Kari Ch. 01

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“Hey stud! I am glad I got a hold of you.” “Do tell,” was my causal response to Kari’s raspy voice of introduction. “I cut class early and Jean’s house is empty for at least another four hours.” The sultry sound of her voice and knowing how she wanted to spend those four hours was making my dick throb with anticipation.

“Besides I was naughty today and forgot to wear my panties. I have that skirt on that you like and I was just sitting there in class thinking about your tongue on my clit. I started getting wet right in class. I swear everyone around me could smell my sex so I left. Why don’t you come over and teach me some sex ed.?”

That put me over the edge. “Well I would not want to be the one to deprive you from your sex education any longer,” with that I hung up the phone and let my dick lead the way to Kari’s waiting pussy.

Kari and I have been dating for about 6 months and the sex has been nothing shy of mind blowing ecstasy. Kari is 19 years old, with short sandy brown hair, a delicious smile and sparkling eyes. She stands about 5-5 and has knock out tits the size of melons. I met her at a bar one night and ever since then we have been together.

The only inconvenience is we still live with our parents so it makes our sex life some what challenging if not more rewarding just because of the new and exciting places we find to fuck. Jean is Kari’s mom and for a 39 year old single mother Jean is simply stunning. Jean is very similar in physical appearance to Kari with certain exceptions. Jean is 5-10 with very smooth and very long sexy legs. Jean also has magnificent pair of breasts which she has no problem showing off. If Kari resembles Jean the same way at 39 I will be a very lucky man.

I have fantasized about Jean every since I was introduced to her a couple months ago. I have been always curious as to when the last time Jean has had sex. Kari’s Dad did not stay around and left Jean to raise Kari by herself. Jean rarely ever dated during Kari’s childhood concentrating rather on supporting her daughter. Now that Kari takes care of herself Jean thinks she is too old and unattractive for anyone to date. I of course disagree and would like nothing more than to have both mother and daughter.

I arrive at Kari’s house and find her sitting in the living room lounging sideways in the leather chair. Her silky legs look great stretched out across the arm of the chair. She is wearing a white button upon shirt with a plaid skirt. “Skipping school? That is naughty,” I tease with her. She sıhhiye escort says nothing but slowly adjusts her bottom so that she is sitting facing me. “You can only guess how bad I am going to be…” she says with a sly smile.

I start to move forward. “Stay there!” I stop in my tracks as she begins to spread her legs showing me her panty less skirt. At the same time she is running her hands over her thighs then tugs up on her skirt giving me a better glimpse. What I saw was a perfectly shaved pussy without one trace of pubic hair. I stood there unable to speak just staring and craving for that pussy. “Do you like what you see? Is this what you want?” I just nodded in disbelief. “I assume by the bulge in your pants that that is a yes?” Well what are you waiting for then? Come and get it.”

I move in and kiss her deep on the lips. Our tongues probing each others mouth. My hands are gliding up her legs to her shirt. I pull the shirt free from the skirt and start to unbutton the blouse to free those mammoth mounds. I see her nipples poking through the fabric and move the right side of the shirt off her breast. Cupping her boob with my right hand and gently massaging it between my fingers. Kari leans back and moans with approval.

My left hand finds its way to the other side as I start kissing down her neck and to her chest. I start to lick her nipple as it swells up from the excitement. Her breathing intensifies as I starting sucking on her big boobs. After awhile she pushes me away and grabs the bottom of her left breast and raises it toward her mouth. Kari sticks out her tongue and starts licking her nipple. My 8” dick is screaming to get out by pressing harder against my jeans. “You like watching me lick my tit? Why don’t you join in?” My tongue then starts in on the action with Kari’s tongue licking on both her nipple and tongue.

My finger wanders below her skirt and finds her bald and wet slit. I thrust two fingers deep inside her love box. Kari screams out with lust as I finger bang her cunt. Kari’s breathing intensifies in between her loud moans. “Eat me out, please. Oh god please Chris, lick me!” I stop tormenting her with my finger and grab her ass to slide her down into my face.

Immediately I am intoxicated by the smell of her sex. I dive in with my tongue probing her hairless slit up and down finding her hidden treasure. I massage her clit with my tongue driving her insane. “Oh my god right there! Keep licking!” I release my tongue tandoğan escort for a moment just to intake some oxygen as my nose is buried in her crotch. Kari grabs my head and pushes me farther into pussy. Her ass twitching and squirming against the leather chair, “oh yes! Yes! Yes! Right there oh, oh, oh, fuck I’m coming!!!!!” My face and the chair are covered with her slick mix of love. Kari then kisses me passionately tasting her come in my mouth.

We continue to enjoy each others tongues as her attention now turns to me. She lifts my shirt over my head to feel my chest and begins to unbutton my pants. “Oh my, someone is a little turned on.” As she sticks her hand down my shorts to grab a hold of my cock and begins to stroke it. Her hand feels good wrapped around my tool jerking it back and forth along the shaft. Kari gives the best hand jobs but at the moment I wanted her mouth to work over my dick.

Kari kneels down on her knees and drops my shorts to the ground. She toys with my prick kissing lightly all around the shaft and the head. “My, you are hard.” She presses my cock against my stomach and licks from my balls to the head of my shaft. She then brings my dick back down and encircles her mouth around the head. It is taking all of my willpower not to shove my cock down her teasing little throat. Her mouth is warm and wet as she coats my shaft with her saliva.

Kari takes my cock farther down her throat and makes slurping noises as she moves back and forth on my shaft. The vacuum effect she creates on my penis brings me closer to filling her mouth with my come. “Suck it.” Oh ya, god your mouth feels so good.” I look down at her as she is working my cock in overtime. She senses I am going to come soon and looks at me while using her tongue to lick my cock up and down. I lose control and grab her head to force my cock back in her mouth. I continue to fuck her mouth harder as I feel the impending explosion from my balls. Kari grabs my ass to hold on to while my dick fucks her mouth. “Ah, ah, ah, ah, Kari, uh, uh, yes, oh ya, good girl, fuck yes!!!! I am gonna come baby.”

Kari stops sucking and wraps her hand around the shaft to stroke my cock. The first stream of come hits her on the tongue and lips then she aims my cock for the rest of her face then chest. Stream after stream of sticky come is now covered over her body. She greedily tastes what was left on her lips and tongue then smears the rest over her tits before licking my come off her tunalı escort boobs.

The sight of her licking her tits turns me something fierce. My cock comes back to life as more blood pumps into it making it even harder than before. After she finishes cleaning herself off we start kissing. Her tongue probes my mouth with the taste of each of our bodies still fresh. “Let’s go in the bedroom.” Immediately I grab her by the hand and lead her toward her room. She stops me and gives me that wicked smile. “No not mine, silly.” Kari then leads me by the hand toward Jean’s room. “I want to fuck on her bed.” She says as a matter of fact.

I follow Kari into the bedroom keeping my eye on her cute little ass as it moves back and forth. She crawls onto the bed on all fours. That cute ass sticking right up in the air and I know what she wants me to do. I grab her butt and massage the smooth round cheeks. Her ass is perfect in every since of the word. I start to lick the top of her crack, tickling the little peach fuzz hairs along the way. She giggles and begs me to lick some more. I start going down her ass crack until I reach her puckered hole.

At the same time I slide my fingers back into her warm snatch to work her clit for stimulation. I tongue out her hole sending her into oblivion and she moans with lust and desire. “Oh god, Chris, I need you inside of me baby! Fuck me! Fuck me hard with that cock!” With her ass in the air I glide my hard cock right into her slick waiting pussy. I grab on to her hips and slowly start pounding into her. Kari loves to be fucked from behind. She moans louder and louder as my tempo increases. My cock is thrusting back and forth, in and out, stretching her tight little pussy. The sound of my balls slapping against her ass encourages me to fuck her harder. “Yes baby, fuck me!” God that feels so good. You are so deep inside me!”

She then turns to the side and says; “Look to your right.” And there we were looking at our reflection in the mirror. The sight of her on all fours and her tits swaying back and forth was erotic. I continued to pummel her cunt from behind. Kari also liked the idea of watching us in the mirror. “Keep fucking me! Harder! Oh, harder. I want it so bad. I want your come inside me.” Her words of inspiration were too much: “Oh, oh, oh, oh, yes, you are so hot. I want to come inside you. Oh ya, oh, oh, GOD oh, oh, oh!!! My penis unleashes more come this time deep inside her pussy. “Oh god baby I feel you coming in me!”

The slurping noise of my spent cock slowly pulling out of Kari’s pussy is a pleasant reminder of the sex that we just had. Kari then collapses on the bed and I follow suit next to her. Calmness set in over the both of us as we enjoyed the moment of stillness.

Clap, clap, clap

Kari and I jump up to see Jean standing in the doorway to her bedroom…(to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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