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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?



From Chapter 64:

The rest of the drive seems to go very quickly while Helen talks to us about the ceremony, what will happen and what Karl and I will do. She also fills us in on discussions that she has had with Mrs Smith about the food and their thoughts about the serving and eating.

Karl says, “If William is coming, you might need extra food!” which causes us all to laugh.


Back at Whispering Gums, over coffee in the lounge area, Ron and Jacko tell us that, after breakfast in the morning, they”ll take us down to show us what they”ve done with the rubbish paddock. Then Ron and I will start on the painting of the workers” cottage. Jacko says that he and Karl could follow our quad bike trail, except on horses.


As we say good night to Dad, Helen, Ron and Jacko, I whisper to Karl, “You want to come and practise one last time before you and Jacko go horse riding tomorrow?”


Chapter 65 � Karl Pushes Ron Around

My brother has taken to blow jobs like a koala takes to gum leaves. He likes to start with my balls and lick up before playing `gotcha” with his mouth on Junior. He has even managed to get all of it into his mouth. “Better not try that on Jacko,” I tell him. “You”d choke to death!”

On the other hand, Karl prefers me to start at his neck and gradually work my way down. The slower I go, the more excited he becomes.

Now, we swap back and forth, working each other up to almost exploding and then `go for it” with our hands. Because we are identical, watching myself doing him is just like watching him doing me, except just from a different angle! I love it when we spurt at the same time!

“Do you think a guy”s body ever runs out of this stuff?” Karl asks, as we wipe ourselves.

“I don”t know,” I tell him. “Maybe our body just keeps making it, like pee.”

“Hell, yeah!!” is all that he says.

We snuggle together for a while, then Karl tells me, “I”d better go back to my own bed. I”ve got a long day planned for tomorrow and I need some rest.”

“You mean you have Jacko”s long dick planned for tomorrow!” I tell him.

He gives me a grin, a thumbs-up, and he leaves.

As I fall asleep, I think about the plans of my own!


Saturday. I plan to surprise everyone by making breakfast for them.

However, even before I open my eyes, my nose tells me that Helen has beaten me to it!

With only my pyjama pants on, and after visiting the toilet, I follow the pleasant smell to the kitchen.

“Ever had French toast with Maple Syrup and bacon?” Helen asks, as I take a keen interest in what she is cooking.

“I don”t think so,” I tell her. Then add, “No. Definitely not. I would have remembered.

She gives me a quick run-down on how to prepare the French toast. That”s another one to add to Mrs Cameron”s Red Book, if it”s not already in there somewhere!

“Why don”t you get dressed and then go around and rouse everybody?” she says. “Everything is almost ready.”

After putting on my jeans, shirt and boots, ready for some painting today, and a bit of fun, I head next door. Karl is uncovered. His morning wood and balls get a bit of a jiggle to wake him up. He opens his eyes. “Oh,” he says, looking confused and a little disappointed. “I thought that you were Jacko. I was dreaming.”

“That”s right!” I tell him. “You”re dreaming! Now get up and dressed. Helen has breakfast just about ready. I”m going over to see if Ron and Jacko are up.”

Karl bounds out of bed, grabs some clothes, no undies, and tucks the shirt into his jeans and says, “I”m coming too!”

“I want to wake up Jacko, just like you did to me,” he tells me as we head across to the bunk house.

As I open the outer door, we hear the water running in the showers. “Bad luck!” I tell him. “You”re too late.”

I push the shower room door open and look in.

“Hey, Champ!” I hear. “Come in.”

“Maybe you”re not too late!” I say, turning to my brother, and grinning. He immediately heads for where the beds are.

Ron says, “Want to join me?”

“Love to!” I tell him, looking at his muscular body covered in soap. “But Helen sent us over to tell you that breakfast is ready.”

“OK. Later then!” Ron says, grinning at me as he rinses off. And I don”t miss the extra attention that he gives to his dick and balls, jiggling them in my direction!

“Don”t be long!” I tell him. Then, staring at his body, I add, laughing, “You”re too long already! You”d better turn the water to cold and rinse off again!”

“Come on, Karl!” I call as I head for the door. “Let”s go! Surely he”s awake by now!” And, as Karl joins me, with the goofiest of grins on his face, I tell him, “You”d better go in by the back door and put on some underpants and have a cold wash in the bathroom, or Helen and Dad will be able to tell how long your dick is when it”s hard!”


During breakfast, Karl says, “Hey. I have a great idea. The last two people to get to the table for a meal, have to do the dishes.” Then he adds, “But that doesn”t include the cook or their helper, so Dad and Helen are off the hook!”

He doesn”t have to point at Jacko and Ron because all eyes turn to them for their reaction.

I”m not sure whether they are serious, but Ron and Jacko both glare menacingly at Karl who simply points at them and bursts out laughing.

I can”t help enjoying my brother”s new-found sense of humour and positive attitude!

As Karl and I head out while the other two go to the kitchen, I hear Jacko whisper to Karl, perhaps more loudly than he intended, “Beware of payback!”

They are both grinning, so that”s a good thing!

I wonder whether Jacko is referring to payback for the dishes or however Karl woke him up.

It”s Dad who suggests that Ron and I take the quadbikes down to the southern workers” hut while he drives Jacko and Karl in the ute.

“Hey, Dad,” I reply. “What if Karl and I ride down on the bikes? Then, you can bring Ron and Jacko with you and pick us up at the hut. Diyarbakır Escort And we can all go in the ute to check out what the two `farm hands” have done through the week. When we”re done, you can bring Karl and Jacko back in the ute while Ron and I get on with the painting.”

I deliberately referred to them as `the farm hands”, half-jokingly, but also so that Dad won”t think we are getting too friendly with them, as his employees. Hopefully.

“Sounds like a plan! See you two down there!” Dad adds, ruffling my hair, “I knew that it was a good idea to give you the job of being the organiser for the Farm Stay activities!”

Karl and I head for the sheds, check over a couple of bikes and then take off.


As we sit together on the steps of the hut”s verandah, waiting for Dad, I ask my brother, “So, where are you going to do it?”

“Do what?” he asks.

“What you”ve been practising all week to do to Jacko!” I tell him. “Or have you changed your mind?”

“As if!” he tells me. “I can”t wait!”

“So where are you gonna do it?” I ask.

“Maybe where we discovered that we liked playing with each other last week,” he replies. Then he asks, “Are there any good spots along where you and Ron marked out the trail?”

I tell him, “If you follow the trail to the end, where we put two squares on one tree, you”ll finish up at `the lookout”. That might be a good place.”

“OK,” Karl replies.

Then I add, “However, can I sugg… MAY I suggest that you think about going back to the workers” hut. It has a shower with heated water now, and there are also beds. Much more comfortable than doing it on a rock or up against a tree!”

“I like that idea,” Karl tells me. Then he begins cautiously, “Have you and Ron ever…?” when we hear the sound of the ute. He doesn”t finish his question, and I”m not sure how truthfully I would have answered it. But, I do know that he”ll ask me again, maybe soon.

“Righto!” Dad calls, pulling up near the verandah. “Climb up into the tray and hang on.”

As we ride along, and I know that the three inside can”t hear us, I say to Karl, “If you get a chance, do you want to ask Jacko if he has a girlfriend?”

“Why?” Karl asks.

“Aren”t you curious?” I put to him, answering his question with a question, which used to annoy me when Mum or Dad did that to us.

He surprises me by throwing me one back. “What about Ron? Does he have a girlfriend?”

“Do you think that he does?” I answer.

“What do you reckon?” Karl asks me.

“Well, do you reckon that Jacko does?” I repeat. “Has he mentioned it at all?”

“Has Ron ever said anything to you about having a girlfriend?” Karl asks.

Karl and I face each other and burst out laughing, not about whether Jacko and Ron have girlfriends, but about our little game of questions.

I decide to `come clean” and actually answer him. “Ron did tell me that he has a flatmate who is a girl, but that she only likes girls. So, she”s not his girlfriend.”

“So, have you and Ron ever done anything together?” Karl puts to me.

I knew that this was coming! And I now have my answer ready.

“A bit,” I tell my brother. “We really haven”t had the chance to do too much!”

That”s not exactly a lie. I don”t ever think that Ron and I could do too much. LOL. Actually, now that I think about it, there is one thing that would be too much. Andy and I have agreed.

“What do you reckon they do when we are not here with them?” Karl asks.

“Do you mean here, at Whispering Gums, or when they”re at their own homes?” I reply.

“Do you think that they would do anything together here during the week?” Karl answers.

“Why don”t we ask them this weekend?” I put to him.

“Are we doing the question thing again?” Karl asks.

“Are we?” I answer. Then we both burst out laughing again.

“OK,” Karl says. “You ask Ron and I”ll ask Jacko and we can compare answers. OK?”

“Done!” I say, and we bump fists on our agreement, as the ute slows, then stops.

I see a rectangular (Maths!) space with lots of posts marking its perimeter (Maths again!). All of them are connected by at least one strand of wire. Some have two.

“Well? What do you think?” Dad asks, getting out and looking up at Karl and me.

“Well, it”s not finished, is it?” Karl answers.

Even though that”s an obvious truth, I think that it”s a pretty rude comment, especially with Ron and Jacko looking up at us! Sometimes I could just thump my brother! I hope that the `farm hands” accept it as just a fact and not as a criticism that they hadn”t done enough!

After working on the fences with Ron when we first met, I know what an effort it must have been for just the two of them to dig the holes by hand, set the poles in place and do at least one strand of wire all around. And more.

Looking at Ron and Jacko, I ask, “Have you guys done all this since last Sunday? Wow!”

I see the two of them grin at the compliment, then Ron says, “I”m sure that if we”d had you to help, it would already be finished.”

Jacko, pointing at Karl, adds, “He means both of you.”

Jacko”s not that slow! He wanted Karl included as a helper, not just Ron complimenting me. Or, maybe, it would have made Karl see how hard that kind of work actually is.

“Yes, Ron and Jacko,” Dad says. “You”ve both done an exceptional job. I”m really happy that the two of you are working out here while I”m needed in The Village!”

I jump down from the tray and head towards the posts. The others follow.

I stand, studying how the corner posts have been secured.

“Any questions, son?” Dad asks me.

“Yes,” I answer. “Why are these other bits of wood leaning against the posts at 45 degrees? (Even more Maths! I didn”t know that it could be so useful!)

“Ron,” Dad starts. “Why are these bits of wood leaning at 45 degrees to the posts?” Then he nods towards me and Karl, indicating for him to do the explaining.

“Well, Champ,” Ron says, “or Karl. Come and push me over from the side.”

“What?” I say.

“Come and push me over! From one side,” he repeats.

“I”ll do it!” Karl says, and steps quickly across beside Ron before I can move.

“Go on!” Ron tells him. Karl shoves him, hard, on his left shoulder and, to avoid falling over, Ron has to take a couple of steps to his right.

“Now, take my arm and pull me the other way, towards you,” he says to Karl.

My brother does as suggested and, again, Ron has to move his feet to Diyarbakır Escort Bayan maintain his balance.

“Righto, Kurt,” Ron says to me. “Come and lean your outstretched arms and hands against my right side.”

I have no idea what is going on, but go along with it.

“Now push me off my feet again!” Ron tells my brother. “From the left side, like before.”

Karl pushes Ron”s left shoulder. More than once. Ron doesn”t budge, and I can feel Karl”s effort through my own body. I don”t move either.

“Just to prove a point,” Ron says, after my brother gives up, “Come around to this side, Kurt, kneel down and push against my hips.”

I do.

“Pull me off my feet again, Karl,” Ron tells him.

I”ll give my brother this much, he tries his utmost to move Ron, probably thinking that he would tumble over the top of me. However, Ron may as well be cemented to the spot, and he stays put.

“Well! That was a lot of fun, wasn”t it?” Karl says sarcastically, moving away from Ron. “What did all that prove?”

It”s Dad who asks, “So, Kurt, did you learn anything from that?”

I smile and comment, “I think it proves that Karl enjoys pushing Ron around, but he can”t do it when I”m on Ron”s side.”

Everyone laughs.

Karl asks, “But what”s that got to do with Kurt”s original question about the bits of wood leaning at 45 degrees?”

The penny drops. I”ve got it!

“I know!” I say. “It doesn”t matter how much the wire pulls at the posts, the slanted bits of wood stop the posts from moving.”

Dad tells us, “And, without those supports, it would only take a good knock from a bull or a horse or a quadbike, and a whole section of fence could simply lean one way or the other, or possibly even fall over.”

It”s Jacko who adds, “And, because we dug the holes reasonably deep, and cemented around the corner posts and every second one, that definitely won”t be happening. I think the quadbike and rider would come off second-best in a collision.”

Dad says, “Great work guys! Will you be finished this week?”

“Yup!” Jacko answers. “And we will also start cleaning up the place and bringing the rubbish in here from all around the property.”

Turning to Ron, Dad asks, “Are you and Kurt happy to start some painting now, then come back for lunch? Helen sent down some morning tea for when you take a break. It”s in the ute.”

Dad drops Ron and me back at the workers” hut then, with Karl and Jacko inside the ute, he continues back towards the homestead.

“Want to play?” I ask Ron, gripping the front of my jeans and grinning at him.

“Better do some work first, Champ,” he replies, “In case your dad comes back for something.”

“OK,” I tell him. “Let”s get into it!”

“I”ll prepare the paint,” Ron says, “You can start on the outside and I”ll do the inside. Just paint up to where you can reach and we can fix up the high bits later. But first, use the broom like we did on the sheds. Remember?”

“Yes, boss!” I tell him, and get into the sweeping.


Using the largest paint brush, I start on the short side of the hut which faces the road that come down from the homestead.

I paint a line right across the wall at my full height then I start painting from there down.

I seem to be working rather quickly, even though it”s probably been about an hour.

I turn the corner to the side opposite to the verandah and do another line down the length of the wall to where I can reach. Then I keep painting.

“How”re you going, Champ?” Ron asks, coming around the corner. “It looks good. You”re doing great. If you go in and make us a coffee, I”ll do a bit out here for you. Call me when it”s ready and we can have it on the verandah. I”ve put two chairs out there for us. And the cake that Helen sent is in the blue plastic container.”

I hand him my paint brush and head inside.

When the coffee is made and the cake is sliced, I shout, “Come and get it!”

Ron appears and covers my paint brush in plastic wrap to prevent it from drying out.

“Thanks, Champ,” he says. “I”d better just go in and wash my hands first.”

“Mine are already clean,” I tell him. “I”ll wait for you out here.”

While Ron is inside, I unbuckle my belt, slide my zipper down and fold the flaps back. Then I sit down and lower the top of my underpants so that Junior is sticking out. Hint! Hint!

Ron emerges, looks at me and my pants and walks across to us. He wraps his fist around a now-hardening Junior, gives it a few squeezes and says, “Nice, but not yet, Champ! Just finish the wall that you”ve started and I”ll do one more in here. Then we can play! If your dad comes back, he won”t know how fast or how slow we”ve been going, but we”ll be at least half done. Then I reckon one more wall each and it will be time to head back for lunch. We can finish everything off this afternoon.”

“Helen makes a nice cake,” he comments, finishing off a second slice. And you do good coffees! What a combination!”

“The inside looks good,” I tell him. The lighter colour certainly brightens up the place!”

“I”ll rinse the mugs,” Ron tells me. “You can get back on the brush. Work fast if you like, but keep doing a good job, OK? You don”t need to rush.”

“Yes, boss!” I say, and pick up the paintbrush. I head back around past the work that I”ve already done to ensure that it looks good now that it has dried.

I work my way down towards the opposite corner to where I started. The wall looks really good, up to the height that I have been able to reach without standing on anything.

I pick up the can of paint and turn the corner to do the other short wall near the tank stand.

I can”t believe what I see! Ron has painted a huge, stiff penis and two balls on the end wall while I was inside getting the coffee and cake ready.

Still holding the paint brush in one hand, I walk back up onto the verandah and put my head through the door. “I”ve seen your artwork! That”s obviously yours and not mine, by the size of it!” I tell him.

He laughs.

“Well, you”d better hurry and paint over it, in case your dad comes back,” he says. “If he sees it and you have that paintbrush in your hand, he”ll think that you are the artist! Wait!
Is that his ute now?”

Panicking, I step back and look up the track but see nobody coming. “Very funny!” I tell him.

I work quickly, using a combination of vertical and horizontal brush strokes. (Was that from Maths too? Or from some other subject?)

I Escort Diyarbakır miss Mr Grant”s afternoon maths lessons, now that Karl and William have nowhere to go after school giving Mr Grant and me the chance to be alone together for a while! However, I can now spend some time with him Monday and Wednesday nights, can”t I? LOL.

So, having finished two short walls and one long one, I wrap the paintbrush for later and head towards the door.

I see Ron, already without boots and socks, removing his shirt and his jeans. The visible outline in his underpants tells me that he is `ready” for me.

“Were you going to start without me?” I ask him, going in and taking my boots off.

“No, but you can tell what I was thinking, can”t you?” he says, looking down. I see the dick in his underpants jump. “And I assume that your dad won”t come down now because it”s too close to lunchtime. If there”s anything he wants us to have, he”ll give it to us back at the homestead.”

Ron walks over to me. I stand still and I let him undress me. The wet patch on the front of his underpants lets me know that he”s enjoying himself, and that he is definitely `ready”.

Wrapping his arms around my naked body, he grips my backside and says, “Nice glutes!” then pulls me against him.

“Nice dick and balls!” I tell him, slipping my hands inside his underpants, which I push down his legs. “Just like the painting on the wall. I was right! They were definitely yours!”

We wrestle on the bed. Face up. Face down. Him on me. Me on him. Both as stiff as broom handles!

“Suck me!” I tell him, and I point Junior away from my body towards his face.

“Yes, boss!” he says, and wastes little time in doing to me what Karl and I practised all week. Only better! While I”m enjoying the powerful feelings that Ron is stirring up in my body, I try to also focus on exactly what he is doing with his lips, his tongue, his throat and his fingers so that I can try to give Karl the same experience.

“Oh, Ron!” I groan. “This is amazing! It feels incredible! But I”m gonna spurt in a minute.”

He keeps going, glancing up into my eyes, as much as his happy but busy mouth allows.
I watch his face. I reckon that he”s enjoying this even more than I am.

“Ron!” I warn him.

He slows down but doesn”t stop. “Take deep breaths!” he says. “It will help you to last a bit longer and enjoy the feeling more.”

My deep breaths turn into gasps. The incredible pleasure is so strong that it”s almost painful.

“Ron! Now!” I warn him again.

His sucking almost stops, but becomes as strong as a vacuum cleaner. Still, he doesn”t pull off me.

“Aargh!” I scream, as my entire body pumps a load into his mouth. And it keeps pumping!

He does one final `clean-up” with his tongue and lips, then lays his entire weight on me. Junior is slackening off, but Ron is still totally stiff.

“Let me catch my breath!” I whisper. “Then I”ll do you.”

I feel his dick slip under my balls between my legs and Ron starts to rock up and down, helped by the slipperiness of his precum.

Each time that he pushes, I hear “Ooh!”

“OK,” I tell him. “I”m ready. Lie on your back.”

He rolls off me, and I allow him room to lie flat.

Kneeling across his legs, I tickle his thighs and his balls before taking him into my mouth. I start with just sucking up and down, before I show him what else I can do; partly what Karl and I have practised, but also trying to copy what he did to me.

Just when I guess, based on his breathing and groaning, that he is going to cum, he says, “Stop, Champ. Let”s finish off in the shower.”

I rush to the shower and set the water temperature. I watch Ron waddle towards me, his big dick waving from side to side.

He manoeuvres so that he is behind me and, with the help of soap, I feel him pushing his dick through, under my balls. I love watching it appearing and disappearing, as well as the feeling of Ron truly enjoying himself. He hugs me tightly and picks up the pace.

“You want to feel me spurt in your mouth?” he groans, taking really deep breaths.

“OK,” I tell him.

I move away from him, turn around and kneel down.

His dick doesn”t make it to my mouth, and my face wears everything! Lots of it.

“Sorry, mate,” he apologises. “I was too far gone to hold back.”

We clean up, turn the water to almost cold, then dry off.

While we are getting dressed, I ask, “Hey, Ron, do you have a girlfriend?”

He stops, looks at me, and replies, “What? Why?”

I can tell that he is surprised, but I”m not sure whether his face is also showing that he is `upset” with me.

He takes a deep breath and answers, “Where did that come from, Champ?”

I don”t lie. “Karl asked me if you had a girlfriend.” I don”t mention that I started it by asking the same about Jacko. “And I said that I would ask you. Are you upset with me?”

“No, Champ. I”m not upset.” Ron answers. “It isn”t the first time that I”ve been asked that question!”

I add, “And, I told Karl that when he and Jacko came back from riding last weekend, I reckoned from their goofy grins that they had been mucking around with each other. Especially, I told him, after I sprung them rubbing their naked bodies together in the shower. After that, Karl wanted to know whether you and I had ever done anything together.”

“And what did you tell him?” Ron asks me, looking a little concerned, perhaps wondering if I”d broken my promise, and whether Karl could be trusted with our secret.

I reply, “If I remember correctly, my exact words were, `A bit, but we really haven”t had the chance to do too much”. Which wasn”t lying, was it?”

Ron grabs me in a hug and says, “The name `Champ” really suits you, doesn”t it? That was a very clever rendition of the truth!”

Then, he does something totally unexpected. He grabs my head between his hands and gives me a quick kiss on the forehead. “Come on,” he tells me. “Let”s go and have some lunch.”

I have a problem! I love being with Ron and having fun him, but I”m in love with Andy!
It”s different!


(to be continued)



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