Karen, My Cherished First

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I was certainly a late bloomer and remember only hitting puberty at 15. I was educated in a tough all boys school and was one of the shortest in my class, until that surge of testosterone kicked in. I suddenly began to take notice of the pretty girls at the convent school not far from our boys’ school.

It however wasn’t until I got into college that I managed to muster enough courage to actually speak to some of these pretty girls. I was 18 by now and all the other guys were talking about their “conquests” and all the girls they had slept with. I pretended that I wasn’t celibate myself, but deep down I yearned for love and passion.

College started and much to my dismay, most of the pretty girls were in the non-science fields. As you can imagine by now, I could be described as the nerdy type but I was in reasonably good shape being part of the college swim team.

Fortunately for me, there was Karen, a cute girl in my class whom I did happen to notice from the very first day with gorgeous silky hair, a cute smile and flawless brown skin. She was barely 5 ft 2 inches tall and a lithe 105 lbs at most. She wore modest clothing that sadly hid her small though perky teenage breasts. Her jeans although loose couldn’t hide her beautiful curvy ass, which could bring my cock to full attention in a matter of seconds. Her shy smile and bubbly laughter drew me to her like a moth into the fire.

I was late for college one day and as I hurriedly turned a corner near the lockers, I bumped into none other than Karen, clumsily knocking her books and pens onto the floor. I apologized profusely as I picked up her books only to have her flash me one of her cutest smiles and tell me that it was alright. That was the first time we spoke and I was absolutely thrilled. I also realized that she smelt so great being this close to her.

As the next few weeks went by, she at least waved to me as we passed each other in the hallways and that usually was enough to make my day. She was friends with one of my buddy’s girlfriends and I used this as an opportunity over the next few weeks to talk to her. Halloween was a week away and she asked me what I was going to dress up as for the college party? I honestly hadn’t thought of a costume and when I asked her what she would be, she winked and told me that it would be a surprise.

I couldn’t wait for Halloween to come by.

I managed to find myself a sailor outfit and Karen Bostancı Escort came dressed as the sexiest little French maid you have ever seen! She had a tiny skirt with black fishnet stockings and black high heels which accentuated every curve in her body. This was far from her usual conservative self. She flashed me one of her brilliant smiles and I felt an instant surge in my loins.

She sensed my uneasiness as we walked into the college gym where the Halloween dance was held.

We enjoyed the music together and she had some great moves on the dance floor.

The music then slowed down and the DJ played Bryan Adam’s “Heaven” which was apt for where I was. She drew me closer to her and placed my cold but excited hands on her hips as we swayed to the music. Her hair smelt heavenly as she snuggled into my chest and I’m sure she could feel my raging hard on nudging her soft but flat abdomen. Halfway through the song, Karen looked up at me, smiled and then winked at me.

Looking around, the college gym was a sea of raging hormones and we looked around at the other couples kissing. She then told me that she wanted to get some air and led me out towards the back lawns.

We found a secluded garden bench on that moonlit night and she drew me towards her as we locked in an awkward kiss at first due to my clumsiness, which then bloomed into the best kiss of my 18 years of existence. Gentle initially, but then we progressed to explore each other with entwining tongues.

My hands ran through her lush brown hair and down to her petite shoulders. I then ran my hands down her back and felt the curves of her amazing ass as her breathing quickened. She then stopped me hurriedly and asked me to follow her back to her dorm which I did like a dazed puppy.

She led me into her room and as she closed the door behind me, we kissed deeply once more. This time I ran my hands across her 32B firm, beautiful breasts over her sexy French maid outfit as she pulled off my sailor shirt. I kissed my way down to her neck and as I licked her ears and sucked on her ear lobes, she appeared to go limp in my arms. She took off her shirt showing more of her gorgeous cleavage. I unclasped her sexy Victoria secret bra revealing her ample and beautifully shaped breasts. Her pointy brown nipples were rock hard as I ran my hands over them hearing her sigh. I bent down and took each nipple into my mouth and sucked on Ümraniye Escort them for a while as she dug her nails into the flesh of my back.

She then knelt down in front of me and with one quick movement, had both my sailor suit pants and boxers around my ankles. As I stepped out of my pants, she cradled my six and half inch cock and admired its pulsating head with pre-cum oozing from the tip. She then flicked the tip of my manhood with her tongue which sent shivers down my spine. As she gently cradled my balls, she slipped the head of my penis into her warm, wet mouth. She gradually took more and more of me into her mouth until she almost gagged. She then built up a rhythm as her head moved back and forth over my penis. I had to beg her to slow down as I was sure I would blow my entire load into her mouth right then and there.

As she withdrew her head, I bent down and carried her light frame across the room and onto her bed. I then kissed her on the lips but quickly worked my way down her body to her belly as I ran my hands and teased her hard nipples. I kissed and licked her perfectly shaped belly button and then pulled off her French maid shirt revealing a wet patch in her white cotton panties. She was so wet that I could make out the clear outline of her womanhood as her panty clung to her. I inhaled the beautiful fragrance that her pussy gave off and as I buried my face into her wet patch, she threw her head back and let out a soft gasp. I slipped my fingers under the waist band of her panties and she lifted her butt into the air to help me slide them off. I was stunned at how beautiful she looked in the dim lighting of her room.

Now Karen is a pretty girl, but she was absolutely breath-taking without a trace of clothing on her. Her pussy was perfect with wet beautiful swollen lips and a tiny shaved triangular patch of trimmed hair above it.

I then held Karen’s thighs and lifted them up into the air as I knelt before her gorgeous pussy. I teased her by kissing her inner thighs for a minute or two and then worked my way towards her dripping wet pussy lips. She had goose bumps on her thighs as I breathed over her pussy. She then couldn’t take it much longer, held the back of my head and tugged my face into her pussy. I lapped hungrily at her wet lips and parted then gently revealing a beautiful pair of swollen pink inner lips and a gorgeous and perfect little clit. Karen’s pussy Ataşehir Escort tasted better than all my wildest fantasies that my 18 year old mind could fathom.

My cock strained against the edge of her bed as I ate her to my heart’s content. Karen’s gentle moaning gradually grew louder and she rhythmically worked her pussy against my tongue and nose. I licked around her clit and sucked at it hungrily. I then slipped one finger followed by another into her soaking pussy and worked them into her matching her rhythm. She was so wet that I noticed her pussy juice dripping down over her puckered and perfect asshole.

She shuddered as I flicked my tongue over her asshole. This gave me courage and I licked it with vigor leading her to lock her thighs around my head. Karen’s pulsating pussy was now holding my fingers like a vice as I licked her from clit to ass. Her moaning grew louder and louder climaxing in a shudder as her pussy juices drenched my face and she arched her back high up into the air. She finally relaxed her thighs and pulled me up to her licking her own juices from my drenched face with an impish grin. She then whispered into my ear that she wanted me in her.

I lifted her higher up into her bed, placed my rock hard cock against her wet pussy and gradually eased myself into her tight twat. She felt absolutely incredible! This again was better than I had ever imagined it. I gradually began to work myself deeper and deeper into her and she matched my rhythm. I had now buried my cock all the way into her and her pussy held my cock like a vice. Within minutes my untrained cock could hold it no longer I managed to pull out just in the nick of time spewing load after load of hot cum over her breasts and abdomen.

Karen smiled at me, spread my cum over her breasts and tasted some of it. She then closed her eyes working her clit with her right hand as I sucked on her ear lobes and kissed her gleaming sweat drenched neck. I worked my way down her body and stuck my tongue deep into her soaking wet pussy. Her breathing picked up and she climaxed letting out a loud moan and quite a few quirts of her pussy nectar into my eager mouth.

We cuddled for almost an hour after that and of course made intense love several times that year. We have both moved on in life and it’s been over 10 years since that first time we made love.

I now live thousands of miles away from Karen and still cherish the memories of my first time with her. She is married now but I can’t help but fantasize about making passionate love to her and tasting that gorgeous honey pot of hers once more. I wonder if any of you readers still fantasize about your first loves several years later on in life?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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