Irish Hospitality Ch. 05

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Living a dream.

Tom was wide awake, dreaming of Olga, but actually having his seemingly always erect cock wanked and sucked by Vera, her short hair moved as a wave, as she wanked him with one hand and massaged his testicles with the other and sucked four or five inches of his hard rod into her warm wet mouth, her eyes were fixed on his face, her eyes were bright with lust and want. She was devouring Toms cock, endeavoring to take it all in her slobbering mouth and throat, she looked possessed in her pursuit. Vera couldn’t get him all in.

Changing position, straddling his chest, giving him to a close up view of her rear end, her puckered tight anal opening, her perfect mature wet pussy, encouraged him to it seemed greater hardness, to almost steel like, as Vera continued her effort to swallow him whole. Toms sensitive knob end was getting every nuance of her tongue on his glans, driving him to his climax.

Still Vera couldn’t engulf him fully. She stopped, raised her bum so she was up from a crouch position, lowered her head so her mouth and throat was roughly at right angles to his horizontal tense expectant body, then she slowly swallowed him fully, gagging as she did, a salivary stream of spittle flowed from her mouth, over his balls, thighs and the bed, she flexed her knees to force the up and down throat fuck, in reverse position of a seal eating fish being offered from above, her nose rhythmically prodding his full again ball sack, she gagged less as she got into a rhythm, constricting her throat around his solid member on the up stroke, relaxing it on the down stroke.

The delight of the oral sensation and the wonderful view on Vera’s body in action, her toned, slightly muscular legs, her shapely flexing bum, her tightening and relaxing anal ring matching her movement, her wet dribbling inviting under carriage, puffy pink lips, open ready for his cock, he tried to hold back but the inevitable happened, he exploded, unloading his come in Vera’s throat, causing her to gag and splutter, she swallowed as she let him out of her mouth, come and excess salivary mucus, flowed from her all over Tom as he shuddered to completion.

Vera turned on him, gasping but kissing him hard giving him a healthy mouth full of his come and her salivary spittle which he had to accept, her wet face brushed over his as she took hold of his still hard cudgel and impaled herself on him, the fluid soaked flesh on their organs lubricating them as she slid down his rod, biting her lip and whimpering as she did. Vera fucked Tom for all her worth, straining every sinew of her body, possessed to come, fucking him hard, her eyes red and dewy from gagging, her mouth wet and slack from taking him all in her mouth and throat, she looked a slutty mess. Tom held her tight and fucked her in bursts from below, several prolonged spurts of sexual energy and her riding him hard, got her over the precipice of ecstasy, climaxing forcefully. He followed, coming again, he didn’t understand how he managed it. She moaned in pleasure, thanking him, praising him, kissing and weeping all at the same time, an extraordinary display of raw sensual sexual outpouring, the like of he had never experienced before.

After a few minutes rest for Tom, Vera while cupping her come filled pussy with her hand and keeping her legs together as much as possible, awkwardly pulled him from his bed into her and Eileen’s bedroom, the adjoining bedroom.

Tom was astounded to find Eileen, naked, tethered by chains attached to each corner of the lovers over sized bed, one chain attached to each limb, making her spread-eagle in the middle of it. Eileen was breathing heavy, twitching, trembling occasionally.

Vera still cupping her pussy, in an attempt to retain Toms deposit in her cunt, straddled over Eileen’s head and removed her hand. The sticky fluid dripped into Eileen’s mouth, drip by drip for a few minutes, She tried to lick the remainder from her lovers cunt, but Vera kept her moist sticky pussy lips from her straining reach. Eileen was enjoying the cocktail of juices, savouring them as she pushed them around her mouth balgat escort with her tongue having given up on Vera’s tempting pussy. Then she swallowed the sperm and pussy juice and smiled. Vera repositioned herself and was boobs to boobs, tummy to tummy thighs to thighs, pussy to pussy with Eileen who tried to kiss her, but wasn’t allowed to. Tom was enthralled at what he had witness, his well used cock had amazingly revived again, it stood out from his body, hard as steel, throbbing with his pulse. Vera beckoned him pointing to her rear end which she raised in readiness for him. “Fuck me Tom, fuck me hard, fuck me now, fuck my bum.” She implored him.

Tom got onto the bed and positioned the head of his cock at the moist puckered entrance of her anus and gently leaned into her bum hole that beckoned him. His first anal fuck. She reached back gripped a bum cheek in each hand and opened herself to give him access. Tom dribbled spit from his mouth on to her resisting anal ring, he’d seen it done in porn films, it must help he thought, it did a little, it was a tight fit, he eased his rock hard cock past her sphincter a little at a time dribbled more spittle on their junction and slowly he got more cock in to her taboo hole. Vera was holding her breath till he had got past the most resistance, then he was in, inch by inch he slid into her hot soft as velvet hot anal passage. He liked it, liked it a lot, his cock, his eight inches was fully in her bum, his thighs were against hers, his groin settled against her trembling bum cheeks. Through gritted teeth Vera said “yesss…he’s in my bum Eileen, right… in, it hurts, but, but oh god… its great, fuck me now Tom.”

As Tom picked up pace, slipping in and out of Vera’s hot soft anal canal, her clit bumped and grazing on Eileen’s engorged nub. Once in a rhythm the three of them were getting pleasure from the coupling and contact. Vera got very vocal, between deep French kissing Eileen, “get me off” she demanded of her, “I’ve sucked him, fucked him and now he’s buggering me, oh god, it’s fucking amazing …” she kissed her forcefully, Tom was enjoying fucking her bum hole, gripping her hips, plumbing her anus deeply and relentlessly, “that will teach you dirty whore, fucking him without me, oh god, oh fuck, oh fuck I’m coming.” Eileen still tethered and squashed beneath Vera and Toms bodies, was trembling and shaking as she started to climax too, Tom came, shuddering to his core as he shot what little come he had left into Vera’s bowels and as Vera kissed Eileen really hard she came with shuddering spasms shocking the three of them with the intensity of it, clamping Toms cock like a vice with her anal muscle, Breathless they all swore heatedly as they reached their sweaty body racking climaxes.

Tom pulled out of Vera and slid to Eileen’s side and Vera panting excitedly, slid onto Eileen’s other side. They kissed above Eileen sealing what they had shared.

“Are you going to clean him up whore,” Vera tersely asked Eileen, “lick his cock clean after it’s been up my bum fucking me?” Tom wasn’t sure Vera’s bad attitude to her lover was real, even as she twisted both nipples causing Eileen whimper in pain or pleasure. “Sixty nine her Tom, fuck her face and lick her fanny, don’t come though she doesn’t deserve anymore sperm.” Tom didn’t think he had any more come to give. He was hard but his balls were empty.

Vera sort of pulled and positioned him above Eileen, who still being tethered could not move, she forced Toms soiled cock into Eileen’s mouth, as Tom licked a her meaty cunt lips which were dripping with her juice. After a little defiant show Eileen slavishly slobbered on his cock, cleaning him enthusiastically.

Eileen carried out her ‘forced’ task enthusiastically considering her initial reluctance, Tom was not going to come again, Vera had forbid him to ejaculate in her mouth, he couldn’t have, although he wanted to. Eileen was getting more out of this than Vera anticipated, rolling orgasms engulfing her and her juices flowing from her, as Tom sucked, licked and prodded her over sensitive clitoris and batıkent escort labia with his tongue.

Vera excited by Eileen’s pleasure, stuffed three fingers into her cunt, finger fucking her wet hole, coming violently.

They ran out of steam more or less together, slowing down and stopping, gasping, breathing heavily, smiling, pleased with their satisfied state.

“I’m not sure I should release you slut,” Vera teasingly informed Eileen, “you look great chained, I might leave you here all day, to be able to sit on you face whenever I like, or not… .” “Vera unchain me please, I need to wee… ” Eileen said showing some desperation.

Vera smiled at her, “come on Tom let’s shower together, then we’ll let her pee, leave the door open, the sound of water running will drive home to her what a slut she is.”

After showering with Vera, Tom beat a hasty retreat to his room, leaving the two of them to play out their games. He dressed and went down to breakfast, it was just gone eight o’clock, he mused if he could cope with the demands of living here, he was drained already and the day had hardly begun. He heaped a plate with everything presented for breakfast, he was ravenous, having missed dinner and the energy sapping before breakfast escapades.

Olga joined him sitting at the dinning room table with a plate of healthy options. “Good morning Tom, you don’t look like you’ve had a good twelve hours sleep at all.” Smiling as she started to eat.

Ashine appeared carrying a tray of tea and coffee and gave him a cheery, “good morning stud, tea will it be.” Tom refused the bait and just nodded. “When you get a minute I need a job doing Tom, I need my hole filling.”

This caused Olga to laugh heartily and Tom to nearly choke on his food.

Tom quickly finished his breakfast and left the dinning room and the leering Ashine and Olga. He drove the pick up to the workshop. He spent the day there, forgoing lunch, tidying up the work area and keeping out of the way.

That evening he followed house etiquette and showered next to the boot room, he got dressed in his own room and shot out of the rear of the house to the pick up, he drove out of the farm via the Veterinary Surgery car park and to the main road. He took the road to Kinsale, arriving ten minutes later in the sleepy town. He found a service station and filled the pick up’s tank with diesel.

The girl behind the counter passed him a sheet to sign as there was a fuel account with them. Tom was expecting to have to pay. “You must be the new maintenance man, what’s the T stand for,” she asked pointing at his signature. “T for Tom” was Toms answer. “I’m Morvan, it’s good to have someone new around here, if you fancy a night out here’s my number,” she smiled as she passed him a piece of paper with it written on. She was a slim pretty girl of eighteen or nineteen, attractive without the need of much make up, beautiful eyes, an open face and attitude. “I’ll give you a call, you can maybe fill me in this place and my predecessor, when is best for you Morven, what night is best?”

Not one to hold back, Morven replied quickly, no need to call, tomorrow at seven, I’ll meet you here.” She enthusiastically replied, smiling broadly. Tom thought she was hot, young and seemed keen. They said their goodbyes and Tom got back in the pick up, leaving to explore the town with a quick drive around, it didn’t take long, about ten minutes. Kinsale seemed a nice place to him, tidy, upmarket, not to commercial for a seaside town.

He parked and got out of the pick up, stood looking at the harbor and contemplated his situation.

Nice home, great food, lots of sex, surrounded by seemingly willing women, a job, use of a vehicle, nice place, new adventure… the niggle in his mind was keeping up his sexual stamina, he was only just recovering for his pre breakfast session with Vera and Eileen… . Could he cope with all the fucking, would he be cast aside if he couldn’t perform. Since he met Vera and Eileen he had more sexual experiences than the previous five years. From famine to feast. beşevler escort He decided he needed to pace himself. How he wasn’t sure…

He made the short return to the farm, getting back just before eight, right on time for dinner.

On entering the dinning room he was greeted by Eileen, she was pleased to see him and kissed him fully on his lips, Vera hugged him and kissed him continental fashion, a kiss on each cheek. Ashine and Olga were there too both dressed for dinner, both in full length dresses, both immaculate in presentation, make up and hair perfect.

Eileen explained, Ashine and Olga had dinner with them fortnightly, to ensure they knew how they were an important part of their life. They both smiled at this remark, taking the opportunity to hug and kiss Tom, Ashine very enthusiastically to the amusement of the others. Bridie and Megan served dinner, which passed quietly, general chatter about the farm, the town and Tom telling them about his day in the workshop, his trip to fill up the pick up and the look around the town. “Did Morven serve you at the petrol station?” Ashine asked him. Tom confirmed she did and added, “she seems very nice.” Ashine smiled, “she’s my sister.”

Toms heart sank, he had arranged to meet Ashine’s sister the next evening, he feared this could become a problem. Thinking quickly he told her, “She’s offered to show me Kinsale tomorrow evening, do you want to help her Ashine?”

“If you want me to, I’ll come, along with Morven.” She replied, causing the others to smile at her innuendo.

The food was excellent, potato and leek soup, Rack of Lamb with vegetables, apple pie and cream and cheese and biscuits to finish. A couple of bottles of red were consumed. Bridie and Megan who substituted for Olga and Ashine serving flirted with Tom and he learned that they were dinner guests to on occasion too.

After dinner Ashine who said her goodbyes to everyone with hugs and kisses, was picked up by taxi to take her home.

Olga was like me a resident, with Vera, Eileen and I she enjoyed a coffee and Brandy in the lounge as Bridie and Megan cleared away, after which they wished us goodnight and left for home.

Around ten o’clock Vera and Eileen suggested that we all went to bed. Olga clung on to Toms arm, following Vera and Eileen, as together the four of them walked up the wide marble staircase to the first floor. Without a hesitation Olga guided him to follow her employers into their bedroom, closing and locking the door behind them.

Vera and Eileen got into a passionate clinch, Vera’s annoyance with her seemingly gone, their feelings for each other were total it seemed, they gazed into each other’s eyes longingly, oblivious to Olga and Tom watching them, or so it seemed. Their voyeuristic pleasure was complete as Olga and Tom watch the two lovers strip each other naked and continue their show of passion for each other. It was hot to watch.

As they got on the bed and they kissed heatedly, Tom and Olga stood at its foot, excited by Eileen’s worship of Vera’s body, her kissing and sucking her beautiful breasts, her travels down her toned body kissing everywhere till she centered on her vagina, slobbering, sucking, kissing and prodding her with her lips and tongue. Vera was gripping the sheets tightly in excitement as she rode out the pleasure she felt from her lovers administration, she writhed and moaned repeatedly.

Tom moved behind Olga who was panting in excitement as she watched, with both hands on her hips he pulled her against his hard cock, she pushed back in response, he kissed her neck, causing to her gasps, nibbled her ear making her moan.

Vera and Eileen were lost in each other, their lust making them oblivious to their audience, the onslaught on Vera’s pussy got her into a massive climax. Eileen moved around and straddled her head presenting her moist cunt to her lover, which she wasted no time in devouring.

Tom indicated his room with a nod to the door to Olga, who by now turn on so much she had her hand up her dress, rubbing between her legs, Tom was cupping her boobs. He edged her to his bedroom door, quietly opened it and they slipped into the darkened room.

Tom closed the door, lit a bedside lamp and ushered Olga to the bed. She hitched up her dress to reveal her pantie less perfect rear and bent over the bed. “You fuck me now!” she demanded.

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