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Big Tits

By the time the first lecturer stopped talking were only going to have fifteen minutes at tops to fuck before the next lesson. And that would include legging it down all the stairs, finding somewhere halfway private for me to empty as much cum into Vicky as humanly possible, and then pegging back up to the third floor again afterwards.

Vicky had got the lecture off to a distracting start by trailing her fingertips up and down the inside of my thigh. When she heard how shallow and irregular my breath became – and how quickly – she soon moved on to teasing my crotch with the back of her hand. From the minute we sat down it was obvious that she was in the mood to tease me beyond craziness in such a public place. She knew we would have to remain looking studious – or at least basically attentive – for the next fifty minutes, without a hope of sneaking away unnoticed. In a large lecture theatre like this all the students tended to huddle together in small groups – no more than thirty people scattered throughout a room that could have comfortably held two hundred. No-one spotted Vicky’s hand under the semi-circular desktop that curved in ever-higher rows around the room.

She leant towards me, her long dark hair brushing the side of my throat and sending a shiver of electricity crackling through my chest, bristling to my fingertips and down the backs of my legs – by way of delivering a supercharged bolt to my cock.

“Enjoying the lesson?” she teased gently. Without breaking eye contact she slowly slid her middle finger between her lips, moistening it wickedly, her eyes twinkling at my state of aroused fluster while trying desperately to retain an outward impression of composure. The first time my friend Keith met Vicky, he said that she had ‘cock-sucker lips’ – and that was one guy who had hit the nail on the head.

She drew the finger away from her lips, winked deliciously, and lowered her hand below the desk. The next thing I knew she had sneaked a fingertip under my belt, tiptoed past the waist of my underwear, and was sketching wet circles with the back of her nail around and around the swollen crown of my cock.

I couldn’t drag my eyes from hers. Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to us would have realised that Vicky’s look of intelligent quizzicality had very little to do with the subject matter under discussion – which had now moved on to the range of statistical methodologies on offer when implementing a small-scale project. Her finger continued its round-and-round-the-garden on the head of my prick – which already felt dangerously enlarged for a man in such a public location.

She leaned sideways and brushed my ear lobe with her teeth.

“I’m going to make you come”, she whispered, “Right here”

For the sake of academic appearances I pretended to be taking some notes, although I later realised that my notebook had been upside down.

“I’m going to toss you off here. I want to breath in the scent of your cum as it hits the desk and splashes your jeans. My hands will be covered, and your spunk will ooze between my fingers. Then ever so slowly I am going to bring a fingerful up to my lips and suck it down. And again – my hand will squeeze your jerking cock and take another handful, and I will lap it down without anyone in this room noticing a thing”

I tried to give the impression to the outside world that I was engrossed in the lecture by taking some pretend notes, although I realised too late that I was using a chocolate bar instead of my pen.

“And when he stops talking”, she continued, giving a flick of the head towards the speaker behind the podium, “I am going to bob my head down, pretend to ‘get something from my bag’ and I am going to gulp myself a mouthful of cum in front of all these people”

In my mind’s eye I could just see her re-emerging from under the desk, lips moist with semen – teeth barely parted so that only I could see the glistening trails in her mouth.

I battled to keep my breathing under some sort of control, along with the rest of me. In my mind’s eye I was tearing her tits out from her shirt, buttons scattering over the table top, and unveiling her smooth almost-triangular breasts to the entire room. I was gripping her by the shoulders and dragging her out of her seat onto the desk, yanking all the time at her shirt, fabric ripping as I forced her down. The rest of our classmates would be finally wising up to what was happening and turning to watch – Vicky laughing with relish all the while. Then I would be unbuckling myself with one hand to free up my straining cock, while opening her jeans with my other had and clawing my way to her cunt.

But while my imagination was subjecting Vicky to this sexual frenzy, all I could really manage was to feign checking a quote in my open textbook, while making a fraudulent annotation in the margin.

At long last the speaker turned off the projection Şanlıurfa Escort screen and gave us all a parting reminder to experiment with pivot tables in our spreadsheets before we saw him next. Pivot tables – fuck that! All I was planning to do was empty my balls into Vicky before I had to clap eyes on anyone else on the planet.

10:52. And we had to be back in the same seats at 11:10 for the next lecture to kick-off. With about fifty steps between us and the outside world. The basement toilets were closed for cleaning, so the handiest private bolthole was out of bounds.

While everyone else was still packing away their laptops, Vicky and I sprang to our feet and charged like Batman and Robin having just noticed the Bat Signal glaring overhead and anticipating heavy traffic on the streets of Gotham.

Her cheeks were flushed and gorgeous, her whole face lit up by an intense arousal that rippled out from her eyes. A flirtatious smile that probably owed a lot to the sight of me racing out of the lecture theatre with a desperate hard-on, hobbling along like some peglegged sex fiend.

Hand in hand and exploding with giggles we tore down the stairs, my coat billowing around me like a cape. We burst through the glass doors, sending them clattering back against the walls, and out into an icy blast of December. We paused for huffy breath, to share our laughter, but more importantly to decide where the hell we were going to go.

Watches ticking – 10:57.

We set off again, taking a sharp left and skirting the side of the building.

Past the industrial wheelie bins and round to the rear of the building. Not exactly a fantasy love nest, but it was going to have to do. No nearby windows overlooking us from this angle. Anyone on the buildings on the other side of the flyover was going to have to turn a blind eye if they saw anything that offended them. Hopefully secluded enough to avoid any accusations of indecent exposure.

She pushed me back against the bricks of the wall: both of us trembling from the sudden cold, but also clumsy with lust – our breath steaming around our faces in freezing clouds.

Up and to my left a steady stream of traffic was pouring across the flyover. Vicky’s hands were gripping my jeans just above the pockets, tugging hard as if to haul them down over my hips. My belt stopped her pulling them down too far, but as she yanked uncoordinatedly the leather lowered a fraction and started to rub at the tip of my cock, which by then felt like it could burst out through my clothes. The top of my hard-on pushed above my waistband and immediately caught a shiver of cold air, but this only served to intensify the sensations thrilling along its length.

She started stroking the front of my jeans, cupping my hard-on through the denim and running her hand up and down as if eager to toss me off. The deep red of her lips painted an even greater contrast than usual against the December white of her skin.

She forced her body against mine. I could almost feel her delicate breasts forcing themselves into my stomach through the layers of winter clothing. In my mind I evoked those tiny buds as I last saw them uncovered, nipples practically pulsing from her chest. If we had been indoors at that moment I would have buried my face in her chest, danced my tongue over and around her nipples, and lapped at the tits with the length of my tongue, soaking them all over and feeling the nipples hardening against my face. But for the time being I had to make do with visualizing them, and knowing that it wouldn’t be long before I could gulp down their taste again.

Up on the flyover the constant stream of mid-morning drivers didn’t know what fun they were missing out on. All they could see, I guess, was a distant couple kissing outside a university building. They were cheated of Vicky’s breathing as she brushed the tip of my cock with her fingers, couldn’t see the moisture of her lips as we licked into each other, had no way of knowing that on this frosty day her delicious cunt would be melting into her knickers, yearning to feel my flesh slide through the labia and stroke her soft body from the inside out.

I was scarcely thinking straight, but I managed to wrap my long coat around us to conceal her from the traffic. That said, we were already so wrapped up in our need to fuck that neither of us would have cared much if Vicky was to drop to her knees and suck me off in plain view. Because of the cold there were very few people out on foot around the campus, and any passers-by who did happen past had the decorum to make themselves scarce when they saw how intense this young couple was becoming.

With my left hand holding the coat around her, my right fumbled between her legs – separated by the cold denim and the warmth of the wet knickers. She parted her feet a fraction to give me more space, but I had no patience Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan to stroke the fabric, and immediately started to grapple with her belt. I managed to get the buckle undone, and hoisted it to one side. I tore at the buttons of her jeans, enough to free up the ebony silk of her underwear, and pushed my hand straight down her knickers. My hand raked through the fine downy hair, homing in on the wet heat between her legs. After the cold of the air, my middle fingers slid over her pulsing clit and my index finger was almost scorched by her beating cunt.

I kissed her harder, as I pushed my finger inside. The middle finger felt like it was forcing into a sauna, while the rest of my hand savoured the padded moistness of her labia. I pushed deeper, my outside fingers brushing the puckers of her anus and causing her take a sharp intake of excited breath. The lines around her asshole were firm and tempting. I pulled back my middle finger and then massaged the rim of her anus with the wetness from her own cunt. She was increasingly unsteady on her feet, and I leant back so that the wall would give us better support as we spiralled further from reality.

Unseen to the traffic, I unfastened my belt and tugged down the front of my jeans enough to free up the straining erection. The cold air passed right down to the base, but again this only served to heighten the sensitivity of my skin. When Vicky saw what I had done she gazed down at my cock, her beautiful lips parting further as if desperate to have my hard flesh against her throat and face.

After all her teasing back in the lecture room, I was in charge now. I put my open hand on the nape of her neck and pulled her head towards me so that that I could whisper fiercely in her ear.

“How do you like it now?” I taunted gently, “This is what you get for trying to wank me in front of my esteemed colleagues”

My hand parted her labia and with my middle finger I began to gently tickle the opening to her cunt – first sliding from top to bottom, then beginning to rotate my fingertip to circle her clit.

She couldn’t speak now. She always got so turned on when I talked dirty that she was transported outside herself. And I could see from her narrowed eyes that she had lost her upper hand over me, and was trapped in the throes of unthinking lust.

“Look at you”, I whispered, “My beautiful, clever independent girl – reduced to nothing more than a cunt thirsty to be filled”

I slid my hand lower in her knickers, so that with a gentle pinching motion I could massage from back to front – my index finger on her sphincter, my thumb pressing against her clit, and the rest of my fingers running along the sides of her cunt lips. I squeezed a bit harder and relished the sound of her gasping. My cock rubbed against her clothing as I held her closer.

“That’s it, isn’t it?” I asked, “That’s all you want, isn’t it? To feel my cum spilling through your body, slicking your face, dripping from your cunt”

She sighed heavily in response and dropped her head against my shoulder so that I could no longer see her eyes, but could still whisper in her ear, while tantalising her lobe with my tongue.

She took hold of the base of my cock and started to pump me. Her feet were further apart now, her pelvis gently rotating as if she was dancing. I increased the tempo of my handful of wet cunt. Her jumper and shirt rose up slightly, and my foreskin glanced electrically against the cold fine down of her stomach.

“Remember the taste of my cock. Can you smell me against your lips?”

She moaned a “Yes”.

“Can you taste me yet?”

She panted weakly.

I began to grind my cock against her stomach, as if to fuck through her flesh – punch a hole through her belly and fill her with my sperm. With a rapid surprise movement I lowered my hand and then brought it up sharply, my two longest fingers forking straight up into her cunt, and yanking her pelvis towards me. Now I had her gripped good and tight – my fingers deep against the hardness of the cervix, my thumb cradling her clit.

She cried out and buried her face deeper into my shoulder. I could feel the heat of her saliva through my clothes. I gave a teasing push that caused her to gyrate her hips even more, to rub around my hand deeper and faster.

I was thrusting almost as hard as if I had thrown her to the ground and was fucking her in full view, hitting her faster and faster, crying out to cum so powerfully into her that my seed would come blasting out of her lips and nose.

The outside world had vanished for both of us now, as if a fog had been closing in, cutting off first the buildings opposite, then the flyover, and now sealing us off so that nothing existed outside of the space we were sharing. The winter cold had gone, and I was sweating as I drove my cock against her, fucking her with my hand Escort Şanlıurfa ever less gently.

“I wish I had more cocks”, I taunted, “so that while I am pumping your belly full of cum, I could toss myself off in your face. And fuck your ass at the same time. Would you like that? Three cocks squirting into your body at once into three holes?”

She was so turned on by what I was saying that her hands dropped weakly to my hips, where they rested on my belt as I fucked away at her stomach. I nuzzled her head back with mine, and recommenced kissing – almost as if angry with her, but really driven only by the power of my climax forcing its way to the surface.

I licked around her tongue, pausing only to tease further.

“I wish my tongue was buried in your cunt right now, lapping you up, forcing its way in and fucking you. You would be able to feel my breath on your clit, my teeth brushing your hair, and the soft coarseness of my tongue lapping deep inside your body”

My voice dropped deep into my throat as I whispered. I could feel the tingling at the base of my balls and knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer.

All of Vicky’s weight had dropped into her cunt now. I felt like I was supporting her entire body with my clenching hand.

“I’m going to come”, I told her, “And I want it down your throat”.

She looked up briefly, eyes fluttering as she tumbled towards her own orgasm.

“I don’t want to waste a single drop outside your beautiful body”

I took her hand and wrapped it around my cock. My coat fell open a bit, but I was past caring who witnessed anything at this point. I closed my own free hand around hers, and together we wanked me faster and faster.

My other hand felt her cunt clenching around it with ever more ferocity, contracting powerfully while her hips drove her round and around my fingers, as if trying to impale herself on my wrist. I could hear from her breathing that she was on the verge of climax, and felt the taut pulsations in my cock that warned me I was not far behind.

She reached it first. Her hand clutched at my cock and her breath trapped in her throat with a gentle grunt followed by whimpering. The outside of her cunt quivered repeatedly in my hand, while her inside was crushing my fingers in powerful waves.

All the time I still had her hand on my hard-on, and together we sped up my foreskin until I couldn’t bear any more movement.

Vicky’s internal clenching subsided, her hips began to slow down their gyrations, and her labia slowed to a more gentle pulsing motion. What little balance she was still maintaining toppled forwards into my arms – a dead weight.

I scarcely had time to catch her when I came as well – first a soothing trickle spreading over the head of my cock, and then strong muscles launching a burst of white shots at Vicky’s belly, catching her hand, stomach, jumper and jeans.

“Oh fuck”, I groaned in exhausted relief, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck”

She looked up and me and we kissed.

“And now you’re going to drink it up”, I told her, “Every last drop”

Her brown eyes shone into mine, and very deliberately she lifted up her hand from inside my coat. Her palm and fingers were thickly smeared with warm cum. Those much-complimented cocksucker lips parted to let out her tongue, and without breaking eye contact she began to lap at her hand, first licking clean the palm, and then sliding her cum-socked fingers into her mouth and sucking them dry.

I fell back against the wall, trying to get back my breath. Around me the world was fading back into existence. It was like regaining consciousness after a faint. I became aware of the sound of a winter breeze punctuated by our hoarse breath, and a distant background of traffic noise.

“Now clean me up”, I told her.

I swung her round so that she was against the wall, and wrapped my coat around her.

“Drink it”

Concealed from the world by my coat, but still with a quick glance around her first, she bent down and licked my jeans for the splashes of cum that had caught the denim. Then she cupped my balls and the base of my cock with both hands, opened her lips and eased her face into my crotch, swallowing my cock and obediently sucking it clear of sperm.

For a while as my erection relaxed she kept my cock in her mouth – swallowing in more and more as I became softer, until I wished she could open wide and take my balls in her mouth as well. Then she straightened up, her eyes gleaming with devilment, and she wiped her lips with the back of a hand, while the other stroked my cock.

Then she sniggered like a child hearing a rude word, and we wrapped each other in our arms and began to laugh exhuberantly. I kissed the top of her head and she nuzzled her giggles into my throat.

We nearly made it on time back into the lecture room. At 11.12 we slunk in through the back, flushed and holding hands, and sidled embarrassedly into the first seats we could find.

The next lecturer looked up at us irritated, and I gave an awkward wave.

“Sorry we’re late” I apologise, “You’ll never believe the trouble we’ve been having with the pivot tables in our spreadsheets”

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