It’s About Time

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She wasn’t fully asleep, but she wasn’t really awake either. She was having that dream AGAIN.

Dreaming about HIM. What was that old Disney song? “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes?”

That was certainly true for her – – she had wished it many times. She wished that HE, and not that impersonal alarm clock, would be the one to wake her in the morning. But as much as she wished for it, and even dreamed about it, she never really thought it was possible. He belonged to someone else – he couldn’t dare to let it happen!

Still not fully asleep – she heard the bedroom door open – that wasn’t unusual – since it wasn’t really her room there was always someone coming in to retrieve something. She barely even

noticed anymore. She’d maybe slightly open one eye to see who it was. If it was someone who belonged there she’d simply turn over and go back to sleep, after making sure she was covered.

She had hated nightgowns and pajamas all her life, so she slept in the buff.

But this morning was different. Her dream, her wish was about to come true!

When she heard the door open she looked to see who it was, ready to turn over and go back to sleep. She couldn’t believe her eyes – it was HIM – it was REALLY HIM!! She smiled and reached out her arms to him. He smiled back at her – eagerly embraced her…..”Hey Baby!” he said softly so no one else would hear.

She responded in kind..”Hey Baby! I can’t believe you’re really here.” At that he placed his finger on her lips indicating that he wanted her to hush. “Shhhhhh!” He took his finger away from her lips, replacing it with his own lips. She responded eagerly to his kiss, her tongue searching for his. It had been so long since they had been able to share even a kiss. She could feel her juices beginning to flow already. She held him tighter, pulling him down to her –

wanting to feel his weight on top of her. He whispered to her “Slow down, Baby! There’s no hurry. No need to rush this time.” At that he raised up off her and repositioned himself alongside her, gently held his one hand along the side of her face. He leaned down and brought his lips to hers and oh so tenderly kissed her. A kiss so tender that she could barely feel it – until his tongue began to search for hers. But even this is soft and gentle – soft and gentle and very, very sensual.

He removed his hand from her face, and used it to pull her closer to himself, while he gently pushed his other arm under her neck, cradling her head in the crook of his arm. His free hand now slipped down to her breasts. His fingertips barely grazed her nipple as he cupped her breast. He held it in his hand as if weighing it like a ripe grapefruit. Then he pinched her already hardening nipple – not too hard but it sent a current of electricity straight through her body – from her breast all the way to her sex! Her breasts had always been very sensitive and she adored it when they were the objects of loving attention, especially HIS attention. She could almost cum from them being played with just right. When she felt that jolt from him pinching her nipple she jumped a little and moaned in his ear. He loved to see her reaction to his touches and movements. That turned him on almost as much as anything else. He leaned down and took her breast in his mouth – and as he did his hand trailed down her side over her ribs and came to rest momentarily on her Rubenesque hip. While suckling her breast he pulled her closer to himself. He pressed his hardness into her – knowing it would turn her on even more. He flicked his tongue over her nipple while he

squeezed the other one with his other hand. She was enjoying this so much! She whispered to him “Oh Baby! I want you so much!” He pressed himself against her harder, released her breast from his mouth momentarily and told her, “I know…………..And I want you too Baby. But we always have to rush…Don’t you wanna make this last as long as we can? Please, Baby, let’s take this gift of time and really MAKE LOVE!” She pulled him even closer to herself and kissed him deeply and lovingly, giving him the sign he’d hoped for, the sign that that told him she wanted the same.

Secure in the knowledge that she wanted it to be as special as he did, he broke the kiss, pulling his lips away from hers. At first she made Sinop Escort a small sound of disappointment because she loved kissing him almost more than she loved making love with him. But he quickly changed her disappointment to enjoyment. He went from kissing her lips to kissing her cheek and then just below her ear. He could feel her shiver from the goose-bumps this gave her. He moved down to her neck, kissing her in that one spot just below and a little bit over from her ear that really turned her on. She leaned her head to one side exposing even more of her neck to him. He didn’t disappoint her. He proceeded from her neck to where her neck met her shoulder – and continued kissing her until her reached her breast again. He took her breast in his mouth again, drawing it in, filling his mouth, running his tongue all over it. Welling up from her very depths a low guttural moan escaped her lips. At that he released her breast, and began to kiss her between her breasts, and then he tenderly lifted each one in turn and kissed under them, causing her to shudder. He proceeded to kiss her all over her torso, making sure to kiss every inch of skin possible. When he reached her belly button he kissed it, then ran his tongue around the outside. She was so turned on – she wanted him to take her NOW! But she also wanted their long awaited love-making to last forever.

“Oh Baby, you’re making me crazy!”, she panted.

“Good! That’s what I’m trying to do”, he replied with a wicked smile.

At that he returned to kissing her body – his hungry lips kissing and caressing all the way down her ample belly until he reached her triangle. He kissed her where her legs met her torso. It was such a sensitive area – ticklish and sexually sensitive at the same time – and an area usually neglected, but not this time. He ran his tongue up and down that crease – first on one side then the other – tracing the outline of her triangle, but careful not to directly touch her sex. She could barely control herself – thrashing and tossing her head from side to side, her long hair becoming a tangled mess. She couldn’t take much more – she reached down and grasped his head and lifted it away from her body. He understood and brought himself back eye-to-eye with her. She kissed him fully on the lips, a kiss filled with all her desire and passion. “It’s your turn now…..I want to love you sooooo much!” Then she kissed him again – this time on his forehead, then on each eyelid, then on his nose, back to his lips again. Their lips parted – their tongues entwined, dueling, tangled in their passion. She kissed him all over his neck and then down his chest. She let her tongue flick over his nipple. The sensations surprised him – he’d never had any other woman kiss, or lick or otherwise stimulate his nipples. It really aroused him. So much so that a groan escaped his lips – a sound that seemed to rise up from his very core.She smiled to herself, content that she was giving him as much pleasure as he gave her. Since his nipples were so sensitive, she continued – licking and nibbling on one while pinching the other. He began to raise himself up, pushing his hard manhood against her, wanting her, needing her. She reminded him of his words “‘Don’t you wanna make this last as log as we can?'” He answered, “Yes, Baby! But I don’t know how much longer I can wait – you’re driving me nuts. I want you so damned bad!” She told him he’d just have to wait a while longer, then proceeded to kiss down his torso. She only got part of the way down his body before he could contain himself no longer. He pushed her away and onto her back and firmly and insistently took her by the knees and spread her legs apart.

He positioned his hard-as-granite cock at the entrance to her dripping wet pussy. She braced herself, expecting him to plunge into her hard. Instead he only pushed in enough to let the head slide in and then pulled out again. She groaned with disappointment. Seeming to appease her, he entered her once more, but only a little farther than before. She held her breath again, expecting that full-force ‘I’ve got to have you now’ plunge. Again she was frustrated as he withdrew. “Oh Baby, come on!! Why are you torturing me?”

“Sweetie, I’m not ‘torturing’ you. I’m just trying to make it last.”

At that he once more Sinop Escort Bayan slid his manhood inside her. This time he got about half way in. He just held it there for a moment, letting her think the teasing was over. Just as she started to raise up to force him in deeper, he pulled out! Oh, how she cried out “NO!! Don’t stop!!!” as he withdrew one more time.

“What’s the matter? Can’t you take it, Baby?”

“NO, damn you, I CAN’T take it!”

This time instead of pushing in a little farther, he let his shaft rest it’s full length along her fully engorged lips and slid himself up and down her slit, coating himself with her fast-flowing love juices. He could feel her clit growing larger and harder as he moved his cock back and forth, pressing harder against it each time. Her breathing became more and more rapid and he knew she was about to burst. He continued sliding up and down against her clit until he felt her start to cum. He pulled his cock away, moved down a bit and covered her pulsating pussy with his mouth, forcing his tongue between it’s spasming walls and greedily licking up all her juices. When he finished drinking every drop he lifted himself up and kissed her so very tenderly, letting her taste herself on his lips and tongue.

As they were kissing she reached down and took his cock in her hand and began stroking him. It only took a moment or two and he was hard as a rock again. As they broke their kiss she slid down, him on all fours above her, and took him in her mouth. She ran her tongue up the underside of his tool from his balls all the way to the tip. And then took his whole cock – every inch of it – in her mouth. She reached up and took his ass cheeks in her hands and with just a little pressure, let him know she wanted him to fuck her mouth. He was only too happy to give her what she wanted. He stroked slowly at first, working his way into a rhythm. She really loved it. Her moans vibrating right through his shaft told him so. He stroked faster and faster, nearly gagging her and when he felt his orgasm approaching he pulled out and sprayed his hot load all over her body.

He looked down at her as she smiled back at him. He began to rub his cum into her skin, coating her stomach with it. Leaning forward he kissed her on the lips, exploring her mouth, his semen smearing between their bodies. He kissed his way down her neck, licking and biting along the way. His hands roamed up and down her body. Taking her large breasts in his hands he held and squeezed them causing her nipples to harden, beckoning his lips once again. Their eyes met once more as his mouth reached one of her hard, hard nipples, his eager tongue flicking at the tip. Then his mouth closed over her entire nipple. He sucked gently at first, then a little harder, biting just a little, feeling her grow harder in his mouth. As he moved from one nipple to the other he felt her squirm under him. Still caressing her full breasts, he slowly kissed his way down her body, tasting his cum on her skin.

He kissed all the way down to her mound, inhaling the musky scent of her arousal. As he moved down he kissed her clit, just once, very quickly, trailing his tongue down across her open wet pussy., tasting her sweet juices once again flowing out. She couldn’t believe he had her turned on again so quickly.

He continued kissing her all over, his lips holding her love lips, licking them. As he moved his hands down he used his calloused, but gentle, fingers to pull her open, completely exposing her very essence to his loving eyes. Leaning forward he pushed his tongue deep inside her. In and out, up and down, he moved his tongue, tasting her, making her writhe and moan below him. When he felt she was ready he moved back to her clit and sucked it slowly into his mouth as he pushed two fingers into her love tunnel. He began to fuck her with his fingers as he sucked on her hard clit. He knew it wouldn’t be much longer.

He kept moving his fingers in and out as his tongue danced on her clit and his other hand squeezed her breast and tweaked her nipple. Faster and faster he plunged his fingers in and out of her, his tongue grinding into her clit. Her hips began to rise to meet his face. Then her pussy began to quiver around his fingers, her hips bucking into his face as another Escort Sinop powerful orgasm crashes over her. He pulled out his fingers and again sucked eagerly at her flowing wetness, drinking as much as he could. He held her by her ample hips, his mouth still on her pussy as she rode his face, crying out with every wave of her orgasm and coating his face with her fluids. As her orgasm subsided he kissed her pussy gently, then moved up her body to her lips, again letting her taste herself on his lips. She returned his kiss eagerly, licking her juices from his lips.

By this time his cock had grown hard once again. He rubbed it against her slick, wet slit, rubbing the shaft over her clit. Instinctively she spread her legs wide for him, hoping that she’d finally feel the full 10″ of his manhood inside her. He pulled his back, and locking his lips to hers, pushed into her in one hard thrust while at the same instant his tongue invaded her mouth. He held himself still inside her, loving the feeling of her sugar walls squeezing him tight. Then he slowly and deliberately pulled out and finally started to fuck her – very slowly. She wrapped her legs around his waist, trying hard to pull him tighter into her, needing so badly that feeling of fullness. Thrusting in and out, his mouth moved to her breasts, again teasing her nipples with his lips. He pushed forward, bringing his shaft against her clit, thrusting harder and faster, driving himself into her! His shaft rubbing over and over against her love button starts to drive her close to yet another climax.

The bed was rocking with the power of his thrusts and he could feel her hard clit rubbing against his shaft. He pounded harder into her, his balls slapping against her ass, her juices making everything slick. He looked into her eyes, and begged her “Cum again for me, Baby! Squeeze my cock hard! Cum for me!!” She did as he asked, squeezing his cock as hard as she could as her pussy spasmed repeatedly with yet another orgasm. She thrashed around under him, her pussy squeezing him so very hard. He rode her orgasm, holding her tight as her shaking subsided.

Pulling out of her, he took her by the hips and rolled her over, pushing a large pillow under her hips. She couldn’t believe he had any more in store for her. “MY GOD, Baby, how much more do you expect me to take??”

“As much as I have to give, and you have NO idea what’s in store for you!”

As he finished speaking he reached under the mattress. Unbeknownst to her, he has a surprise hidden there for her. He took out a small, slim vibe and rubbing it over her pussy lips, getting it nice and lubricated. He moved forward and pushed his still throbbing cock into her pussy, pushing all the way in, and then slowly inserting the vibe into her tight rosebud, inch by inch, rotating it just a little. Once it was in he began to fuck her slowly. As he got into a rhythm he turned the vibe on and started to fuck her ass as well, pumping in and out of both her holes. She began to moan, her moans turning to screams, screaming louder with every thrust. The combination of sensations nearly overwhelm her and she comes close to passing out. He felt himself getting close and unable to hold back much longer. He sped up, pounding himself into her with wild abandon. Fucking her hard and deep, he felt her begin to orgasm again. Her pussy squeezing his cock was all he could take. Tossing the vibe to one side, he grabbed her hips and like a wild animal used her for his own pleasure. He needed to cum, and he needed to cum NOW! She could tell he couldn’t hold out any longer. She cried out “Yes! Oh, Baby, Yes!! Cum, Baby!! Cum IN me! I want to feel you cum deep inside me!!”

He pushed deep into her with one final, furious stroke. His hot cum squirted into her love canal, pulse after pulse of hot sperm filling her up. “Yes, Baby!! Fill me with your love!! Give it ALL to me!!”, she cried out again.

He held still as the last of his cum was milked from him by her pulsating pussy. As his orgasm subsided he pulled back from her and collapsed on the bed next to her. Gathering her in his arms, he held her close, stroking her long, dark hair. She spoke softly. “Sweetheart, that was the most wonderful loving I’ve ever had! I’ve never, ever felt so loved. Thank you so much for making today so very special!”

He replied, “Oh, Baby, believe me, the pleasure was all mine!”

She rested her head on his chest, relaxing, and listening to his slowing heartbeat. They drifted off to sleep, coated in each others juices, wrapped in each others arms and each others love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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