It Takes 2 to Seduce Pt. 01

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Episode 22: It Takes 2 to Seduce (part 1)

Cast: 3 girls in college, 20-22:

• Catalina – poor but gets by on her very good looks. She has a secret crush on Inga but has never told her. She doesn’t really like Diana, but doesn’t show it because Inga and Diana are friends.

• Diana – attractive and comes from a wealthy family. Rich bitch. She has a secret crush on Inga but has never told her. She doesn’t really like Catalina, but doesn’t show it because Inga and Catalina are friends.

• Inga – Beautiful young woman. A bit sheltered and naive. Friends with Catalina and Diana.

Scene: the girls come into Diana’s very nice apartment. Diana leads the way and turns on the light. The girls have just returned from a night of clubbing and are dressed in clubwear. They’re laughing and chatting about the club, the music, what the other girls were wearing, the boys they saw and liked (and the ones they thought were losers). Diana goes to the wet bar and opens a bottle of wine and pours three glasses and leaves the bottle on the countertop. The girls take the glasses and are standing and drinking while they chat.

Catalina spots a business card sticking out from the side of Inga’s purse. She takes it and looks at it. “What’s this card in your purse, Inga? Is this from that girl who was talking to you and kept staring at us all night?”

“I just took that to be polite. You can throw it out.”

Catalina’s still looking at the card. “What’s”

Inga shakes her head. “They’re looking for girls to dance, well, really, to strip on their website. I told her I’m not interested but I’d call her if I change my mind..”

Catalina asks “how much were they going to pay you?” Inga Demetevler Escort just laughs at her.”No, seriously, you’d be an awesome dancer. You’ve got such a sexy body.”

“Can you imagine me a stripper.”

Diana chimes in “Yes. Don’t tell me you never stripped in your room all alone to your favorite music, just for fun.”

Inga’s taken aback. “No.” She tries to laugh. “You’re teasing me, right?”

Catalina adds “No, everyone does that. I used to dance in front of the mirror.”

Diana asks “Don’t you ever pretend to be seductive and naughty?”

There’s a pause when no one says anything. Inga finshes her glass of wine and goes over and pours another one. Then Catalina suggests “turn on your mp3 player, and let’s dance. I’ll go first if you’ll both do it.”

Diana says “Sure, I haven’t done this since High School. It’ll be fun.

Inga starts to say “I don’t think I’m going to do this …” but Catalina is talking over her and giving instructions to Diana.

“Put on some good dancing music, Diana. Inga, you come sit on the couch.” There’s a small couch that has room for two and a half girls. While Diana is turning on music, Catalina pulls Inga to the couch and sits her in the middle. Diana stands behind her with her hands on Inga’s shoulders. Catalina acts like an announcer. “Making her stripping premiere in public, give me a hand for Catalina Lopez.

Inga claps politely and Diana claps enthusiastically. Then we watch Catalina do an amateur strip tease in front of Inga. Diana’s partly interested. Inga’s staring at Catalina. After Catalina’s panties come off, she gives a self-conscious giggle and puts her hands in front Otele gelen escort of her pussy. “Your turn, Diana.”

Catalina sits next to Inga. Inga moves over to give Catalina some room on the couch. Catalina moves closer to Inga so that their bodies are practically touching. They both have their legs crossed. Now Diana does an amateur strip in front of them. Diana seems more polished – maybe because she took some type of dance lessons. Inga watches closely. Catalina seems to watch Inga as much as she watches Diana. After Diana gets her panties off, she continues dancing, up close and bending over in front of Inga to make sure Inga gets a good look. “Your turn, Inga.”

Inga stands up. “I think it’s time I go on home.”

Diana reaches out and takes her shoulders. Catalina stands up and holds her waist. Catalina says “We had a deal. I didn’t dance for you just so you could run off. You owe us.”

Diana tells her “that was the deal all right. No clothes tonight. Let’s see you dance.”

“Okay, but I’m definitely going to have to finish my glass of wine to get my courage up.” Inga finishes her glass while the other girls sit on the couch. They sit as far apart from each other as they can. They both have their feet on the ground and their legs slightly open as they face Inga.

Inga strips for the girls. You can tell that she’s a bit drunk and also embarrassed, but the other girls are very encouraging to her and keep complimenting her dancing and how sexy she looks. After she takes off her panties, she quickly turns around and fills her wine glass again.

While Inga’s drinking her wine, Catalina walks up next to her and is patting Balgat Escort her ass. “I didn’t realize how cute your little ass is. And it’s so soft.”

Inga puts down the glass and turns around. She’s facing Diana. “I’ll let you two do some more dancing. It’s time for me to go home.” She looks at the floor for her clothes, but Diana has hid them all under the couch while she was refilling her glass. “Inga’s a bit tipsy and laughs. “All right, where are my clothes.”

Diana is laughing and walks up to her. “I’ll get them for you but you just have to give me a kiss first. That’s customary for strippers after a dance.”

“Really? You’re not just teasing me are you? How would you know?” Diana just smiles at her. Inga smiles back and kisses Diana on the cheek.

“If that’s the best I get, then I’d rather keep your clothes and send you home naked.”

Inga laughs again and gives her a quick kiss on the lips.

“For that, maybe you get your belt. I want a long french kiss.”

Inga stops laughing and looks confused. “I didn’t know you liked girls.”

Diana tells her “I don’t like girls. But I think I like you.”

Inga looks at Catalina for support. Catalina tells her “I don’t blame her. If you don’t want to kiss Diana then kiss me.”

Inga looks back at Diana and giggles. She wraps her arms around Diana’s neck and gives her a long kiss.

We see Catalina rubbing herself while she watches from behind Inga and Diana kiss. Diana tells her “wow, you just earned back your underwear.”

“Fuck my clothes. Just kiss me again.” They kiss even longer. Catalina reaches between Inga’s legs from behind and begins to rub her. Inga grinds her pussy against Catalina’s fingers and then swivels around, puts her arms around Catalina, and french kisses her while Diana massages Inga’s ass. The two girls maneuver Inga to the couch and they take turns kissing her and her body and eating her and letting her eat them. No one says anything about this or points it out, but the two girls give all of their attention to Inga; they never touch or kiss each other.

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