjoying this very much. I reached around with my other hand and stroked your cock. In the mean time, you returned the favor and had fingers in my ass and stroking my pussy. We looked like erotic performance artists with our fingers in each other’s ass and stroking each other’s genitals. We decided that for safety’s sake we had better remove our fingers and leave the shower.

We lightly dried each other off and proceeded to the bed. After a quick change of sheets, we lied down and started touching each other and reliving our interlude with the blonde girl. I moved my hand down to your cock and it was already hard. You rolled me onto my back and entered me. We held hands, fingers linked and you slowly fucked me. You lowered yourself onto me and I wrapped my legs around you. You continued to fuck me and we kissed, enjoying the sensation of your cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I then rolled you over onto your back so I would ride you. Nothing we did was fast. It was all nice and slow and sensuous. I moved off you and onto my hands and knees so that you could enter me from behind. Once you did that, I slowly slid forward until I was on my stomach. You laid on my back and I had my legs straight out, between your legs and I crossed my ankles. The sensation from this position is wonderful and it wasn’t long before you came.

We fucked, ate, showered and fucked some more all through the rest of Saturday and through Sunday morning. About mid-morning, you jumped into the shower but wouldn’t let me follow. When you were done, you drew a bath for me with bubbles. You told me to get in and relax. You brought me herb tea and made the bed. When I returned to the bedroom, you had laid out a silk robe and a tray with wine and three glasses on it. As I put on the robe I raised an eyebrow as I noticed that there are 3 glasses, but I didn’t say anything. I didn’t really have to, I just had to look at your face and into your eyes. The fact that they are twinkling enough to have made the stars jealous told me that you were up to something.

You came up behind me and hugged me. You untied my belt and slid the robe off me. Still behind me, you slid one hand to my pussy and the other to my tits and stroked and squeezed. You kissed my neck and shoulders and I was as limp as a cooked noodle, you turned me on so. You moved me over to the bed and had me lie on my back. You told me to close my eyes and keep them closed no matter what. To ensure that, you blindfolded on me. The next thing I knew you are using the restraints on my ankles and wrists. Knowing how I am, you made sure that I could easily escape. When you were done you kissed me slowly and deeply.

Interestingly, while you are doing that I felt the foot of the bed move. Soon I started to feel a tongue on my pussy. I knew by the feel that it wasn’t yours, bahçelievler escort besides you were still kissing me. I chuckled and asked you if that was my surprise. It was and you removed my blindfold and had my surprise stand up.

Yummmmmmm. Our female sex toy was cute and our male sex toy was just as cute. What a nice cock and body he had. Fit, but not overly muscled. You got up and moved beside him and reached down and stroked his cock. Your cock was so hard. Did you know how much I wanted to escape from those restraints and kneel in front of both of you and suck those 2 beautiful cocks? The fact that you were stroking another man’s cock was really turning me on.

But, even though I knew I could have easily left the restraints, I stayed where I was and let was to happen, happen. You touched his balls and told me how very smooth they were. We both love smooth pussies and balls, which is why we have kept ours smooth. We have even shaved each other on occasion

You noticed that not only was my pussy glistening with moistness, it was downright leaking. As the young man was our guest, you moved him ahead, your hand on his tight ass. It was a good thing you had me restrained, otherwise I would have had him in such a vice grip as soon as his tongue touched my pussy his ears would have been ringing.

You came up and sucked my tits. While you did this, I raised an eyebrow and looked at the hand you still had on his ass. You took your hand off and licked a finger and then slid it into his ass. You are as straight as they come, but you have generally done what I have asked knowing that I would never have asked you to do anything that made you uncomfortable. I then asked you to kiss me and as you got closer I whispered ‘thank you’ to you. As much as I would loved to have had two tongues on my pussy, I wanted to first suck your on cock. You removed your finger from his ass and straddled me and fucked my mouth with your tasty cock.

You then stopped and you went down to where the young man was feasting on my pussy. He lifted his head and allowed you to eat my pussy. I asked that you stroke each other’s cock again as you eat my pussy. I writhed on the bed. I was so totally turned on by the sight of two men stroking each other and having those same two men eating my pussy. In my movements, I freed myself. I gripped my legs behind the knees, thereby opening myself up more and now exposing my ass. You swung around and licked my pussy while he rimmed my ass. Since it was so close, I sucked your cock again and rimmed your ass as well. Since we cleaned each other so well not very long ago, I also tongue fucked your ass.

Soon he moved up and slid his cock into my pussy. I wanted you to keep licking my clit as he slid his cock in and out of my pussy and you did. Boy, did you. Yowzer.

His time was limited and there was one more thing to do. I had you move and did a cock-in-pussy flip with him so I was now on top. I leaned forward, and exposed my ass to you. You lubed me up a well as your cock so you could slide your cock into my ass. I suggested that you take one of our vibes or dildos and lube them up and insert one in your ass and in his. You moved to where I was able to reach you, thereby giving me the honor to insert the vibe into your ass. As you lubed up his ass for the vibe, you also reached down and gave his balls a little massage and then slid the vibe into his ass. After that, you slid you cock into my ass

Soon, with dildos in asses, his cock in my pussy and you cock in my ass we fucked our brains out. He came first. Shortly after we both came together. We collapsed and rolled to the side, your cocks still inside me. They slowly slid out and we were spent.

We asked the young man the same question we asked the blonde, would he want to come back an play with us again? He said definitely and he would like to bring a friend or two. Hmmmmmm, maybe we should be thinking about inviting him and the blonde over for some fun.

We cuddled for a long time and had some wine and toasted to a wonderful weekend of sexual fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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