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Author’s Note: All consensual and over the age of 18.

I walk inside the bungalow, hand in hand with my amor prohibido. The scent of jasmine floating heavily on the breeze. Candles of all varieties take residence at varying intervals throughout the small comfy home.

“Honey, do you really think this island is totally uninhabited?” Juliet asks.

“That’s what all the extra money was for sweetie,” Romeo says with a soft kiss to her forehead. “Just you (kiss), me (kiss), and whatever you brought in your treasure chest (kiss).”

Walking behind him she whispers, “Oh honey, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the content of my treasure chest,” as she rubs her nails slowly down his sides, causing him to shiver even though it’s a tropical 72 degrees on the island.

Quick as a pouncing tiger, he spins around and captures his prey, knocking them both down onto the couch.

“Finally, all to myself,” he says punctuating every word with a kiss.

“Tranquilo mi tigre,” Juliet says in Spanish, holding Romeo’s head in her hands, causing him to look into her hypnotic eyes and halting his brain scrambling kisses.

“Let me shower and then I’ll swing from your vine Tarzan, I promise,” Juliet whispers seductively into his ear.

“Ok, but anything over fifteen minutes and I’m comin’ to get you.”

“Promises, promises,” she says with a kiss. She walks off a distance and stops with her back to him. “Honey be a dear and put the champagne on ice please. And honey…” she asks.

“Yes, ma’am,” comes his raspy reply.

“Extra ice please, we’ll need some for later,” she says as she walks away.

“Yes, ma’am!” came his eager reply.

As she walks to the bathroom, he explodes into action lighting candles all around, as the sun sets on their tropical honeycomb hideaway. He looks in the kitchen closet and pulls out a bucket.

“This’ll work fine,” he thinks.

“I’ve got to keep his lips off me until I’m fully prepared for his surprise or he’ll ruin it,” Juliet thinks as she enters the bedroom. “Although, having his lips all over me isn’t a bad choice either… oh my!” she gasps as she sees the spacious room with a king-sized canopy bed in the middle of the room.

Silk sheets the color of red wine wrap the bed. A solitary long stemmed pink rose and a small note atop the pillow also adorn the bed. The fragrance of the coconut scented candles mixed with the jasmine breeze threatened to overload her senses.

“A pink rose, how different?”

Opening the note, she reads, WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE BATHROOM. Unable to wait any longer she races to see what else is in store for her…

“37, 38, 39, 40. That’s enough, don’t want to over do it,” Romeo says doing pushups in the living room. “Better clean up and check on my amor prohibido.” “Should be right about here,” Romeo says to himself as he follows the wrap around porch along the side of the house.

“Warm water too, thank God for small favors,” Romeo thinks as he lathers in the outdoor shower. Mosquito netting, a shower head, and a tiled wall with a bottom drain make up the outdoor shower. “This is really nice,” he thinks as he sees the water lapping at the shoreline 100 yards off. The scent of jasmine is not the only thing on the breeze tonight though. Soft moans float on the wind to Romeo’s ears.

“Oh yes baby, harder, that’s it,” Juliet moans as Romeo watches her show through the opened window.

Water threatens to spill over the edge of the four-foot-deep walk in tub, set Şanlıurfa Escort in the middle of the floor, as Juliet parts her flower petals and rubs the bud hidden within. Legs apart, head thrown back in rapture, Juliet pleases herself, imagining Romeo thrusting deep inside her.

The sight of the seven-foot-long walk-in tub filled with steaming hot water and rose petals, plush terry cloth robes with matching slippers, long and short stemmed roses couples with a platter of sliced fruit on the marble counter was more than enough to make Juliet quickly strip and begin to enjoy herself in the tub.

Romeo had to force himself to relax, almost climaxing while listening to Juliet’s sweet release. He ran inside to gather the items she requested. “Oh, fuck yeah,” was all he could think as he approached the bathroom door.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Juliet said after seeing Romeo in the doorway with a big metal bucket filled with ice, a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

“Didn’t know how much ice we’d need so…” Romeo admitted, setting down the bucket, revealing that he was naked and up for the challenge.

His eyes hungrily roam her body as hers greedily take in his lengthiness. Time stands still for what seems eons as they size each other up.

“I told you after fifteen minutes I would come,” Romeo says.

“Is that what you said? I could’ve sworn you said after fifteen minutes I would come” Juliet says, slowly withdrawing into the pool.

“As you stated, fifteen minutes have passed, it’s time for you to come.” Romeo glances at the marble counter, “One second sweetie, is that a platter of freshly sliced fruit?”

“It would seem so, sir,” she responds. Romeo grabs the platter and looks at Juliet with a wicked look in his eyes.

“What have I agreed to?” Juliet thought as she sits blindfolded in a chair in the bathroom.

“The way this works is I choose a piece of fruit at random, rub it on your body, then you guess what fruit it is using only the feel of the fruit on your skin. Wrong answers will be punished, and correct answers will be rewarded,” Romeo explained. “Unless you’re not up to it,” Romeo taunted.

“Challenge accepted!” Juliet cuts him off.

“Let us begin then,” Romeo whispered.

“What fruit is this?” Romeo whispers as he rubs a pineapple slice over the swell of her full breasts. She arches in her chair and reaches out for him, only to have her hands playfully swatted away.

“No, no, no. Remember your hands are to remain holding onto the sides of your chair unless instructed otherwise. As there are rules that govern this experience, there are also consequences as well. First and only freebie for rule violations. All other incidents will incur punishments,” Romeo breathed as he circled her, running his mouth over her naked body.

When he stood in front of her, he leaned in close to her ear, nudged her legs apart with his knees and whispered, “Now what kind of fruit is this?” A piece of mango was rubbed on her swollen clit.

Fire blossomed my core as the fruit was used as a torture device! I desperately wanted to reach out, grab him and claim what is mine, but decided I’d play by his rules for now. The fiery storm abated as the fruit was removed.

Soft but firm lips cover mine and I taste mango as he kisses me. After we part and I catch my breath I say, “Mango.”

“Correct,” Romeo states. “And this one?” he asks once again building my fires with his “erotic fruit challenge”.

Once again, Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan the kiss returns. This time it is watermelon flavored. “Too easy,” I thought as the kiss ended.

“Watermelon,” I say confidently.

“I’m sorry sweetie, but that’s incorrect,” he says.

“What the fuck, I know I tasted watermelon!” I answer frantically.

“Alas, I figured you’d catch on, so I decided to trick you,” Romeo says with a smug look on his face. “The fruit that touched your sweet spot was also a mango. I just ate a watermelon slice before the kiss,” Romeo explained.

“Now the punishment for the wrong answer,” he whispered.

Lightning struck my body and a serpentine hiss escaped my mouth as my back arched, threatening to unseat me. That wonderful mouth was gently exploring my sex. Those fingers exploring inside me! Me wishing he’d remove his fingers and replace them with another body part.

“Fuck the rules,” my mind screamed as my hands clamp the sides of his head, forcing it deeper into what is undoubtedly his.

“Now the punishment for breaking the hand rule,” he says.

“Oh no,” my mind says.

“Oh yes,” her mouth says as I ravage her sweet, sweet core. In seconds, her moans become more frantic, more desperate, until…

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh Rooommmeeeoooooo!”

Like a marionette whose strings have been cut, she collapses against me. Spent.

She’s cum twice already and I haven’t even put it in yet! This is gonna be so much fun.

I remove the blindfold and her eyes are still closed as she licks her lips, dealing with the final aftershocks of her earthquake. She opens her eyes and I see pure lust. A sex goddess in human form.

“Follow me,” I whisper as I kiss her softly, then deepen the kiss only to stop abruptly, leaving her gasping for air. I turn and leave, not bothering to see if she’d follow. Knowing she’d be at my side like a shadow.

We entered the bedroom with the spacious canopy bed, where I ordered her to sit. From the living room I brought in her treasure chest.

“Now, do you mind telling me what’s in here?” I asked. The look she gave me can only be described as feral. A tigress about to pounce on her unsuspecting prey.

“Why honey,” she purred as she rose from the bed and stalked over to the chest. “That’s your surprise. Happy Valentine’s Day! Now you sit down and let mama work,” Juliet said.

“Yes ma’am,” I responded as I lowered myself onto the silk sheets, “Oh, fuck yeah!”

First thing first Juliet leans forward seeing all his desire pouring out of his eyes and begins to nuzzle on his lips. Hands starting on his sides as they rise upwards along his body until they reach his shoulders and disappear to only reappear behind his head tying the blindfold on.

“Interesting,” Romeo says wondering what Juliet has in store for him.

“Si, mi amor, and it’s only just begun,” Juliet whispers seductively into his ear before withdrawing from him completely leaving him on the bed alone.

Juliet roams over to her treasure chest and grabs out a few items to use on him now and grabs the bucket of ice. Being as silent as possible she tiptoes back to the bed and just looks at Romeo laying back on the bed awaiting her return.

He was certainly all man. Romeo was built to perfection with his muscular arms, light dusting of chest hair, his abs, and his well-endowment.

“Oh my,” is the only thing that Juliet can think as she looks at him wondering what Escort Şanlıurfa it will finally feel like to have him completely.

Gathering her thoughts back she grabs onto an ice cube and puts it into her mouth. Juliet lets her hands roam along his chest giving her mouth a chance to get cold. She lowers her mouth to his chest to rub the ice cube around him enticing Romeo to shiver and groan aloud.

Keeping the ice on the move Juliet moves the ice from his chest to the center and down his stomach into the new unexplored territory. Circling the base, he twitches with each movement of the remains of the ice cube.

Once the ice cube was gone Juliet licked him from the base of his penis to the tip and into her mouth.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Romeo groans as his heart begins to race as the sensation of hot and cold races through his penis with pleasure. Juliet hardly manages to fit much of him into her mouth, but she tries.

Up and down she goes a few times keeping suction while pumping him with her right hand. Raising her head up for a moment her hair sweeps over him as she takes a deep breath before plunging down on him again while opening her throat up to take as much in as she can.

Romeo jumps up from the sensation before falling back onto the bed and grabbing a hold of Juliet’s head and hair. After just a minute Juliet gags on Romeo and then pulls her head back and gasps for air pleased with herself from how much he is enjoying the moment.

“Enjoying yourself yet?” Juliet says.

“Mmmm, absolutely,” Romeo says while he catches his breath a bit.

“It gets better,” Juliet says grinning from ear to ear while reaching for the next surprise.

“Can’t wait,” he says droopy eyed and crossing his arms behind his head.

Opening the mystery pack, she pours some of the contents into her mouth. “Mmm, cherry,” Juliet says right before wrapping her lips around his shaft.

“What the… Oh. Oh. Yes,” he groans as multiple popping sensations explode around him. Juliet picks up her pace as the Pop Rocks continue to explode in her mouth.

“Oh God, that feels so good,” he says as closes his eyes shut against the pleasure of her lips. Wrapping his hands in her hair he begins to help guide her pace before pulling her away from him.

Getting into a good rhythm making love to his penis with my mouth I begin to hum adding to his sensations.

“No,” Romeo says bring her up his body, crashing his lips upon hers, and intwining themselves together with one hand upon her breast and the other holding her tight to him while she has one hand against his chest hungrily devouring each other.

Fighting back Juliet pulls back saying, “Right now is about you. We will have our moment but first I need to taste you.” Juliet lowers herself down his body letting her hair tickle his skin on the way down leaving electrical tingles along the way.

Letting her hair become a curtain Juliet’s mouth encompasses his penis once again. Feeling powerful between his legs Juliet begins to rake her nails down his inner thighs watching his thigh muscles ripple in the wake.

All Juliet can think of as she continues to pleasure Romeo is to make this perfect for him. She needs it to be perfect for him for the Valentine’s Day surprise he has given him and how much he has begun to awaken within her.

There hasn’t been anyone like him in her life and she doubts there ever will be again. Focusing all those emotions Juliet channels it into giving him the ultimate pleasure and with each moan and shudder he gives she gives him more.

“Oh fuck,” comes a guttural cry from Romeo as he jerks and begins to cum inside Juliet’s mouth. Juliet swallows down every drop of his sweet cum making sure to get every drop.

“Tu mio,” Juliet says looking into Romeo’s eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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