Kaoru , Keisuke

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Keisuke walked in the bar scanning the faces who have shown up for speed dating. This recent phenomenon has just hit their town of Chiba and people are eager to try it out. There were roughly ten couples that night, but one girl particularly caught his eye. Keisuke walked in just in just as everyone was about to start, skipping the earlier contests and pleasantries. This is Keisuke’s second time at this, the first one was enjoyable in its own right but no one really interesting.

The woman that caught his eye was five or six turns away. She was dressed quite nicely, a low cut top exposing a bit of her cleavage, long flowing skirt and sexy flip flops on her exquisite feet, quite a departure from the office types who came straight from work in the neighborhood in the business district near the Makuhari Messe in downtown.

Finally he had her turn with her. The name tag said Kaoru, pretty name to match the pretty face. Keisuke can tell that she was a spirited woman and their 8 minutes was filled with lively conversation. There is definitely something there.

An hour and half passed and the speed dating was over. Keisuke approached Kaoru and asked if she was going somewhere after this. “Not really” she said in perfect English, for as they discovered during their brief interlude, Kaoru had grew up in England and return to Japan while Keisuke had his education in the United States. “I would like to continue our date if you don’t mind Kaoru-chan.” “Zettai ni so desu!” smiled Kaoru. “I know this great place by the bay, Ryodenkai, it’s a good spot to talk and they have great music, not to far from here.” They walk out together laughing and continuing to feel the electricity between them.

As they walked on, Keisuke was stealing glances at Kaoru’s top which showed off her breasts nicely, not too big but round and perky. He also admired the way her legs moved for Kaoru was a tall girl 5’5″. Kaoru was also silently looking at Keisuke, like most Japanese men, he had his hair in some shade of blonde color but not styled widely, Tokat Escort instead it was parted neatly to one side with snippets falling across his face “He looks like a real live anime character, bishonen.” thought Kaoru, who has been a long time fan.

Keisuke got them a table on the far side of Ryodenkai, towards the dimly lit portion where the only light source was the candle burning on the table. They settle in and Kaoru ordered cold sake, something she hasn’t had in along time being away in England. Keisuke also missed their native drink. “Kanpai!” as they raised their cups and took one full swing.

“Maybe we can now ask more daring questions about each other than what we did before.” Mused Keisuke.

“Nani des?” Kaoru smiled mischievously.

“How do you like to be kissed?”

Pretty daring of him, cocky bastard thought Kaoru, but she was turned on by his boldness. Taking another shot of sake, she told him “Like this!”

She put her hands behind Keisuke’s head a brought her mouth to his, kissing him deeply and passionately and then breaking it off abruptly. “That’s how I like to be kissed” winked Kaoru.

Taken by surprise, but fully enjoying it Keisuke didn’t lose his composure and smiled back at Kaoru. “Your turn to ask a question then, I got my answer and am very satisfied with it.”

“Tell me some of your fantasies, in detail.” Dared Kaoru.

“I’ve done some already. Doing it by the pool is definitely one of the best.” Smirked Keisuke, “and the pool is just at my place ready and waiting.”

Kaoru felt her pussy tingling, this has been her fantasy for quite sometime, having wild sex will in a swimming pool, with the cool water against their heated bodies. “Tell me more Keisuke, there has to be more.”

“There is one where I would like to do it in a public place such as this, with everyone around looking at the both of us, staring in envy and shock at our brazenness but secretly wanting to do the same thing.”

With that Keisuke kissed Kaoru again and let Tokat Escort Bayan his hands wander over her breasts as he fondled her through her top. His other hand slid in between Kaoru’s legs disappearing in her skirt and found her thong sopping wet.

“Kaoru, sit on my lap so I can feel you close to me.” Kaoru did as told and they kissed some more and this time, Kaoru stroked Keisuke’s hard cock through his pants as her pussy grinded down on it.

Keisuke continued to squeeze Kaoru’s breasts and slid his hand under her shirt. Caught up in their passion, the pair was unmindful of everyone else, both of them enjoying each other immensely and their shared pleasure.

“Keisuke yamete, yamete” Kaoru said breathlessly. “Did you say that your pool is available?” “Hai utsukushii Kaoru” “Let us go there now”

Keisuke’s condominium has a swimming pool on the ground floor. For all intents and purposes it was a closed area and very private. A nice feature of the pool is a mini bar with the stools under water and bushes covering that section. The security guards know well enough not to bother the residents who enjoyed their privacy. As Keisuke drove out of the parking lot, Kaoru became more aggressive and started to undo his pants while driving. Pulling down his pants and boxers, once again rare for Japanese men to be wearing boxers, Kaoru started sucking Keisuke’s still hard cock. Keisuke moaned and thrust his hips into Kaoru’s waiting mouth while driving and trying to avoid being hit. It was exquisite torture as he tried to concentrate on the road.

Wasting no time once getting to his parking space, Keisuke led Kaoru to the pool side dressing room.

Losing all inhibition, Keisuke kissed Kaoru fiercely and hiked up her skirt and removing her thong in one swift move. With his cock still wet from Kaoru’s expert sucking, he entered her very wet pussy in one powerful thrust.

The sensation caught both of them by surprise as they their bodies tense, backs arching, experiencing the immense pleasure Escort Tokat coursing through their bodies. Keisuke began to slowly thrust in and out as Kaoru wrapped her legs tighter around him.

“You want to get into the water now?” Keisuke said, looking into Kaoru’s lust filled eyes. She simply nodded as he lifts her and carried her into the pool’s steps. The cold water causing goose bumps on their sweat drenched bodies as the simultaneous sensations magnifies their pleasure.

Standing in the middle of the pool with her legs still wrapped around him, Keisuke guides Kaoru as he slowly lifts her up and brings her down again on his cock. With only their heads above the water, Keisuke started to suck Kaoru’s tongue as he continued to fuck her, the water making her buoyant and easy to move up and down. Kaoru’s nipples are rock hard right now as they rub on Keisuke’s chest with each movement. The water has an amazing affect on his cock when mixed in with Kaoru’s pussy juices, warm and slippery, cold and tingly at the same time.

“Oh god, yokata koto. Feels good”

Keisuke moves towards the edge of the pool near the bar stools and gently lets Kaoru sit on the one. Kaoru places her hands on the edge as Keisuke continues to fuck her, a little faster and harder this time

“Zuto tsukete, keep going!”

“Wait, I want you from behind” Kaoru tells Keisuke. Turning around and showing him her fine ass as she stands there waiting. Keisuke squeezes her breasts and once more fucks her pussy.

“Tomoranaide! Don’t stop! Don’t Stop!”

Keisuke bends down and places his mouth beside Kaoru’s ear nibbling it as he squeezes her breasts harder, Kaoru can hear every breath he makes and turns her on some more. Keisuke fucks her faster this time, water splashing with each thrust into her. His cock goes in the full length with each stroke. Keisuke’s hands move from squezzing Kaoru’s breasts to rubbing her clit harder and faster.

“Keisuke, I’m cummmmmiiiinnnnggggg!!!!!!” screams Kaoru as Keisuke fucks her even faster cumming with her, until they both shudder in unison enjoying their mutual orgasm together.

“Kotaba mo wai na, I’m speechless” Kaoru says between bated breaths.

“So what do you think of speed dating kawaii Kaoru?” winks Keisuke.

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