It’s Becky Now

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The Friday night gig had come on pretty quickly. Another band was unable to play, and we were asked to fill in. Joe, our drummer, had accepted the gig on such short notice because he thought it would be fun.

I was looking forward to having a quiet evening at home, having seen very few of them since we had formed “The Persuaders” about six months earlier. Our brand of blues-rock went over very well in the college town we all worked in. It seemed we played in town three out of four weekends a month, with the fourth weekend spent out of town playing other college towns and bigger cities.

“The Persuaders” had started as an excuse to get free beer and meet women, but we had soon developed quite a following. None of us held any illusions of a musical career, and my singing and harmonica playing certainly wasn’t fit for the next level, but we had a lot of fun. And since we did meet our share of women, all of us considered the band a success.

I picked Joe up at his apartment since I had the least amount of gear to take to the gig. Joe’s drum kit fit easily into the cargo area of my Subaru, while my microphones and harp case almost fit in the glove compartment. We arrived at our location, a coffee shop across the street from campus that often closed to allow private parties. I helped Joe with his gear.

“So what’s this party, anyway?” I asked, holding the front door open so Joe could bring his bass drum in.

“I was wondering when you’d ask.” Joe replied. “It’s the Deltas’ annual ‘Boxers and Teddies’ party.”

The ‘Boxers and Teddies’ party was an annual tradition. In the dead of winter, the Deltas would rent out a location, hire a band, have lots of beer on hand and invite only the finest young sorority girls. What made this different than other frat parties was the dress code, boxers for the men, teddies and other undergarments for the young ladies.

“God bless this weather!” Apparently the snow and cold had kept the original band from appearing.”

“I thought you’d like it.” Joe replied.

We continued unloading my car. Eventually the rest of the band showed up. We finished our set up by 7pm and tore through a couple of tunes to warm up. A few minor adjustments to the set up had us ready by 7:30 for the 8 o’clock show.

“So guys,” I asked as we all grabbed a pre-show beer, “who’s wearing boxers?”

“No, no, no,” Ted, our lead guitarist answered, “that’s only for the customers. We stay completely clothed.”

The rest of the band murmured agreement.

“Come on, guys” I dropped my jeans to the floor and took off my shirt, “It’ll be fun!”

“You’re fuckin’ crazy, man!” Ted exclaimed.

“Whatever, man,” I feigned disappointment, “let’s just have a kickass show!”

The doors opened at eight, the guys seemed a lot more eager to show to this party than the ladies were. Being cold outside, most folks came to the party clothed, then undressed in the restroom. A few intrepid souls came wearing only underwear under their long coats. To my way of thinking, this seemed much more in keeping with the spirit of the party.

By about 9:30, the little coffeehouse was packed. . Ted was tearing into an extended solo break so I was sort of standing on the side of the stage. It was during this time that she arrived. She had red hair just past her shoulders and came in out of the cold wearing a long gray coat that went all the way down to her ankles. A pair of sexy red pumps adorned her feet.

She took off her coat to hang it in the racks by the doorway. She was breathtaking in her red satin corset with attached garters. Her garters held up black seemed stockings. A tiny matching pair of panties completed the ensemble. I marveled at her large round breasts, the tops of which were nearly popping out of the top of her lingerie.

“Dude!” I felt Ted kick at the back of my calf. Shit, I had missed my cue!

I jumped in to the final verse of the song, singing with renewed passion, there was someone here I definitely wanted to impress. We finished up and went on to the last song of the first set, a slow, ballad originally performed by Delbert McClinton. When we first started performing, I’d had trouble with ballads. I just didn’t handle emotional material well. Joe had suggested singing to one person, so I would normally pick out one woman and sing to her, forgetting the rest of the crowd as much as possible. I knew who I was picking tonight.

She was at the counter getting a beer when the ballad started. Her back was to me, a not altogether unsatisfying view for me, but it didn’t help me with my singing. She turned around and I caught her eye. I sang the whole song for her, to her. She would occasionally avert her gaze seemingly embarrassed. I just smiled and kept singing.

“We’re the Persuaders!” I called out from the stage as the instrumental tag faded. “We’re gonna take a short break, we’ll be right back!”

I headed straight to the counter for a beer. I was about to ask for one when I felt a cold cup of cebeci escort beer on my shirtless back. Startled, I turned around.

“You guys were…..were great!” My redhead had already ordered me a beer.

“Thanks.” I took a sip of my beer; being on stage always took a lot out of me. “We don’t go on for another 20 minutes, would you like to grab a seat?”

She smiled and led me toward one of the few open tables left in the place. “I’m Dave McNaulty,” I said between sips of beer, “I noticed you as soon as you walked in. What’s your name?”

“You don’t remember.” She looked a little disappointed.

I quickly scanned my memory, trying to place her face. “I’m terribly sorry.” I replied. “Should I know you?”

“Two years ago, I interned in your department at the TV station.” She smiled. “Becky Simmons.”

“Rebecca?” She had changed, but, of course, that will happen between a girl’s sophomore and senior years.

“I go by Becky, now.” Her smile widened, at least she wasn’t mad at me. “I got contacts and started wearing my hair down. Actually, I’m surprised you remember me at all. We never worked that close together.”

We hadn’t worked that closely together, but now that I knew the name, I remembered her. She had interned during the summer and I remembered a production meeting where the guys in my department were trying to think up excuses to get her into a bikini. She was cute then, now she was simply stunning.

“I didn’t know you were in a band.”

“Yeah, for about the last six months.” I admired her as we talked, trying not to be too obvious. “You probably remember Joe and Stu. Ted and Steve have only been with the station for about a year.”

We made small talk for the entire break. I worked my way through 3 or 4 cups of beer before I had to go back on stage. Joe motioned us all back for the second set.

This set went even better than the first. Lots of rockin’ numbers were mixed up with a few ballads. The students were really getting into it, including Becky who seemed to hang on every note we played. As the beer flowed and the music played, nature began to take its course. Guys and girls paired up, disappearing for short periods of time or leaving the club together. One cute little blonde in a lavender teddy and thigh-high stockings led a young male with an obvious hard on toward the back of the club. The two of them returned about fifteen minutes later, his hard on relieved, runs in the knees of her stockings. I couldn’t help but laugh, and get just a little aroused.

I rejoined Becky during our second break. I gave her a little kiss as I sat down. We shared a couple more beers, getting friendlier. After a few minutes of admiring her in her sexy lingerie, I asked her to join in the back of the club.

We found a small storage closet to be alone in. I was able to wedge a chair against the doorknob so we wouldn’t be disturbed. Our privacy assured, I leaned in to give Becky a kiss. I had planned to go slow, to just make out with her here then invite her back to my place after the show. She had other ideas, though, devouring my tongue as we kissed. My hands immediately fell to her ample tits and I enjoyed the feeling of slick satin and firm tit flesh.

My cock was hard immediately and I began to grind it into her as we kissed. Aware of my stiff tool, Becky dropped a hand to it and quickly had it extracted from the fly in my boxers. She pumped me as I moved my lips from hers down to her neck, chewing and nuzzling. The speed of her pumping increased and she began moaning softly. It seemed she was more into this than me.

I took a chance and dropped a hand to her panties, rubbing the outside of her panty, feeling the moistness. I pushed a finger against her mound. She gasped. I worked my finger under her panty and started rubbing the outside of her cunt. It seemed nothing was going to stop me. Becky was every bit as hot for me as I was for her.

I removed my lips from her neck and stood up straight. “Take off your panties.”

“Mmmm….” She grabbed the waistband of my boxers and tugged them down to my ankles “I want to do something for you first.”

I was more than pleased with her decision. She knelt in front of me and laid my cock on her outstretched tongue. Her mouth opened and she began to take me, taking me as deeply as she could, only her tongue touching my tool. When my head reached the back of her throat, Becky clamped her lips around my shaft and started bobbing her head.

I looked down at her. Becky was a vision in her sexy lingerie, her lips wrapped around my now spit-slickened shaft, red hair flailing about. I’m usually a very giving partner, but I was so turned on by the way she looked, I decided right then that this is how Becky would finish me. I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her mouth, gagging her a little with each thrust. I began moaning loudly, not caring if anyone heard us. Becky looked up at me, and it must çukurambar escort have been obvious to her that I was close.

She pulled her mouth off of my jerking dick, “I don’t swallow.”

“You do tonight, slut!” I jammed myself back into her mouth. A few strokes later, I unloaded. I made sure my cock was deep in her mouth as I came. I could feel her throat undulate as she swallowed jet after jet of my hot come.

“Thanks, baby!” I said as she removed my cock from her mouth. “Lick me clean. I can’t go back on stage with a cum covered cock.”

Becky did as she was instructed then got to her feet, removed the chair blocking the door and left. I looked at my watch and realized that I needed to be on stage. I pulled up my boxers and headed out.

The final set went well. I didn’t see Becky in the crowd during that set. I wasn’t sure if she was still in the club. I had probably pissed her off, but hoped she hadn’t left. At least I had a name; I could probably get a phone number from some of my on-campus connections if it came to that. I definitely wanted to see her again.

“Thank you, we’re the Persuaders!” I yelled as the final set ended. “Good Night!”

The students filed out after finishing their beers. The guys and I had one last beer and started tearing down our gear. My tear down was completed in about 30 seconds, but I stuck around to help the rest of the guys. I was down on one knee disassembling Joe’s drum kit when I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders.

“Hurry up here,” It was Becky, “so you can take me home.”

The rest of the guys in the band hooted and hollered. I stood up, turned around and kissed her. The guys applauded.

“Get out of here you two,” Joe made a shooing motion toward the door, “we can handle what’s left.”

I helped Becky with her coat, dressed myself and headed out to my car with a beautiful sexy woman on my arm.

“Where to?” I asked, not being so presumptuous as to assume she wanted to go to my place. She responded by rubbing my cock through my pants. “My place then. Right-O!”

I fumbled with my keys as we arrived at my place. My cock was already hard in anticipation. Opened at last, we stepped through the door, Becky dropped her coat to the floor behind her and got down on her knees.

“Oh, I like your attitude.” I said, removing my own coat.

Moments later my pants were around my ankles, Becky’s mouth was once again stuffed with hard cock and I was in total ecstasy. Her technique was marvelous, simply perpetual motion. Between the in and out motion, her swirling tongue and the mind blowing suction, my cock didn’t get a break.

Not to mention how she looked. Becky looked so good on her knees in a darkened storage closet, in fully lit apartment she was my every fantasy come true. When she looked up at me, her mouth full of cock, my heart nearly melted.

“Fuck me.” She whispered then dropped her head back to my cock.

“I think you’ve earned it.”

I helped her to her feet and led her to the bedroom. Once there I pulled her close and kissed her passionately. Then I pushed her onto the bed. To remove her panties I would have needed to remove her stockings, but I wanted the stocking-clad legs wrapped around my ass as I fucked her. Luckily the panties’ sides were made of simple strings. I was able to rip those strings and toss her ruined panties aside. Becky squealed in delight.

I found myself face to face with the most beautiful twat I had ever seen. Her lips were fully engorged in anticipation, but it was her neatly trimmed bush, fiery red, that grabbed my attention. It seemed that most of the college girls I had been with were shaving their bushes. What a crime it would have been to shave those beautiful red locks. The trimming she had done was incredibly erotic, lips shaved bare, a narrow strip of red bush trimmed short directly above her slit.

My tongue started just above the fur and wandered down, through her bush, on the outside of her lips to a point just above her asshole. Becky heaved and tried to push herself onto my tongue. I licked her smooth lips one more time, occasionally nipping at them with my teeth. She began bucking as I inserted my tongue into her, searching for her clit. Having found it, I circled it twice with my tongue then lowered my head and thrust my long tongue into her hole.

“Oh, God!” She moaned. “You’re so amazing!”

My smile was hidden by her dripping snatch, but I was encouraged by the compliment. I began moving my tongue rapidly, wagging it from side to side inside her, my nose pressed against her clit. She responded to my vigor, pushing her groin against my mouth frantically. I began to slowly lick upward toward her clit. The trip was agonizingly slow. Once at my destination was reached, I placed my lips tight against her, teeth on either side of her clit, and sucked hard.

“Oh dear Jesus!” Becky’s hand grabbed the hair on the back of my head, demetevler escort forcing me deeper into her crotch. “I want you so bad. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

Mouth full of cunt, I silently debated; torture her more with my tongue or give her my bloated cock now. In the end, it was my own desire that won. I rose to my knees, holding my dick in my hand, pointing it at Becky’s now gapping slit.

“Show me your tits!” I shook my dick at her.

Instead of untying her corset, Becky simply reached inside and popped one breast out. It came out so easily that I was surprised it hadn’t happened accidentally earlier in the evening. She held her exposed breast in her hand, stroking it lightly as she looked into my eyes.

“Kiss it!” I demanded. “Kiss that big tit for me”

She lowered her head and stuck out her tongue. She could barely reach her nipple with the tip of it. Her nipple stiffened immediately.

“I said kiss it!”

Becky pushed the tit up toward her open mouth. She was able to barely kiss the bulbous boob that pushed up through her corset. She looked amazing, the sexy lingerie, the stockings and heels, sweet mouth sucking tit flesh. The visuals were amazing, but it was her willingness, her eager response to my orders that turned me on most.

I leaned forward and kissed the exposed tit. My cock found its way, nearly on its own, to her moist box. I entered her; mouth still locked on her tit, with a deliberate thrust. Becky’s cunt was very tight, and she let out a gasp as I penetrated her. I pumped her slowly at first, letting her get used to me inside her. My mouth moved from her tit, up her neck, finally finding its way to her open mouth.

I began thrusting in earnest now. My tongue mimicked the same motion inside her mouth. Stifled moans vibrating against my tongue and lips as I began hammering that tight hole. The feeling was amazing. I felt the familiar feeling of come building in my balls.

I rose to my hands, the leverage allowing me to pound her even harder. I glance down to our joined loins, mesmerized by the site of her neatly trimmed, redheaded cunt swallowing my thick tool. My eyes wandered, drinking in all of the visuals, wanting to remember this moment forever.

She was coming now, back arched, heels dug into the sheets. I watched as her other tit popped out of her corset. As a full-throated scream came from her gorgeous mouth, I realized that my own release would follow closely. Admiring her open mouth, I realized where I wanted to leave my load.

Nearing my release now, I uncoupled from her, stepped over a stockinged leg and placed my spasming cock in her open mouth. Moments later, I erupted, shooting my seed into her open mouth.

“Swallow it!” I watched as Becky closed her mouth around the shaft of my ejaculating tool. “Every drop, bitch! Swallow every fucking drop!”

She kept me in her mouth for a few minutes after I was done. Slowly sucking and licking my softening cock. For a girl who didn’t swallow, she’d taken two big loads, gulping down every drop. She had seemed to do so eagerly and lovingly.

“It’s late baby,” she cooed a few minutes later as we cuddled, “can I stay here tonight?”

“Rent’s pretty steep.” I replied.

“I thought I’d taken care of that in advance.” She smiled, toying with me.

“We’ll consider it a down payment.”

She shook her ass seductively as she got up and headed toward the bathroom. I vaguely remembered her returning to bed, nude now, as I fell off to sleep, totally spent.

I have no idea how many hours I’d slept when I was awakened by a familiar feeling, still groggy, not sure if I was dreaming. Pressure around the base of my cock, slow wet sliding, something slithering around my shaft. I opened my eyes, Becky was nude, on her knees next to me, most of my dick buried in her sucking mouth. Loud slurping noises must have stirred me from my slumber. I began to sit up.

Becky glanced up at me, removing me from her mouth, “Lay back down,” she whispered, “let me take care of you.”

Her mouth returned to my swollen rod. I had no idea how long she’d been sucking, but it had obviously been long enough get me close. My hips began bucking, Becky struggled to keep her mouth attached to me. Having already left two loads in her beautiful mouth, this orgasm wasn’t nearly as big as the other two. It was no less satisfying, however. A couple of weak jets shot into her mouth, I watched intently, watching her throat as it undulated, swallowing my semen. My head fell back, and I seemed unable to keep my eyes open.

Once again I fell asleep. Time had ceased to have any meaning but I was once again awakened, this time by the sounds of commotion coming from my kitchen. I was alone in bed, so I pulled myself up. I didn’t bother with clothes as I wandered off to the kitchen.

She was standing in front of the stove, wearing nothing but one of my dress shirts and her heels. The shirt ended just above the beautiful twin round globes of her bottom. I snuck up on her and wrapped my arms around her waist. My slowly stiffening member nestled between her ass cheeks.

“Are you trying to turn me on?” I said, nuzzling her neck.

“You’re a big fan of breakfast, then?” She replied. “Does it make your cock hard?”

I laughed, “You know what I mean. You look so damn sexy, why the heels?”

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