Juicy Encounter

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The mystique around him was the drawing card at least it was for me. The voice on the phone and the lack of a visual amplified the mysteriousness even more. Business brought us together on the telephone while lust brought us together in person. Just the things he would say, his wit and demeanor quite different from my own. His smile and body language evident even through the telephone line there was just something about this man.

A meeting was arranged I found myself quite excited at his proposal, asking me out, “sure why not” was my feeble response. Not even really knowing what he had in mind, or who he really was, both intrigued me and unsettled me. Yet for some reason I found myself preparing for and arriving at the destination.

He was so young, this took me back at first I had no idea from talking to him. I felt very uncomfortable suddenly and ten years older. He has to be disappointed was all I could think those details of personal information were never discussed beforehand. He stood with confidence and that smile was warming. “What do you like to do,” he asked? Not knowing he had no specific plan was a little awkward. I filled him in on some of the things I enjoyed doing and he willingly seemed to be interested.

The teasing sexually we had subjected one another to suddenly brought flushed cheeks I just kept looking at him and could not get over his being so young. I thought about just fucking this man for days and now that he was standing right here I thought I would be doing good just to speak a full sentence. “You are pretty much what I imagined, real cute.” Instead of feeling more at ease discomfort eased its way in stronger.

All the things I had told him that I liked sexually on the telephone came rushing back to me now, looking at him knowing he was quite capable of carrying out each one and starting to believe he still would seemed to get the blood warming.

“Relax girl have some fun.” He stood there with a big grin on his face reached his hand out for mine waiting for my response. I placed my hand on his and he began walking me toward his vehicle. Leaving my car on the lot I climbed in with him and off we went I had no idea to where, but I knew what was going to happen just as planned.

Casual sex had never been appealing to me before though I do enjoy sex very much but strangers are not really my thing. There was a connection the first time we had contact and the slow build up became too much to ignore.

He put the key in the door and we went inside he laughed and made small talk the entire drive which did put me at ease a little. I found myself watching his hands and how he moved his lips, looking at the bulge in the front of his jeans, the sly smile, putting it altogether seemed Tekirdağ Escort to get me pretty aroused.

“So you like rough do you?” He remembered that too I guess. “You have beautiful tits for an older chick.” What could I say to that besides “thanks” the look on his face was familiar seems age did not really matter when it came to certain things. “Do you want to have sex with me” he asked? I could only just stand there. “You’re not saying no.” the big smile on his face got bigger. He stepped over to me and began rubbing the palms of my hand then running his hands up and down my arms, “your nipples are hard” he said. I knew they were, I didn’t have to look. He lifted my shirt over my head and lifted my bra exposing two hard nipples, “nice” he said. Reaching over and pinching my nipple between his finger and thumb and grinning when I flinched seemed to be the start of an amazing night.

He loosened his silk tie and removed it draping it behind my neck and pulling me against his body, I could feel the stirring between his legs and I knew I was getting very wet. “I know what you want and you are going to get it” He moved very quickly bringing the tie back and bound my hands together with the silk tie. He led me over to the nearby table pushing my shoulders down against the top. “Get up there.” He demanded. I felt his hands on my hips and he lifted until my body was across the table. I felt a hand on each ankle as he forced my legs further apart and my skirt up around my waist.

A sharp pull at the blue thong and it was gone. He was standing between my legs and I could feel his stare behind me. He traced his finger from the curve in the small of my back to the front brushing across my pussy folds. He did this over and over slowly. I was getting into the feeling, the gentleness about the time I felt his open hand come down stinging the side of my ass. “Oh, you like that baby don’t you?” I felt him pull against the tie binding my wrists and lift my chest from the table, “tell me, answer me” he demanded. “Yes I like it” I responded.

“Get on your knees” he ordered and I complied. “Push your ass up in the air bring it back to my face” the feeling of his tongue running from my ass to my now swollen clit was making me very warm and a little clammy. Slowly he worked his tongue the entire length back and forth. His fingers parted my pussy lips and I felt his finger slide in and my wetness seemed to just flow now. Grabbing my hair and pulling my head back he told me “push back against my finger you know you want me to fuck you with my hand.” I pushed back against him as he continued pulling my head back with his hand wrapped in my hair.

He began running his wet slick fingers across my ass cheeks Tekirdağ Escort Bayan and licking the small of my back I felt him spread me open and with one hand dip into my wetness again then rub tiny circles across my asshole slowly. He stopped and I heard the sound of his zipper lowering and his pants fall down his legs. Stepping back up behind me I felt his hard cock brushing against my leg.

His tongue was wet and so warm as I felt it part my pussy folds further and drag hard along the folds stopping to lightly bite down on my enlarged clit holding it between his teeth while his tongue flicked from side to side then pushing his tongue deeply inside. I was so close to cumming. “Not yet baby, you won’t cum until I say so, do you want to come?” I could barely whisper “yes” I felt the sting of his hand on my ass again as his finger probed deeply inside of me. He reached under me going to my nipple and squeezed down very hard making me cry out. With a hand on each hip he pulled me back toward the edge of the table I did not even feel his cock right there already lined up, one lunge forward and he was buried deep sending pain through my body Gripping tightly to my hips pulling me back hard against him sending jolts of pain through my body. I felt his hands release my hips and one went to my shoulder and the other back into my hair as he slammed hard into me and nearly all the way out, “down, put your head down on the table”, he ordered. He continued fucking me hard. Stopping his assault just as suddenly as it began he pulled out and pulled me by the ankle off the edge of the table where I was able to put my feet on the floor. I was so worked up and frustrated I needed to cum and he continued his teasing.

My eyes lowered and glanced at his hardness, “you want that don’t you baby?” I did not think any response was needed by the grin on his face. “Not yet.” Leading me by the scarf into a nearby bedroom he told me to sit on the bed and he removed the binding from my hands. I sat there and watched as he opened the door on the nightstand then removing some items he turned to face me. He had a large pink vibrator with a clit stimulator on it, a smaller straight vibe, which was an unusual purple, there was also a short blunt vibe of some kind with long black straps on it.

He walked over to a chair in the room placed the short vibrator on the seat of the chair and fastened the straps under the chair seat. “Get over here” he demanded. I stood and walked over to the chair. “I want you to sit down on the cock, wet it” I did. “Now your ass, sit that little ass of yours down on the cock” I know the look on my face must have been one of hesitance. “Now.” I sat slowly lowering myself down on to the cock. He Escort Tekirdağ drug another chair over to where I was sitting and sat in the chair facing me. “Put your legs on the sides of the chair” doing so my legs were apart on both sides of his knees. “Nice” he said again.

He took the large pink vibe and pushed it against the opening of my pussy rubbing it against my clit. He began pushing the vibe deeper and deeper until it was almost concealed with only the end showing. He took the tiny box in his hand and turned it on. The tip of the vibe moved in a circular motion while some small beads near the base rotated in the opposite direction. He then turned the vibe buried in my ass on and this sent jolts through my body, he then took the smaller purple vibe and turned it on and held it against my clit and continued moving the pink one in and out in a rhythmic motion.

My moans quickly turned to screams as I was finally able to cum. I did and I did hard until I was asking him to please stop. The grin on his face and the fact he did not stop had me trying to stand up and I just couldn’t. He turned the large vibe off that was still deep inside my pulsing pussy but left it in place and dropped the smaller purple vibe on to the floor.

“You need every hole fucked baby” he stood taking me by the shoulders and pulled me forward making me lift partially from the cock in my ass making me gasp with both excitement and pain. “Now sit back down on it” I did, and he quickly took my shoulders rocking me back and forth on the cock now set to a high speed.

Placing his own hard pink cock against my lips my arousal elevated once again at the feel of the soft hot flesh. Opening my mouth my tongue found the way to the tip and licked the head and sucked it into my mouth. He began working the pink vibe in and out again with one hand letting his thumb work across my sensitive clit, the other hand on the back of my head pulling me hard onto his mouth.

His thrusts wild and hard as my tongue wetted him, faster he moved fucking my mouth hard I reached in front of me taking his balls into my hand and squeezing down on them, then putting pressure on the place between his balls and ass, his pace maddening and I knew he was ready. The hot fluid first hit the back of my throat then he pulled my head back the hair and I felt the spurts hit my neck and chest then my face.

Taking the large pink vibe out I felt my juices gush forward feeling as if it was build up into the ounces. He gently and slowly helped me stand and come free of the cock in my ass. I felt shaky and weak he began wiping the cum from my face and brushing it across my lips, wearing that big grin again.

“Warmed up baby” were his next words. I could hardly get my breath. A sharp slap on the ass again and he said let’s go get cleaned up we have a very juicy encounter ahead of us no I’m ready to play. I was excited and yet disbelief was apparent, I had forgotten the stamina of a younger man, so juicy encounter it would be, I may be older, but I ain’t dead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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