Kayaking with the Whales

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The Alaskan morning was clear and sunny, with just the remnants of a sea mist rising from the water, and as they reached the small beach near the wilderness lodge, they found the sea kayak tied up by the jetty.

The lodge had packed them a picnic basket which would provide some sandwiches and drinks — enough for the day. They planned to spend the day out on the water exploring some of the more isolated beaches and inlets — and hopefully find sea otters to watch; spot some bald eagles, and perhaps even find some whales to watch or be amongst.

They stowed their gear in the kayak along with the basket — and pushed off the beach into the water. They both clambered in picking up the paddles and slowly moved out into the Bay.

As they paddled out across Seal Bay they enjoyed the warmth of the sun on their skin — and as the kayak sliced through the water, it sparkled like millions of diamonds — and they enjoyed the smell of the sea which they found calming and soothing, but also energizing.

They had spent the evening before alone in their cabin just enjoying each other — as always good conversation between them, but later passionate and intense love making once again. Since they had been at the lodge, they had made love almost every morning and every night, and often in the afternoons — somewhere in the surrounding wilderness — sometimes on the beach. Both had been surprised at the depth of feeling there was between them. After the first days at the lodge they continued to delight in pleasing each other; exploring each other’s sexuality and reaching limits neither had experienced before — stunning limits they enjoyed reaching together.

They paddled for a considerable time, passing puffins and penguins, grey fur seals, and even comical sea otters who frolicked amongst the rocks in the water breaking open clamshells using just a rock!

They were using the map and compass the lodge owners had provided — coming at last to a very remote small inlet with a white sandy beach. They were ready for a break — and as neither had been in a kayak or done any serious paddling for a long time, they were pleased to take some time out.

As they dragged the kayak up the beach, they spotted a bald eagle soaring far above them, and they watched as it gracefully soared on the warm thermals, eventually moving out of their view and out to sea.

His hand was across her shoulder and he turned her toward him, bringing her closer Trabzon Escort — leaning down to her and kissing her lightly, then on her neck before moving back to her mouth as his fingers trailed along her jaw line. He loved kissing her, just as she adored kissing him, and they tasted each other with their lips and tongues and the kissing was filled with desire. Their appetite for food and water was completely overshadowed by their appetite for each other — and they lay down on the sand entangled in each other.

He slowly began to undress her — firstly the jacket, then the shirt — his hands finally on her skin, which was soft and smooth. He reached around her and unclasped her bra, and then he pushed the bra aside as he sucked and licked her nipples while his hands cupped her breasts. His hands moved to her stomach, and his fingers slid under the waistband of the jeans, down even further to reach a tangle of hair and wetness as his fingers probed. He unbuttoned her jeans then, and slid them down her hips and legs, pulling them off completely. She was naked now except for the panties, and her hiking boots, which she soon kicked off. He loved seeing her this way; slightly vulnerable, naked or very nearly, and incredibly aroused and full of desire, for him! He had once told her he found her ‘intoxicating’, and that description of her had never changed – he loved the way she completely distracted him – so unintentionally, but with such great affect!

She sat up and kneeled in front of him — pushing his jacket off his shoulders before unbuttoning his shirt and then pushing it back off his chest and shoulders. His chest was bare now, and she loved his shoulders and chest this way, and she licked and sucked on his nipples — biting them softly before pulling his shirt off completely. Her mouth moved further down across his stomach and her fingers reached into his pants and found him already hard. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and pulled them down his thighs and then off him completely along with his boots.

Now they faced each other — almost completely naked on their knees in the white sand — and they reached for each other and kissed again — loving the sensation and taste of each other. Her fingers around his neck and in his hair, and she loved the feel of him and the very male smell of him.

He took control of her then, slipping her panties off, and pushing her gently down onto the warm sand so they could form a Trabzon Escort Bayan 69 position. They both loved this so much — and she quickly took him into her mouth with her fingers around him, one hand lightly tracing around his ass. He was very long and thick, and a vein stood out along the shaft — and she ran her tongue and mouth across it. Her teeth grazed across him and she then took his balls into her mouth loving the way he felt and tasted — her fingers continuing to stroke him and lightly feeling along his ass where he was so intensely sensitive. He was incredibly aroused and full of desire for her.

He had settled with his tongue and fingers probing into her, his fingers and mouth finding her most sensitive and intimate of places, which he always did with such enthusiasm and passion — making sure she was completely pleasured in every way. His other hand was on her ass — and he pulled her closer to him, so his mouth had complete control of her. She was so excited by his touch and the way he made love to her, and she trembled with desire for him. She knew she had aroused him and could sense he was incredibly happy with the way they made love together — and with her, her passion for him, and her imagination. It seemed they never tired of each other and liked to find new ways to explore their sexuality and bring pleasure to each other.

He brought her quickly to a climax beneath him with his tongue and fingers and she gasped in sheer delight with the way he had made love to her.

She was amazed at how he already knew her so well, and knew her need of him. But she also knew his passion and need for her, so they continued to delight in each other with every touch and kiss. But they were always surprised and pleased at some things they had taught each other, intimate things, which they could never have learned on their own, and which would be deeply held between them.

After a time she moved, and gently turned him onto his back so she was able to position herself on top of him — and he laid back enjoying the feeling of her body straddling him, and her fingers guiding him into her. His eyes, intensely blue, darkened even more with his desire for her. She sat across him, knees in the sand alongside his thighs, and he was now deeply inside her, her fingers reaching back behind her to find more of him, and that sexy spot between his cock and his ass which she touched and stroked. She leaned forward to kiss his Escort Trabzon neck and shoulders, and he cupped her breasts and kissed and licked them — loving the erect nipples and their softness, and the perfume and femininity of her. They now moved as one in a slow rhythm they had come to know so well of each other — he lifting his hips to meet her as she moved on him — a rhythm that unfailingly took them to places of pleasure they got lost in. She leaned back just slightly and her hands were again on his thighs — he had his hands on her breasts and his fingers then reached to where they were sexually joined — bringing her to a level of pleasure which was simply exquisite.

The heightened sensation they were both feeling was building and they continued to let it build, each taking time to ensure the other was getting everything from what they could each give to the experience. In the warmth of the sun, a soft sheen of perspiration had appeared on their bodies as they moved together — the smell of it quite sweet and almost erotic.

They fit together so well — almost as if they had been made for each other; he was tall, and his golf and running kept him fit — he was well put together — tight, and very fit; she was small, almost delicate — slender, and her swimming and fitness work kept her fit, with her body tight and toned. Even apart from the physical fitness, they shared many qualities such as humor; a positive approach to life and work; mutual chemistry and character; and it was a happy friendship — respecting of each other and their individual values and points of view.

Within a short time they both climaxed — a shuddering mind bending orgasm which seemed to go on and on — delighting them both, but which exhilarated them as well.

Knowing that they still had a trip across the bay to make back to the lodge, they swam for a while to cool off and then dressed and ate the sandwiches prepared by the lodge.

Hauling the kayak back to the water’s edge — they pushed off and paddled out to sea once again.

To their delight and total surprise, the dorsal fins of a pod of Killer Whales raced past them as they made their way across Seal Bay — and they laughed in sheer delight at having been up so close to such wonderful creatures.

They reached the lodge by dusk — tied up the kayak — returned the empty hamper, and walked with their arms around each other to their cabin, deep in the forest of spruce.

They slept in each other’s arms, looking forward to another day of adventure in the Alaskan wilderness; living the fantasy and dream they had talked about so often months before, and which while they knew was being completely realized and fulfilled — wasn’t finished yet …

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