Intimate Campaign

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I met Regan about two years ago when I volunteered for a local political candidate that shared my way of thinking. When I walked into the headquarters to offer my expertise, she was talking to another woman.

She was taller than most women and therefore caught the eye easily. Her long raven hair cascaded over her shoulders and her scarlet lips accentuated her bright smile. She spoke softly and everyone, women and men alike, seemed to gather around her.

Anything but bossy, she was helpful in every way. Our candidate appreciated her input as much as any volunteer. Yet she behaved as if what she contributed was no more than anyone else.

Regan smiled more than anyone I have ever known. Nothing seemed to bother her and she was always laughing or at least smiling when she spoke.

She was a beautiful woman who seemed not to know how beautiful. Her curves were perfect and she held herself like a model. Her since of people was astounding; she seemed to know when someone needed help or just a kind word.

I fell in love with her at first sight, but didn’t realize that fact for several weeks. A few days after we met a group of us worked really late and around midnight found ourselves hungry and tired. We decided to go to a little all night cafe’ for coffee so we wouldn’t doze off on our ways home.

The conversations that were shared in the headquarters were all about the campaign, strategies, planning, what colors we should use on our signs. But this late night session was just about five people who were exhausted from a long day.

The conversation shied away from the campaign and into the personal realm. As I listened to Regan’s story the love in my heart grew. I began to know the person, not the volunteer.

She was open, honest, and sincere. She loved what she was doing and had no ambitions to go beyond the campaign. “It’s just something I always wanted to do. I love politics and this is a good way to help my candidate go all the way!” She explained after another volunteer asked her why she had chosen to join the campaign.

“Well, you sure do seem to know a lot about politics and how to get things done that need to be done. And you are so helpful when it comes to making decisions and showing others what to do,” someone pointed out.

“I helped my mother with my younger siblings. I had to be organized because my mother depended on me. I had to be controlled because my bothers and sisters didn’t know how to play fair,” she explained. “I guess that’s why it comes so easy for me. I’ve been organizing since I was fifteen,” she laughed, brushed a piece of hair out of her face and listened as others went on about her.

She didn’t seem to understand how much she helped others.

The hour was getting late, or maybe it was getting early. Everyone needed to get a little sleep before we gathered again for another strategy session to win our spot in history.

As walked her to her car, I told her how much it meant to me to work with someone so organized and who knew what had to be done. “Would you share with me some of your ideas tomorrow?” I asked as I held her door for her.

“Sure, Larry, I’d love to. I really enjoyed tonight. It was fun talking to everyone about stuff other than the campaign. It felt like we were all friends. Did it feel like that for you?”

“Yeah, and I think that is what is going to win this campaign for us,” I smiled confidently.

Regan slipped into her car and I closed the door as she rolled the window down to say goodnight. Her smile was just as brilliant as it was each morning when she arrived at headquarters.

My heart beat fast and my dick got hard. Once I made it home I jumped into a hot shower and masturbated while thinking of Regan’s smile and the smell of her hair. When I came, my seed spewed all down my legs. My knees shook and I fantasized that she was sucking me.

But what I felt was more than mere male lust. It was love. I felt it in the pit of my stomach. I wanted this woman in my life and I wanted her badly.

I cautioned myself not to become obsessed; I didn’t want to scare her away. I wanted to be someone she felt she could depend upon, trust and come to when she needed help.

Stepping out of the shower, I dried myself and slipped between the crisp, cool sheets. My prick stiffened once again. I grabbed a towel and masturbated once again. Thoughts of Regan riding my cock quickly spewed seed all over the towel.

I rolled over and soon my breathing calmed and darkness overtook me.

I awoke on Saturday morning with a stiff prick and trace memories of Regan riding me like a bronco rider all night long. I was even still a little tried for fucking her all night.

But of course it was all just dream remnants büyükesat escort of my desires to fuck her until she couldn’t walk I licked my hand and took care of the hard on that stood tall between my trembling legs. Then I jumped back into the shower and dressed to go to headquarters.

Just as I was walking out the door, I remembered that we had decided to take the weekend off.

“Damn!” I screamed, disappointed that I would have spend just one day, let alone two without seeing Regan. I felt depressed and wanted to climb back into bed so I could dream that she was sucking me and I was licking her smooth, shaved cunt.

The weekend dragged. I pulled out my bike and went for a long ride along the lakefront. It was a beautiful day and there were a lot of people out walking, skating and riding just like me.

There were guys hunting for girls and girls hunting for guys. And I was looking for just one beautiful smile. I thought I say her dark mane lying close to the lake, taking in some rays, but alas the woman was much heavier and not quiet as pretty as Regan.

Around noon, I decided to get a sandwich at my favorite coffee shop. As I walked in I noticed a woman with midnight hair sitting with her back toward me. I swore it was Regan.

I went to the men’s room, just to check her out. It wasn’t her either. I ordered a sandwich and sat by the window watching the people as they passed. Then I saw her. She had a hand full of dry cleaning and a bag of groceries. I wondered how she could manage so much the remembered that she had helped her mother raise two other children.

I stepped out onto the sidewalk just in front of her and turned as he approached. “Reagan!” I said in a surprised voice. “How are you? Looks like you have your hands full, need an extra one?”

“Hi Matt, good to see you. No, I’ve got it handled, but thanks for asking,” she smiled.

“Oh come-on let me be a gentleman for a change!” I pleaded and put a pout on my face.

“Well, okay, this bag is kind of heavy, would you mind helping me with it? I only live a few blocks down.”

“It would be my pleasure,” I replied while trying to keep my dick between my legs.

“But it’s Saturday and I won’t talk about the campaign on Saturdays, or Sundays for that matter,” she informed me as she handed me her groceries. “But I will fix you some lunch if you’re hungry.”

I was full from my sandwich, but I wasn’t about to turn down another half an hour with her. “Well, to be honest with you, I just had a large coffee at the cafe’ but I’m a bit hungry. I’d really like to have lunch with you.”

“Great! I hate to eat alone.”

As we walked she explained that she had always had her brothers and sisters around her and it was difficult to spend time alone.

I happily volunteered my afternoon to be her escort.

“Would your really? That would be great. There are so many things I have always wanted to do and not had anyone who wanted to do them. And if you don’t want to do them, maybe we can do something else.” She was so excited to have someone to share her day.

Entering her brightly lit apartment, she hung up her dry cleaning in a closet and slipped out of the light jacket she had been wearing.

She wore only a thin, yellow crape blouse and a pair if jeans. I immediately noticed she wore no bra and I could see her ample breast with their dark circles. She didn’t seem to notice my eyes watching her bust.

I felt a twitching in my groin and felt the pressure of my dick against my zipper. ‘Think silly thoughts,’ I told myself to calm the beast that waited. I took a few deep breaths and was finally able to will myself soft again.

We ate a quick lunch, my second, then she explained that she wanted to go horseback riding. Having never done so myself I was game. I would have been willing to do anything though. Just to have her by my side.

The drive to the stables was forty-five minutes in which time I learned that she had two brothers and three sisters. She was the oldest of the children and her mother had to work three jobs when she was growing up. She had never felt deprived though just lucky to have such good people to spend time with.

“My brothers were a lot of help, they came just after me; my sisters are a little selfish, but somewhere deep inside I’m sure they’re nice people,” she teased.

I told her that I was an only child, so I’m use to getting my way; hint, hint!” I smiled devilishly.

“Oh really,” she laughed. “So am I!” We laughed and I felt really relaxed except for the bulge that kept growing between my legs every time she looked at me and smiled.

I liked this horseback riding because we were out in nature and there was çankaya escort no one close to us. There were trees and shadows and places where we could lay without being seen. We took our picnic lunch and spread a blanket under a tall Live Oak tree. Its branches were low to the ground and spread wide. There was an abundance of shade and even though the day was hot, the tree provided us with comfort.

Regan laid out a blanket on the grassy knoll and I opened the picnic basket. We had made sandwiches and she had made some cole slaw. Both soft drinks and beer were in the cooler, but I didn’t want a beer. I wanted to be ready when she was.

A northern breeze that played with her hair cooled the afternoon sun. She had to continuously whisk it from her face. She laughed and tried to blow it off, but I could see that it was bothering her.

I pulled a handkerchief from my pocket and made it into a rope, then pulled her thick locks into a ponytail and tied it tight.

“Thank you! I don’t know why I didn’t bring a band to tie it back.”

“It’s my pleasure to care for you!” I spit out not meaning to so

She blushed and just smiled taking a bite of her ham sandwich.

Eventually our conversation went to the campaign. I was amazed at her knowledge of the political system and soon came to find out that her ex-husband was an alderman in another district. She had learned a lot of what she knew from his campaign

We talked a bit about her love for politics and I tried to encourage her to pursue a career in the area.

“No, no, I like staying in the background and knowing that I have helped the candidate that I want get into office. I could never spend all of that time in front of the public and I’m not sure I would want my past set out in front of the world to see.”

“Oh you have a dark past do you?” I teased.

Blushing, she nodded her head.

“Please, tell me more!” I encouraged her.

“No, no, no! I can’t do that, you may use it against me!” she protested.

I laughed and pouted, “You don’t trust me? The man who fixed your hair so it wouldn’t blow into your beautiful face!”

Laughing out loud, she shook her head in the negative.

“Please! I want to share your secretes; I’ll share mine!” “Okay, you go first,” she pushed.

“Not fair but I will!”

I took a deep breath and told her of my wild days in college where I tried to bed every female freshman and got one pregnant. She had decided to keep the baby but I just was too young to take responsibility for my enjoyment of her body.

“I’m still paying her alimony; my debt for playing around at a young age, but my son is a great kid. Straight A student; I’m proud of him even though I don’t see him as much as I wish.”

“Well, my story is somewhat similar; I too had a child out of wedlock; she holds my heart tight in her hands. Only she has a disability and she lives in a private nursing home. She will never have what we believe is a fulfilling life, but she is well taken care of.

Her eyes filled with tears and I wanted to take her into my arms and assure that it would all be okay, but what gave me the balls to believe that I could fix her world.

“My husband blames me for her disabilities and my indiscretions; she’s not his child. Her father was a man I met while I was campaigning for my husband.”

Tears trickled down her cheeks and turned her eyes red. I pulled her closer to me and she lay her head on my shoulder and sobbed.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to pull up such sad memories for you!” I begged for her forgiveness.

“No, it’s all right, I haven’t been able to tell anyone about Gloria for many years. My own mother doesn’t want to hear about her granddaughter.”

I held her close to my heart and stroked her dark hair while she cried. I was glad she had some vulnerabilities; it meant that I might be able to support her in her times of need. I wanted to love this woman.

Her tears wet my shirt and she pulled away apologizing for being so weak.

“No, you have nothing to apologize for. You are only human and we all make mistakes. Especially me! Hell, I’ve fucked up more times that I ever want to admit.”

“Thank you for understanding. Most people just don’t!” She wiped her eyes and a forced smile touched her lips.

I wanted to kiss her and hold her close to me again. “Your secret is safe with me; I promise.”

“Thank you!” she looked into my eyes and I swear I saw love there.

I took the que and leaned toward her. She responded in kind and our lips met. He kiss was warm and sensual. I didn’t want it to end.

Before I knew it, we were rolling around on the blanket, her blouse open and my mouth on her full breast. cebeci escort She moaned with pleasure as I suckled the hard nipples and my dick grew hard.

Shaded by the large Live Oaks, she slipped her hand down my shorts and pulled my throbbing cock out. Regan licked her lips and there was lust in her eyes. “I love a big dick.” she smiled and ran her tongue across her lips.

The she bent over my phallus and flicked her tongue in and out of the wide hole there, tasting the silky precum that had trickled out of my dick.

Regan moaned, “Mmmmm,” as she tasted my seed. Looking up at me from her position between my legs she said, “sweet, really sweet!” Then swallowed as much of my length as she could.

I lay back on the blanket. My hands found the back of her head and assisted her with my hands. I pulled her head up and then pushed it down as deep as she could take it. My hips rose to meet her mouth each time she pulled it up to taste my jizz.

Moaning, she moved her hands to my prostate and massaged it gently; then a little harder to make sure that when I came it would be strong and full.

I moaned with the pleasure that she was providing me as I squeezed her full breast tighter and tighter. “That’s it baby, suck my hard cock! Make it full so I can fill you with my hot seed. You’ll never want another man once I tear into your hot cunt!”

This really turned her on, because her head bounced up and down faster and deeper until her throat tightened around my dick halfway into her throat. My hands positioned her head up and down at a speed that gave me the greatest pleasure.

Then I blew all of my seed deep into her throat. Not one drop spilled for her pretty mouth.

I reached down to the smooth pussy and stuck a finger into the soaked cunt. Her hips pressed toward me and I found that fountain that turned her on.

Regan moaned and her hips rose then fell trying to get my digit deeper into her love canal. I leaned over her and stuck my tongue deep into the sweet fluids there while my fingers pinched her erect clit that throbbed between them.

Slowly, I ran the tip of my tongue there until she cried out, “Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop! I need this; I need you!”

I flipped her over and she lay totally exposed on the blanket. I ripped at the zipper of my jeans and finally got them off. I tore off my shorts and my red headed friend had no problem slipping into the pool of sweet wetness that awaited me between her legs.

I don’t know how long we fucked there under the trees while the horses watched us copulate. But it was the most fantastic fuck I had had in a long while. My prick pumped seed into her for at least three minutes after my body stopped moving.

As she lay there under my weight her mouth suckled my tight chest as her tongue tickled the little ovals that were my nipples.

Finally, we had to rest. When I opened my eyes, it had become dusk and the horses were restless to get back to their barns.

I helped Regan up and as I pulled her up she covered my dick once again. I stood there over her and let her suckle me. When I spewed over here tits, she rubbed my thick cum over her stomach and down toward her smooth pussy.

We dressed and tried to keep our hands off one another as we rode back to the stables. I paid the attendant and we drove back to her place at ticket demanding speeds without one citation.

Once inside her apartment, she tore off my shirt and led my by my prick into her bathroom and then to the shower.

The teaming water played with our electric bodies as we collided with the lust of sixteen- year old kids. I had never wanted a woman as I wanted Regan.

The rest of the weekend we spent sharing our savage lust and holding one another until we got our energy back. From time to time we took breaks to eat something to keep up our energy. But all we wanted was to be connected to one another.

Then Monday morning came and it was back to work and back to the campaign. We knew that it was going to be difficult to control our lust in front of the people that worked with us at the campaign headquarters.

We often wandered off in different directions and returned at different times. But we were always finding places to get in a quickie.

It was only three more weeks before the elections but our lust kept us rushing off to fuck like bunnies. Then returning to put on the facade of two strangers working of the same cause. And of course that is what we were doing…only now, our cause didn’t match any of those of the others working for the campaign. Ours was one of self-lust.

Our candidate won the election and for the next three months we celebrated our victory in our own special way. Six months later we married and are now living happily ever after; fucking every night and lusting after one another every minute of the day.

Now we work together on al campaigns we support and go horse back riding every weekend. Have you ever fucked on a horse? It’s really a lot of fun!


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