Jay the Bubble Butt Chav Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

On a quiet drizzling afternoon, grey clouds collected around the Green End Estate. Jay swaggered through the underpass, hood up, drawing on a spliff. He was making his way to drop off a ten bag to a local customer of his. He’d payed Coach Ryan a visit an hour earlier, as he normally did on Thursdays, so he smirked as he bounced down the deserted pass, covered in graffiti. Jay was tasting the coach’s juices on his lips and thinking about the huge load of cum that the footy coach had dumped in him, sloshing around in his big bum.

Coach Ryan had gotten into the habit of stuffing a butt plug up Jay after loading him up, getting turned on knowing his little chav bitch would be going around the estate, selling skunk or hanging with the lads – all the while with his big fat arse flooded and ready to burst with his cream. Jay was a filthy boy and loved anything raunchy, so was only happy to go along with Coach Ryan’s nasty little game. His plump arse pillows jiggled in his trackies as he bowled down the estate, and he moaned under his breath at the full feeling in his stomach because of the sizeable black butt plug lodged inside him.

Eyes to the ground and his hood obscuring his line of vision, as well as cock and cum on his mind, jay – unlike himself -didn’t notice the copper who had emerged from a side alley of the underpass, and was stood feet ahead of him.

PC Kashif Khan had been on patrol, and on a slow grey day like this, was also in a world of his own. That was until he emerged from the alley he had been slowly pacing down, and caught the smell of the skunk Jay was smoking. All he had to do was turn his head to the left and watch the scally lad obliviously swagger into him, blazing away.

Walking straight into the well built officer, jay leapt back in surprise, taking in the man before him. With a good few recent run ins with the police already on his extensive record, Jay instinctively turnt on his heel and went to tear off into the labyrinth of the estate’s underpasses. However, with keen reflexes and strength from his history of boxing, PC Khan gripped Jay by the arms and easily slammed him up against the wall, his back to him, Jay’s joint flying to the wet ground.

“Right, stay calm pal – you hear me!?” PC Khan barked aggressively, clamping the cuffs onto jays wrists, which he had yanked behind his back.

“Get the fuck off me!!” Jay shouted defiantly, struggling against the broad South Asian man’s strength.

As PC Khan cuffed the scumbag up against the wall, without breaking a sweat, he very almost lost his grip when he looked down. As a lifelong ass man, he could hardly believe the obscenely ripe, rounded melons this white boy was carrying around on his arse. As Jay struggled, his juicy bubble vibrated and jiggled, right up against PC Khan’s crotch. He bit his lip and held Jay up against the wall as long as he could, drinking in the sight and sensation of Jay’s chav booty, bursting from his grey cotton trackies, smushed up against his stirring groin. This boy’s rump was more than twice the size of his wife’s.

“Right mate, stay still yeah!? Don’t try anything. You’re not getting away from me. I’m taking you in on possession.” As he groped into jays pockets, exploring the expanse of his big, beautiful bum and drawing a breath, his thick cut dong getting really hard now.

“And intent to sell!” PC Khan continued, pulling a bag of skunk out of Jay’s pockets.

“Nah man!! That ain’t even mine!” Jay snarled, jerking in protest, causing Pc Khan to slam up against him again, pounding his stiff cock against Jay’s poundcakes.

Jay felt the Asian copper’s baton ram up against his deep crack, and moaned, in agitation but also in sudden pleasure. Even when he was getting nicked, Jay couldn’t ignore his cock slut nature.

“Right, this way bro,” PC Khan ordered with his alluring, Pendik Escort yet rough British Pakistani accent. Admitting defeat, Jay allowed the officer to march him to the small police patrol van, parked up the estate. Usually Jay’s antisocial comrades would hurl abuse at the police in this situation, but with it being such a wet, miserable day – the block was complete empty.

Escorting Jay into the back, PC Khan helped the cuffed lad into the van, during which, Jay’s trackies struggled to contain his thick mounds. The cleavage of his rounded arse revealed itself, as well as his tempting, deep crack. Revelling in this sight, and at his own luck – Pc Khan was beginning to hatch a dirty little idea.

Looking up at the copper defiantly, the two men locked eyes, simultaneously realising how attractive the other was. PC Khan’s gentle yet mischievous brown eyes twinkled, and jay glared back. However – the officer noticed the chav boy run his tongue across his plump, lower lip. He was quite clearly becoming aroused.

“You gonna behave yourself lad?” PC Khan asked, not unkindly, with a raised eyebrow.

This time Jay was less discreet with his growing hunger for the copper.

“I’d rather be naughty boss” he bit his lip and ran his eyes to the officer’s crotch and back up to his face again.

Pc Khan chuckled, staring back at the sexy, rebellious scally lad he had in his grip, and slammed the van door shut, getting in and steering out of the estate.

Jays sat with his hands cuffed behind him in the back of the van, throwing lusty glances over at PC Khan in the front seat. He was getting hornier and hornier, being the fit copper’s prisoner, and what’s more the vibration of the van on the road caused the buttplug up his shitter to wiggle around, forcing Jay to let out a few desperate moans, whilst Pc Khan drove on in silence, looking back at the naughty chav boi in the mirror.

After a while on the road, the van pulled to a quiet stop and the engine turned off. Swinging the doors wide open, the hench copper stood boldly and looked down at Jay with a knowing glint in his eye. Jay looked beyond him and realised with a buzz of excitement that Pc Khan had pulled into a deserted clearing, surrounded by forest. Jay recognised the area, he had been pounded here in the past – a perfectly deserted area for a dirty backseat fuck.

“you’re a bad boy aren’t you?” Pc Khan grinned, stroking his thick cock through his uniform trousers.

Jays leaned forwards and spat on the ground, just by the officer’s shoes.

“Too fuckin right” he smirked.

“Right well what’s it gonna be bad boy? You wanna spend the night in the slammer? Or you wanna settle this here n now with me? Our little secret?” Pc Khan teased, taking his hefty hand and placing his thumb in between Jay’s willing lips. He stared up at the dirty copper whilst sucking slowly and seductively on his thick thumb

“Mmm.” he moaned “I’ll do what you want boss. let’s sort it here and now.”

Pc Khan unzipped his trousers, letting his large dark cock flop out, inches from jays face.

“Yeah that’s right slut.” Pc Khan groaned “Fat booty bitches like you live for servicing big brown cock don’t you?”

Shuffling forwards, arms behind his back jays stuck out his tongue and stared up at the rugged copper

“Brown cocks my favourite” he winked.

“Mmm course it is bitch, you white lads are all sluts for brown cock.” Pc Khan growled, taking his hefty meat and slapping it vigorously onto jays willing tongue, and all over his pretty face. “You’re gonna be my girl today aren’t you? Do all the nasty shit my wife don’t do.”

Music to Jay’s ears he began to slurp on the groaning officer’s hung knob, slobbering and sucking on the big brown head stuffed between his pink lips. He rolled his eyes and Kurtköy Escort stared up at Pc Khan seductively, whimpering in delight at the flavour of the juicy cock he was savouring in his mouth.

“Proper yummy sausage that, daddy” Jay sniggered, as he popped the pole in and out out from the side of his mouth, and began to vigorously slurp on the hefty ball sack .

“Oooh yeahhhh that’s prime pakistani cock, that is bitch.” Khan leered, grabbing Jay’s hair and beginning to thrust his stiff rod in and out of his open mouth, causing jay to gag and splutter obscenely all over it. “wait till I shove it up your fat pussy boi.”

With this, he dragged Jay forward and turned him over, so that his he was still on his knees, but with his back facing the solid policeman. He yanked Jay towards him by the hips, so that his trainers nearly touched the wet ground, and his sexy bubble arse stuck out over the edge of the van, begging to be abused.

Pc Khan stared at the overwhelmingly hot sight before him. In his police van, parked near the woods on this dull grey morning, a slutty chav lad kneeled in the back, looking over his shoulder with hungry eyes. His hands still cuffed behind his back and his huge round bubble wiggling in the air, his trackies struggling for dear life to contain all of his booty.

“Show that white booty off for me bum boy.” Pc Khan instructed with dominance.

“I know you can twerk that fat pussy.” Landing a stinging smack across Jay’s helpless behind.

“Yes sir.” Jay murmured, as he arched his back and got to work. Pc Khan knew what he was talking about, Jay could bounce his fat cakes with more jiggle than any girl on the estate. His plump cheeks flew around the back of the van wildly as Pc Khan watched the show, wanking his huge stiff pole off and groaning In appreciation. It wasn’t long before Jay’s big old arse burst over his waistband and spilled out with abandon, exposing his round creamy globes to the world. Pc Khan raised his eyebrows in a horny, knowing way.

“Why do we have here baby?” He teased, taking in the sight of the buttplug base lodged up Jay’s cunt. Running his finger around it in a circle. His cock jumped and precum began to ooze from his big brown bell end. He couldn’t believe his luck at finding such a big butt cock slut.

Jay grinned mischievously, shaking his melons slowly now, and very clearly loving the feeling of being watched by the bent copper as he clamped and loosened his pussy around the shiny black buttplug.

“Need my pussy full of spunk don’t I daddy?” He giggled.

Pc Khan looked at the boy, drunk on lust. Spanking his fat cheeks around and telling Jay what a slut he was he decided to get a grip on the buttplug, “Time for some real cock bitch!” He snarled, as he yanked the buttplug out from Jay’s boi cunt.

Both men moaning as he pulled the plug clean out, he stared down in amazement. In the centre of Jay’s big round booty cheeks, his hole gaped ridiculously. For a few moments it was spread wide so wide open, Pc Khan could see straight into Jay’s alluring black chasm. He knew he had to get in there. As Jay’s hole contracted and puckered, he began to pant.

“Awhhh fuck daddy, it’s comin’!” He whimpered, sticking out his fat arse.

“Let me see bitch” Khan ordered, hardly able to contain his excitement.

Jay’s hole winked before letting a huge, rasping belch out, followed by a flood of Coach Ryan’s creamy spunk. The load he had taken earlier bubbled and burst from his dirty, sloppy pussy, running wildly down his gooch and thick thighs. He moaned in ecstasy as he let rip cum fart after cum fart, to the disgust and delight of the constable.

“Fuckin ell, you really are a proper naughty bitch aren’t you?” Pc Khan leered in wonder. “Who’s load was that bitch? Eh?” He teased, beginning to Kartal Escort slap his thick meaty head off the poor boy’s dripping, puffy pink hole.

“Ooohh.” Jay moaned in response, “that was a morning load off my big daddy.”

“That right? Well guess what slut, I’m your daddy now. And daddy wants to make that fat pussy pregnant, that load was nothing compared to what I got. You’ll be farting this shit out for a week” Pc Khan grunted, beginning to slide his head up Jay’s spunk – slicked hole.

Taking his baton from his belt, Khan shoved it into Jay’s mouth -which he began to instantly suck on enthusiastically – and buried his cock all the way into jays shitter. Jay moaned and cried out wildly as the brown cock slid into his wet boy pussy, but his slutty words were muffled by the black baton rammed between his lips. He looked back on his knees at Pc Khan in pleading ecstasy, beginning to bounce his arse on the policeman’s pole, with his trackies around his ankles, his hands cuffed behind his back, and his gob rammed with the thick baton, now covered in spit.

Pc Khan grunted and moaned in unison, gripping the lad’s hips and watching this gloriously dirty sight before his eyes. His big brown dong disappeared and reappeared between the boy’s round white buns like a sausage between two barm cakes. With every thrust, the clearing echoed with the wet, deliciously filthy smacking sounds of the constable shagging the shit out of Jay’s big chav bubble arse. Jay jiggled and twerked like the slut he was, gagging on the baton with his eyes rolling back in delirious rapture at the beating this hung fit, copper was delivering to his fat farting butt, which rasped and spluttered in response to every stroke of Pc Khan’s pole.

“Yeahhh baby!” Growled Khan “milk that thick paki cock, shake that fat arse you filthy bitch!” Spitting on Jay’s bouncing, wet globes ” show me how you’re gonna please your new daddy, eh? You’re my girl now jiggles!” And furiously slamming his big slutty cheeks with the palms of his strong hands.

The baton slid out of Jay’s mouth as he cried out in ecstasy at the horse cock slamming his guts in

“fuckkkkk yeah daddy!! Make me your dirty fuckin girl! Rape this fat arse whenever you want! Oh fuck daddy, give it to me! Pleassee , make me your cum slut sir!” Throwing his booty up and down the policeman’s rod with wild abandon, running his filthy mouth, Pc Khan couldn’t contain himself, he slammed his hands down on either side of Jay’s ample, eager cakes and buried his meat balls deep.

“Aww fuck you ready for a real man’s load baby!??” He growled

“I’m ready daddy please!!” Jay screamed “please mark your territory daddy, and spunk my shitholee!”

“That’s my girl” Pc Khan sneered, spreading Jay’s booty wide open, and crying out in primal euphoria as he blasted pump after pump of thick, hot cum deeper and deeper up Jay’s ravenous fart chute. Jay moaned and whimpered like the bum boy he was, eyes rolled back and drooling, as he worked every last drop out of the panting policeman’s pole, jiggling his mounds and gripping the cock with his puffy pussy lips.

Pulling out slowly with a sigh, Pc Khan admired Jay’s gaping cunt and fingered a few more naughty cum farts out of his fat arse, chuckling to himself.

“Good job baby.” Pc Khan grinned, “you got yourself out of gettin locked up.” As he picked up the buttplug from the floor of the van and rammed it back up Jay’s gaping, cum flooded cunt, who purred in response.

“Have to get myself caught more often boss.” Jay smirked sitting on his pounded arse gain, and looking at the copper with a mischievous, lusty smile on his handsome face.

“Mm, we’ll make sure you’re wearing some slutty lingerie under your trackies next time bitch. That’s what daddy likes, really show off that big fat arse of yours.” Pc Khan hummed.

“Whatever you say daddy. I’ll be smoking on the estate this time next week, dressed like a proper slut.” Jay grinned.

Biting his lip and winking, Pc Khan let out a naughty sexy laugh.

“Good girl.”

He slammed the police van doors shut and made back to the estate.

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