Jane’s Happy Endings Ch. 07

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It was Saturday night. Jane finished her shift at the massage parlor. She massaged plenty of pretty girls that night, but she looked forward to seeing the prettiest girl of all that night. Jane was on her way to Veronica’s apartment.

Jane had reluctantly agreed to go Salsa dancing with her Latina coworker. The intern was nervous, but Veronica assured her that everything would be okay. Jane was not confident about dancing, but she trusted Veronica to take care of her.

Jane arrived at her coworker’s apartment, wearing a short, loose, black dress and black flats. Being such a bad dancer, Jane was too nervous to wear heels, thinking they would cause her to fall. She made sure to doll herself up nicely before leaving the massage parlor.

The Asian knocked on the door and the beautiful Latina answered.

“Hola,” said Veronica, as she answered the door looking as sexy as ever. She shocked Jane, as she wore a tight red dress that promoted all her curves. Veronica also wore tan high heels, confident in her dancing ability despite her shoes.

Jane gasped, seeing how beautiful Veronica was in her dress. Jane could see her one million times and one million times she would gasp at the beauty of Veronica. “Hey,” she finally responded, blushing with excitement.

“You look beautiful,” said Veronica, with a smile.

Jane was caught off guard. She was so awestruck by the beauty of the Latina. She never imagined that Veronica would be the one calling her beautiful first.

“No,” Jane replied. “You look amazing!”

Veronica twirled her long black hair with her fingers. “Aw, thank you mami!”

The Latina invited Jane into her house while she finished grabbing her items. Veronica then offered to drive them both to dance club. After Jane agreed, the two ladies got into Veronica’s car to head off.

As Jane sat in the passenger seat of the car, she couldn’t help but stare at Veronica. It was her long dark hair that always looked so perfect. Her dark brown eyes that always seemed to have a sparkle in them. It was her sweet aroma that always drove Jane crazy. It was the red lipstick that Veronica wore, that highlighted her beautiful lips. It was her voluptuous body that always looked so sexy. It was her slight accent when she spoke that mesmerized Jane. Jane had learned to appreciate and love everything about Veronica.

“So, you don’t like dancing?” asked Veronica.

“I’m sorry, what was the question?” asked Jane, as she snapped out of her daydream.

“You were nervous about dancing, remember?” said Veronica.

“Oh yeah!” responded Jane. I don’t know how to dance, so I don’t want to look stupid in front of other people.”

“When we get there, don’t worry about anyone else,” said Veronica. “Just focus on having fun with me.”

Jane really liked that plan. She knew she was going to be nervous, but with Veronica there she could do anything. As Veronica parked, they looked at each other with affirmation before proceeding into the building.

It was overwhelming at first. Jane looked around at all the beautiful people on the dance floor. The music was loud and everyone was dancing so well. Jane was out of her element, just as she feared. She wasn’t one to go to clubs or large events. Veronica led her to the bartender to order drinks, hoping that some alcohol would relax the nervous woman.

Jane could hear Veronica speaking to the bartender, but she couldn’t understand her Spanish. Knowing how responsibly Veronica was at work, Jane assumed that she ordered a safe drink to help her ease into the night.

“What did you order?” Jane asked.

“Tequila!” answered Veronica, with excitement.

Jane was shocked, as she realized her assumption was wrong. “Did you order a drink for me?” she asked.

“Uh huh,” responded the Latina.

“What did you order me?” asked Jane, assuming it wasn’t what Veronica ordered for herself.

“Tequila!” answered Veronica, with a big smile.

Jane was wrong once again. “Are you sure that’s a good idea? I’m such a light weight.”

Veronica nodded, confident that she made a good decision. “Just a couple shots, then we dance.”

As the drinks came, Veronica and Jane toasted to a fun night before taking a shot of tequila. They began joking and laughing with each other as the alcohol began setting in. One shot led to another, and the girls were ready to hit the dance floor.

Veronica made sure to keep at least one hand on Jane the entire time. As they found a spot on the dance floor, Veronica grabbed Jane’s hand and waist. “Put your hand on my shoulder and follow my footsteps,” instructed the Latina.

Veronica started off slow, allowing Jane to get the hang of what she was doing. The more confident Jane got with her steps, the more Veronica slowly incorporated.

“Now move Kolej Escort your hips like mine,” said Veronica, as she moved her body so sensually.

“I can’t do that!” exclaimed Jane.

“Just try for me mami,” Veronica responded.

Jane tried to match the beautiful Latina’s moves but felt silly doing so. Veronica placed her hand sensually on Jane’s back, feeling her up and down. As Veronica’s hand slid down to Jane’s cute little ass, the Asian woman was no longer worried about looking so silly. Jane was now turned on and naturally moving her body with Veronica’s.

The two beauties stared into each other’s eyes as they held each other close. Veronica pulled Jane in, allowing them to grind on each other’s bodies as they moved to the music. The Latina was able to regain her composure and guide Jane through a spin.

Several more songs played. and the two coworkers continued get closer as they danced to the music. Veronica helped Jane out of her shell, as she finally danced like no one was watching her. Seeing the cute and shy Asian blossom turned Veronica on, allowing her to get even more handsy with Jane. Eventually Veronica had a firm grip on Jane’s ass and never let go until they stopped dancing.

Suddenly, Jane was the one to make a bold move. She let go of Veronica’s hand and grabbed two hand fulls of the voluptuous Latina’s ass. Jane was now the one leading the dance. Veronica got so hot and bothered by the way Jane assertively took control of her. They danced together so sensually, not caring who saw the sexual chemistry between them.

As the song came to an end, the crowd began applauding at Jane and Veronica’s sexy performance. They had almost forgotten that others could be watching. But everyone was impressed with the way Jane danced on her first night, and the chemistry she had with Veronica.

Veronica was no stranger at this Salsa club. Many girls already knew her. But nobody knew Jane, and they were happy to introduce themselves and tell her how great of a dancer she was. Many beautiful Latina women introduced themselves to Jane and invited her to come back dancing any time she wanted. Veronica was happy to see others being so nice to Jane, but she always kept her an arm around her. Veronica wanted to make sure everyone knew that Jane was her special guest.

Jane took another shot of tequila with Veronica and some of the other women she met that night. They all cheered and celebrated a fun and successful night of dancing. But after Veronica was done with her shot, she whispered into Jane’s ear, “I need to go to the restroom. Want to come?”

Jane didn’t need to use the restroom, but she wanted to follow Veronica anyways. Veronica held her hand and led her to the restroom where they were finally alone for a moment. As they went inside, Veronica turned towards Jane and said, “I actually don’t need to use the bathroom.”

Jane was confused. “What’s wrong then?” she asked.

“I just needed to get away from everyone else,” answered Veronica.

Jane was slightly worried, afraid that Veronica might not be feeling well. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“I’m okay,” responded Veronica. “I just had to be alone with you.”

Jane laughed. “Well we’re alone, but it’s a public restroom. So, we won’t be for long.”

“You really turned me on out there,” Veronica finally admitted.

Jane was surprised now. She felt it too, but she wasn’t expecting Veronica to just come out and say it. “Did I?” she asked.

“Yeah, you did!” responded Veronica. “You should come home with me tonight,” she strongly suggested, looking a bit desperate.

“Okay,” Jane answered, with a smile. “Do you want a massage when we get to your place?” she asked. Jane didn’t want to be too forward, but she felt things were heading that way.

“No,” responded Veronica.

“Oh,” said Jane, feeling kind of embarrassed for misreading Veronica’s signals. “Well what do you want?”

Veronica paused for a second, and then answered, “I want to fuck.”

Jane’s face began to feel red hot as she blushed with excitement. She was so turned on to have Veronica admit her naughty desires. “Let’s go home now!” she suggested.

“I don’t think I can wait,” admitted the hot Latina.

Jane giggled, surprised at the way Veronica was acting desperate. “Well, I think we have to wait.”

Veronica looked around quickly, making sure the bathroom was still clear. “Come on!” she exclaimed, as she led Jane into one of the stalls.

“Wait!” said Jane, confused as ever. “What are you doing? What are YOU DOING?!”

“Please!” begged the Latina. “I have to do this!” Veronica locked herself in the stall with Jane. She got down on her knees, in front of the beautiful Asian and lifted Jane’s dress straight up. “Hold your Rus Escort dress up for me,” instructed Veronica.

Although confused, Jane obliged, holding her dress up to reveal a navy-blue thong with pink trim. “What are you doing?” she whispered. “We’re in public!”

“Just try to be quiet!” Veronica whispered, as she moved Jane’s thong out of the way of her pussy. She then moved her head towards Jane and placed her tongue on the Asian’s clit.

Jane gasped hard as the warm sensation radiated through her pussy. “Oh! Baby!” she muttered out, as she tried to stay quiet. Jane closed her eyes and braced herself on the walls as Veronica continued licking her pussy.

Veronica looked straight up at Jane’s face, watching her beautiful friend enjoy getting her pussy licked. She enjoyed watching Jane squirm as she pleasured the Asian with her warm tongue.

Jane looked down to find Veronica’s beautiful brown eyes looking back at her. The Latina’s beautiful face, desperately licking her pussy was getting Jane so hot and wet. She struggled to hide her moans as the intense stimulation forced her to squirm uncontrollably.

“I’m going to cum!” Jane whispered, frantically.

Veronica grabbed Jane by the ass and forced her tongue even further into the Asian’s soaking pussy. She licked up and down, uncontrollably, as she enjoyed every drop of juice Jane could offer. She drove Jane crazy with her warm tongue. Against her will, Jane began to moan louder and louder.

As Jane was pushed to her limits by Veronica’s ferocious assault on her pussy, her ass began convulsing as she let out a huge orgasm, causing her to squirt all over Veronica’s beautiful face. Though Jane felt bad, Veronica was loving every moment of it. The hot Latina wanted to catch all of Jane’s juices with her face and tongue.

“Ah Fuck yeah!” Veronica moaned, begging Jane to squirt even more on her face.

Jane could no longer help it. Her moans echoed throughout the walls of the restroom. Her booty jiggled in the tight grasp of Veronica’s hands. She struggled to regain self-control, as she continued to squirm all over the place. Jane wanted to regain her composure, but she couldn’t stop cumming or squirting all over Veronica’s precious face.

When the orgasm finally came to an end, Veronica stood up and comforted the exhausted Asian. “I love it when you squirt on me,” she whispered into Jane’s ear.

Jane let go of her own dress and rested in the arms of her beautiful friend. “Thank you,” she said, as she tried to catch her breath.

Veronica held the smaller Asian in her arms, comforting her as she rubbed her back. “Want finish this at my place?” she asked.

Jane opened her eyes and smiled at the Latina. “Let’s go.”

The two ladies ran out of the restroom and went straight to the parking lot. They no longer cared who possibly witnessed what happened in the restroom. Veronica and Jane were in a world of their own as they jumped in the car and drove home for a long night of fun.


That same night, Monica showed up at Ashley’s apartment. She brought rum and mixers to make cocktails with her coworker. The two ladies had still not discussed exactly what happened the previous night with Jane.

“So, what happened last night?” asked Monica, urgently wanting an answer.

“I need a few drinks in me first,” responded Ashley “I’m still not sure if I’m going to tell you.”

“Why is it such a big deal?” asked Monica. “What the fuck could have happened?”

“Ugh, just make me a drink and we’ll talk about it later,” demanded Ashley.

The two ladies sat on the couch, drinking cocktails as they watched television. Monica and Ashley were getting closer since Veronica started hanging out with Jane so much. They enjoyed the relaxing girls’ night with each other, but Monica still had a burning curiosity.

“So, now that we’ve been drinking, will you finally tell me what happened?” Monica asked.

Ashley was tipsy, borderline drunk. She put her drink down and blurted out, “Okay, fine!”

Monica held her internal excitement. She finished her drink and placed her hands in her lap. “I’m all ears,” she said.

“I swore to myself I wasn’t going to tell anybody,” explained Ashley. “You have to swear to me you won’t say anything.”

“I swear,” Monica assured. She sat there patiently waiting for her friend to tell the story. But never in a million years could she have guessed what she was about to hear.

Ashley took a deep breath, then began her story. “Well, I showed up and I found her right away. Then I told her I wanted a massage. She told me I had to pay, so I argued with her. Then she pulled my dress up and gave me a spanking.”

Monica’s eyes became huge as she suddenly felt warm inside. Yenimahalle Escort “Wait, what?!” she asked. “Jane spanked you?”

“Yeah, she pulled my dress up over my hips and spanked my ass,” Ashley responded, reliving the humiliating experience.

Monica was caught extremely off guard. She didn’t expect Jane to do something like that. And she definitely didn’t expect to feel the way she was feeling. Monica was getting turned on, and she wasn’t sure why. She tried to refocus. “What did you do?” she asked.

“I couldn’t do anything,” answered Ashley. “She spanked me so hard! And I only had a thong on!”

Monica closed her eyes and paused for a moment. The image in her head was turning her on even more. She had to hear more of the story. In her mind, Monica hoped the story would get even juicier. “Well, what happened next?” she asked, trying not to sound hot and bothered.

“Jane made me take my dress and bra off. So, I was only in my thong,” Ashley continued. “Then she made me crawl on her table, and she stick her finger in my ass!”

“Ah, fuck!” Monica moaned. Ashley thought Monica was feeling sympathy for her, but that wasn’t the case.

“You know how embarrassing that is?” asked Ashley. “To have your ass hole fingered? I don’t do that kind of stuff!”

“Yeah, that sounds so embarrassing,” Monica responded, as she tried with all her might not to rub her pussy. “How did it feel?”

“Her finger was wiggling so deep inside me,” responded Ashley. “I was moaning so hard, I couldn’t even breath.”

Monica could barely take it anymore. She placed her hand on her crotch, feeling her wet pussy through her black leggings. Monica tried to hide her moans as Ashley continued her story.

“You know what she fucking did next?” asked Ashley. “She started rubbing my tits while she fingered my ass!”

Monica was so frustrated, she could barely stay still as she squirmed on the couch. She could no longer contain herself. Monica had to ask, “Did you cum?” She felt embarrassed after the words left her mouth. Monica felt like such a perve.

“No!” Ashley exclaimed. As Monica began to feel disappointed from the answer. “She stopped right before I came! She forced me to beg for more! Can you believe that?”

Monica let out a subtle moan. She could not believe how hot the story was. Monica had never felt attracted to Jane before, but hearing this story made her wish she were in Ashley’s place. “So, did she ever go back to fingering you?” she asked, hoping the answer was yes.

“No,” Ashley answered. “You won’t fucking believe what happened next!”

“Please tell me!” begged Monica.

“This was the craziest part,” said Ashley. “You definitely can’t tell anyone!”

“Fuck, I won’t,” responded Monica. “Just please tell me!” She was so turned on, but she still was not ready for the rest of Ashley’s story.

“She wore a strap-on and made me give her head,” said Ashley.

Monica could no longer stop herself. She softly rubbed her pussy through her leggings.

“Then she fucked me with that strap-on!” Ashley continued.

“Did she fuck you doggy-style?” asked Monica, hoping to God Ashley would say yes.

“Yeah!” Ashley exclaimed. “Can you believe she made me do that?!”

“Ugh, I can’t believe it!” responded Monica. “Did she grab your hips so you couldn’t get away?”

“Yeah, until she pulled my hair and started spanking me,” responded Ashley.

Monica let out another subtle moan, hoping Ashley wouldn’t realize how turned on she was. “I bet you had a huge orgasm, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah, I did,” answered Ashley. “Especially after she made me finger my own ass and bark like a dog!”

Monica rolled back in her seat, squirming uncontrollably as she pictured Jane fucking Ashley. She was so jealous of Ashley’s story. Monica wished she could have been the one being fucked by the cute Asian intern.

“It was so embarrassing!” exclaimed Ashley, not realizing how turned on she was from reliving the story.

“That’s a crazy story,” Monica said. “What happened next?!”

“Well, she made me pay for the massage, then she kicked me out!” said Ashley. “And now I can’t stop thinking about her!”

“I won’t be able to stop thinking about her either,” Monica thought to herself. “That’s such a crazy story!” Monica exclaimed. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m okay,” Ashley answered. “I just never thought Jane would put me in check like that.”

Monica made another drink for herself and Ashley. They continued to drink as Monica pushed Ashley for even more details. She wanted to know every little thing that happened and exactly what was running through Ashley’s mind. The more the story was explained, the more both women got turned on.

Finally, Monica decided to make a bold move. “I’m still a little confused about the way it started,” she said, as she finished her drink and stood up. “Can you show me exactly how she spanked you so I can get a better picture?” Monica asked.

Ashley took a big gulp and stood up. “That’s a good idea,” she responded. “Let’s go to my room and I’ll show you what she did to me.”

“Yes, please!”

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