KCTC Reporter Pt. 02

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Tom’s level of excitement went through the roof as he feasted his eyes on the lovely KCTC assistant who had just contacted him, because like Kitty’s earlier message, this girl’s correspondence had been quite suggestive, with a bit of an authoritative tone thrown in for good measure. And the image of her dressed up so sexy really turned him on too!

Despite waiting so long to be contacted, he felt a need to respond to Kitty’s assistant promptly. So he composed a quick message to Brigitte thanking her for contacting him, acknowledging the appointment time and throwing in a quick compliment about how lovely she was (and how fabulous she looked) all dressed up in her office attire. He typed it once with quotes around the words “office attire”, but then he went back and removed the quotes, thinking that poking fun at this girl’s terminology might not come across very respectfully…

Anyway, after sending his response, he had work to do, and as he proceeded, his arousal started to subside even though he kept obsessively thinking about these two hot girls who had responded to his first message. While he reflected on what had happened so far, he realized that the initial contacts from both these women had made him feel almost like he was going to a job interview, or like he was being assessed in some way.

And that was a different feeling for him, because until that point, it was he who was doing the interviewing and assessing when dealing with business owners. But now, the tables were clearly being turned upside down on him somehow!

And as he thought about being made to wait the way they had, there was something about it that was really quite diabolical. After receiving Kitty’s initially encouraging response, one that triggered his predictable male desire for her, he had been made to wait with baited breath for more attention. But the wait was far longer than he expected, which really left him wondering whether they were doing it on purpose or if it was normal for their return response to take so long.

Finally, when the confusion was starting to drive him right out of his mind, he was rewarded with a new message, and this one was just a little more enticing. It used language that was slightly more suggestive and assertive, and it included an appointment time and more lovely imagery, this time with a picture of the glamorous assistant that had finally responded to him.

Needless to say, the offer of a personal interview appointment with Kitty served to arouse him very much, flip-flopping his frustration into sheer delight and nervous, excited anticipation. And as he experienced this wide range of emotion, again he couldn’t help but be curious if the communication style of these two ladies was intentional.

Either way, despite the frustration it caused him, there seemed to be something about it that he liked. And as he continued to think about it, he began to realize that this whole situation really was starting to take hold of him in a new way, and it was triggering something from deep inside him.

In any case, he had a difficult time falling asleep that night, with his mind fixating almost obsessively on the words and images of both of these enticing women who had responded to his original contact message with such sudden and surprising flirtatiousness. Finally, after drifting off, he awoke with some serious morning wood, so to speak, and he immediately began thinking more and more about the situation that he had been placed into by these girls. And he found that his erection took quite some time to begin calming down…

He could barely get any work done that day as he waited for his 6 o’clock appointment with Kitty, and he found himself rereading both messages from these lovely ladies, and of course, playing with himself while staring at every inch of them in their sexy pictures.

Still, after two weeks of this self-indulgent behavior, he found himself approaching orgasm much more quickly at that point, and out of respect for them he dutifully denied himself release, as if it was the right thing to do somehow.

Try as he might to focus on other things, he couldn’t seem to help himself from coming back to their messages, and he cycled through several rounds of fixating on their messages and pics, stroking his cock to full erection while doing so, and then stopping and letting himself calm down. And as it got to be later in the day, he had to force himself to stay away to try to stay calm before his date with Kitty approached.

Anyway, about an hour before his date, he saw a message come in with the subject “KCTC Appointment Delayed”. Despite the instant disappointment that started inside him the moment he read the subject of the message, he could feel his cock twitch and begin to stiffen at the same time. And that really surprised him, because it was obviously a message telling him he would have to wait some more before meeting Kitty. Also, it had been sent at pretty much the last minute, which seemed to be quite inconsiderate.

But tunceli seks hikayeleri as he began reading, Tom found himself becoming very turned on again as Kitty’s “Tease Assistant” proceeded to give him some context around exactly what was going on. His disappointment at the delay of his meetup with Kitty changed quickly into a state of heightened arousal, and his hand fell to his pants as he continued to read it:

Dear Tom,

Miss Kitty asked me to write you and send you her sincere apologies, because unfortunately another commitment has arisen that has caused her to delay your appointment with her this evening. She wanted me to reassure you that she is definitely interested in meeting you sometime soon for your KCTC interview, but she is simply unable to do so tonight.

You will certainly understand that as a business owner she frequently does have a full schedule, with certain unpredictable responsibilities that can come up. Furthermore, as is the case on this occasion, her social calendar is very active as well. That should come as no surprise!

Tom, I’m sure you can appreciate the amount of attention that a girl like her enjoys on a personal level, particularly from men who find her appearance and personality to be attractive and exciting. And if you’ll forgive my boldness, I think it is only fair that I inform you that she does enjoy a certain amount of game-playing with regard to the men she attracts to her.

So when it comes to the guys on Miss Kitty’s radar at any given moment, she enjoys coaxing all of them into remaining available to her for the taking, just so she can have the pleasure of picking and choosing exactly whom will receive her feminine charms and when it will happen. And to make things even more fun for her (but more difficult for every guy in her little collection, I’m afraid), she likes to make all these decisions in a very spontaneous fashion, frequently on a whim.

The only guys lucky enough to engage her on more of a personal level than others are the ones that allow her this simple indulgence. If a guy can fully accept that she’s the kind of girl who simply adores keeping all her men dangling from her string for a while; if he can let her have her way and let her play her games with him, then he just might find himself being led further along into her more private and intimate affections…eventually.

Given those facts, I am unable to provide you with a new interview time with Miss Kitty just yet, but rest assured I will monitor her schedule and advise you of any openings. In the meantime, she has assigned me to correspond with you personally while you wait for an opportunity to meet her. It will be my pleasure to provide you with a bit of KCTC-style female-led entertainment, so to speak, and I will strive to make it an enjoyable experience for you!

Tom, perhaps at this time I should be even more direct and provide you with some additional context regarding your upcoming KCTC experience. To that end, I will simply state the following: in case it has escaped your attention, you should consider yourself forewarned that Kitty is exactly the type of girl referred to quite clearly in the name of our club.

In fact, each and every one of our lovely, enticing KCTC female employees also can be described using that one particular word, although they do have varying levels of skill and expertise in this highly specialized area of sexuality.

As for myself, I can tell you that I too take great pride in identifying myself in the category that I just mentioned, and I enjoy exploring certain aspects of the kinds of behaviors associated with that feminine role as well. So at this time I’m letting you know that future correspondence and personal interactions with me, assuming you are amenable to the idea of it, will involve a slow, methodical process of demonstrating some of the techniques to which I am referring.

Having said that much, I will not reveal anything more specific just yet about the details of the kinds of games that girls like us like to play with our men, nor will I feel a need to justify our behavior any further as your personal encounters with us continue to develop. With your cooperation of course, we will simply proceed to lure you further along into our introductory KCTC-sanctioned enticement processes.

If you are in acceptance of the fact to which I am referring to regarding Kitty’s and my personal proclivities, then I encourage you to simply play along with us as we take the lead in the process of attracting you to us. I can assure you it will be in your best interest to let us have our fun with you in this regard prior to either of us granting you the opportunity for more intimate in-person KCTC activities.

Tom, I will end this correspondence by informing you that at this time we do not require a response to this message, in fact we specifically request that you do not respond to it. Instead, you are to keep your eyes open for a follow-up message from us that will include the beginning portion of the introductory questionnaire I mentioned previously. Your correct responses to the questions posed therein will determine your eligibility for future KCTC interactions.

I hope I have been quite clear with all of my statements and references so far.


Brigitte Sherelle

KCTC Tease Assistant

Tom was practically panting like a dog when he finished reading Brigitte’s surprisingly long and brilliantly written message! The direct, brazenly seductive style of this new message thoroughly captivated him once again, and it seemed like each message from these girls was just a bit more encouraging, a bit more alluring. In addition, the formal, businesslike language blended with some totally blatant references to the assertive and controlling nature of these two hot girls continued to be incredibly fascinating to him…

And before he had barely any time to process the stunningly self-confident and unabashed statements that Brigitte had made to him, he suddenly noticed there was another post-script comment from her, and his heart pounded when he read it:

P.S. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “casual Fridays”, so I thought you might like to know that our KCTC business office has a special dress code requirement for that particular day each week. Every Friday, each girl is required to amp up the sex appeal of her personal appearance by getting dolled up in particularly heavy makeup, sparkly jewelry and other accessories, and they are also required to select outfits that each of them considers to be among the hottest and most seductive ones in their private collections of attire.

We even have our own professional makeup artist come in on that day to assist with the KCTC Friday dress code and overall appearance requirement! In addition, we also have an extensive onsite wardrobe department to provide our ladies with the appropriate choices for their outfits, just in case they are in need of any additional options for more visually stimulating attire.

Anyway, here’s a pic of me from last Friday, I hope you like you me dressed in this manner! Hmmm…and now that I think about it, perhaps this Friday might be a good time to give you a chance to come in for a little KCTC office visit…

Although Tom could see the pic as he read her final sentences, he made sure to finish reading every word before he moved his eyes downward, and sure enough, one look at her this time had him absolutely squirming in his seat. And before his overstimulated male brain could absorb and fully comprehend any more of the provocative concepts presented to him in her written message, he just had to sit there and stare at this new picture of this mind-blowingly hot girl!

Again she was dressed in a way that evoked the image of being a ‘sexy secretary’, but this time her outfit was an even more revealing and it was a downright sluttier style of office attire than in her earlier message. She was standing up now, facing the camera and posing with her legs separated and her hands on her hips. She had a big smile on her face that demonstrated how confident and proud she was of the way she looked too.

Her hips were cocked to the side a bit, with more of her weight on one leg than the other, and the leg with less weight on it was turned outward and slightly bent. With her posing that way he could see that leg from the side, giving him a wonderful view of its well-toned curves while the other leg remained straight.

Tom had always loved seeing women posing like that; there was something about it that made them look so confident, so supremely powerful and wildly attractive. And he had always been a complete sucker for girls with sexy legs, especially if they were wearing very high heels…

Things only got better as he began to observe more details of her appearance. Starting at the top, he noticed how her face was heavily made up in a way that he just loved to see on women. The openly glamorous and sexy style of it looked particularly exotic around her eyes, and it was blended and contoured in other areas to accentuate the curves and lines of the rest of her dramatic facial features.

Her hair was pulled back against her head, and that part of it had an elegant shine to it. But above the gathered clasp on top of her head it was teased up big and wild, falling down her back in long, silky-looking thick waves. Tom just loved this look, it was quite formal and classy while being incredibly appealing and sexy at the same time…

Tom’s eyes moved down her body and he continued to be stunned by just how incredibly hot she looked in her wildly seductive getup. His breath quickened and he could feel his cock pulse in his pants as he drank in the details of her incredibly vampy choice of attire! And at that point his hand fell between his legs and began gently squeezing his bulge, pretty much without even being aware of it, such was his mental state, so focused and fixated on HER.

Above her waist, the sheer, see-thru black blouse she wore was a low-cut design that was loosely draped around her upper body, and it had long, poofy sleeves with open cut-outs down her arms and black wrist ties tied in large bows at her wrists. It had a wide open V-neck that plunged all the way down to her stomach, and the leopard print pushup bra she wore was plainly visible underneath. It lifted up her breasts, pushing them together and creating mouth-watering cleavage that took Tom’s breath away.

Tom’s eyes moved lower and he saw that she also wore a black velvety micro-miniskirt that was so short that it really only covered her curvy hips, leaving every inch of her legs and thighs exposed. It revealed the straps of a garter belt attached to the tops of her shiny sheer black stockings. And the finishing touch to this deliciously seductive so-called “office” attire was her black sky-high-heeled open-toe sandals that had little black straps wrapped seductively around her ankles, tied in little bows.

As he ogled her and continued squeezing his now throbbing erection in his pants, the bold words written to him by this luscious seductress started becoming more connected with the outrageous visual sex appeal she was presenting to him. Needless to say, all of it was sending the feelings of arousal and sexual excitement in his body into overdrive!

For starters, he felt like he had just been taken on an emotional roller coaster ride, beginning with the overwhelming feelings of excitement and arousal at the thought of meeting Kitty that night. But his emotions were turned upside down quite abruptly, causing him to feel dismayed and rejected when Brigitte informed him of Kitty’s last minute conflict. And at first, he was a little angry as it was revealed to him that Kitty’s delay of his interview was apparently common behavior on her part, and that she may have even done it to him intentionally!

Soon, however, he found himself becoming massively turned on as he read the rest of Brigitte’s message. She seemed to be taking over where Kitty left off, and she was showing him some actual consideration and taking him into her confidence. She had been quite inviting as she provided a bit of explanation as to what was happening to him, and he could feel his attraction shifting over to her as she presented herself to him in a way that implied she would be more available to him, for the time being at least, than Kitty would be.

And she was also being quite blatant as she described what kind of girl Kitty was, informing him that he was just one of a litter of men that Kitty would be picking from – whenever her heart desired. But Brigitte also admitted that she was a tease too, so who knows what kind of wicked game she’d be playing with him as things proceeded! And finally – the way she introduced it – how she made a simple reference to a word in the KCTC name as opposed to coming out and saying the word itself – it was very clever, quite brazen but also still very mysterious because she simply didn’t describe it any further.

In any case, one thing was becoming more and more obvious: these girls were cockteasers, all right! Not only was Brigitte being open about it in some ways but evasive in others, but Tom also realized that they were slowly introducing him to their games as they went. They were teaching him about them and demonstrating them to him little by little, showing him just how stimulating and tantalizing their process of attracting him to them could be.

Damn they were good! And so, despite his hesitation and understandable confusion as to exactly how it was all going to play out, he found the whole situation to be undeniably seductive and just plain irresistible. And so, for the time being at least, he was all in, so to speak!

Of course, all this time he had been squeezing his erection gently in his pants as he experienced all these thoughts and feelings caused by Brigitte’s message, and at that point he wasn’t lasting very long at all before he could feel an orgasm approaching. When it started to get close, he made sure to stop himself, taking his hand away from his throbbing hardon so it wouldn’t explode. But he found himself cycling through that process several times, building up to the brink of release, then letting himself cool off, only to start touching himself again a little later. Wow, he really did feel like he was becoming quite addicted to their audacious verbal enticements and visual titillations!

Anyway, soon he found himself needing to take a break, and time seemed slow down to a crawl after he finally managed to step away from his computer so he could calm down. Waiting for the next little morsel of feminine temptation to be given to him from these girls was really starting to get to him!

So anyway, he simply had no choice but to linger helplessly in this highly stimulated mental and physical state for a few hours until finally, later that night, another message came in, titled “KCTC Prospective Client Questionnaire”. Tom could see it was from a different KCTC girl’s email address, and he simply couldn’t open it fast enough.

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