Ja-Makin Me Crazy

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The story is written from first person point of view because it’s a story I wrote for a girl I had been chatting with over a dating app for about a month. She was really into the erotic stories/texts I would send her.



I roll over in bed, and grab my phone and see a text from you, and I open it up

‘Hey, can you pick me up for IHOP today?’

‘Sure, no problem,’ I text back, and you message me your address.

I pull up to your apartment and knock on the door. When it opens I enjoy my first impressions of you: a gorgeous Jamaican girl, dark chocolate just waiting to be devoured. There’s a light scent of coconut oil and your skin is glistening clearly fresh out of the shower. You’re wearing a sexy little dress and as you turn around and bend over to pick up your jacket from the edge of the couch I’m treated to good long view of your perfectly perky ass. Your dress rides up a little bit and I can just barely see the bottoms of your ass cheeks right above where your long skinny legs go on for miles down to your cute heels.

“Hi,” I say “it’s nice to finally meet you finally, it’s like you’re a real person now.” I laugh as I give you a hug, feeling you press your body against mine as we continue to hug.

“Yeah,” you say, “it’s good to meet you for real too.”

We hop in my car and drive over to IHOP just chatting about little things, our work and what we’ve been up to since we started talking and so on. They seat us in a corner booth and I slide in next to you as opposed to sitting across from you, our shoulders press against each other. We slide closer together as we continue to talk, enjoying the intimate contact.

“Do you remember those stories you used to send me?”

“Of course, how could I forget, they were a lot of fun.”

“They were so good, it’s like as I was reading them I could really feel like it was happening.”

“Good, I’m glad they had that effect on you.” I look deep into your eyes, “that sort of reaction is why I wrote them that way.”

“I used to get so wet reading them.” As I look into your eyes I see them glass over slightly as you think about the dirty texts and emails we had exchanged before when we first started talking.

“I’m glad they had the desired effect on you.” I wave my hand in front of your face bringing you back to reality.

“It definitely did.” You say still thinking about it in the back of your mind, and you place your hand on my leg under the table.

“I have a very active imagination, if you ever want more stories, all you have to do is ask.”

“I dikmen escort would love to read more,” you say as your hand finds its way brushing against my semi hardening cock.

Our food gets delivered and we eat and continue to talk. As we are talking I can’t help but notice how delicious your lips look, certainly more appetizing than the food I’m eating at the moment. I daydream a little about what it would be like to kiss them…

More subtle touches and small talk conversation as we continue our meal, and finally we wrap up and get set to leave. We hop back in my car and I drive you back to your place. We hug goodbye in the car, and then you get out and start walking away.

“Wait,” I say, getting out of the car. “I’m not sure when I’ll see you next, considering it’s taken this long for us to meet for the first time, I feel like I should give you a real hug before you go.”

“Ok,” you say as I walk up to you and wrap my arms around your sexy body, bringing you into a deep hug. You press your body against mine.

I bring my head up so I can look you in your eyes, and say, “I want to try something, if that’s ok?”

You just sort of nod, wondering what it is that I want to try. Then my head goes back down, and you feel my breath pass your ear, and continue to your neck. You squirm a little as you realize I’m about to kiss your neck. You had forgotten that you had told me that it was one of your weak spots. I press my lips to your neck and I feel a shiver of excitement travel through your body, giving you goosebumps. You giggle as you lean into the kiss. You feel the slight tickle of my tongue as it teases your neck where my lips are still pressed softly against your neck.

You press your body even tighter against me, “Do you have a minute? Would you like to come up?”

“I’d love to” I say as you take my hand and lead me into your apartment.

Once we’re inside you turn back to me and press up against my body looking up at me and our lips come together like a pair of magnets, and we start making out just inside your apartment. My hands start to roam over your body. Caressing your back and hips, and tickling your neck as we make out more and more passionately.

We stop kissing for a moment and you take back some of the breath that you’ve lost, and you feel the tips of my fingers at the fringes of your dress. You just look at me, and put your arms up in the air and I get the hint and slip you out of your dress and toss it over a chair before going back to kissing you even more feverishly than before. emek escort My hands find their way onto your ass and I pull your hips against mine. You can feel how hard my cock is through my shorts, and your hands move quickly to relieve me of them along with my boxers.

You stroke my cock a few times, before I pick you up and toss you onto your bed lightly and slowly slide your thong off before tossing them to the side. I lean over the side of the bed, as you spread your legs and wrap them behind my hips. I lean in and kiss you and you feel my cock press against your pussy and your very excited clit.

I start lightly kissing my way down your body working my way slowly, ever so slowly down to your pussy, that is dripping wet at the moment. I kiss my way around your wet pussy, never touching your lips or clit, despite how desperately you need it right now. I kiss my way to your inner thighs, and nibble on your soft skin driving you wild. Finally you feel the tip of my tongue at the bottom of your pussy and you hold your breath, bracing yourself for what is about to come. I slide my tongue up your pussy lips sliding it just barely into your pussy before you feel my lips wrap themselves around your clit. You gasp as I latch on, sucking your clit into my mouth and swirling my tongue around and around your clit. Shivers wrack your body, you know you won’t last long if I keep this up. I start flicking my tongue across you clit while sucking it hard into my mouth, and you lose your mind to your first orgasm.

I slow down and gently lick your pussy while you come down off your orgasm, before picking up the pace again after I drink up all the cum you just gave me. I slide my tongue up and down along your pussy and you shiver, and shake enjoying the ecstasy of whatever it is I’m doing to your pussy, you can’t even tell anymore. I you feel my tongue working its way further down your pussy, just as it get to the bottom of your pussy it keeps going and you feel my fingers start rubbing your clit. You feel my tongue tickly your tight little ass, just teasing it. Just thinking about how naughty that is really set you off, I return my tongue to your, pussy and back up to your clit, before sliding two fingers in your pussy, curling them up inside you looking for and finding your g-spot. You feel like you’re going to black out as your next orgasm hits you like a ton of bricks, your eyes roll back and you let out a deeply satisfying moan as you cum in my mouth again.

I slide my fingers out of your creamy pussy, and slowly kiss my way back up to your mouth eryaman escort and start making out with you again as you come off your orgasm. When your sense return you feel the head of my cock just kissing your pussy, but not sliding inside yet. You wiggle your hips catching my cock and starting to slide your pussy down onto me. You look up and you can feel my excitement. You can see it in my eyes as the ecstasy of your tight little pussy wrapping around my cock drives me wild.

You look me in the eyes, “Fuck me.” Was all that you needed to say.

I slam my cock all the way inside you and start pounding your pussy with every ounce of sexual tension that we had built up over the past couple months. You lock your heal behind my back and pull me into you humping your pussy back onto my cock every time I thrust back inside you. Your moans, and my groans fill the air along with the sound of your very wet pussy getting the fucking it’s been dreaming about for months. Suddenly your pussy clamps down on my cock, and you start cumming all over it. I continue to fuck your pussy slowly along the full length of my cock as you come down off your orgasm again.

Then I slide out, “Kneel up.”

You get the picture and you get up on all fours and before your even settled in you feel my cock driving back inside you as I grip your hips tightly as I pound your pussy. You push back on my cock meeting every thrust as you feel my hips slapping against your hot ass. You hear me grunting each time I slam into you, we’re both all hot and sweaty from the mind blowing fuck we’re having.

I slide out of you again, and lay down on my back, you don’t even need to ask you just swing your leg over, and grab my cock and slide me back inside you and start fucking the daylights out of me. You can see that I’m about to cum. Watching you fuck me as hard as you can riding my cock like there’s no tomorrow, there is just no way that I would ever last seeing and feeling that.

You slam your pussy down and lean over and whisper in my ear, “Cum inside me, fill my pussy up.”

Then you place your hands on my chest and start fucking me again with everything you have left. I feel you getting close to an orgasm, and I struggle to hold back the cum that I’m dying to fill your pussy with. Finally you slam down and your eyes roll back again and I feel your pussy clamp down and start milking my cock, I just can’t take it anymore. I let out a huge groan as I pull your hips down on me even harder than you are already pushing, and I explode inside you, cumming for what feels like forever. I fill your pussy with so much cum it starts to leak out the edges around my cock.

You collapse on top of me, and we make out as my cock slowly softens inside your tight pussy.

I pull you to me, and whisper in your ear. “Worth waiting for?”

You just nod, and you lay on top of me until we’ve both caught our breath again while my cum drips from your pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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