Jesse , Diana: A Texas-Sized Love Ch. 02

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It was Labor Day weekend, and for Diana and Jesse it was a “unicorn weekend”, when neither of them had their kids. Jesse had travelled down to Harlingen to see Diana. Work had picked up in pace, and while the hours, and accompanying bonus, was good, they both needed some time to relax. He arrived just before 10 p.m. on Friday, having worked a 60-hour week, all of which was billable. They were both exhausted, and they fell asleep in each other’s arms. They both wanted each other, physically, however the exhaustion took over, and neither of them wanted to force a sexual encounter. They knew they had time. At 8:00, Diana awoke, slid out of bed, and went to the kitchen. She knew that her man loved it when she brought him coffee.

“Thank you, Love.” He smiled at her. “And I have a gift for you.” Jesse knew that her love language was acts of service, and the one chore he had always done for her was mowing the lawn. Diana was the frugal one, and her old, worn-out mower drove Jesse nuts. He would never tell her, though. He would just take care of it.

“What is it?” Diana grinned. She thought it would be some lingerie. Her man loved it when she put on lacy, pretty things.

“I’ll show you in just a minute. Let me go set it up. Plus, I need to mow your yard today.”

“Love, please let Daddy send over the guys to do it.” She was asking, but Jesse knew she loved it when her doctorate-holding white man mowed her yard. She liked showing him off to the neighbors.

“I like doing it for you, Babe. And it won’t take long.” His gift was one of those ‘for you, but for me to use for you’, kind of gifts. Jesse got up, threw on some shorts, brushed his teeth, and headed out the door. Diana followed him, curious. She was in awe when she saw him pull a huge box out of the bed of his pickup. It was a brand new lawnmower. Diana got her stool out and sat in the driveway to watch her man set it up. Jesse had bought a very nice Honda mower, and in ten minutes he had it started up and was mowing her front yard. She felt loved, and she was turned on by his generosity and service. Diana wanted to go in and do something productive, but she was enjoying the show. Not only did she enjoy the service, Diana loved watching her man from behind. He never believed her, but she loved his ass. After a few minutes, she went inside and started the laundry, her typical chore, and one that she, oddly, enjoyed, though she would never admit it. Diana heard her man open the back gate and start on the back yard. She stared at him through the back glass door for a few minutes, feeling loved, and letting herself fall for him again. She was hoping that he would take control of her again this weekend. She wanted to submit to him again. She heard her phone buzz on the kitchen counter and went to see who was texting her.

I need something to drink, Love.

What would you like, Babe? Diana was thinking that she would get him anything she wanted. She was surprised and elated when the replay popped up.

I want you to put on your swimsuit and bring me a glass of icewater.

Diana knew that her swimsuit was better than any lingerie. Her previous plan had worked like a charm, and because of that, she had bought another new one, this one thinner, more revealing, and lower-cut than her others. And only her man would see her in it. When she went outside, the back gate was closed, and Jesse was putting away the lawnmower. He had already moved the old one to the front and loaded it into his truck to take back to Diana’s Dad. He locked the shed and turned around to see her walking toward him in a swimsuit that let him see her curves and her freshly shaved twat. She kissed him deeply, then gave him the drink. Diana turned to return to the house, but Jesse wouldn’t release her. He drank the entire glass of water, smiled at her, then led her to the shaded area between the shed and the back fence.

Jesse pushed his woman against the shed, kissed her deeply, then began to peel her swimsuit from her body. He took an ice cube from his glass and gently touched it to her nipple, watching the drops fall down her breasts as her body heat melted it. Diana didn’t know what to say, so she simply submitted, letting him do what he wanted with her. Her nipples now fully erect, and she felt her pussy getting wet. She felt her man glide his fingers down her body to her pussy, pull her Sivas Escort swimsuit to the side, and touch her. It was heaven, and her man was her entire world to her in that moment. She unbuttoned his shorts and thrust her hand into his pants, wanting to feel his manhood. Diana was taken back to her first feelings for Jesse, and she wanted him inside her. She went to her knees, intent on tasting him. Part of her felt she should have waited for him to tell her what he wanted, but his hand on her head affirmed that she was submitting to him as he wanted. Diana took all of him inside her mouth, sucking hard, enjoying the saltiness of his hard work.

Jesse enjoyed watching his woman go down on him. And he had let go of any guilt about her submission, knowing she wanted him. He saw her tits move gently, but closed his eyes as she engorged herself on his manhood, and he pushed her head into his pubis. He surprised himself, and his woman, when he exploded quickly. His cum leaked out of her mouth, which was full with his cock. Diana extracted herself from him, wiped his cum back into her mouth, and swallowed. She smiled at him, pulled her swimsuit up over her breasts, then looked into his eyes.

“I want your seed inside me. I love tasting you. And you can do whatever you want to me. You don’t have to ask.”

Jesse was almost hard again instantly. But there was still work to do, and he loved making her yard look the best in the neighborhood for her. He grabbed the trimmer and went back to the front. Diana was changing the laundry loads, wearing her Mexican house dress. He knew that underneath that dress was either nothing at all, or the new swimsuit that she had bought to please him. And he knew he wanted to return the favor.

An hour later, the trimmer stored, drive and sidewalks blown clean, shed and gate locked, Jesse walked into the garage, looking forward to a cold shower. Diana was changing the laundry loads again. She was putting the last load into the dryer, when she asked “Are you ready to take a shower and go get something to eat, my Love?” Jesse didn’t reply. He pressed the button to close the garage door, walked to his woman, and kissed her.

Diana was about to say something, when he silenced her with his fingers to her lips, took the laundry basket from her, and put it on top of the washer, then pushed her against it. Jesse knelt, pulled up Diana’s dress, and found her nakedness underneath. He dove into her womanhood, still pink and bald from her getting it waxed, a gift she had let him discover. Her scent was intoxicating, and Jesse licked, sucked, and nibbled her clit until she started to push him away with her telltale “I need a break” cries that he knew meant she was close to climaxing. With Diana, “I need a break” meant that she was about to lose control, something Jesse loved to see, so he restrained her wrists and continued his work. Jesse tasted her wetness, feeling her juices begin to flow into his goatee. Diana was whimpering, a sound that told Jesse he was satisfying his woman, and her continued begging for him to stop was simply a vocalization of her impending orgasm and desire for him to continue. Jesse realized that he was hard and wanted to impale her on his now-rigid cock, but he also knew that satisfying his woman would result in benefits later in the day. Diana’s juices gushed as she screamed “Dr. Richards, I love you! I love what you do to me! Own me! Fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk!!!!!” Diana shook, her knees barely able to hold her up with the power of the climax. He slowed down, knowing he had taken care of his woman. Coming out from under her dress, he returned her smile, kissed her, and held her tightly.

“I believe we both need a shower now, my love.” Diana smiled at him. She loved showering with him, seeing his body, letting him rub his hands all over her, and wondering if he would take her in the shower. She knew that he loved shower sex, and she loved letting him take her. What she didn’t know was that he had a plan.

They shower was loving but not sexual. As they dried off and got dressed, Diana asked where he wanted to eat, the age-old questions that stumps so many couples. But Jesse was done being passive.

“I’m taking you to eat, then we’re going to go to the island. Pack your swimsuit and a toothbrush. Also, grab my toothbrush and a clean pair of chonis for me, Sivas Escort Bayan please.” He knew that she liked it when he took charge. Diana dutifully packed what was needed, not knowing what was in store but knowing that she liked her man being assertive. At lunch, he ordered her a margarita, and they talked. It was a nice lunch, without pressure of time or duty constraints. They held hands, looked into each other’s eyes, and enjoyed being together. The drive to the island was quiet. Diana had quickly figured out that he was taking her to South Padre, her favorite getaway. It was close, and she loved lying on the sand, reading her books. They held hands and watched the cotton and sugar cane fields roll by. Once on the island, Jesse drove north on the main road. There were the typical resort hotels, but those in the know understood that the newer, chain hotels were better kept. They checked in at the Holiday Inn Express, and Jesse made jokes about how smart he was for choosing this hotel, alluding to the line of cheesy commercials that had made them known. Diana chuckled, but more than anything was simply feeling loved and cared for, something that did not come easy to her after her first marriage. And in her mind, she kept thinking about how she had almost let the past rob her of this relationship. Jesse was thinking the same thing, and they had both needed to adjust their thinking and their actions. Each was doing their part to make this work. Blended families were tough, but they genuinely loved each other.

“I love you, Diana.” Jesse stated as he stopped his pickup in front of the hotel.

She looked into his eyes and whispered “I love you, too, Dr. Richards.”

After they had checked in and arrived in their room on the top floor, Diana saw how special this weekend would be. There was a bottle of champagne on ice, rose petals on the bed, a hot tub in the corner, and a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries on the desk. “Are we celebrating, my love?” she asked.

“I’m treating you. I know you don’t need fancy things, but I want to give them to you when I can. Would you like to go down to the beach, Love?” He asked.

Diana looked out the window and noticed that the crowds were still thick on the beach. “The beach is still very crowded. And I’m enjoying the time with you. Let’s stay alone here for a little while.”

Jesse smiled at her, wrapped her in his arms, and stared at her, “We could stay here and make out like teenagers.” And winked. Diana chuckled.

“Find us a movie to watch. I’ll be right back.” Diana disappeared into the large bathroom, while Jesse collapsed onto the bed and started channel surfing to find something to watch. There was a Game of Thrones marathon on HBO, and he knew Diana would enjoy watching it with him. But when she came out of the bathroom, his jaw dropped. Diana was in a one-piece white swimsuit that was at least a size too small and see-through. Jesse turned off the TV, grabbed Diana, and threw her onto the bed. In an instant, he was naked and on top of her, pushing his cock against her now-wet womanhood.

“Show me your tits.” He commanded, and Diana peeled down the top of her swimsuit, then she reached down to her crotch and pulled her swimsuit to one side, revealing her pussy. Jesse guided his cock into her and began thrusting. He enjoyed watching her tits bounce as he pounded into her. Diana smiled at him lovingly, enjoying giving herself to him for his enjoyment. She knew this episode would not be quick. They were both in their 40’s, and both had already come at least once today. And for once, she was enjoying the act, rather than rushing toward the climax. After fifteen minutes of necking and fucking, Jesse ordered her to ride him. They rolled over, and Diana rode his cock, grinding against him while he sucked on her tits. Each of them were enjoying the intimacy, combined with the animal lust they had for each other. When she needed to catch her breath, she collapsed on his chest, and he held her there. The room was cold, and the shared body heat was welcome to them. Jesse loved seeing her in a very tight, see-through swimsuit. He rolled her over onto her back, pinned her arms above her, felt her pull up her knees to allow him to penetrate deeper into her pussy. Jesse kissed his woman, then began thrusting into her as they stared into each other’s Escort Sivas eyes. He lost himself in her eyes, came into her, pushing hard, hoping again that he could create a child with her. Once he had deposited his seed, he collapsed beside her and held her tight to his chest. Both fell asleep, entwined, and slept more fitfully than either had since they had last been together.

Ninety minutes later, they both slowly awoke to see that the sun was setting. They arose and looked outside, holding each other by the window, still naked, enjoying the sunset and the fact that they were exposed to the world yet protected in their privacy.

“The beaches are mostly empty. Folks are going inside or to dinner.” Diana was about to follow up her statement when Jesse interjected,

“Lets go walk the beach. Go put on the swimsuit you wore this morning.”

Diana dutifully complied, having come prepared to do whatever her man ordered. Jesse changed into his swim trunks and a t-shirt. They walked, barefoot, to the beach, just as the sun disappeared over the horizon. It was a moonless night, and the dark was intense, making the stars appear brighter than either of them had seen in a while. They walked north, away from the lights of the hotels and resorts, again holding hands. The fireworks began, and they both stood motionless and held each other while they watched. It was for the tourists, and this weekend, that’s what they were, regardless of how many times they had visited this beach together.

“We’ll go kayaking in the bay tomorrow, then we can rent a waverunner and enjoy the gulf. How does that sound?” Jesse had planned this trip, knowing that Diana wanted him to be more decisive, so she didn’t have to think so much. He didn’t realize how much she was enjoying it. He was enjoying their time together, along with the view of her cleavage and her ass in her too-tight swimsuit that he hoped to get into again soon.

“That sounds fun. How far do you want to…” Jesse cut her off by turning her toward him and kissing her deeply. Diana tried to finish her sentence, but Jesse was intent on having his way. There was no one around, the fireworks had ended, and the only light was the stars. The water gently lapped up onto the beach, and Diana felt the coolness of the wet sand as Jesse lowered her. He had already removed his swim trunks and was forcing himself between her legs. Diana wondered if she should say no, then realized that this is what she wanted, and she should simply enjoy her man taking what he wanted from her. After all, that was the kind of man she wanted, one who would take what he wanted without making her wonder what that was. He pulled her swimsuit crotch away from her pussy and thrust himself inside her. Diana’s body responded well, and she accepted his manhood. Diana spread her legs further and pulled up her knees, allowing her man to thrust deeper into her. The chances of getting pregnant were slim to none, but they both wanted a child together, and knowing they were attempting to have one made the sex much hotter.

“Oh, Jesse, I love you. I’ve loved you since we met. I want you, I want you to take care of me, I want to have your baby, I want to be your woman. I want you to fuck me whenever you want me. I’ll wear whatever you want me to and do whatever you tell me to do.” Diana whispered loudly into his ear, hoping that he would cum inside her and once again, stake his claim to her womanhood. Jesse raised up enough to see Diana’s body, wrapped tightly in her swimsuit, knowing he was going to fill her up with his seed.

“Baby, I love you. You’re mine. No one else can have you. And you will spread your legs for me whenever I tell you to. Now squeeze my cock and milk my cum. Get pregnant with my baby and be mine, only mine!”

Diana wrapped her legs around her man and squeezed his cock inside her. Jesse exploded in her pussy, shooting another load of cum into her womb. They lay on the beach for another 15 minutes, his cock still inside her, while they held each other. Jesse stood, helped Diana to her feet, then donned his swim trunks. Diana rearranged her swimsuit to cover herself, much to Jesse’s chagrin, and they began the walk back to their room.

“What do you think of Castaneda-Richards? Or would you prefer me to use Richards-Castaneda?” Diana surprised him with the question, and she could see that. “I want to take my man’s name when we marry. Is that okay with you?”

It was absolutely okay. They chatted about it on the way back to their room. They fell asleep, again intertwined, holding each other, and knowing there would be no distractions or deadlines the next day.

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