Kissing in the Countryside Ch. 01

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Ted went to Jane’s country house on her invitation. It was an open invitation. He could stay as long as he wanted. Ted was full of expectation when he arrived. He was breathless to see Jane’s companion-cum-maid Stacey. She was always wearing halterneck or tank top or sleeveless shoulderless blouse, and showing off her armpits on one pretext or another. Ted prepared himself for long sessions with these two ladies. And there were plenty of opportunities. [This narrative will mostly skip the situational and other descriptions and concentrate on the essentials.]


It was a big house with all facilities, and big forest-like garden with grass lawns tucked in, all around the house. There were small but comfortable cubicles for resting in the garden. When Ted entered the hall, Jane welcomed him with a light hug and brushing of the lips. She started showing him her armpits by raising her hands to do her hair. Ted got into a tight embrace with her and they started kissing.

The kiss started as a simple one but soon developed into a big open mouthed slippery kiss, lips lustily sliding against each other, each pair of lips trying to entrap the other pair, but not able to because of the huge amount of saliva flowing between their mouths, they were tasting their lips as well as the intermingling saliva, tongues darting back and forth in the mouth cavities, briefly entwining each other within their enjoined mouths, their hands roving over every curve and corner of their panting and sweaty bodies, their fingers exploring the wet underarm flesh. Each was sucking out the other’s saliva, with cheeks hollowed to the extreme.

They released the lusty kiss with a big sound. Then, she raised one hand, showed her armpit and invitingly offered it to him.

Ted thrust his nose in her right armpit and sniffed and tasted it long and hard with kissing & licking sounds, nibbling the armpit hair & flesh, eating her underarm flesh. She too raised his arm, and started sniffing, licking, kissing his armpits. Both were rubbing their noses in each other’s armpits.

Ted licked the tanned skin of her plump and smooth shoulders with long strokes of his tongue. Just then Stacey entered and was watching them with interest. She was wearing a sleeveless dress. After Ted was settled in his room by Stacey, he came down to the hall. He found Jane and Stacey engaged in a tight embrace, and underarm kissing. They did not bother about Ted’s presence.

Ted could understand the shape of things to come. He could not hold back, forced Stacey in a tight embrace and started kissing & licking her shoulders and armpits. Her underarm smell excited him a lot. Jane encouraged them and enjoyed the sight of their lusty tight embrace for sometime, then she jumped towards them and tightly hugged Ted from behind, kissing his back and kissing Stacey over his shoulders.

They proceeded to the swimming pool, which is covered on all sides. First they went to a room adjacent to the pool. As soon as they entered, Jane and Ted drew close in a tight embrace, their lips met in a fierce lustful kiss. Stacey could hear their slurping sound, they were exchanging huge balls of saliva. With jaws hardened and cheeks drawn in, the lustiness of their kiss was something to watch and enjoy. Stacey came behind Jane and lustily sniffed, tasted and licked her smelly armpits. Jane put up her arms and locked them behind her head. Ted sniffed and kissed the lovely armpits of Jane. The pungent musky taste of Jane’s armpits was irresistible. Sometimes, leaving Jane, he enjoyed the armpits of Stacey.

The three of them enjoyed tight hugs and lusty armpit kisses among them for a long time. Then Jane and Stacey asked him to oil their entire bodies, and they oiled his body. Then the three enjoyed slippery oil sqeezing lusty embraces, rubbing skin against skin.

Jane rode in his lap, drawing him in…….They were oscillating, oily skins rubbing, mouths firmly embedded in each other’s armpits, lustily sniffing and licking. Soon they started a quickie, enjoyed the oily rub, but did not complete it, but left for later session. Stacey also enjoyed an oily rub with Ted, with a meaty half quickie. Ted squeezed her boobs hard, and munched and licked her armpit hairs. She also sniffed, licked and bit his armpits.

The three of them entered the swimming pool. It was not deep. Water was up to the breast level. So there was no risk. The water was slightly warm. Once in the pool, Stacey locked Ted in her tight embrace. Ted held her in a watery embrace with all his strength. Water on oily skin made their bodies more slippery, and they enjoyed the sweet tight hug relishing every moment, their lips Escort Bayan got locked in a tight tongue sucking long kiss.

Jane embraced Stacey in a lusty embrace from behind, and rubbed her face on her back, nape of the neck, and her delicious shoulders. Stacey had to break the kiss with Ted, turned around her head, to receive a lusty tongue kiss from Jane. In this position, Stacey lifted up her both arms to catch Jane’s head in reverse position, and Ted, still embracing Stacey, bit and sucked one of her nipples, and then rubbed his nose on her armpits and licked away. He exchanged kisses with Jane, over Stacey’s shoulder.

Then Jane and Stacey exchanged position. All three were enjoying this three way armpit kisses and embrace. Stacey and Jane sandwiched Ted between them in a tight hug, exchanged sweet underarm kisses in the water of the pool.

Standing in the swimming pool, Stacey wrapped her arms around Ted’s neck, and legs around his waist, hanging on his body. Kissing her like mad, Ted entered her. Lustily kissing, licking, sniffing each other’s armpits, they were uttering sounds like – “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..”


Soon they had a satisfying quickie.

Now it was Jane’s turn. Taking her in a quick tight embrace, Ted locked her lips in his in a lusty tight kiss. Lowering each other’s face, they engaged in a lusty underarm kiss, which never seemed to end. Jane took him in her palm, caressed in the water and engaged it snugly. With furious kissing of shoulders and armpits, the quickie was well under way, bodies swaying from one side to the other. And then –



Their fingers clawed into each other’s body, the kiss became ferocious tending to suck out the flesh of their armpits and shoulders, biting, they released at the same time.


After lunch, Jane and Ted went upstairs for an afternoon siesta. As they entered and closed the door, they had a fierce hug and armpit kiss, followed by a prolonged lusty underarm sniffing and licking session. Ted put lot of saliva in Jane’s armpits, and licked with long strokes of his tongue. Jane spat heavily on her palm and rubbed the saliva in both her armpits, and Ted licked her saliva from her armpits.

Then Stacey entered the room. Ted could see that it was all pre-arranged. Jane ran with both hands raised, towards Stacey. And they tightly embraced each other, with their heads buried in each other’s ripe and glistening shoulder. They locked each other in a lusty tight embrace and rubbed mouth and nose on each other’s shoulders. This went on for a long time. Seeing two sleeveless dressed ladies hold each other like this, he had an instant hard-on.

Their gorgeous armpits, Jane’s with little bit of stubble, and Stacey’s armpits filled with jet black hair, their large boobs, tightly crushed against each other, were a sight to watch. The two ladies were engrossed in their tight lustful embrace, feeling each other’s body with their exploring hands. Sometimes they moved their heads from one shoulder to other, and on the way exchanged deep penetrating lusty kisses. It was a sight to watch.

After a long time they loosened their embrace, raised their armpits, and signalled to Ted to sniff their armpits. Ted brought his nose to each of their armpits and lustily sniffed to his heart’s content, but resisted the temptation to lick or kiss those lovely armpits. Jane’s armpit smell was musky and subdued, but Stacey’s was strong pungent and salty.

They then embraced Ted in turn. Ted kissed them hard, made them drink his saliva from his mouth, and he drank a lot of their saliva. He planted lots of lusty kisses on their armpit folds, licking and sniffing the area around the folds. Then Stacey and Jane sat on either side of Ted, who put his hands around their open backs and in their armpits.

They also put their hands around Ted’s neck. Ted moved his fingers in their armpits wet with sweat. Then took out the fingers and sniffed, and made Stacey and Jane lick the armpit sweat from the fingers, each licked the finger with the other’s underarm sweat. Ted again put his arms around them.

Ted could smell their armpits easily. Ted lowered his head and started to taste, kiss, lick and suck each armpit in turn. He rubbed his nose in the soft armpits. His nose was bent while rubbing in the underarm flesh. They held his **** in their palms and pressed.

After sometime, Stacey and Jane were frantically giving each other tight hugs and kisses. They were lustily licking, sniffing and sucking each other’s large smelly armpits. They were vigorously Bayan Escort rubbing their pointed noses in each other’s smelly armpits. Then Stacey came to Ted, and clasped him in a tight embrace with her, he licked her pointed nose and smooth shoulders, and gradually penetrated his nose in her left armpit.

She said – “Take the strong aroma of my large armpits with jet black hair, it will heat you up. Take out your whole tongue and lick ‘em hard, taste ‘em”.

As he was thoroughly enjoying her both armpits, shoulders and the sexy folds of her waist, Jane came and embraced him from behind, and they started mutual armpit sucking, tasting, kissing, licking and armpit biting and underarm hair munching sessions amongst the three of them.

At one time Ted caught hold of Stacey from behind, and put his **** in her right armpit. She pressed her hand on her side and squeezed. She went wild and did the same in her left armpit. Then he clasped Jane from behind and let her have similar fun in her plump and sweaty armpits.

They met again after dinner. Ted indulged in lots and lots of armpit eating, kissing and waist biting, nose biting & kissing with Stacey. He got aroused by Jane’s plump wide back, and kissed it for long, then wetted her pretty nose with his saliva, then took her wide armpits in his mouth, biting while sniffing and kissing it. She loved it, pushed her armpits hard on his face, getting more kisses and bites in her armpits, letting him taste her plump armpits.

Then Stacey came to Ted and he clasped her in a tight hug, and licked her sharp nose and tasted her perfumed silky smooth shoulders, and gradually penetrated his nose in her left armpit. She said – “sniff the smell of my armpit as lot of sweat is now there. Enjoy the musky taste of both my armpits”.

As he was thoroughly enjoying the taste of both her armpits, shoulders and waist folds, Jane pulled him and drew him into a fierce hug. Her perfume made him hard. He started kissing and licking her bare shoulders and waist. Kissing and licking women’s waist & shoulders is very arousing, particularly if her shoulders are broad and round, and waist is fleshy, and having little folds.

Jane raised her hands and invitingly put forward her armpits to Ted’s face. He buried his face there, and pressed his armpit on her face. He tightly kissed her both armpits in turn, without stopping, drawing in the sexy aroma in deep breathes, and deep tonguing and tasting both the armpits.

“Your armpits are so very very lusty and tasty” – he murmured to her. She was also kissing and sucking his armpits. Ted made both her armpits slippery with saliva. Her armpit taste and smell is great. Then he rubbed his **** in both their sexy waist folds. Stacey brought out her long tongue and licked away at his and Jane’s armpits while pulling at his ****.

Jane and Stacey then held each other in a tight hug, with lots of lusty armpit kissing and biting.

The sexy taste and aroma of the large fleshy armpits of the two ladies drove him mad. His lustful bites and kisses in their armpits, made them wild. Now they were almost fighting and wrestling amongst each other to get hold of the armpits to lick, bite, taste, sniff, kiss and munch. Kiss, kiss….., hug, hug…., kiss & hug…., hug & kiss…., taste…, lick.., sniff.., lick & smell…., smell & lick….. it went on and on…. Jane and Stacey are now tightly hugging each other with lots of kisses. They are lustily licking and tasting each other’s armpits, and sniffing the underarm aroma.

Jane crawled in Ted’s lap and they held each other in a lusty embrace. Lips met in a tight watery kiss. Then they buried their faces in each other’s underarm. While sniffing and licking the smelly underarms, they engaged in the long overdue quickie. They were licking their underarms, their bodies swaying from one side to other. Sometimes they exchanged saliva balls. Each spat into the other’s underarm cavity and licked like mad. Licking…sniffing…kissing…biting.. the smelly underarms, they could hold no longer, and came heavily.

Ted did not forget Stacey, who needed her own quickie. She was already charged, seeing Jane’s quickie. Ted and Stacey embraced tight, and exchanged lusty armpit kisses with sound. Ted tasted Stacey’s armpits with jet black hair and sniffed the stinking smell. Their embrace grew tighter and lustier…..the quickie was on the way. With lusty armpit sniffing, kissing, biting, sucking and licking, they soon gave way, but continued the lusty embrace and armpit kisses for a long time.

It was time to sleep. Stacey and Jane left for their rooms.

Stacey whispered in Ted’s ear that she would Escort come to his room at dead of night…….Ted waited in anticipation, heart beating fast.


Stacey came to Ted’s room at dead of night, wearing a tight light blue thin tank top with very thin shoulder strap. Her huge boobs were oscillating. Stacey keeps a lovely bunch of short jet black hair under her arms, and loves to sniff her underarms. Her arms are well built. Her underarms are a treat to watch. Any sexy man would love to rub his nose on the smooth skin of her bare upper arms, and in the jungle of black hair in her smelly armpits. Colour of her skin is brownish. That makes her more attractive. Her tight fitting halter top is cutting on to her skin. Underarms are the most attractive part of her body.

She knows that, and shows her bare upper arms and underarms to men and women at every party, at one pretext or other, and always gets hold of somebody to kiss and lick her juicy underarms every now and then. She is an underarm addict, and must have underarm love frequently. She regularly sniffs her own underarms by her sharp nose, and licks them with her long tongue. Today she got hold of Ted at dead of night.

When inside Ted’s room and after locking the door from inside, she got into a tight embrace and kiss with Ted, who was waiting impatiently. After exchanging some intense embracing and kissing, with lot of body squeezing and tongue sucking, Stacey lifted both her arms above her head and enticed him, and offered each of her armpits to his nose. She whispered in his ear – “come lets have armpit fun, sniff my sweaty pits with jet black hair” and brought each of her armpits near his nose.

Ted sniffed deeply and was instantly aroused. Stacey gave him a tight embrace and deep french kiss. The were squeezing each other’s body, as if wrestling, and kissing hard. Stacey tightly held Ted’s **** and was kissing him deeply. Suddenly she raised one arm and pushed Ted’s head in her large sweetie and sweaty underarm.

“Kiss, kiss, suck and lick them hard, sniff my armpit smell with all your power, and tell me how you like it”.

“Oh! Your armpits are gorgeous, and the raw and pungent salty armpit smell is marvelous, how many days’ smell you have kept?” – he asked, while frantically rubbing his nose in her smelly armpits.

“Seven days I have not washed it, and not used any perfume. That’s why the smell is so attractive. Its all yours now” – she said.

Ted opened his mouth wide and took in as much of her underarm flesh and stubble, and chewed and munched, tasted, licked and kissed both her fleshy armpits.

Each pass of his tongue went from the wet softness of muscle near Stacey’s big breast, upwards through the soft, sensitive hairy area of her underarm, to where the soft and shapely muscles of her upper arm formed a nice peak. Stacey let out a garbled sound in lust.

Sometimes Ted was biting and kissing Stacey’s bare upper arms, armpits and waists. Stacey’s bare upper arms, armpits, and waists were all wet with Ted’s saliva. Stacey now took off her halter top. Ted gave her a tight hug from behind, kissed her sexy bare back, upper arms and shoulders.

Ted raised his arms a little and took her huge breasts in his armpits and pressed those boobs in his armpits. Stacey started moving one of the breasts in and out of Ted’s armpits while Stacey raised one of her hands and pressed and rubbed her armpit on Ted’s face. Stacey took hold of Ted’s shoulders, bit and licked his shoulders, and buried her face in his armpits, heavily kissing and licking them, rubbing her pointed nose in the armpit. Now both were enjoying each other’s armpits.

For a long time, she rubbed her sexy long nose in Ted’s armpits, sniffing and licking, while he sucked and licked the sweaty juice of her sexy armpits. Stacey told – “nobody has given me so much armpit love. Come kiss my armpits again and again, and let me suck dry your armpits, and eat your armpit hairs. Rub your nose and crush your nose in my armpits. The deep tonguing of armpits, was broken by occasional kissing of waists, shoulders and noses.

They were now lustily kissing each other’s armpits, by making loud sniffing, kissing and slurping sounds with saliva exchange. Ted was licking Stacey’s armpits with long strokes of his tongue on her armpit flesh. Ted now oiled his **** and inserted his oiled **** in Stacey’s armpits and rubbed and pumped away. Stacey pressed her arms with her body with all her strength, and enjoyed Ted’s pumping in her armpits. Ted enjoyed her plump armpits endlessly.

Then Stacey said, “Tomorrow morning Jane is going out for some days. A friend of mine will come tomorrow morning. We will enjoy together”. Ted said – “Oh! good”, and again buried his face in her armpit and pulled her face in his armpit, and continued with exchanging deep and wet lusty underarm kisses.

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