Jane and Barbara Pt. 02

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It was another warm evening in Arrecife, Barbara and I were having a drink in the hotel bar before heading out for the night, our usual Bacardi and cokes taken in the shade by the main pool bar. I had phoned Dave earlier, I knew he was working on a big project and didn’t want him fretting about me.

“Hiya love,” he answered on the second ring, “How’s it going?”

“All good, how is work?” I asked.

“Going great ta, just about to open a bottle of wine to celebrate actually. Are you too behaving or misbehaving?” He chuckled.

“A bit of both, you’ll have to wait until I get home. I don’t want to get you bot and bothered when you are all on your own!” I laughed.

“Oh, shit you’ve got me guessing now,” he laughed. “Whatever you do have fun but be careful.”

The pips sounded.

“Love you,” I said quickly.

“You too.” Dave replied, “Can’t wait…” the call terminated.

“You two having fun then?” It was Rob and Ian, the two young men we had spoken to briefly a couple of days ago, fellow residents for the week.

We turned our heads, “Oh hiya,” Barbara answered. “Yeah, we are aren’t we Jane.” “It’s been good so far anyway.” I added.

“What have you two been up to?” Barbara queried giggling, “Or maybe not, I’m not sure we need to know!” More giggling.

The two young men just laughed. “So where are you heading to?” Rob, the taller of the two asked.

“That gay bar in between the clubs,” Barbara volunteered cheerily, “we love it there don’t we Jane?” She nudged me. “Oh yes, it ticks the boxes!” I said, maybe a bit too quickly.

Barbara went to get us two another drink, I could hear Rob and Ian talking and I turned a little to listen…”Fucking shame that mate, I know they are older but have you seen the tits on Jane and that Barbara looks fit as well.” It was Ian, his voice was deep and no doubt carried further than he thought. Rob replied, “Yeah mate old but gold, let’s set off out mate, see what the night brings.” They finished their drinks and left. Their voices were northern maybe Cumbrian from what I could recall from holidays up there.

When Barbara returned with the drinks, I told her what I had heard. She laughed, “Fucking hell they have us down as lesbians now what was I thinking of.” She laughed, “I’ll never get fucked at this rate!”

“That’s not what we are here for Barbara, is it?” I said. She put her hand on mine, picked up my hand and kissed it. “No, it isn’t and thank you Jane.” She had found her husband having sex with their daughter’s 17yr old friend. The divorce had been messy and hurtful, I had been there for her, then and now.

“Mind you I wouldn’t mind a stiff cock up me sometime soon.” She whispered. “You have Dave, what we share is special, but a good hard cock would be nice.”

“Are you thinking of those two?” I asked, taking a sip of my drink and looking at her. “Surely they are not interested in us, they will be shagging their way around the young easy prey. They are good looking lads, not hard up enough for us oldies.”

“Fuck off we are not old,” Barbara replied draining her drink. “Come on let’s go party!” she said, getting to her feet.

I left part of my drink; they were cheap enough anyway!

We went from bar to bar, eventually making our way to our favourite one. The door staff knew us now and we went straight in.

Drinks bought and a table found, a karaoke competition was announced. I looked at Barbara, “Fancy a go?”

“Oh yes but what are we going to sing?” She asked.

“Sisters are doing it for themselves?” It jumped into my head.

“Oh shit let’s do it.” Barbara beamed.

I went to the bar and got us registered, getting two more drinks as well.

Returning to the table Barbara asked “What is our name Jane?”

“It is a daft one but I didn’t have much time, Urethra Franklin and Fannie Lennox.” I spluttered.

“Love it, love it, love it.” Barbara laughed.

After listening to several dire versions of the usual crap we were called on stage as the last act, our names alone drew a gathering clapping of hands and whistles.

We walked on hand in hand, we had checked the lyrics on our phones, the prompt screen blinked…I caught it right on cue.

“Now there was a time”

The crowd got louder with every line.

We started to walk hand in hand off the stage, “Whoa ladies.” A voice boomed out from our extravagantly clad host; he swivelled his hips towards us. “Right dearies, you two are obviously the winners!” he raised his arms to the acclaiming crowd, whistles and approving shrieks erupted.

“The prize!” He took his arm from behind his back. He held in his hand a vibrator, it was big, it was black!

“Take it then,” he squealed, “and make a speech but keep it fucking short dearies.”

I was a bit frozen to be honest, but Barbara didn’t let me down!

She seized the vibrator in one hand and held it up triumphantly, “Too right, sisters will be doing it for themselves tonight!” She shouted; she ran back to our table alongside me.

“Do Sinop Escort you want to try another bar?” Barbara asked. “I think we have seen the best of this one now.”

“Why not, let’s have a look anyway.” I answered, we finished our drinks. Barbara managed to fit the vibrator into her shoulder bag.

We wandered off down the main street, some nice soul sounds were thumping out into the night air at one bar, “That sounds good,” I suggested, “fancy giving it a go?”

“Yeah, why not.” Barbara replied cheerily.

With the night air chilling we opted to go inside, we located a table on the outer edge next to a wall, it was pretty crowded.

A waiter soon arrived though and we ordered our usual Bacardi and coke drinks. We gave the waiter a reasonably generous tip when the drinks arrived having sussed that is the way to get prompt service.

I looked at the tables around us, couples or mixed couples on most, on the one towards the inner part of the room were four men, twenties by their appearance. They were obviously English, their accents southern as far as I could tell.

“Cheers Jane,” Barbara said raising her drink to mine, we chinked glasses. “Cheers, looks ok in here anyway.” I answered.

The mellow tones of Marvin Gaye faded away as the track ended. The DJ in a booth in a corner of the room talked his spiel, introducing the next track. “Ladies and gentlemen…and others, in fact everybody, the wonderful Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox and Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves.”

We just looked at one another and burst into laughter.

“Fuck me it’s fate!” Barbara giggled.

“It sure is!” I added.

As the song ended I overheard from the next table, “Fuck me lads, this place is so sad, shite music and a pair of middle-aged old slappers next to us, why don’t they play Who Let the fucking Dogs Out!” Barbara and I both looked aghast as he continued to his adoring mates, getting to his feet.

“Look at the fucking state of them, I can smell mutton and it isn’t cooked yet.” His mates cheered as he continued, “Probably like fucking the top of a wellington boot.”

I got to my feet as did Barbara, we were ready to leave rather than put up with this.

“Sit down ladies,” It was Rob with Ian at his side, “We just spotted you two and were on our way over to see if you were ok.”

He turned to the other table, moving close to the one standing. “Shut up, don’t bother drinking up just fuck off!” he said non too quietly. His voice was menacing as if he was used to this sort of stuff.

The standing guy laughed, turning to his mates, “Tough guy eh?” he motioned to them to stand, as they did they each clasped a bottle in their hands!

“Well,” he looked at Rob, “there are four of us, you might have bottle already but you’ll have more fucking bottle than you want if you don’t fuck off…and now!” he hissed.

He barely had the words out of his mouth before his nose exploded in blood, Rob’s head had hardly moved he obviously knew what he was doing. Ian was not inactive, as soon as Rob had headbutted the leader his wrist was locked on the bottle holding hand of the nearest of their aggressors. The man screamed and then fell unconscious as Ian’s big fist connected with his chin.

The other two lost their bottle, literally. They dropped the bottles, which smashed on the floor, hurled the lightweight table in our direction and ran, the bar staff were heading our way, Rob shouted at us, “Get back to the hotel, go indoors they will have the police looking for us.”

We were shocked, we did as Rob said, “Jeez that was awesome,” Barbara said as we scurried back to the hotel, heels don’t allow much speed!

Dave was a good fighter I has witnessed a few in our early days but these lads were in a different class.

Gaining the security of the hotel, we calmed a little. “I need a drink,” I said to Barbara. It was still only eleven o’clock, early for here. “Yeah, me too,” she answered. We took a table in a quiet corner of the bar.

About ten minutes later Rob and Ian strolled in, smiling. They bought drinks and headed in our direction, “Our heroes,” Barbara said as they arrived at our table, she pulled out a chair for Rob, I felt obliged to do the same for Ian.

“No problem,” Rob said, setting his beer down. Ian doing the same in between me and Barbara.

“Those wankers deserved a smacking, the other two would have got one too if they hadn’t run.” Ian said, his deep voice reminding me of what I had noted when he had spoken earlier.

“The Police are searching everywhere now, they’ll trawl the street either side of the bar with a couple of cars in each direction, if you see a blue flashing light we need to not be here.” Rob interjected.

“Should be a while though, they have a few places to check.” Ian again with his deep voice.

Barbara caught the eye of a waiter, “Two Bacardi’s with coke and…gents?” “As a thanks for looking after us?” Ian looked at Rob, “No you aren’t paying ladies we are, that was a small problem and Sinop Escort Bayan easily dealt with.”

“Two Bacardi and coke and two red, two white bottles of decent wine, none of the house crap.” He added “For when the cops come.” He laughed.

The drinks arrived, the white wine in sleeves to keep them cool. Four wine glasses were distributed, me and Barbara elected to drink the white, the lads the red.

Ron did the honours of pouring the wine, “So where did you two learn to fight like that?” Barbara asked after nodding her approval after tasting her wine.

“And where are you from?” I added, “Your accents are baffling me!”

“So many questions ladies,” Rob said, “We are both from near Kirkby Lonsdale you know it?”

“I do,” I said. “Been through or rather round many times on the way to the Lake District with Dave.”

It explained the accent Kirkby Lonsdale was in Cumbria but close to the borders with both Lancashire and Yorkshire.

“Dave?” Rob enquired.

“My husband.” I smiled.

“So, you two aren’t…” Rob said embarrassed.

“Aren’t what?” I smiled.

They both chuckled, “I hope you aren’t offended ladies, but you had us fooled.” Rob said.

“We’ll let you off,” Barbara said, “So the fighting skills?”

Ian spoke up, “We are both farmers sons, farming is knackered so we joined up together, been in the marines for eight years now. We had some leave coming, spent some time back on the farms then decided on a holiday before we go back.”

“Yep, and this was a bargain,” Rob continued,” we have an apartment on the top floor, massive balcony and great views.”

“Better than ours then,” I said., “Barely room to get our feet on our balcony let alone tables or chairs.”

Ian refilled the wine glasses, “Keep an eye on the windows, when you see blue lights run for the lift.” He observed. “They won’t be long now.”

“Thanks guys,” I ventured. “Me and Barbara haven’t done anything wrong, why should we run?”

“A fun run!” Barbara offered.

I had a look round; the mood was mellow and chilled. Then the blue lights, “Grab and run,” urged Rob, “Get the bottles and glasses, floor six ladies, me and Ian will take the stairs.”

Barbara grabbed my hand and we ran to the lift together, it was already on the ground floor and the doors opened. I looked at the numbers, we were on two. “Hit six Jane,” Barbara said, her eyes full of life. I took a breath, I pressed six…

The doors opened, Rob and Ian were there waiting and grinning, not even out of breath after running up several flights of stairs. The bottles of wine clutched under their arms, the wine glasses with little visible spillage were held in their big hands.

“This way,” Rob gestured to his right, he placed some of the drinks on the floor before he dipped his hand into his pocket emerging with the key card. We walked in slowly, as he placed the drinks and glasses on a table he moved around switching lamps on and opening the doors to the balcony.

Ian similarly disposed of the glasses and bottles in his charge, impressively he seemed to know whose was whose as he offered glasses of wine to me and Barbara, he picked up what he seemed to know which was his own and walked out to the balcony, gesturing us to follow.

“The police here are muppets,” he laughed, “we did some drug smuggling work with them, thick and lazy spring to mind mate don’t they!”

“For sure, “Rob added joining us, “They will do a cursory search tonight because the bar owner has 50 euros of damage, tomorrow they won’t care.” “Have a seat ladies, please” he pulled the plastic tables out from the circular table, the parasol in the centre was furled and clipped in place.

We sat with me opposite Barbara, Rob and Ian equally so.

“So, what are you two doing here?” Rob, always the more talkative said. He looked at Barbara, “Jane is my best mate…” she faltered.

“Barbara has had a shit time, bastard of a husband and a divorce,” I took it up, “Dave agreed it would be good for me to help her have some relaxation and some sun.”

“Some more wine ladies,” Ian suggested, without giving chance for a reply he filled the depleted glasses.

The lights were twinkling around the town from our elevated view. Barbara in her own way broke the silence, “Jane heard what you two said earlier you know,” …”Earlier when?” Rob ventured.

“Like earlier round the pool bar?” Barbara giggled; I felt a flush of heat.

“Shit we are busted mate!” Ian’s voice boomed.

“Sorry ladies,” he added, “It was complimentary I hope.” His voice softening.

Rob added, “Just happy to keep you safe, sorry if we offended you, there they go,” he said gesturing at the departing blue lit police car. “We’ll be ok in the bar now.” He added.

“I’m fine here if that’s ok.” Barbara chipped in, a little bit too hastily, then added, “If you are Jane?” looking at me, her eyes telling me what she wanted me to say.

I took a breath, thinking, we were enjoying the company of two good Escort Sinop looking men, she was starved of attention. “Yeah, let’s stay up here, have we got enough wine?” I looked at the others.

Rob took charge of that, “You two deserve looking after, leave the wine with me, I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.”

“What would your husband say if he knew you two were on a balcony with two young blokes Jane?” Ian looked at me.

“He would be fine; we allow one another a bit of space.” I smiled back.

Barbara chuckled, “Yeah, a good job.” She looked at me with a loving smile.

Rob arrived back with more wine, “It’s getting chilly out here,” he said. “Nice though, look at all the stars.”

We all looked up, millions of stars lit the sky.

As Barbara reached for her wine glass Ian put his hand on hers, “Any chance of a kiss?” his deep voice resonated in the still night air.

My friend turned her head to his, “I thought you’d never ask!” Their lips met, I knew she was a lovely kisser, her lips were full, her tongue mischievous and darting.

“And us?” Rob breathed in my ear. “Just wait, I like watching!” I said. He placed a hand on my thigh, me and Barbara both had wrap around skirts on, his hand fell between the folds of mine, on my naked inner thigh.

Ian and Barbara’s lips finally parted; their eyes locked on one another. “You kiss well, soldier boy.” Barbara’s voice was husky, and then she laughed, reached for her drink and sat back in her chair.

“Your turn Jane!” she said, taking a drink of her wine.

I looked at Rob, his dark eyes stared into mine, he was gentle, his first kiss was almost just a brushing of our lips. Then another, more urgent, more pressure, more prolonged. The next was urgent, his tongue meeting mine, darting and tasting.

“We both like watching, is it time we went indoors.” Barbara breathed.

Their apartment had one small table, two chairs and two doors, one obviously a bathroom, the other must be a bedroom.

“Probably more comfortable in here.” Rob led the way into the bedroom, pressing the light switch on his way in. “Bring the table mate.” He added.

Ian picked up the plastic table as we walked slowly in, the drinks and bottles were placed as we looked around. Rob was busy, turning on bedside lamps and then turning off the main light. He placed an arm around me as we sat on the edge of one bed, Ian mirroring his action on Barbara on the other.

“Have you got condoms?” I asked Rob, “I’m not on the pill.”

“Of course, no problem.” He answered.

“I’m ok, ever optimistic I stayed on the pill.” Barbara chimed in.

I took a hefty drink out of my wine glass and then looked at Rob, “Can you kiss me again please?” His lips met mine and we fell onto the bed, he kissed all round my neck, his fingers busy on my blouse. I swear he kissed every inch of me that he uncovered, I was almost pushing his head downwards. As he parted my blouse he gasped, my usual sheer black bra showed my nipples bulging obscenely through it. His big fingers brushed them, tingles and shudders shook through me, I clasped him for another deep kiss.

As our lips parted I glanced across at the other bed, Ian had already removed Barbara’s blouse and bra, his lips were clamped on her dark chunky nipple closest to me, he grinned across the void as he slipped his lips off that to move to the other equally stiff bud.

Microseconds…I felt my bra strap slacken, Rob had undone it…I shrugged it and my blouse off my arms and laid back, he caressed my breasts tenderly, gently. His fingertips brushed round and across my turgid nipple, his head dropped as he sucked firmly on each one alternately. “Jane they are gorgeous,” he whispered.

He kissed down my body, undoing the clip on my skirt when he reached that far, I raised my hips allowing him to push it down and off. He pulled off his tee shirt, his body was rippling with big firm muscles, his biceps were huge, his six pack clearly defined.

His lips met mine again, we were being slow and unhurried, when our lips parted I kissed his nipples, biting gently making him squirm. I carried on down his lovely toned body, touching the outline of his cock through his shorts.

His shorts were elasticated, I tugged them down as he raised his hips for me. His cock came into view, inch by inch, it was very thick and very long and veiny. I dragged his shorts down and off his legs, then knelt between his legs. I teased his thighs with my fingernails, scratching softly upwards towards his heavy balls, then on them and up and down his twitching cock.

“Oh shit that is heavenly!” he breathed.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck me!” Barbara’s voice shrieked. I looked across the room, her and Ian were naked and her legs were clasped behind him as he slid his cock into her.

I took hold of Rob’s cock in my hand, easing the skin up over the big head and back down slowly, looking him in the eyes I slowly lowered my head, the tip of his cock touched my lips, I opened them and took as much of it into my mouth as I could.

I started a slow rhythm of sliding my lips up and down his cock, his hands gripped the loose bed sheet. “Whoa Jane, you’ll make me come with any more of that.” He pleaded.

I smiled at him, “Go ahead, I’m sure you can get it up again after a little rest!”

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