Justin Ch. 02

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It had been months since Justin and I first had sex and we were still going strong. During the night after our first time together, I had finally admitted to him that I was bi. He wasn’t bothered by it, finding it cool that I could bounce between guys and girls. He told me he had fucked and been sucked off by a few guys, among them Alex. Not because he was bi, but because he didn’t care who was on his cock when he was horny. To that end, I began to spend a lot of time on his dick. Initially, if a date didn’t put out, he’d come visit me. Being easily accessible and an equally horny guy it quickly became more frequent. I loved taking his cock whenever he wanted to give it to me. And looking back, I could tell he enjoyed giving it to me often. It was rare that we got time alone to enjoy each other so he took advantage of me whenever he could. It was often in situations where we could easily have been caught and I think the thrill of discovery heightened his arousal.

I was in my room working on a model for a class project one day when he entered. We chatted as he casually stood next to me watching my progress. After I used the ruler to check a few measurements, he picked it up from the desk and turned it over in his hands.

“You know, this ruler reminds me of something,” he said thoughtfully.

I asked him what absently, still focused on my work.


He raised his shirt exposing the low waistband of his jeans and the fly of his boxers. After shifting his jeans slightly lower, he pulled out his hardening dick through the hole in his undershorts and gave it a few strokes then laid it to rest near the ruler on the desk. I had known his cock was exceptionally long, but seeing it reach beyond the full length of the foot long piece of wood next to it was surprising. With a smirk, he picked up the ruler and used it to measure his length, struggling with the slight curve.

“Look at that,” he said proudly as he marked where the wood ended with one finger then moved the ruler to measure the remainder. As he did this, I noticed that his meat was narrow, being slightly wider than the ruler. “Twelve and three-quarters. I bet if it didn’t have this bend, it’d be over thirteen.”

With this new bit of information, I reached out and wrapped a hand around it. Stroking it slowly, I felt every inch of his erection. The soft skin was smooth and tight around the stiff stalk of flesh. Swollen with arousal, the arrow shaped head was firm and a small pearl of precum had already appeared at the opening. Despite regularly servicing it, this was the first time that I had really looked at his dick and I was a bit entranced from the knowledge of his length.

“What are you guys doing?” Mark said as he entered the room.

Thankfully Justin was at the side of my desk with his back to the door so Mark couldn’t see me stroking Justin’s cock. I quickly covered Justin’s exposed erection with an opened book that was turned upside down. Glancing down at it, I could see that the large book barely covered the length of his wood.

Mark came over and looked at the project I was working on. I thought we were going to be caught as he grabbed the ruler that was under the book next to Justin’s hastily hidden erection. As he pulled it out the book shifted slightly, exposing the root of Justin’s cock sticking out of his boxers. Infuriatingly, Justin simply smirked at me and made no attempt to fix it as he helped Mark make a few measurements on my model. From my position, I could see the pointed tip of Justin’s cock under the book and was surprised that Mark either did not see it or chose not to acknowledge it. I saw it flex a few times, the slight swelling causing the book to shift around it as it continually leaked a thin stream of clear fluid.

“Come on, man,” Mark finally said to Justin as he tossed the ruler back on the desk and walked to the bedroom door. “Let’s get some food then head out.”

“Go ahead, I’ll be down in a sec,” Justin said over his shoulder. He picked up the book exposing his cock and the small puddle of precum on my desk and proceeded to flip through it. “I was telling Mac how to get over on Professor Lawrence. The guy is so oblivious he wouldn’t notice a foot long piece of wood laying on his desk right in front of his face.”

“It’s so easy, bro,” Mark said with a laugh as he exited my room, oblivious to Justin’s reference.

Mark had barely turned the corner before Justin grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth onto his dick. “Gotta be quick, bro,” he said as he hastily fucked my face with short thrusts. I focused on teasing the head of his cock with my tongue as I had learned it was a quick way to get him off.

“Hurry up,” Mark called upstairs impatiently.

“I’m almost finished,” Justin answered back. A few thrusts later he began unloading into my mouth. “I’m coming now,” he yelled with humor in his voice. “I’m coming.”

I had barely sucked him clean before he pulled out and left the room, tucking himself away Cebeci Escort as he went.

Another time, I was in my room watching TV when I heard Justin enter the house. I could hear him talking to my parents about an upcoming trip. Mark and Justin were turning twenty-one in a few weeks and our parents had planned a family trip to celebrate. Though I tried to refocus on the program, I knew I wouldn’t be able to until I saw him. The wait seemed forever before I heard him ascending the stairs.

“Hey, bro,” he said from the doorway. Over the past few months I had learned that whenever he called me bro, he was primed and ready for action. “Got a few minutes?”

He knew the question was rhetorical as I would always happily submit to him. I stood and was making my way to the bed when he stopped me.

“Nope,” he said. He raised his shirt and pulled his hard cock out of the fly of his exposed boxers. “Just a quickie, right here.”

Here being the doorway of my room, I looked at him as if he were crazy. But as I hadn’t tasted him in almost a week, I didn’t argue. I got to my knees in front of him and sucked him deep. He placed a hand on my head, his fingers carding through my hair. It didn’t take long for him to unload into my mouth. He was still tucking himself away and I was returning to my chair licking the last bits of his load off my lips when my mom appeared behind him and asked if he was staying for dinner. With a smile, he looked at me and said yes, adding that he might stay the night since Mark was with his girlfriend, Julie.

That night while my parents watched TV, Justin and I changed and went out to the pool. The TV room had sliding glass doors that opened onto the pool deck so we were visible to my parents. We started out with some actual swimming before moving to horseplay. I quickly found myself pressed against the wall of the pool facing my parents with my shorts being lowered.

“I need to fuck you so bad, Mac.” His voice was husky in my ear as he stood behind me. I felt him pull his erection out and press it into me. “It’s been a few days and I really need to bust a nut.” He slid into me with ease as his hands came around to rub across my chest. His hips immediately set up a quick pace, intent on their carnal purpose.

I almost climaxed from the thought of being caught as my dad came out during one commercial break. Justin adjusted an arm to put me in a headlock to cover our actions as Dad stood talking to us. During that conversation, Justin gave me a few forceful thrusts that could have easily betrayed us as we moved around, pretending to struggle against each other.

“Damn, you’ve got some self control,” Justin said once we were alone again. “I almost blew when Dad reached down and patted our heads.” Having said that, he increased the speed of his hips and unloaded within me.

Spent, we left the pool and went inside. On our way upstairs to shower, we were stopped by my parents. I was still loose and worried that Justin’s load would begin to leak out of me as we stood talking to them about our vacation plans. I began to shift my legs trying to keep my ass closed.

“Bro,” Justin finally said as he rolled his eyes. “If you have to go, just go.”

Giving me the out, I gratefully took it. I all but ran upstairs as I thought I felt his fluid seeping out of me. After that night I never worried about leaking again. I learned that when Justin fucked me, I stayed fucked. His loads were thick and injected so deep into me that even his larger deposits would never see the light of day. Combined with his narrow rod, my hole was never left loose and uncontrollable.

That night, we stayed up late playing video games and talking. When it was time for bed, he spent the night in Mark’s room leaving me alone.

The next morning I was awakened when I felt myself being dragged across my bed. I opened my eyes as Justin began to pull my shorts off.

“Morning,” he whispered. His erection was already poking out the fly of his boxers. “Only one good way to take care of morning wood.” He spit on his cock and after slicking his cock with it and the precum on the tip he slid into me.

While he openly fucked me with my legs on his shoulders at the side of my bed I could hear my parents walking by my room as they got ready for work. I was worried about getting caught but they generally didn’t enter my room without knocking. They also expected the two of us to sleep in late since we usually stayed up playing games when we got together. Justin’s thrusts were slow and deliberate as he used the full length of his cock to fuck me. The only sign of his impending release was his fingers digging deeper into my flesh.

Though I enjoyed sucking him off, I loved having him in my ass. His cock was perfect for me. It was not too thick and with his seemingly endless supply of slippery, lubricating precum penetration was quick and easy. The length, however, always presented a challenge. Kolej Escort It was definitely made to reach places others couldn’t. Only if he were fucking me from behind could I take his entire length with ease. This meant I often didn’t get all of him because he liked to watch me as he fucked me. He loved seeing my face twist in pain when he got too deep. Despite the discomfort, I loved it when he long-dicked me, using as much of his cock he could for nearly foot-long strokes.

The night of the boys’ birthday party our parents surprised us. The family trip they had planned was actually going to be just for the three of us. We were going to be let loose in New Orleans for a weekend. Because I was not able to drink, I was to be their chaperone as they would have to keep an eye on me which would hopefully prevent them from getting too out of hand.

I was sitting out by the pool with some of our friends when I got a text message from Justin.

-Cool present huh? (his message)

-Yeah. It’s going to be fun. (I responded)

-When do I get yours?

-I didn’t get you anything.

-That’s ok. I know it’s not your birthday but I got something big for you. Been saving it for a while 😉


-Meet me in the bathroom upstairs in 5


I made my way back inside and meandered my way to the bathroom. When I got there, Justin was standing at the toilet with his hard dick out, already shiny and ready to go. He gave me a wink and pushed me to face against the closed bathroom door as he lowered my shorts. Slowly, he pressed all the way into me. With my head turned toward the mirror, I was able to watch him as he took his time moving in and out of me. This was the type of fuck he liked the most. It never failed to get him off quickly. I had learned early on that in addition to his exhibitionist tendencies he was aroused by the size of his own dick. Watching it disappear and reappear in my ass as he dicked me really turned him on. At one point, his eyes met mine in the mirror. They were dark with arousal and need, fixing me with his stare. Adjusting his position slightly, he made a show of slowly moving in and out of my ass, watching the reflection of me watching him fucking my ass. Though his thrusts were almost agonizingly slow, it didn’t take him long to orgasm. He stifled a moan as he pushed himself fully into me and his cock pumped what felt like a lifetime of jizz deep into me. His orgasm seemed to last longer than the actual fucking.

“Nothing like birthday sex,” he said breathlessly when he finally began to pull out. “Been saving that load for a week. Hope you liked it.” He tucked his still dripping cock back into his shorts and left me.

After that night, I continued to receive suggestive texts from Justin. Looking back, we could easily have been discovered had anyone looked at our phones and seen the raunchy messages.

-What’s up? (He sent this a few days after the party.)

-Nothing. Hanging out with Mark and Julie.

-Miss me?

-You know I do.

– 🙂 They boring you?

-A little. I like her but I don’t think she likes me.

-Maybe it’s because she knows you’re getting fucked by a bigger dick. (I laughed out loud. Mark and Julie looked at me and I quickly made up a lie about what I had received.) Don’t worry about her. I got your back if she gives you shit.


-So how about getting fucked by a big dick?

-You know I’ll never say no.

-You’re such a size queen.

-lol True.

-And you’re all mine. Right?

-You know it.

-Good. I like what we have, bro.¬ Be there in a few.

That was the first time we acknowledged what was happening. Because of his dating history I knew Justin was straight and I never questioned that. He continued to hookup with various girls from campus in between our fucks. Though I knew I had no right to be, I was sometimes jealous when I went to visit Mark and Justin and one of Justin’s conquests was there. A few times, I spent the night and could hear the sounds of their sex through the walls. I knew from previous conversations that he had a high sex drive so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary for him to take me into his room and bend me over in the morning after one of them left while Mark slept in his room next door. But I also knew that there was becoming something more between us than simple sex.

The weekend of our trip was amazing. We were out at bars and clubs every night until we couldn’t stand. We spent our time dancing, eating and people watching until late at night.

Appearing to be single, the three of us were constantly approached by young women. Mark easily rebuffed the advances by telling them about Julie. Justin, however, often flirted back. In a few clubs, he danced his way through a line of women all of whom were beautiful and hoping for a night with him. The ones who came after me turned away after I told them I was Rus Escort only nineteen and unable to drink because my big brother would tell our parents.

Mark teased Justin about not hooking up with anyone but Justin was unfazed by the comments. He would casually respond that he didn’t want to make us jealous or put us out of the room while banging every girl that he could. I think it was because he pleasured in our secret: that he was fucking his best friend’s younger brother whenever we got a chance. I didn’t think it would happen that weekend but Justin surprised me.

The last day of our trip the three of us stayed in bed until early afternoon watching movies. At one point Justin got out of the bed he had been sharing with Mark and went to the bathroom. When he returned, he climbed into bed with me.

“I haven’t given you any one-on-one time this weekend, little bro,” he said as he slipped under the sheets. The tone of his voice suggested he wasn’t simply talking about our activities around the city. “Sorry if I made you feel like I was ignoring you. You know how Mark and I get when we’re together.” We talked for a little bit before Mark shushed us saying he wanted to watch the movie.

I turned on my side to watch TV and Justin slid in close behind me. He propped his head on my shoulder to see the screen and to talk to Mark across the room during commercials. It didn’t take long for me to feel his cock grow hard and for him to lightly hump me. Stealthily, he pulled his dick through the fly of his boxers and aimed it up a leg of my shorts to my hole. With his heavy precum flow lubricating the path, he slowly worked his way into my ass. It seemed to take forever before he finally sheathed his full length within me. As the three of us talked and watched TV, Justin leisurely dicked me, unbeknownst to Mark. His thrusts were mostly short and shallow, more a series of flexes and twitches than actual movement, but every once in awhile he would pull the full length out to the tip then press back in under the guise of getting more comfortable or stretching.

When the movie we were watching ended, Mark said he was hungry and wanted to go out to get something to eat. We agreed and urged him to get in the shower first. He did, leaving me alone with Justin. While Mark was washing, Justin rolled me onto my stomach and began pile driving my ass. Justin cursed in frustration as Mark turned off the water sooner than expected. Mark exited the bathroom in his underwear as Justin was nearing his orgasm. With our lower bodies still covered by the sheet, we pretended to be wrestling as Justin continued to fuck me.

“Come on, guys,” Mark said as he toweled off his hair. “Stop fucking around. I’m hungry.”

“In a second,” Justin said between grunts as I bucked against him while he gave me his final thrusts. “It’s been nearly a week since I’ve been able to unload on his ass. He’s been teasing me for five days and this weekend’s been even worse. It’s time he got this.” Pressing an arm against my neck to pin me to the mattress for leverage, he let out a low grunt that easily passed for exertion and rolled his hips sharply into me as he began to orgasm. “Feel that, Mac? That’s what a man feels like. Fucking runt.”

As the youngest, and at 5′ 5″ the smallest, it wasn’t unusual for Justin or Mark to wrestle me into submission. Because of his larger size, Justin had always been able to subdue me quickly as he taunted me calling me a runt. We continued to feign struggling against each other as I felt Justin’s cock pulse inside me. He rolled us onto our sides facing Mark and I watched Mark watch us as he dressed.

“One day you’re going to learn not to fuck with him,” Mark said to me with a chuckle.

“I think he likes it, though,” Justin said lightly as he wrapped his legs around mine, pushing his still shooting dick deeper. “That’s why he keeps doing this shit.”

Hearing he hadn’t gotten off in five days – which was the last time we were together – and after the lengthy fuck he had given me, I expected Justin’s load to be large. However I was still surprised by how long his cock continued to pump his ball juice into me.

“Don’t make me come over there and kick both your asses,” Mark finally warned as he finished dressing and we continued to shift around on the bed. “Somebody get in the shower.”

“I’m almost finished,” Justin said between pants as his cock’s pulsations began to diminish. “I’m giving this asshole everything he deserves.” He wrapped his arms around my shoulders in a full nelson then rolled over with me on top of him. He made a show of bucking his body and jerking me around all to piston his dick in and out of my hole as his cock pumped the last of his load into my ass. Finally finished, he rolled us onto our side facing the bathroom and pushed me out of the bed. Taking the hint, I quickly collected my shower items then ran to the bathroom, all while I hid my throbbing boner that was threatening to explode.

“Whew,” I heard Justin sigh as I raced away. “That was a good workout. Fucking with his ass is more fun than going to the gym.”

Since the encounter in the pool, it had become common for us to use wrestling and horseplay as a cover for our fucking if someone stumbled upon us. Our worst close call had happened a few weeks before the trip.

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